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    Well then my feedback is:
    I've noticed the repair for weapons was changed from 2.5k gold at 0 durability to 8.5k. Why was it stated as "a bug" that wasn't intended, literally no point in buying your own weapons now since its cheaper to rent them : )
    U guys have never stated it wasn't intended till now.
    Convinient huh

    Thank u kayne, very cool. But theres no recoil patterns in this game, everything is random like u stated, U can't take "recoil patterns" into one of the reasons when u immedietly say next sentence sa58 has more "randomness". Scars recoil is easier to manage cuz it shoots slower, doesnt mean someone who can hit his shots with sa58, can't outgun/outaim/outdmg a SCAR. From what I remember sa58 also has higher headshot dmg : ) Both guns even eachother out. If u can't play one of them, its you, not the gun. That's the point of this discussion. Gun isn't inconsistent, it's you who is.

    *what i meant by recoil randomness i meant, it either goes in right or left direction each time u start shooting. U can't call it a pattern since patterns can be learnt.
    **Can't learn something that is random, since learning patterns mean u can tell where your shots will go and how u need to move your mouse to hit all your shots in "same" spot.
    ***All u can do is be ready to counter either left or right ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ which u can get used to, but not learn it

    its fine as it is, dont get me wrong, i'd love my favourite gun get buffed but u can do a lot with those 20 bullets, just hit your shots 4Head. If u could have 30 of them scar/sa58 would be way overpowered lol.


    If i can get simillar KD with SA58 as the other "presumably" better guns, i dont think the gun needs any buffs, its fine as it is.

    AK12 I agree, could use bit more dmg, but theres a reason it has extended mag as a 30bullet weapon.
    AUG is the meta gun in the comp scene, or at least when comp scene was active. It has good range and doesnt really need higher rof, would make it even better while its a top gun anyway lmao.

    Also some people are forgetting why guns like SA or SCAR have lower mag capacity than others. It's cause they do higher dmg big bois. Just use an extended

    they need to focus on the competitive side of this game. They need to reward teams for scrimming and reward people for playing Ranked.

    Lets reward people playing in custom matches so people start botting games okay dude

    Reminder: There is a theme that all of you have to follow. Entries that don’t follow our theme “Elements” won’t get accepted.

    And also please keep in mind that there are rules that you have to follow too.

    Can we at least get a better explanation of what "elements" you guys had in mind? Like the typical elements: fire, water, earth, wind. Or something else in mind?

    Can you read a post and understand its content at the same time, or do you need everything explained to you on the plate.

    As for the other points that you dismissed with a single sentence, there is no instance in which an autosniper wins against a bolt. not a single one if both hit their first shot.

    Actually there is. Hitting a shot means anywhere on the body. Both could get a hitmark, but that auto sniper can fire again for the finishing hit way quicker than a bolt thus winning the trade.

    Or auto just hits a headshot

    uhhhhh its been out for years in korea

    but not in EU

    js, doesnt change the fact that it was out in korea, we got basically the same unoptimized version as them just with less content, since my friend from korea played it and showed it to me on stream i can tell optimization just didnt change at all lol for couple years

    I agree with everything you say, but also we should do something about sniping as its way to op. Also it would be help full that certain guns get a small damage boost cause i cant forget all those times i was 1/2 damages away of killing an enemy but him killing me that its getting on my nerves.

    Yeah snipers are getting nerfed next patch so i didnt account for them. And for your dmg boost point 3. and 7. should do it

    He said "But about visualizing what teams flames they are, I must say I tend to disagree.

    Yes it would naturally be useful for players, but in terms of gameplay I personally think it's actually better not to visualize what team's flames they are."
    He just thinks the way you dont know which teams flames they are make the game more immersive.

    Which is stupid cuz the game is an multiplayer experience that needs gameplay changes and not immersime gameplay that singleplayer games are known for.

    Just run through it to see if it does damage! :*

    I really do agree with all of his points and i dont think that it was a waste of time...

    I just wrote a text like he did and i think if enough people are going to do this then they willl change things up. I had a great week playing this game and i allready feel that there are things that realy need to be changed (after one week of playing). So lets just try to write as many of theese texts as possible so they will recognize us.

    I mean they neeeeeeed to ad more perks (usefull perks) and they neeeed to ad more attachments (usefull attachments).

    And in order to add more attachments, a third or even fourth attachment slot is needed (without wasting a perk slot)

    I realy feel that i realy cant play the game as i realy want... Running low on ammo recovering stamina slow health regeneration (the perk "quick health regeneration" is just a waste in my opinion). Hipfire is way to op with the ar 57 or the p90. So they realy should stop doing the same thing that fortnite is doing. Both games just release new things instead of belencing op stuff. I really hope something is going to change in the next month.

    Thanks. Fortnite is going in a direction of making the game more appealing to tha majority of their player base, which is kids. So what they did, they try to nerf the only way of outplaying others (which is building) to just barely good mechanic. They nerfed the amount of resources you can get from llamas and overall from hitting stuff. They also didnt do anything with the bloom (the space in the crosshair which makes you have less chance to shoot where your dot is) except making the 1st shot after not moving for X seconds 100% (?) accurate.
    I feel like ironsight is in the same state, its really noob friendly and encourages people to hipfire which is just better in every possible way than ADS. And I can tell you most of the ironsights playerbase doesnt

    You're wasting your time writing this, they only do what they feel it's right for the game and only acknowledge player feedback when over 80% of the people are complaining about the same thing. Those aspects have been set in stone so don't count on them ever changing.

    I've seen this before in many other games such as this one, I was once like this, thinking that if I provide a well formatted feedback with lots of details it will be noticed, but it doesn't - you just waste your time writing and the game goes on jus the way it used to be.

    I provided so many ideas about the game - it was all for naught. They don't care anymore, they act like they do, but they don't. Look at the official Twitch and YouTube channel and check when was the last time they did a livestream - the intervals between streams continue to increase until eventually they stop doing it altogether. Volunteer moderators are the ones keeping the forum clean, if they can't employ their own mods, it shows how much they care. There are also the white knights who will always pitch in to say how perfect the game is and how wrong the person complaining is.

    I was bored and thought it would be smth nice to fill up the free time. I know they most likely wont do any of it, but at least people coming across this thread will see how much the game "needs" to be changed in order to be enjoyable in a long run. Its up to devs to change and I hope they will but its not like I believe they will. Sadly I saw enough of patch notes to know they dont have an idea what they really wanna do (at least it looks like it). This thread at least gave an idea how bad the game is in its current state. Bad meaning not enjoyable in a long run and buggy.

    I won't say that every feedback will be included into the game. Of course the majority of the community has to agree for that first. Also we moderators are trying to stay as neutral as possible regarding suggestions. Both us moderators and Community Managers are reading the forum in look up for suggestions.

    The real difficulty is that once we see pretty good suggestions we will have to pass them on to the developers first. Of course the developers got their own roadmap of priorities and projects but they still decide in the end. It's still too rude to say that we don't care for suggestions and that the game doesn't need the community.

    Please continue to give on feedbacks, since I especially love to read them and then ask to look over. Also about streams, the Community Managers got ofc a lot of work to do every day but if the community wishes for Ironsight to bring out more streams, then they will do that.

    The problem is how bias the devs are about our suggestions. They take too much time to do anything (but they do after a long time). I know their team is small but its not THAT small. If they gave us more frequent updates with actual changes to the balance of the game It would be different. Instead we get updates that are supposed to be "BIG" but at the end they are a new gamemode with a bugged map and a couple skins + things that they call "ballance changes". Plot twist, they are not, cuz they dont do anything.
    My suggestion is for them to stop whatever the type of content they want to give us and focus on actuall changes to make the game more enjoyable(ballance).
    IM not counting netcode cuz we know its already worked on.

    Also Weilan the white knighs part easily applies to 80% of partners of this game. It shook me how narrow-minded they are whenever someone says anything bad about this game.

    But but AP is fine (kinda)

    Just move it to attachment and instead make it boost penetration value instead of doing more damage lol

    its not about them being fine, they are just not needed. And afaik AP actually boosts penetration through objects as well. Both of them are just a useless addition to make you more frustrated and for people to spent their gold on.

    I agree with almost all of your points! But I personally don't think number 5 is needed

    Would it be also better to nerf jumping accuracy (with or without ADSing) as well as the hipfire?

    (not so much editing)

    jumping is okay imo. Yeah I said its not that important but it is ineed a problem. When you can just *zoooooooooooom* past your enemies.

    As we all know netcode is getting fixed in the next 2 patches (hopefully), but theres more things that should get changed/fixed. Played this game for quite a while and I got some things on my mind to make this game better.


    Remove bullet types from the game, they are completly not needed and make the game not enjoyable, especially when you get 1 shotted through a wall or a box by a sniper or lose a fight with LMG/SMG running soft point bullets making your aim go all over the place. Completly not needed and its just another thing to spend money on, instead of that you could add a perk that allows you to put one more attachment on weapons, so you can run 3. (to not make it too op, put it in slot 1 or 2 so people need to sacrfice marathon or quick reload for it).


    Replace/Remake/Remove escort drone. It doesnt bring anything to the game and just gives you easy kills after you died or when you didnt even look at your opponent. Has a huge aimpunch as well


    Change the weapons dmg drop off so people have a chance in fighting SRs on a long-ish range. It will make the guns not feel like you are shooting peanuts at people or using an airosoft gun


    Make the recoil fixed, not random. Recoil right now in this game is a complete mess and made in korean style (the game is korean duh) which favors rng too much. Make each gun have its own fixed pattern so you can at least learn to controll it. This will bring at least some skill to this game.


    Id say nerfing SMGs running speed isnt that important on the list but it would be nice having it done as well. (Brought up by Epouranios in a random call)


    As we are on running speed, you should make marathon's current distance be the new 2x run distance, and buff normal distance, cause without marathon you're such a slowpoke (sams' suggestion)

    Make the headshots matter, as of right now, even when you headshot someone 3-4 times on a mid-long range and body him couple times, he can still be alive after it. Headshot multiplier should be higher at least for ARs and LMGs since with SMGs you are mostly CQC'ing anyway.


    Would be nice seeing more loadouts to choose from, 3 is not bad but 1 more would make me happier.


    Nerfing hipfire is a must as well, as of right now you can run and gun without aiming in and still be briefly accurate, not to mention ADS is just not worth 80% of the time or higher, it will get you killed more times than it helps you to kill someone(reminded by Honey)


    Drop shotting is a severe problem, as someone who played lots of FPS before, I can tell its just not balanced at all since the recoil buff from proning activates as soon as you click the button, it makes proning and shooting at the same time too accurate(+ your hitbox goes all over the place). What I would do is make it so for the buff to activate you need to be fully proned or be proned for at least 1-2s already).

    11.NAME TAGS

    Add an option to turn on/off seeing your teammates names/tags through walls, the patch that added it made me so confused, especially when glass is considered a wall in this game, you can get easily mistaken and not shoot your enemy thiking its a teammate or shoot your teammate thinking its an enemy.


    Rework highlights and multikills, multikills especially. Its at the point when it doesnt count some of the kills I got as multikills and missed many quads/pentas cuz of that.(once i killed someone, died, spawned again and killed someone in our base = got a double kill?? How does that work hello).


    Would be nice seeing a customizable crosshairs in the future.


    New perks and attachments(like grips) added to give people more things to choose from, each different type could change spray pattern by a little like in pubg and r6 siege. Right now the "meta" is basically silencer and a sight on all weapons, theres some exceptions like scar/sa58 or AK12 and AK47. Would be nice to mix things up (suggested by Epouranios).


    Recently implemented additional attachment slot, allows you to attach a little charm to your favourite weapon. Everything cool and dandy but... YES BUT. It's 30chips to unlock it on each skin, not weapon- skin. There's a lot of people that play with lots of different weapons and skins, why implement charms if u don't want your players to use them? Would be nice seeing them cost less or at least be per weapon, not per skin. Of course u can get them by getting a ticket from an event or buying a package with it inside. Not cool.


    Since we are on packages now, lets talk about how most of the things arent accessable unless you pay the price for full package when u want one thing.
    Drop rates of the crates are just riddiculous, I dont remember last time I didnt get a duplicate scope from GP crate. Either boost the chances for other items inside or stop adding more useless scopes to the box, making the chances lower for an actual weapon and its skin, OR delete white grade items from the box.

    This list isnt listed in priority what should be done first, I just listed them out one after another as I thought of something.

    If you got any more things that should get added or changed list them out under this thread and I'll think of adding it to the list.

    matt o7
    (some editing)

    Snipers are fine as they are, even better, they are too good just cus of other weapons range sucks major b*lls. You cant fight them at long range with expectation of killing them. And they are basically 1shot on chest and head on all ranges when other weapons take whole mag or more. On top of that armor penetration bullets make you 1shot people through a thin ish walls or big boxes. Since we are on bullet types now, remove them pls, game would be better without them :)