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    There is the client side (the side we see) and the server side. All patches made to this point have been for the server side.

    I imagine it's less a case of refusing to update the client side, and more a case of Wiple being a small team of developers and have devoted most of their time and effort on addressing the server side issues (of which there have been many).

    Personally, I think this is the right move. I'd rather have the game in a silky smooth state to actually enjoy the content that is already there than have to deal with constant disconnects and lag but have some shiny new skins.

    On the point of "just changing a variable" (this comes up a lot on the forums). Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, no developers worth their salt would change something without extensive testing to make sure it doesn't break anything else, and in a time when the server issues are the biggest downside of Ironsight by far, that could be time and resources they don't have to spare.

    All that being said, the publishers have said there is a content update on the way.

    Thanks to all the teams playing. It was very entertaining and showcased a lot of skill and teamwork. There were some really intense games played which were a lot of fun to watch. As Ironsight's first tournament, there were some learning experiences for both the players and the management so the patience and understanding from both sides was good to see. The EU teams did very well with the time differences (final game at 5am :O).

    Big props to WreckIt and all the CCMs mentioned in his post. I joined a little late last night but witnessed a lot of effort and care about the tournament and all of the teams playing in it. People didn't see behind the scenes last night and a small amount didn't realise that proper effort was being taken to trawl through screenshots and lengthy log files, comparing and analysing, and discussing with other competitive community managers, to ensure everything was fair and thorough.

    I'd like to point out that despite it being a bumpy road sometimes, they have done well in building the comp scene for NA. I own the EU discord for the comp scene of IS and due to being very busy since creating it, I haven't been able to put any time into building and organising the community and scene. So I can tell you these things do not spring up out of nowhere and require people to take time and actual effort to get them off the ground, so I think WreckIt in particular, and those that have helped him deserve a big thanks from the NA community for doing that. Some mental notes were definitely taken for use on the EU side.

    Looking forward to future tournaments and events.


    I imagine cancelling reload with "R" would be even less used because it's unnatural due to people being used to i)


    Repressing R isn't difficult, you're right. I suspect if it was a thing, people would just question why the same action isn't mapped to shift like in other games though, and complain about it. I supposed your hand has easier access to shift than to R whilst still moving around with WASD too, so that's something else to consider.

    There's no "being open to ideas" or "giving ideas a chance" when the idea is a mechanic ripped from another game franchise that was made SPECIFICALLY for that franchise combat system.

    GoW Quick Reload will never be a thing in any game that isn't a GoW clone. Period.

    Dunno about that. Mechanics, ideas, themes, everything starts somewhere and is used elsewhere if it's good. Bullet Run was a F2P FPS like Ironsight and it had the GoW reload mechanic. Worked pretty well. People just weren't used to it. well as being more intuitive and perform-able for most players to just hit r again. As well as give the mechanic more awareness, especially if they place a tiny icon near your clip in the short time window you can repress R to undo reload.

    You'd think so but the GoW reload mechanic was barely used by anyone in Bullet Run and Hazard Ops, despite being explained in tooltips, having an icon in the middle of the screen, etc. I imagine cancelling reload with "R" would be even less used because it's unnatural due to people being used to i) not being able to cancel or ii) using shift to do the same thing in many other games.

    Just to be clear: I don't think your idea is bad per sé. I just think using shift is a tried and tested method that works well. If it's missing, well, it's fine because it allows for things like waiting on an enemy to reload before pushing knowing they "can't" cancel.

    I meant it's pointless because pressing sprint to cancel reload is something that exists in so many other games that it wouldn't need to be taught. Pressing R twice would be unusual and not something people naturally try.

    You mentioned competitive. I like being able to cancel reloading for fast gameplay, but not being able to cancel it has an important place too.

    Literally what I said, this "revolutionary suggestion" is literally already in the game

    It already IS independent from perks just press "2>1" really quick or just hit Shift and Sprint for like half a second to reload cancel.

    Sprint reload cancel doesn't happen in Ironsight.

    Having 'R' mapped to both reload and cancel reload sounds pointless though. Thought you were going to suggest the Gears of War/Bullet Run/Hazard Ops mechanic of pressing R again at the right moment to quick reload.

    If it was unplayable, it would be dead in the water already. Until they fix the network issue highlighted by battlenonsense, the game feels frustrating at times but far from unplayable.

    ehm no, it wouldn't be dead. As i said in my post, most of free to play fps out there are really worse than ironsight, and they're still alive. What makes this game one of the worst is exactly what you said: frustrating. And that thing doesn't force you to uninstall the game. You just keep respawing over and over, and you just keep killed in impossible ways most of the times. And as many have already said, what's wrong with this game is his real core.

    Name one that's unplayable.

    "I'm not one for competitive play in a game like Ironsight, but aren't some weapon restrictions a bit silly? Why not let teams figure out good strategies and counters to those restricted weapons/killstreaks?"

    I mean this was my entire point here, yet you still refuse to answer it. So lol?

    Which restriction do you have an issue with? The detector sight one that was talked about on discord?

    IMO hipfire is the obvious choice in super close combat. Makes the most sense. If someone is right in front of you, you don't need to take that time to go into ADS cause milliseconds count! Do some guns do better with hipfire than others? Sure. But again, it's all situational! Double Time makes plenty of difference as it is. I don't think we want someone sprinting around the corner while ADS lol. OP, you mentioned increasing base ADS walking speed by 50% that's what Double Time is :). If you wanted to do that without the perk THEN people decide to use that in conjunction with the perk (which essentially makes your walking speed while ADS 200% of what it was to begin with) we're all basically speed hax at that point!

    Would be interesting. :P

    I don't think it's only about total number of servers. It's the game itself really trash for a lot of players. it's still "normal" to be shot by someone that you don't see in you monitor but he sees you; it's still normal to be killed behind walls or a cover. That's why this game is unplayable.

    If it was unplayable, it would be dead in the water already. Until they fix the network issue highlighted by battlenonsense, the game feels frustrating at times but far from unplayable.

    Hi Rolly. :D

    It's dumb but it doesn't bother me so I wouldn't want it banned/filtered.


    >Discord Server Link<

    Given the popularity and usefulness of WreckIt's NA server found here, it's clear that Europe needs one of it's own for EU players.

    The server provides the following:

    • A server purely for building and being a part of the EU competitive scene on Ironsight.
    • Find and manage scrims with other EU clans.
    • Useful for Pick Up Games (PUGs) with other European players.
    • A recruitment section purely for competitive minded players and teams.
    • Easy access to information about any tournaments or leagues running for Ironsight.

    Get your teams and friends on the server and find some real matches. Spread the word.

    They're working primarily on the server side just now to improve the network. One of the staff said on Discord that a content update is also being worked on.

    sure there are plenty of escape routes I'm not disputing that but is it an enjoyable map imho no, its a map I personally hate and I'm quite happy I get it maybe once per game session, maps like titan, outpost and ocean front imho are more balanced just because there more fun to play, remember this is a game and fun is what it at least should be and it seems more people hate dam just because they don't enjoy playing that map.

    Not enjoying it is fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I like it, personally. Not the best but not the worst.

    My post was just about people saying it's unbalanced which is very different from simply not enjoying the map. I can't see what makes it unbalanced.

    I'm not sure what the complaint is that makes it unbalanced. People camp or it's easy to be spawncamped?

    Each spawn has 4 exits, the moving platform, the main path and the two side paths. Ample ways to escape spawntraps and/or get behind the enemy. The map is almost completely symmetrical too.

    Dam seems fine to me. At least people aren't respawning all over the place. The only real issue with it is if there is a hellbird or zeus active when you respawn, then there isn't enough time to get to cover.