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    We are currently looking for other clans to make clan wars into custom matches.

    For that, thanks for MP me on Discord with the number which you wish to be (ex: 3vs3 or 5vs5) with the name of your clan !

    My Discord : zCaptivity#2448

    We can also decide together several rules (ex: no use of drones).

    See you soon, in clan war!


    Let's start with basic tests.

    -Uninstall the game

    -Clean your computer (and registry) with Ccleaner.

    -Update Direct X.

    -Update your Drivers.

    -Reinstall the game with your anti-virus and firewall disabled.

    If that does not work, we will try to find a more adequate solution.

    Good evening,

    Small message to tell you that the problem of the black screen should be solved (source: moderator on discord).

    If the problem is still news, do not hesitate to say it here or on the discord in #techbetatest-issues_reports :)

    See you soon, in game !

    Good evening,

    Obviously the game will evolve, there is plenty of news, we are only in the beta.

    There will be many more weapons, maps, characters, drones etc ... but as and when :)

    In English :

    En Français :

    Oh, I did not see that he had several pages, sorry :)

    I know I was playing on Wolfteam at one point and GM Milo (AG's former GM) and his team invented the BAN MACHINE, which was very effective.

    And I do not know why, more than once he stopped this practice, which I find unfortunate, it was very useful :/

    Hey ;)

    Yes. In fact, you can buy them only with aeria points. hence, you gotta upload the money first and then exchange them with the packs. unlikely from Twin Saga release, it makes sense to get only one package

    No, it's wrong, it is possible to pay directly the price in € indicated on the official website, not to mention AP. There is no exchange question.

    Can I buy the Founder's Pack with Aeria Points?

    However, you can also buy APs on the Aeria Games website and then subsequently exchange the APs for the pack.

    But that's two procedures when there could be one.


    I think we are not Aeria Games staff, we can not understand the knowledge that this request to check if an anti-cheat game.

    Indeed, there is a lot of things that can damage the game: delete a file (s) of the game, change data or other etc ...

    I remember another game from Aeria Games a few years ago, an anti-cheat created bugs, it was really very annoying and the main problem of the game, until its removal.

    There is also the compatibility with the game, its efficiency etc ...

    In short, I doubt that they know what that means, in my opinion.


    I had the same problem, but on computer, so I propose the same solution: change the language of the forum.

    See you in:

    Control pannel> Settings> General> Language.

    If you are in French, change to English or German.

    If you are in English, change to French or German.

    If you are in German, change to English or French.

    If it still does not work, other solutions will be proposed ;)

    See you soon !


    Yes, you can buy the pack in two ways.

    Either you buy the pack directly at the price indicated, in this case there is no history of AP.

    Or you have to put the amount of Aeria Points to buy it, then click directly on "Buy" on the site of Ironsight (to buy APs, you must go to, you can not on the Ironsight website).

    Price reminder for AP packs:

    -Soldier's Pack : 1999 AP

    -Sergeant's Pack : 4999 AP

    -General's Pack : 9999 AP

    Do not hesitate if you have other questions ;)

    Have a good day !

    You're not late to talk about this :humor: More seriously, I do not know a FPS without a hacker, I think there will necessarily be. After, if everyone starts to postpone, we can limit the damage. But a good anticheat could be appreciated ;)

    That's different for each country. For example for germany, there isn't the need to include a credit card. Then, on billing page you can change the country to international and you'll receive other payment methods as well

    That's it, nothing to add :)

    What country are you from ?