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    I am intrigued that you think those are the problems with the gun.

    I would refer to the fact that it has a 3 hit kill at any while being semi auto, while the SCAR exists.

    Now, I will say that with a macro clicking left mouse at around 500 RPM (possibly faster, I dont know if the HK has a cap) you can make this gun viable. But realistically, you will not be able to compete in close and medium range situations against a scar.

    At ranges beyond 30 meters, it can work out but even then, the scar doesnt have much damage dropoff so it can still easily kill you.

    I see a lot of suggestions here.

    However other games have done some better ones so I might show them.

    A semi realistic one (given the barrel length of SRs) is to make the sprint out time of SRs longer.

    Meaning an AR can fire 100 ms after exiting sprint, whereas a SR can only do so after 250 ms.

    Another thing to do would be to make the ADS time consistent over all scope types, so that the 5x scope doesnt grant you faster ADS.

    Another model that was particularly interesting is the newer model of BF.

    There, you have a low starting damage that ramps up to 100 after a while and then drops again.

    This could be adapted as well, but without dropoff after the rampup, meaning a sniper cannot 1 hit kill you within 10 meters.

    I say we wait until the netcode is fixed. Before that there is very little meaning in adjusting them.

    As for the other points that you dismissed with a single sentence, there is no instance in which an autosniper wins against a bolt. not a single one if both hit their first shot.

    Actually there is. Hitting a shot means anywhere on the body. Both could get a hitmark, but that auto sniper can fire again for the finishing hit way quicker than a bolt thus winning the trade.

    Given that center mass is what most people are aiming/hitting (around 60+% of hits are chest/abdomen hits) the bolt will win.

    Okay, first off:
    chalking the fact that the netcode and/or lack of flinch makes snipers borderline op up to my lack of skill is borderline insulting.

    As for the other points that you dismissed with a single sentence, there is no instance in which an autosniper wins against a bolt. not a single one if both hit their first shot.

    And the RPM for bolt actions is that high. COD has reduced the RPM of their rifles in recent games down to 40-50.

    That is absolutely sufficient and the RPM on Ironsights rifles is just too high.

    But I guess I should iterate this further.

    The fact that at 20 meters of range in a battle without cover, you have very few ARs that can win a battle against a sniper in terms of raw TTK is disturbing to say the least.

    Factor in cover and a well positioned sniper can win any duel at any range.

    If we were strictly talking long (50+ meter) range combat, I would be fine with that. While I am really annoyed by dying to snipers in every corner in downtown and outpost, they deserve to shine there.

    However when the sniper rifle still works better than the AR or SMG on cloud9, we have an issue and a big one at that.

    As it currently stands, there is no reason to use other weapons with some notable exceptions.

    These exceptions are:
    -The SCAR for having a highly competetive long range damage potential and good CQB power

    -The AUG for having a ridiculously long 4 hit kill range of almost 30 meters

    -The Vector for having the fastest CQB TTK (but is incredibly weak past 15 meters)

    These three guns can compete with the Blaser and DSR at the moment.

    I cannot stress this any further without getting insulting, but the weapon balance, whether it is due to the networking (which is being worked on) or the internal characteristics of the guns is currently incredibly off in favor of the snipers.

    You can stress about "I did not hit my first shot, now I am dead" all you want but you should consider that missing your first shot is detrimental on every weapon.

    Admittedly, a followup shot at 600 RPM comes quicker than at 60, but that is not really a problem when you are semicompetent in using cover.

    Some of the things this mode does need to change in my opinion.

    1: the smoke/flare in the middle needs to go. Just the marker on the floor is enough.

    2: Make it all in one round (like ressource gathering) and increase the number of needed caps to 5 for a win.

    What I would rather suggest is that the range on the M4 be changed to have a slower damage dropoff.

    What you are currently running into sounds more like the fact that after ~16 meters, you have a 5 hit kill on your hands and a 6 hit kill at 20 meters.

    Slowing down the dropoff so that the 5 hit kill is now at 20 meters and the 6 hit kill at 30 would give it a boost in damage without touching anything else.

    If this is enough remains to be seen, especially if you look at its direct competitor, the AUG, that doesnt even start to drop off until 25 meters and has a higher starting damage of 30 instead of 28.

    I want to adress a few points here, simply out of emotional investment:

    1: I will chalk this up to netcode, but as it currently stands, I have multiple instances recorded in which a sniper misses his first shot completely, I shoot (and hit) multiple rounds at ~30 meters and he still kills me in a single hit despite the supposed screenshake he should be dealing with, but isnt due to netcode.

    2: the auto snipers are weak with one exception. Thermal scope plus hair trigger turns my dragunov from almost useless into a usefull CQB weapon due to the two hit kill at a reasonable rpm. At longer ranges, assuming equal ability to aim, the semi auto will always lose unless its a duel in an open field. Then, and only then, does the auto sniper gain the advantage.

    3: The DSR rechamber animation is very very fast compared to other games.

    My guess to the RPM of the DSR and blaser is that they are around 50-60, maybe even higher. Comparable games have lowered the RPM of sniper rifles to around 35 to 40.

    if we are talking about the reload animation, I would agree with you though. The reload of the DSR is slow. As is the blaser.

    I can say that Snipers are really not in a weak spot at the moment.

    The DSR and Blaser (Although, to my knowledge the blaser more than the dsr) are actually pretty dominant.

    I would be interesting to see global weapon stats of all users to see which weapon has the highest average KD.

    My bet is that both, DSR and Blaser make the top ten, alongside the scar, the AK and the AR57.

    To give you tips though:
    Use lower powered scopes. I use a 5x scope on my DSR and I like it. The only time I wish I had more zoom is on outpost.

    Now, the amount of kills is something rather old.

    I would make it score depdendant, 1000 score for something like a hellbird could work, but that is something that has to be seen first. I remember 15 kills for the chopper gunner in MW2 being a high tally (unless you are some sort of pro, but lets be honest, you dont need the hellbird to demolish people then)

    So, it can be experimented with. Its good that the netcode is being worked on, I am currently collecting footage of instances where the netcode fails (Or evidence of some weapons being completely op, but for now, I will say its the netcode) as for the attachments, I cannot stress enough that the guys at have been in this business for as long as even Battlefield 3 has been out. I am sure they would be willing to lend a hand in hosting the weapon data on their site, if that is okay for the developers, of course.

    Now, I dont know what is being adressed all too well, but I know that stuff like the TTK of sniper rifles is being looked at. That is good.

    However, playing over the last few weeks, I gathered more things that need to change.

    So, here we go for the... third? I think its the third time.

    This is my first time touching on drones.

    I cannot believe it took me this long to get to them, I guess some people made me snap.

    Scorestreaks have to be separated into critical and noncritical scorestreaks. Noncritical scorestreaks can be allowed to just tick up over time and can be guaranteed, just like the current ones.

    However, critical scorestreaks need to reset upon death.

    I have seen this strat multiple times now in secure point:
    Due to its round based nature (Something that I advised to change) there has been a kind of cheese strategy lately.

    Everyone takes big, BIG streaks and with them, guarantees a win in a later round.

    In semi coordinated matches, this is fucking unstoppable.

    I dont care how well your team does, if the enemy team manages to win one round without this strat, they win two more rounds as well if they are at least semi decent. Droves of hellbirds and mechs are just nothing you can realistically stop. I found the only (risky) way of stopping this strat was to have a LAWS and then just put it on the point and even that is not easy to do because they get destroyed if you die while placing them.

    So, what I suggest is this:
    Reduce the amount of points for stuff like hellbirds, but make the score reset upon death.

    It should put a stop to this cheese strat. I am actually surprised I havent seen this strat in SND games yet, but I think that could be due to the lower amount of score you get there.

    First big point done.

    Second big point:
    Semi Auto ARs (technically that makes them just rifles, but eh whatever)

    The HK417 is absolutely pitiful. I have no other way of describing it at the moment.

    You have to get three hits into someone in semi auto.

    This is ludicrously slow.

    The scar, doing this exact same thing, is probably 2-4 times faster.

    the vector can kill you 5 times over before you can fire all shots and sniper rifles just laugh at you.

    I want all weapons to be semi viable, so what I suggest is this:
    Give the semi autos a short range (10 meters, same as max dmg range of the vector) in which they do 50 damage. Or, if it was entirely up to me, 55 damage.

    That gives them the damage to keep up with other things on the battlefield.

    Next up: Attachments (and guns in general)

    Can we please get better descriptions ingame?

    Only due to the discord did I find out what the difference between the rifling and the barrel was. And if you were to ask me which does which, I still could not tell you.

    So, just give us some better representation.

    If I were to go crazy, I would say: Look at the page of symthic and make your own stat page (or give them your data) so people who like crunching numbers can easily look this stuff up.

    It will also give you good info on what might be overtuned.

    Now that all of this is said:
    let me clarify what needs to be done first and foremost:
    netcode. The amount of killtrades should not happen with hitscan weapons and suggests that the logic loop of the game is running very, very slowly.

    It has been suggested to me that this might also be what is causing sniper rifles to be so strong.

    That's faaaaaaaar too harsh of a change to make in my opinion. It's already pretty hard for snipers to hit a shot when taking shots from someone. You must remember that taking soft point bullets increases aim punch on the enemy so if you're not already running them, then do so.

    I personally am all for removing soft point bullets from the game and instead making the flinch they provide just standard flinch, so... I guess?

    Kudos to the sniper for the quick 0.4 second reaction and still manage to hit you :D Dont see a problem here

    Now, either you are sarcastic, or you actually mean this.

    In case you actually mean it: This had nothing to do with the snipers skill. This had purely to do with the fact that he was using a sniper rifle instead of any other weapon. So no, there is a problem.

    The scenario you describe is:
    A: very rarely ever going to happen.

    B: absolutely correct in then making the SR useless in this situation, as taking fire first means you screwed up beforehand, so I do not see why we should be rewarding a badly set up sniper in this situation.

    What happens if you hit someone while the effect is still going on is that it will prolong that effect, but wont stack further up.

    As for your suggestions, I would be fine with those, too. But from what I could tell, they have been entirely rejected.

    The sniper's problem is that the scope is f*cked up, you can move too much while scoping and the scope itself doesn't blur at all (if you play CS:GO you'd know what I mean).

    Even if you move while scoping, the shot will go where you aim at.

    Now, I do not have a problem with the scope not blurring. I would rather have the scoped area move around a lot when walking around (As in Battlefield) so moving while scoped in will be a problem, at least while standing up. Crouched moving should still work well enough, as its closer to the sniper approach.

    The sniper's problem is that the scope is f*cked up, you can move too much while scoping and the scope itself doesn't blur at all (if you play CS:GO you'd know what I mean).

    Even if you move while scoping, the shot will go where you aim at.

    I actually for once agree with something. I never noticed this and i only play with dsr. Im so used to csgo that moving and shooting with the sniper never crossed my mind, but i tried this out, and yes, i agree. This needs to be nerfed. I don't agree with any other nerf for the sniper. We already have too many cons for using them.

    What cons are there to using a sniper? Currently, using a sniper rifle increases your range of lethality to infinity, as you have no damage dropoff, your TTK is the same at all ranges and only decreases in comparison to others the further you move away from the sniper, the ability to OHK someone point blank, while making sense to have, is still broken beyond belief....

    Now, this is a purely emotional post. Well, maybe 50:50, so take it with a grain of salt.

    I just had the situation where I was shooting a sniper at ~30 meters, me using the G36, him with a DSR.

    I got hitmarkers on him and yet, after I hit him 3 times in the span of 0.4 seconds, he still managed to snipe me, while standing and moving no less.

    I dont care where you stand on the "Should quickscoping be a viable tactic" spectrum, but can we agree that this is not supposed to happen?

    Now, to not just be nagging, here is my solution:
    Getting hit while scoped in will give you increasingly drastic drawbacks.

    First hit: sway gets amplified, if you are holding your breath, you now have some small sway in your crosshair.

    Second hit: sway gets amplified further, flinch gets amplified as well.

    Third hit: Aiming inaccuracy for the rifle is introduced, about half a degree.

    fourth hit: The scope itself now sways around the screen.

    fifth hit: vision goes blurry, further amplifiying all other detriments.

    I know what people will be saying:
    "But then SMGs can just spray at the sniper from any distance to make them useless!"

    To you I say: No, no they wont.

    To combat this sort of dilemma the shots have to hit in quick succession to add up. the effects last for 2 seconds each, but only get worse if the shots are no more than 0.4 seconds apart.

    And if that is still not enough for you, then I dont know what to say.

    we didn't do any internal changes from our side. Can you go more into detail of what has become unstable?

    What happens is this:
    I enter a game, it starts just normal but between 5 and 20 seconds the game crashes entirely

    I kinda agree, kinda disagree.

    The DBNO state is stupid, lemme tell you that. All of the noobs in MW2 used it and it was, for the lack of a better word, hell.

    Adding penalties is not a bad idea, but is only fighting symptoms, not the problem.

    Accuracy penalties already exist I think (if they dont, we really really need them asap)

    Faster TTK is not a bad idea and can also adress guns like the vector (which are just pathetically weak)

    But I am getting sidetracked.

    What I would suggest is this:
    Sniper rifles will now require you to have full stamina (otherwise you will have increased scope sway and spread due to being out of breath) to aim well and, to combat quickscoping a bit more, there should be a delay of 0.5 seconds after scoping in in which your crosshairs are blurred (adjusting to see clearly meaning that you have higher spread that rapidly decreases to zero after it stops being blurry) that will give you enough time to react to a sniper, while at the same time

    making quickscopes at short range (legit short range, less than 10 meters) possible, so the skilled individuals can still pull it off if they are in a pinch and didnt sprint.

    I don't see how that would kill the game?(

    Maybe people will start complaining that "this lethal is OP" and "that tactical is OP" and all that nonsense when they are all fine and none of them are OP.

    But other than that, it would be nice not to continously spend money on nades.

    I can see that. The fire grenade seems pretty annoying, but then again, its a quality of life change to me.

    dude how many times i have to repeat to you , i was just fking ansear to you things why they are like that , you act ike its my fking fault , why you keep blambling about this over and over again? i got your point you got mine (sems not) and that`s it , after all we can fight as long as we want its not up to us.

    Okay if you want to end it like this, fine.

    Look at the poll I made, vote accordingly.

    So, I had a heated debate.

    Someone told me that having grenades and ammo unlocked permanently (even as an option) would kill off this game.

    So I am actually curious now.

    look around buddy what community? they want something they provide , and start complain again and again , its a beta , you didnt take the time and you didnt imagine everything new is gonna come with bugs , that`s why i never wanted this, because you community start complain again , all i wanted is netcode fixed first , then we gonna see , but seems you are limited to your own imagination.

    ... Making grenades possible as a permanent unlock could introduce bugs?

    I mean yes, it can. But those bugs are then deeper rooted in the actual framework of the game.

    Implementing it will not divert ressources from the rest of the game, as it is really not a big deal to do, so your netcode will get fixed.

    I really do not understand what you are trying to say here. What you are saying here is just absurd.

    I dont want that , dear god , i was answear why they are like they are , everytime i say something you undertand only what your want to , im a bad english writer.

    Yeah no.

    I will say this as polite as possible.

    You dont have a clue.

    You dismiss what I say without the slightest thought as to what the community wants.

    If you say that I was rude by also saying that I can dismiss what you said, yes I was. Back then, I would apologize, but now that you have actually gone to the lengths of insulting me, I will just not bother with that.

    Once more, loud and clear:
    You want grenades to be daily unlocks, most people do not.

    If you cannot live with that system then I can only say that no one is forcing you to play this game and that you are welcome to leave.

    If the only reason you keep playing a game is to unlock things all over again, then the game is just plain bad.

    I will, once again, direct you to league. They have had that model from the very beginning and it worked out just fine. My question is why would it not work?

    Actually I know the answer.

    The answer is that you are not thinking in the great scheme of things.

    You only think what YOU want. YOU want to unlock things again and again. YOU want to grind. YOU want to get ammo and nades for a limited time.

    Now, here comes the point that you have apparently missed twice now:

    I have a lot of other problems with frontlines (however I see loads of potential)

    So, the easily biggest is just... well, it was already mentioned, but the amount of just sprinting to get into position you do is... excessive.

    As a defender, if A doesnt fall immediatly, resupplying it with new people is a piece of work. And not a small one.

    Combine it with the fact that there are a lot of sniper spots so you can get picked off from many angles and you have some relatively frustrating gameplay on both sides. As long as point A stands, the defenders often get picked off while crossing the street to the building.

    As soon as point A is taken, it switches dramatically and now, the attackers are dying 90% of the time on that road.

    Maybe it was the purpose?

    And dont talk to my about LoL i played that game so many years , i got to that point when i got everything and i was bored played 2 games max.And league made money from boosts and others things like the BIG fking competitions they have.Again another fail attempt of exemples and excusses.That game was released in 2009 , we are in 2018 its almost 10 years , with this kinda technology i expect some more , but we get less , and people didnt learn anything from the past.

    When i say most , that mean most played , AR-47 and...nvm i dont even bother anymore.

    If you want to talk about the game financing itself, sure, LOL has done some hard measures to get money out of people.

    But this here is not what we were talking about. We were talking about the ingame currency being spent to unlock grenades again and again, which is just not good game design, which is the reason I keep calling it out.

    No teamplay is why people hates snipers. I see many players just jumping in front of the sniper hoping he will miss. The less said that the better.

    Players in counter strike source and Global Offensive does not jump in front like that as they know that they will get picked. Snipers (AWP) are powerful in CSGO, but not OP as players know how to counter them. Players in this game are not engaging on the snipers with the right mentality nor game sense.

    Now, i will say that teamwork is less prevalent in ironsight.

    That is entirely true.

    But there is no way around it that the blaser and the dsr are just too strong.

    While a part of it could be lag related or due to netcode, from what I can tell, the OHK areas on sniper rifles are very VERY generous.

    Assuming I didnt play any sniper? The DSR is a truly great rifle and I love it but I can objectively say that it outclasses every other weapon in the game and that is simply not okay pal.

    SMGs, while you are stating correctly that their strength lies in CQB, should not be entirely worthless outside of sneezing distance.

    Also, most SMGs do not have 50 round mags. Most, infact, have 30.

    I stick to the "make it a permanent unlock" because it is just limiting the players. If someone wants to spend more points on a type of grenade (SMOKES!) then let them for christs sake!

    Just look at league of legends.

    The champions there are also not temporary and the game has been up and running for 8 long years now. Criticism of this entirely dismissed as invalid.

    The last time I wrote a forum post here, I was level 5 I think.

    I am level 20 now, got a lot more experience under my belt and am generally more aware of some issues.

    So here we go, I will just go over this without a lot of structure because I am recollecting it from memory, so if this seems very unstructured... It is.

    First of, and because it infuriated me the other day, automatically spawning another match after your own ends needs to stop ASAP. This had me tearing my hair out yesterday when it happened three times in a row. Its very likely a bug, because it didnt even go to the score screen after the match (where you can see your KDA and how much your weapons have grown) so I will not hammer on it too hard. On the off chance that its actually meant to be this way: STOP. Shame on the devs in that case. This is something that absolutely has to stop.

    For ingame itself, the netcode needs a bit of love. the networking frequency needs to be increased by a bit, as too often, people just drop dead in a single shot (from their perspective) this is a hard topic, as networking is insanely difficult, but I have faith in you, my devs.

    Weapon balance is another one of these topics, as its a very delicate thing. Currently, the vector feels like a pea shooter. That maybe also to do with the netcode, but it seems like getting 6+ hitmarkers with it was the norm. Also for it being the highest RPM SMG, it doesnt kill very fast at all. I sadly have no huge data for this, but if you can, team up with the guys at to give them your data, so they can host them, or host the detailed weapon stats yourself. It will be very much appreciated.

    Now, a big one: Sniper rifles.

    The TTK in ironsight is on the longer side of things, so naturally sniper rifles flourish in this environment because they need their OHK to be viable.

    The solution to this is simple. Reduce the regions in which you can get bodyshots dramatically and it should be fine. Alternatively, you could increase the firerate of other weapons while decreasing their recoil to make them more lethal instead. Both work, but I think reducing the power of the Blaser and the DSR seems like the easier task here.

    Menus are another point that I think should be reworked a bit. Choosing a weapon should just choose the base rifle/gun in general. A right click afterwards should bring up the skins menu.

    This should be true for all things here. Also, if you get a skin for a gun, it should unlock the base gun as well, so there is no issue with this system.

    Ammo: Now, I do not know what the effect of the ammo is, but I can guess and I really really do not like it. I suggest removing the ammo system, as it just makes guns even more costly to run. Another approach could be (but requires intense reworks) to go with something like Tom Clancys Future soldier:
    Have like 12 options to diversify on a gun and let ammo be one of them. Would not be an issue if you didnt though.

    What is an issue in my eyes is grenades.

    Why can you not permanently unlock grenades? I would recommend changing this to unlock permanently for like 8000 credits. Or, if you absolutely, positively have to have this, give us a third option that unlocks permanently which would cost as much as a pistol to permanently unlock.

    Now, more things to add than to change.

    Something that is severely missing are perks that protect you from drones. Assassin or coldblooded from MW2/MW3 come to mind. I am also missing stuff like scavenger, which has always been a staple in the COD franchise.

    Aside from that, this might be something more personal to me, but I feel like the standard amount of classes should be 5 instead of 3. You should also be allowed to change their names, so you can more easily see which is which. My reasoning here:
    I usually have a class specifically for SND, one for destroying air targets, one for rushing, one for sniping and one allround. This irks me more than it should, but I currently only have three slightly differently skilled allrounders.

    It would also make it easier to fulfill missions, since you can have one class per weapon type, so you never have to redo your classes for dailies.

    Gameplay wise, I think you should steal from CSGO and COD a bit more (yes this sounds unflattering, but if it works, why not?):
    1: the X damage in Y hits indicator from CSGO. I really REALLY want that at times when someone kills me and I think "Why are you not dead, my magazine is half empty!"

    2: The killcam. I sometimes wonder how someone got the drop on me, and this would honestly help, but given that more often than not, the death screen shows my own loadout, this may be a bit difficult to program, so I will let it slide.

    For gamemodes, most of them work fine, but I would change two things:
    1: for ressource control, make it so the tags the bots are dropping are color coded and award only half as many points if an enemy picks them up. Its infuriating to gun down the reaper only to give the enemy a huge point advantage because they stepped inside after your hard work.

    2: Headquarters needs to be changed to a longer single round where if you capture it after the time limit, it just gives your side a point and after 10 minutes the one with the most points wins. You can reduce the time it takes to capture this way and it makes the game more dynamic as you arent forcing breaks between captures.

    Grenades feel a bit weird in my eyes. Normally I like realism a lot, but... I kinda liked the rather bouncy grenades of Black Ops 2 a lot. They give you all sorts of tactical abilities.

    Furthermore, the movement feels a bit stiff at times, especially after sprinting. Can you make it so a jump out of a sprint gives you a longer jump? Other features, such as dolphin diving would also be cool, but lets take small steps here.

    Now, this maybe sounded very negative, but I will not end it like this and give you loads of positives.

    Aside from a few rough edges, I feel like in the good old days, playing MW2 with friends. I am having fun, EVEN ON MY OWN. This game has such an amazing amount of potential, especially with the ever growing dissatisfied COD crowd and the game having affordable minimum requirements, the gunplay is a bit unbalanced, but everything is somewhat usable, the maps are mostly balanced, although outpost is really infested with snipers and not having one yourself sucks a lot (see my suggestion to have 5 classes) The sound design is good, the modes work well (Domination, kill confirmed, capture the flag and such would be nice too, but lets not get ahead of ourselves) so, yeah. I congratulate you, your COD-clone surpassed todays originals. That is something you can be proud of!

    Now, I have been playing this game for a few days and have to say that it feels positively like older CODs.

    However, I need to scrutinize here.

    1: Permanent unlockables.

    Really a big deal. I dont want to rebuy my smoke grenades every week. Make them permanent (or, if you absolutely have to have them, give us a 20k permanent option.)

    2: Classes.

    Three is not enough for most people, me included.

    Make them 5 as a base. If people want to (its f2p, I get that) then make every new slot cost some currency. That way you guys earn money and players are happy.

    3: Class Builder.

    In my eyes, the way you select guns and attachments needs serious streamlining. Right now, choosing to use a sight and then having to manually pick the sight again is weird. remove the option of not choosing the sight and just make the default option selected by default. If people want to, they can choose a skin on their own.

    4: Sprinting.

    Jumping should not be so janky while sprinting and rather like a leap. Right now it just feels clunky and unnatural to go from sprinting to walking speed and then jump a tiny bit.

    5: Vaulting.

    Nitpick here, but the amount of things you can climb onto/over needs to be increased. There were so many things that just begged me to vault over them.

    6: Weapon balance.

    Now, I do not have hard stats here, but It seems like heavy hitters are hugely favored in terms of TTK here.

    The SCAR comes to mind, although it might just have been a skilled user and not the gun. Regardless, I would suggest taking cues from BF4 on this. Their guns were balanced via a formula. Now, to be fair, the balance was not perfect, but it was a good step in the right direction. As for things not to do, look at BF Hardline. I can smell some of its mistakes here.

    Inconsistent weapons are not fun. Unless it was ping that was screwing me over, the vector has very steep damage dropoff, requiring 8+ shots at medium range.

    And since we are on the topic, quickscoping seems just too good. There are two things to implement here. One is to increase flinch while using a sniper rifle and the other is to make the chest hitbox smaller (Or, alternatively, reduce multipliers. At the moment it seems that the blaser gets 1HKs almost anywhere.)