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    Extended mag and hip-fire, play it as an LMG with AR reload. It's still not going to set anyone's hair on fire but it's more fun that way.

    I don't think you'd go far wrong with any of them but I was most surprised (in a good way) by the PP-2000. Very quick reload, easy-to-manage recoil and doesn't lose much range compared to other SMGs. Only 20 rounds in stock form, there is an expanded mag that takes it up to 30.

    The Vector can be fun but the RoF is so high that you're often having to reload when you don't want to be. The MP5 is a good all-rounder, MP9 is good but doesn't play like a bigger MP7, PDR-C has the best range but has plenty of recoil at the long end and can sometimes struggle to stay on target as a result. The PP probably has the most character, followed by the Vector.

    Playing my f2p account after this thread and decided to spend 30 chips on an Alligator Limited Supply Box - got an Alligator G36C to sit alongside my Woodland G36C. :rolleyes:

    I won't be using it, mainly because the Detecting Scope I got from an earlier box is also in Woodland and it'd clash terribly with the Alligator. Instead I think I'll save up my chips and see how close I can get to a Fire Monkey PP-2000 before I rage quit. ;)

    ... i have a bunch of guns out of boxes which you get for free.

    This. I received an AK-12 and MP-9 from boxes before I'd reached level 10, then there's the regular guns given as daily rewards for logging in (once per week for 3 days). I've spent a total of £4 on AP to buy the starter box which gave me another weapon and enough GP for two more and I'm currently sitting with all but three ARs purchased or received, all SMGs, three snipers, two LMGs and all but one secondary AND I have 200k GP banked despite also buying a bunch of dressing-up bits for my avatar and various grenades to try them out!

    I've been grinding like billy-oh on this account though so I created a f2p second account where I'd only buy guns as and when I really needed something to see how some more casual progression goes. So far I've received a G36C and AK-12 from boxes and bought an MP-7, still have the K2C and 50k GP banked.

    I'm not a great player by any means so it's not as though I'm earning huge amounts from each match but it's surprising how quickly it builds up.

    Every so often the first grenade I fire simply hangs in the air for about 20s then explodes. This only started after the last patch and it's not consistent though it seems that the first time I use the M320 is almost sure to do this. My ping's good, my frames look good and I'm not sure what else I can try - this was a clean install of the game on a PC that I'd reinstalled Windows on shortly before installing the game.

    Pic below shows a grenade I'd fired at the start of a match, I'd moved around to get a better view of it before taking the screenshot; grenade circled in red on the left of the image. Full-screen version here.


    especially in that third picture, it is hard to distinguish the border between the wall and the sidewalk because it is that bright. also, i feel in general that this map is much brighter than the other ones, even though it is in day time. Titan is also sunny daytime but no where near as bright as this sh*t

    Good grief! I don't see it like that, it looks like any other map on my screen. 8|

    I recently installed Razer Surround Pro, it's a piece of software from Razer that gives you psuedo-7.1 surround sound from regular headphones and speakers (ok, it's nowhere near as good as proper hardware but I had a code to get it free and I thought I'd try it).

    If it's running with Surround turned on when I start the game, I get FPS drops from the regular 70-90 down to 40-50 in all maps and modes. If I turn off Surround, start the game and then turn Surround on again, it plays normally. ?(

    Hardly a major issue but puzzling nonetheless.

    Probably almost 80% games I've played on this map defenders won. Other 20% games attackers won becouse lack of attention on defenders side, or defenders were very bad.

    really? defenders win 80% of the time? nope, attackers win 90%of the time.

    My experience so far is that the team I'm not on wins 80% of the time. :(

    Like anything new, it'll take time for the players to learn the map and a meta to develop. When I started playing yesterday the predominant tactic was for most of the team to sit back and try to snipe out the opposition (varying success but if 8 of your 10 players aren't attacking, you're not likely to win). By the time I finished, rushing the point seemed to work for either side, probably in response to so many players sitting back.

    One issue I have is that the defenders seem to spawn very far back for the first point. Attackers have about the same distance to run but their spawn moves up if they capture the first whereas defenders spawn from the same place for both points. Why not spawn the defenders closer for the first point and move their spawn back if it falls? It's great having a larger map but I seem to spend most of my time running back to the action ... which has to be the map's fault and not mine for getting shot too often ... :whistling:

    On the subject of menu sounds, has anyone else noticed a sort of static "buzz" when certain sounds are played? It's most noticeable in the Weapon Progression end-screen as the progress lines move up but I can hear it when moving the cursor over weapon attachments too.

    I've did a full, clean re-install for this patch (my SSD died, nothing to do with the game) and this is the first time I've noticed it. If it's not in the game, I'll have to work out what I've done to my audio settings. :/

    Oh lol. thats... Yeah that sounds like a translation error.

    Easy fix, but still funny.

    Yeah, in retrospect I feel a bit silly having posted it for a laugh - it's a lot closer to the correct spelling than I'd be able to manage in Korean! But it is spelled correctly elsewhere so it's clearly one of them things. :)

    Keep the damage, drop the BS quick-sniping. Although I concede that may be exactly what montage makers want to see, it's easy mode for the player and not an indication of any ability beyond pointing with the mouse and clicking.

    A quick update on my favourites. I bought the M39 a while back but couldn't play it very well so it'd been put aside while I tried other guns. Decided to grind it out a bit more and experimented with different scopes and I've found that it seems to work better with the holo than with the ACOG or rifle scopes. In contrast to the auto-snipers, it's also relatively good when hip-firing (note, "relatively" ;)).

    Ended up having a real blast with it, playing much more aggressively than I had in the past when I treated it as a sniper-lite AR. The only real worry I have now is that I'll wear my mouse out with rapid fire bursts and I haven't even reached the hair trigger! :D

    I also have a new favourite secondary - the KARD. I hadn't bothered with it because of the low damage but it was the only secondary I didn't have so I thought why not complete the set? Turns out that it's a great partner to the M39 - I swap to it whenever I enter a building and it rips through targets even from full hp. Maybe it's because I'm playing with Balance and ADSing, maybe I'm finally learning some burst control but whatever the reason, I love it. :love:

    I don't mean to detract from the points here about the netcode but I think it's worth mentioning that some walls, such as those around the roof of the central building on Dam or surrounding the missile silo on Titan, can be shot through with ARs and snipers. If I see a head duck down then I'll often spam the area and I've picked up a few kills that way.

    How did I find the game? I watched jackfrags's review on YouTube and as an old fan of CoD multi-player it seemed like a good alternative.

    Other games? I have a Steam library full of bargains bought during sales that I still haven't played. Batman: Arkham Asylum holds the record at having been there untouched since March 2014 so I have plenty of other games but I wouldn't say I play many of them. :)

    Spare time? Er ... I play video games in my spare time. :/

    How is the PSG though. I have over 20000GP and not sure what to buy.?(

    I like it more than the SVD. It's still a minimum two-shot unless you hit heads but it feels more comfortable, the recoil isn't as jarring. That might have something to do with its default scope being a 6x compared to the SVD's 4x (i.e. the aim point isn't moving as far) but where I've felt the hair-trigger and compensator are compulsory on the SVD, I don't get the same impression from the PSG and I can usually get follow-up shots on target without cursing the RoF.

    I'm not really the best judge though, I'm not a good sniper but I enjoy the challenge of having a good match with a difficult gun more than racking up one-shot kills and camping one corner. :)

    I treated myself to a Zebra PSG-1 (because why not?) and although I was starting from level 1, the Precision Barrel was showing in the attachments list as available for the gun. When I try to use it, however, I'm told I can't.

    The first part of the image below shows the available attachments (I've been grinding it a bit today so I've unlocked a couple more). You can see that the barrel is shown as available and even the stat improvement is highlighted - the '+1' against the range. Selecting it takes you through to the normal application screen and the error I've highlighted appears when I click 'Use'.

    Is this an error? Should the barrel not be listed as available for this gun or do I need to do something else first? I can't see any indication of a required gun level for fitting.


    For ARs I usually pick Quick Reload, Feather Steps or Double Time, Blast Protection. Quick Aim only gives a 15% improvement in ADS time and it's rare that I finish an encounter thinking, "if only I'd been able to aim quicker". I use Balance for LMGs, DMRs and Snipers, I prefer auto-snipers so I'd rather be able to deliver a quick follow-up shot than get my initial aim up a touch sooner.

    I personally think a blind would be pretty OP though and since majority of players are SMG users with laser sights, it would become a blind fest.

    Agreed, who wouldn't want to run with a personal Gorgon? =O

    I agree with OP that they should be more visible though. At the moment you might catch a glimpse of a pixel-sized red dot when a laser user is approaching but you're more likely not to see anything. For the level of improvement offered to hip fire accuracy with a laser, they should be more obvious.

    Favourite ARs: SG553, AK-47, M4 ACC-M, SCAR-H, AK-12

    Favourite SMGs: Vector, PDR-C, MP9, LWRC 45, P90 TR

    Favourite Sniper: SVD

    Favourite LMG: MG3

    Favourite Secondary: Python

    I like to try different setups for each weapon but it often comes down to the compensator and an ACOG on ARs. I play the AK-12 with expanded mag and compensator, making it more like an LMG with a fast reload and that's entertaining (although not necessarily hugely effective) with a run & gun style. I'm slowly grinding towards the silencer for the M4, its recoil is low enough that it doesn't need the compensator to stay on target at longer ranges.

    I'm beginning to question why I bother with SMGs when some ARs can do the same job better, such as the M4, MSBS and TAR-21 - longer range, more damage, not significantly lower mobility or RoF. The P90 and AR-57 have better magazines but neither is particularly good at medium-long range. If you're going to buy an SMG, might as well get an AR-57 to take advantage of the excellent hip-fire and leave it at that.

    I guess once the population is larger then there won't be so much of an issue as there'll be people queuing ready to take spots from the leavers. My concern is more about rage-quitters dumping out when they're doing poorly and a team being left with one or two players who might as well quit too.

    Could the loading screen for an RT match include some massive flashing text telling players to collect the blue resources dropped by the robots?

    I'm getting tired of being one of the few players who runs between sites trying to collect while the rest of the team blithely run in the opposite direction because they think it's TDM or that their job's done once they've shot a robot. :rolleyes:

    Didn't even know those were a thing! ?(

    I can't help with your problem but I'd be incredibly grateful if you could advise on how to stop the superior supply boxes from giving me scopes. I only use the default 4x on the SVD, I'm never going to use a 12x no matter what funky paint it has.

    If the party's still playing a match, why should one player leaving drag everyone else out?

    I understand your point about keeping a party together but abandoning a match en masse isn't going to help the remainder of your team, seems like a rather selfish way to play.

    There are other ARs better than Ak12 like ak47 lol

    I've bitten the bullet and bought myself an AK-47 rather than continue waiting to see if I get one from a supply box and I have to agree, it's a much better AR than the AK-12. In fact, the only benefit that the AK-12 seems to get is the ability to use an extended magazine, so I'd say it's intended to be used more like an LMG than an AR.

    AK-47 has a lot of recoil but it's pretty controllable and I've been able to use an ACOG on it without losing the target anywhere near as much as I do with the AK-12. It's nowhere near as comfortable to use as my SG553 but I think it's got one of the best-looking gold models in the game so that's my next goal. ^^

    The developers seem to use props instead of unique texture details. Every map is overly cluttered with props.

    I like the props, they give the maps flavour. I agree with Aadi888 though, the hitboxes on some of them really need to be improved for the sake of consistency if nothing else.

    There are other maps where the same applies, such as on Mart where you can climb over some boxes but not others and Dam where you can jump one railing but not another. And talking of Dam, the van near one spawn that has a hitbox which appears to extend beyond the van if you're trying to run past it up the slope.

    But if there was a shooting range i would have known that.

    True but you'd also have some idea of what it plays like if you'd picked one up. Admittedly, you're a lot less likely to find an HK417 compared to, say, an AR-57 but I've found pick-ups to be a reasonable way of getting an initial impression.

    Although that doesn't stop me from buying guns like the AUG because one of the baddies in Die Hard used an earlier version and I like the model. :/

    I don't think it's necessary, the game's too fast-paced to be leaning around corners and none of the modes are like R6 where there's a real benefit from playing sneaky-beaky.

    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

    Intel i7 (860) @ 2.8GHz

    16GB RAM

    nvidia GTX760 2GB

    128GB SSD (OS & applications)

    2TB HDD (storage & games)

    500GB HDD (scratch)

    Dell P2414H 24" wide-screen monitor

    Razer Blackwidow 2013 keyboard

    Logitech Performance MX mouse

    steelseries QcK gaming mouse mat (the secret to my success ;) )

    How about changing the name of the 'Boasting' emote to 'GG'?

    The current emotes appear to be mainly insulting gestures and 'Boasting' is simply the avatar applauding. I guess it's supposed to be "look how great I am" but it could equally apply to applauding all players for a good game. That's what I use it for, at least, but the name doesn't exactly convey that thought. Doesn't need any animation rework, simply a change of name. :)