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    I change my dpi on my mouse accordingly, but I have presets for different games. Where I feel most comfortable. Wasn't an issue for me. Occasionally I have bad connection, and just can not keep up, but that's not the issue he is speaking of, in original comment.

    LOL, when i join mid match for 20-30 seconds, it seems I cant get a shot off, but it clears and I am good again. LOL the only ones I don't like is when you spawn in, take two steps, and round over you loose.....what, i just got here, never fired a shot, much less even saw a enemy. LOL part of it i guess

    I dont saw any bad servers. I having a ping of 20ms all the time, maybe your location is not the best, your internet connection. The netcode isnt that bad, it has some issues but that making the game not unplayable.

    Man, i'm not posting in this topic just to create flame. If i write smth it's just because i have serious issues playing the game. I'm on 60 fps and 30 ping all the time, but the game sometimes is good, like 3 match in a week.

    I get it. When I first come in, I am questionable at play. But as I get bounced from room to room, it tends to get better. I can tell you if I am running Discord at the same time, my KD goes from .95 to .25 real quick. That can be an issue. That's why I am never in the discord they offer. I see your recruiting to a discord. I pay for and use a teamspeak channel, have for years. much more gamer friendly. Because is uses FAR LESS band width. With it I can have 50 players on at a time, and no one lags because of the program. Again, draw back it cost, or ya gotta know someone. LOL besides me.

    If it was unplayable, it would be dead in the water already. Until they fix the network issue highlighted by battlenonsense, the game feels frustrating at times but far from unplayable.

    ehm no, it wouldn't be dead. As i said in my post, most of free to play fps out there are really worse than ironsight, and they're still alive. What makes this game one of the worst is exactly what you said: frustrating. And that thing doesn't force you to uninstall the game. You just keep respawing over and over, and you just keep killed in impossible ways most of the times. And as many have already said, what's wrong with this game is his real core.

    LOL not picking on you, but another after thought. Do you change your field of view in settings (the wider the view the more data, cautious on how much adjustment according to your system capability) and I sometimes see players it the field of view, while in view other player, on my system at the screens edge, yet they do not. I am talking someone jumping over wall or box, real obvious. Yet they run right on by and get killed by a flanking opponent. Its just another thought to consider.

    After thought... I also have submitted tickets on the issues, supported by video when I can. The latency issues, and in game issues (weapons/player interaction/graphics/cheats). Some of what I speak of, excluding video, is what I have been informed of by tickets, or CM/GM.

    Not disagreeing. I see what your saying, and agree there are issues to be fixed. LOL hell the Dev's would agree I think...uh, hope, it IS still in Beta Test. I do a lot of recording, and review it. I like to throw a few cuts of spree's I get on PlaysTV, sometimes YouTube. When I see abnormal, I go back and slow it down. Most often it is latency, that causes the through the wall, or around corner kills. I often check pings during my videos, so I can see who's where when i review. More often than not, the players getting these impossible shots/damage protection are at least one bar down, often higher on the real obvious stuff. Sometimes I notice that they fluctuate as well. I have seen my own fall to red once or twice. Lately there has been an increase of unexplainable video footage, as typical, with the big increase of players, there will be a bigger number of cheats. But as I said, 95% of the time, if I review the whole video watching all the encounters of a specific player (where I can), it turns out that it is attributed to latency.

    there is still only NA and EU servers but there looking at two more possible sites but there isn't a eta on it yet

    I don't think it's only about total number of servers. It's the game itself really trash for a lot of players. it's still "normal" to be shot by someone that you don't see in you monitor but he sees you; it's still normal to be killed behind walls or a cover. That's why this game is unplayable.

    That is the latency, caused by the distance some players are from the servers versus your own. Hence the end game replays where there is no one there in the video, yet the player is getting registering audio, blood spatter, and kills. Its also why, sometimes you lite a player up, and they seem to one shot kill you, and run away with 50% (or here lately even 100%) health. I would think more servers will help that some, if placed evenly.

    Yeah, no thanks, on the discord LOL. Its OK, but I use teamspeak, because it doesn't use as much band width. There's an up and coming clan, that used to be a CA clan. Picking up a few members, thinking about speaking with them. They were a descent competition back then, my ol' clan was large, and known, but broke up when CA died. Some still play and we run in now and again, but I am done. Think they are down to 5 or less members from 36-38, somewhere in there.

    Especially when they sponsor big YouTubers and dont expect the servers to overload lmao

    Are they really overloaded? I played a lot of free to play fps, and most of them has several issues, but ironsight seems to be "bad from the inside", the netcode.

    Yeah, when they launched OBT they only had two servers, one in NA and one in EU. That may have changed in the last month or so. I put in a ticket when everything went crazy, and that was the explanation. Minus the YouTube part, that came from the forums when all the new players came on.

    Guy's this post was made a couple days after the Dude on YouTube posted a video, and the game got flooded with players. It crashed the servers for near a week. Some of us did closed beta testing, and started open beta a month before the mass user flood. The game went from playable, to you couldn't even enter a room, if you did it crashed on launch. There has been tons of improvements since then, and yes there are still some issues. Unless you were playing in the beginning of February, and joined when the crashing was happening, you wouldn't have understood this post completely. This is not a issue anymore, I have a lot of good games, and some not so good. They are still working on it, and it will get better.8)

    LOL, I am pretty up n down right now in my skill. I finish one round with 30+, and a couple later 12. You may not want me, LOL. Usually when I go low its because I am trying to hold a point, and not getting much help sort of thing. I cant say much other than I am average, sometimes a bit better. Pushing lvl 70 soon. But I will consider it. Thanks for offer.

    OMEGALUL I say just don't play the game till its out on steam.

    LOL, JK before I start,

    People will complain about anything, to be honest...even Free to Play games.

    I didn't like the steam comment either, even though I am a steam account holder. But its not about the complaining, its about bringing our issues to the attention of the Dev's. People, like the post that you quoted, need to just be quite. These forums are here, to discuss the game, issues we have, and hopefully find some solutions. Its only free to play right now because its OBT, it could very possibly not be free on full launch. Most games offer a discount if you help test and give good feed back, when they go launch. They did at the end of CBT, to help fund the next step, by offering some packs that are good upon launch.

    I don't have that issue. ???

    What do you mean? I've tried crouch walking, walking, normal walking everything I could think of. The only real "fix" is proneing but that really doesn't get the best effects imo.

    Using crouch, or walking, I don't get a camera shake with PlaysTV recording. But PlaysTV is through Raptor, a AMD game product thing given for free with AMD Graphic cards or Processors (lol not sure which, have always used both and had it). I thought it odd when you said that, is all, not insinuating anything. Even using Bandicam (screen recorder), I haven't noticed a shake. I have been thinking of turning my graphics down a bit from max to see if it changes anything, but...LOL I like my graphics.

    I've been playing FPS games for over 19 years now,started in 2000 with DooM. Been playing Quake, CS, BF2 and various CoD games in multiplayer over the years. I'm well aware of the core mechanics, but I guess the thing is that this game does all of them slightly differently than what I'm used to, so most things feel a bit more off for me.

    LOL, Do you remember Pong, Atari (2600), and Intelevision?? Comadore Vic20 or 64. I do, all the way through the Sega's, and Nintendos. LOL. What beautiful memories all these youngsters of today never new. Wish I could still see as good as I used too, LOL JK.

    I don't either, ain't no woman not got a picture of herself. I was able to post my whole pic, no cropping. Besides why crop out the face, when that's the point of the post, getting to know one another. Guess "IF" we find out people are fake, that is one way of getting to know them.

    What ever it is, there is far too much hip shots with snipers, 90% of the time its lethal, doesn't matter, close or far. If thats from the TTK, then yes there is a problem. Same with the LMG's, there's 80% of those are hip firing and getting 1 shot kills. Both Sniper and LMG are sprinting around, jumping and getting those impossible hip shots, one shot kills. Pretty bad when 70% of the players are using LMG's or Snipers because of this one shot kill ability. These are not head shots either. Lately the SMG's are taking 8 to10 or more rounds, against full health, no matter the server play or range, but are easy to control. Someone should not be able to come around a corner, and I get the first rounds off point blank, and they one shot kill me with a LMG, or Sniper with a hip fire. Whats the point of having SMG's if they are useless, even at close range. Sure they walk away hurt, by my opinion is the SMG's should be nearly too OP if less than 30 or 40 feet. AR's between 10 and 100 feet. LMG's 100 to 200 feet, and snipers beyond that. The further you get out of the weapons designed use, the less accurate/lethal they should be.

    If you have a good ping, you are at a disadvantage, a lot of the higher pings are skipping across the map, not flowing. Also getting killed by players who, after they kill you, come running around the corner shooting. I watched one today, run past me into a hall and start firing, i went around and up the parallel hall to flank, encountering two players. I could still hear him shooting in the next hall, and both players died in front of me. I never fired a shot, both deaths were credited to him, in the other hall. Same thing for me, I can go to EU, and finish almost all my rounds in top three. In NA where I live, I am lucky to get third, usually fourth or fifth. And I can see that, 40% of my deaths are to someone with a higher ping, and its taking me twice the bullets as them to get the kills. Not saying they are not killable, just if I don't catch em in a reload, flank them, or catch em with damaged health from recent battle, I wont win. Gets frustrating when you get the jump on someone, lite em up, and they spin and kill you in two bullets and run away with 50% health, when they should have been dead, or barely alive.

    I have been recording a long time, and only recently got into editing. I have a AMD graphics card, and you can record and upload to PlaysTV through Raptr, and also upload the files to YouTube. Ironsight you have to add it to the list, it doesn't recognize it as a game yet. I haven't gotten into it as much, where I am adding music audio, and graphics or such. Probably why I don't have many followers, LOL. I posted all my videos in raw form.

    Its all about the latency, and not always yours, but the others you are shooting at. We are all experiencing the same issue. For me it comes and goes with the server rooms. One game everyone is 1-2 shot killing me, the next, I am mowing them down. And its the same players, just new game. Some times it goes up and down during the same game. Its crazy, but don't get too worked up about it. I submitted a ticket on it a while back, with video. They are quite aware of it, and are working on it diligently. Give it some time, these sort of issues are common when games are in their testing stages of development.

    It would be handy to be able to sell items we don't want from our inventory for some gold. Doesn't have to be alot. Even some would be nice.

    Yeah, I picked a woodland famas for one of my founder pack options. Then I got another from a box. I didn't have the chips to retry, so now I have two in my inventory. It would be nice to sell off extra gear/weapons we receive if its not something we would like to use.

    What the heck do i do? I'm worried that some day i'll get ban for no reason, i only have 1.90 kda...

    They will check themselves. Don't worry what players say. They wont ban you unless they find you are cheating in some sort of way. I reported a guy weeks ago, with some really weird abnormal game play. Even submitted video. He is still around, so it must have been some lag issues. Just play your game and have fun.

    I've had on a few occasions. I remember once my LAWS got someone's drone... and they said it was a wall hack. When I checked the possible trajectory, the LAWS went through a bunch of small openings to get his drone.

    How many of you have been called cheaters before?

    LOL, many times. In my teamspeak, and some others that are run by friends, I am often referred to as "H"Akheron. LOL I assure you, i run no cheats, or inhancers on my games. It means nothing anymore, (they are still around but not popular) but I am a verified member of Legit Gaming Club, where you have to have your system team viewed by a Admin for cheats, to get verified. A full member of Community Ban League, and also a member of Hack Hunters. My buddies love calling me Hackeron, but all know that is far from the truth.

    Hey guys, I know this game is only in Beta right now (and its doing great) but I feel like the time to kill is way too high quite a lot of the assault rifles like the M4/G36C/AUG at medium range is like a 5 shot kill maybe more. If anyone here has played BO2 then I think those damage models are good, right now its kind of frustrating hitting someone 7000 times and walk away like its nothing; however I do feel like sniping is in a great spot right now :)

    There are only two servers, one NA, and one EU. There is a lot of latency, that will hopefully be corrected upon launch. I record all my games. I go back and review, questionable moments, and its freaky how much latency there is. If you are shooting at someone with a higher ping, it takes twice as many, sometimes more, to kill. Its not the guns. We are still OBT. Sometimes I run around the map like a mad dog, and walk away with 40+ kills from my LWRC 45. Other times, I am lucky to get 10. In review of the game, 99.8% of the time, its a latency issue.

    That's and easy fix. Don't use the crossbow. I haven't tried it this game, but other games have added one too, and it was really lacking for what its intention was in those games. I didn't figure it'd be much better here.

    Give the devs a break - they just had a massive player surge this weekend. Stress tests like this give them a chance to see what went wrong and fix it,

    We, I should say "I", I can't speak for others, are not trying to hammer the Dev's. I CBT tested the game, and purchased a founders pack. And have been playing OBT since its early release for the founders. I have had a lot of good times, and some frustrating issues. This is not my first rodeo with Alpha/Beta testing, and I am quite familiar with the issues and progression that will take place over the next few months. I also figured this was going to happen with the influx of players. We went through similar issues upon stress test of the servers just before the OBT release. They got it fixed then, and am quite sure they are capable of handling this too. I just got lvl 59, and am eager to continue, I wanna play!! LOL

    Im starting to think this game will die before it even gets out of beta tbh. hoping for the best




    so far it isnt looking good

    I have to agree WreckIt, another day or two, and I will be done, if there's not at least some obvious improvement. It was bad enough with the high pingers having an advantage, because our normal ping shots don't register all the time. Takes me 6-8 bullets to kill someone with a high ping, and they get kills with 2-3. But now with everyone running off through walls, getting killed and showing the attacker clear over on the other side of the map. I've been killed twice now by a player who was in the air where the Heli-bird/Zeus are normally located. Many, many times, I am in an area alone, and I get killed by someone who suddenly appears to my flank, I actually see them suddenly appear, and they are shooting already. Your dead before you can react. Then the game freezes for several minutes, then starts again, and your instantly killed, or have killed someone. Yesterday, it crashed and I was in a sprint, i couldn't stop. I finally ran into a corner of a room and got stuck. And an opposing player found his way into the same corner, and we began to just chat. Nothing else we could do. I finally exited the game after about 5 minutes. Its a shame, looked like a promising game. I was having loads of fun, even with the original issues before this craziness. All these new players, are starting to get pretty vulgar in chat about it. Of course it omits the words, but we get what they are saying.

    Wow, first time I have seen a game regress during beta testing. Sure there's an issue now and then, but OMG. This is crazy bad. Whats going on, and whats the fix? This game went from promising, to unplayable over night (trying to be nice here). Been two days and still the latency, players killing you from other side of map, sometimes beyond that. Hyper sprinting across map, floating up in the air and shooting down on players with getting kills, running through walls. Its so bad. How long will this continue?

    To start I want to say I am making no accusations of cheats or irregular game play by anyone shown in these videos. Some may be cheats, I do not know, but my goal is to show the latency issues, not to accuse anyone of cheating.

    First video is a clip from a recording I made of latency because of players

    having below full ping, and being God Like. This is an example of how low pings cant be hit, but they do major damage to those with regular pings. Three players encountered him and got a burst off at him, and he walks away, with near instant kills, and no damage to himself, at least one of us got a glancing blows on him. I realize its very possible to kill three in a row like this, but without taking any damage at point blank. And I know my shots where all over.…instant-killing?from=user

    Second video is a replay video of a player who is three round burst fire killing everyone, every shot is a red hit marker, yet he is way off on some of those shots. If I hit someone in the arm or stomach, I get white hit markers, he is completely missing and getting red hit markers.…-has-lower-ping?from=user

    Third video, is of me getting a double kill at the end of the match. The game replay is also of that same double kill. In the actually video of me gaming, there is no one standing where I die at. Yet in the replay there is a guy lagged out and running in place. I believe this shows why we cant seem to get kills on players with low pings. They really aren't there but somewhere else when you encounter them. Hence we do little or no damage, and they get three round kills…re-is-in-replay?from=user

    Last video is just over two minutes long. I started recording this match because I kept running into this guy who was taking 6-10 damaging blows and still having 75% of his health bar left. Unfortunately I did not encounter him in the last of the game, so I was unable to show it. But....They had a team of four players, and all of them seemed to be not killable, and every bullet from them is a lethal hit.

    First encounter at the start:

    I am shot with a "Gold AK 47". He three round burst fires and I die. Problem is the rate of fire from the AK-47, its more like the "Vector" rate of fire, than the "AK's". Three bullets in a quarter of a second.

    Second, at :45 seconds of game video:

    I encounter two players, the first has his back to me, and goes down normally. The second player I fire 10 or so rounds at. All of them where very close to or dead on hits. I only get three white hit markers, and one red hit marker. This is an example of how I have to be perfect with my fire to get lethal hits, and if you look back at video 2, low pings do not.

    Third, at 1:20 seconds of game video:

    I shoot at the ground with a "Zebra M320 GLM" grenade launcher. I hit right at the feet of both of us. As expected I get blow away by my own weapon. I expected it, but he runs away, and a team mate of mine kills him, quickly after. Why did he not die from the explosion too.

    Fourth and final at 1:50 seconds of the game video:

    This is showing how these low ping players are getting all red hit markers, even when their accuracy is off by a great deal. When players like myself, with good pings, and not using enhancers, cheats, or macro buttons to increase game play, cannot.…-need-corrected?from=user

    I really wish I could record all the time, but it causes latency on my end, so I usually only record now when I start experiencing abnormalities in game. I have a lot of video that I didn't include, because it takes so much time to review two hours of video to find examples. But I have some of players shooting through metal boxes, walls, and even stair cases, when you are lower or higher than them. I have tried shooting through the same areas on occasion, and my shots don't pass through. It has to relate back to the latency of the ping issues, or you have a ton of cheats being used. I think its the latency on most of them. I respected your request and all the report videos I have whether on Plays.TV or YouTube, are unlisted. They are not for the general public to view. Like I said in the beginning, I didn't make this video to accuse or judge players in the game. Only to bring to the attention of the developers the issues, that are going to drive a lot of players off from playing this game. I myself and getting pretty frustrated with it. I realize its in beta testing still, but how can you fix a game when its servers are so unreliable. :thumbdown:

    I think the three currencies is a bit much myself, two is plenty. But I can live with it. And GiruGiru, I brought up the sniper instant kill from hip issue back in closed beta. A lot of the guys who like to snipe balked. Few supported my claim. Hope you have better luck. That and the latency issues from low pings, will probably be the failing of this game. I am cautious to spend any money, until I see full launch and see if they break up the server locations, and start dropping low pings. I am in process of compiling a large quantity of clips, where its taking twice as many bullets from my smg, as a player with a low ping using the same weapon. I know its lag, not the damage, but its getting rediculous. I shot a guy with yellow (three bar) ping, dumped about 10 rounds on him. I watched his health go all the way to 1 or 2%. He drops a three round burst on me and I am dead. As the video shows him starting to run away, he has full health. I actually did 0 damage, when I just watch his health bar show just a sliver of life left, and as soon as I die, he has full health. Unfortunately when you record this game, and i have used two different recorders, the video recordings of you in combat don't show the other players health, unless you die by him. Then it will show you what he is leaving the battle with. So other than a bit of a latency issue, i cant prove how bad it really is.

    guys i log into a game and i cant move, dunno why? cant move on keyboard cant move camera on mouse ? help

    It happens to me every time I log in, I have to shut game down and restart it to get beyond it. If i only exit game to lobby, and back in, it still wont move. Occasionally, I can wait and it will eventually move, but that is rare. I have gotten to where I don't even try to enter game. I log in and from the lobby, I shut it down and restart the game, and I don't have the issue. I was having this problem in closed beta, and in server stress test period. Now in open beta I still have that problem, just hoping it goes away upon full launch. I have noticed that now in open beta, when I launch the game, it has a quick pop up saying I failed to connect to the servers, but it still launches and I get in game.