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    This video should have been release a long time ago but timing and life kind of made that plan impossible but I am happy to say that I've finally complete. In my quest to better my editing skill, I've tried something new in this one that I haven't done in any of my previous edits.

    Unleash The Sniper

    I see there a creative corner on the form and I'm currently working on edit of my gameplay from the close beta. One thing I love to have in my edits are cinematic and I'm having a difficult time doing this because there are no option within the game to create great cinematic. I would like so suggest have a theater mode where you can fly around the map in a free cam mode and give us the option to disable the HUB. If this is too much then I would asks for a command or option where we can make us HUB invisible and a "no hands" options. I would like if this option are only available when the player create a custom match.

    There was another thread that was talking about different type of punishment on how to deal with cheaters. I was told that my idea was good and I should make a thread just for it.

    My idea was basically copying the way Titanfall handle cheaters in their game. They do not ban (not to my knowledge) but ghost ban you. What this mean is if you are caught cheating or using a third party software to have an unfair advantage in the game, you will be place in a pool of user who also were caught doing the same thing. This mean when you are searching for games using the matchmaking system, you will only face up and team up against other convicted cheaters.

    The cheater would not know they have been caught cheating because they aren't notified about the offense, hint why it's called Ghost ban. The only downside is that the cheater would eventually figured this out and then buy or create a new account. At this point once a cheater have been ghost ban at least 3 times on three different account, a more serious time of ban, the typically type such as IP or even HWID ban.

    One thing I've notice a lot while playing the game is there is A LOT and I mean A LOT of trade killing. Basically, trading killing is when you and your target both kill each other. For a better example Player 1 kill Player 2 and Player 2 also killed Player 1. This is something that I've seen happen a lot and I mean way more than I would see in BF, which is notorious for this.

    Another thing I've also notice is that I've died when I'm behind a way. This could be a lot of things such as on my screen I'm already pass the corner but on the enemy's screen I'm just about to pass the corner. This type of mis-communication between client and server needs improvement.

    stop complaining and learn to play!

    You mean use the sniper rifles? (the current meta)?

    I don't like always winning

    You and you just made my point. The fact you refuse to give it a try because you're afraid of being wrong. The people who have tried it disagree with you but the people who just been the victim of the sniper seem to think it OP. If a gun is OP to me, I would pick it up and check it myself but the fact you refuse to even give it a try just prove to us all is the fact that the sniper rifle isn't broken but you're not that skill at the game.

    What they can do is copy what Titanfall does, Ghost ban them. Basically, it doesn't prevent then from logging into the game or playing the game but always match them up with other convicted cheaters. They do not know they were busted for cheating, because they aren't notify about it.

    When you unlock the straight pull attachment it makes your gun fire much faster. I honestly feel nothing needs to be changed. I think everything is perfect where it's at with the sniper rifles. I think if they increased the rate of fire even more it would make it unbalanced.

    Just got it unlock and I have to agree. It better but nothing like how you could do is CA or COD but I like it. It just right

    You can't run and gun in cod. That's is the difference. While moving you should get heavy penalty in this game. Than it would be fine.

    You can't run an gun in Ironsight. Also, sniper isn't broken and allow me to tell you why. DSR only does 98 damage meaning you have to mod it and also hit a target in the chest or head to get a one hit skill. Another thing you have to also remember is that the DSR take some time to reload and I dont mean empty clip but load one in the chamber. Sniping isn't broken it's just that you're not that good at it tbh.

    I find that shooting with an AR is too easy and you should be able to beat a sniper at QC any day if your aim isn't that bad. You literally have little to no recoil with an AR, so you dont have to tap to kill from a distance.

    But for the people who complaining about the sniper being broken, why dont you pick it up and tell us how "easy" it is to snipe. Because you going up again a good player that knows how to use a sniper rifle does not mean it's broken. I challenge everyone in this threat who are complaining about the sniper rifle to pick it up and try it out and see how "easy" it is.

    This game honestly remind me of COD 4 and I'm not saying that as a bad thing but as a good thing. COD 4 is everyone or majority of people favorite COD. With that being said allowing your user to quick scope would be a blessing as it would encourage people to not only create communities around that but also create videos/montage which would be free advertisment for the game. I like the current state of the sniper but the only good one hit kill gun is the DSR but the rate of fire isn't fast enough for true quick scoping. What I mean by the rate of fire to avoid any confusion is the time it time to load another round in the chamber after firing the DSR. I would try the other sniper rifles but their damage isn't high enough and the rate of fire seem to be the same according to the stats on the gun