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    So I tried Changing Res. and nothing worked. Switched Servers, Nothing Worked.. I turned on the FPS display and it says 299FPS, 0 ping. If my ping is at 0, then its connectivity. My internet works, I have fast internet. My friend who lives Literally 5 houses down the road, Can play and connect... This is so confusing. Is there a file in the game folder that can show what is wrong?

    In the ini folder, when I click on Ironsite.ini it opens a text doc and at the top it gives me a link.

    it says "450 MD5 hash is missing."

    The game Installed and everything went smooth, until I tried playing a mission or a game. It just kept loading and telling me "Time Out." I cant even play right now. Im on Win10 (x64) , The most updated version of windows, also my PC Specs are more than qualified to run the game. I havent been able to play a single game yet. My internet works just fine because prior to playing Ironsite, I was on Youtube and also playing other online games and no issues there. I have tried reinstalling, it as-well-as downloading the files manually, and nothing works, same issue. I launch the game, load up into the lobby, collect my free rewards, then attempt to get into a game, get the "Time Out" message again, then it crashes and sends my crash report to who knows where. Any help would be appreciated.