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    Maybe he meant some kinda 'unlimited cash'-hack, (?) but never really saw that nor do I see any high advantages out of it... though how will someone notice that even.. "OOH YOU!!! YOU DIDNT LEGIT BUY YOUR WEAPON!" or what -me confused-

    As I said before, something like that would be very, very, very difficult to do. Currency is stored on the server, and all purchases have to be verified by the server. Pretty much the only way you'd be able to do that is by gaining access to the server somehow.

    What do you mean by "hacking the weapons"?

    Probably like getting themselves weapons even though the player doesn't have the funds to permit it but it's kinda irrelevant for ironsight because there aren't any real stat boosts

    That'd be impossible (or at least incredibly difficult) to do, as the funds are stored on the server. You wouldn't be able to modify or spoof that on your end.

    I don't think anyone was hacking in the CBT, unless they somehow got hacks for the korean version to work on the NA.

    I did come across one very obvious hacker in CBT (EU). But that was only one game out of the many I'd played.

    An IP ban still won't do much. It's not hard to download a VPN, which changes your IP address.

    i know but its the most that thay can do. from the hackers i have met and do still know. most are not smart enough to do a VPN change so it might pervent a few of them maybe not all of them but a good few of them atleast.

    I know it's possible to ban users' hardware IDs. However I have no idea how difficult this is to implement or how effective it is.

    was going to make a reply on this but some how my post that had no bad words in it got flagged for one.... o.o but i couldnt find one anywhere in it. ill make it short though. BR idea bad.

    just add free-for-all insted.

    I had the same issue in a really long post I'd made. Took me forever to figure out why. But I agree that BR isn't worth the effort and would much rather see a free-for-all / deathmatch mode.

    yeah sadly thats all we can realy hope for a good anti cheat that does the job somewhat better then the others out there. and will atleast limit. the hacker base. but even then someones going to find a work around for the anti cheat. i know a few games that use battle eye and stuff like it. it detures the less hard core hackers. but even with it in place. it dont stop the hardest of the hardcore ones. thay take the bans. and just keep comeing,

    i guess the only thing they could do is outright IP ban anyone that hacks.

    An IP ban still won't do much. It's not hard to download a VPN, which changes your IP address.

    Battle Royale can actually work in this type of game, with bigger maps. Look at Call of Duty: Online's new battle-royale style mode:

    That looks like it could be a fun game. Wonder when an NA publisher will pick it up.

    Yeah, I've been wanting CODOL to come to EU/NA for years. I even downloaded the Chinese version at one point but found it unplayable as I had at least 700 ping - it does seem like such a fun game, though.

    I think this would take too much resources to create, and don't think it would be worth the effort. If I wanted to play a battle royale game, surely I'd just play PUBG or the free alternative, Fortnite: Battle Royale.

    I have purchased the soldier's pack ($20), mainly to support the development of this game as I love it so much.

    I do think the founders packs should be considered as donations with added benefits. However, if you're looking at the founders packs as "I am paying $X and am receiving Y," then what you get is probably a little underwhelming, especially with the general's pack ($100).

    Other than just supporting the game, my favourite benefit of the soldier's pack is just that I get to reserve my username; I managed to swipe Logan. :D

    The clan name reservation in the sergeant's pack ($50) is another great bonus in my opinion. And of course, having early access to the beta is another amazing benefit. I just wish we knew how much earlier we got to play.

    I heard "within a few weeks - at least before the end of 2018", and also that the official release would be "early 2018".

    This is probably just a personal thing, but in a lot of other shooters you can usually sprint to cancel your reload. You can't do that in this game and I'd like it if you could - otherwise it's just something I have to get used to.

    Also, something that irritates me with the observer drone is that you have to use the CTRL key to descend and there's no way to change that. I wish that it was the same key as your crouch or prone key, so that you could at least re-bind it. Some left-handed players use IJKL instead of WASD, as they have the mouse on the left side of their keyboard; using this control scheme makes it very difficult for them to reach the CTRL key. And I, myself, use ESDF over WASD, and reaching for the CTRL key doesn't feel natural to me.

    The main thing that bugged me in this game was just that I found it difficult to look through my attachments, and see which one I wanted to use. They aren't sorted by weapon level and there's no indication of whether or not you've unlocked the attachment unless you click on it. Which wouldn't be as bad if the menu didn't automatically scroll all the way up when you go back out of the attachment you were looking at.

    Another thing to do with the weapon menu is that it only displays prices to unlock it permanently. You have to click on buy in order to see the price to buy it temporarily.

    And another thing that I'd really like is a change stance keybind - like how they have in Call of Duty on PC. You press the key to crouch, or hold it to go prone. This way you don't need two separate keys to crouch or go prone.

    This is probably just me but I find it really difficult to spot enemies on the Outpost map when the fog is out. Maybe it's worse if you're on higher graphics settings? Or maybe my eyesight is just really bad. Either way, I find it incredibly difficult to see enemies on this map unless I'm very close to them.

    Something I noticed is that in the achievements, control point is referred to as domination. This confused me as I spent time looking for a domination game mode.

    When you have the chat open (whether in lobby or in-game), alt-tabbing presses tab which switches the chat mode (eg. common, party, clan).

    Another suggestion for the chat is being able to switch chat mode using commands, as I personally find this easier than pressing tab. For example, /c to enter common chat, /p to enter party chat, and /c to enter clan chat.

    The EMP launcher is basically useless, as bullets already do so much damage to drones. I think one or multiple of the following need to be done: drones need more health, guns should do less damage to drones, the EMP launcher should do more damage, the EMP launcher should have at least two rockets.

    This is probably a no but I think leaning would be a neat feature.

    I'd really like to see this game come to Steam - and it would probably bring in a load more players!

    I'm sure you're already aware of this and already working on a fix, but sometimes games wouldn't start. The lobby timer would tick down to 0 and then reset itself to 40 seconds.

    Some skins are locked and you are unable to purchase them. It would be nice if the description told you how these skins are / were obtained.

    More game modes would be awesome, such as domination (three capture points), free-for-all / deathmatch, demolition (basically search and destroy but with infinite lives) and capture the flag.

    I'd love to be able to rename my loadouts - for example, renaming one to "Sniper" rather than "Loadout 3".

    One thing that's bugging me about the forums is that it supports BBCode (which I'd much rather use over HTML or rich-text editing), yet there is no way to view your post as BBCode; only rich-text or HTML.

    They're all the suggestions I have after playing this game for two days that aren't already listed.

    I really love this game and actually prefer it over Call of Duty: World War II. To the developers: keep up the great work. I can't wait until this goes into OBT so I can play it with friends. :)