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    Hell no. ^^

    How so though? LA is very popular for it's LAN's as well as the amount of people that would see the game it would be a good advertisement to attract new players.

    Ofc every way of advertisment is a way to rise the popularity of a game. But the game isn't even out yet, so there's so comp. scene aswell for future tournements/cups with high prize pools :P

    Maybe for the future then

    AWP Dragon Lore from CSGO?
    Where is your own idea on this one and what's with the copyright? ..

    AWP Dragon Lore from CSGO?
    Where is your own idea on this one and what's with the copyright? ... :/:rolleyes:

    It's just a jok)))I already have a ready skin. It's on the fourth page)

    Bruh, not sure if this is yours aswell...
    Hopefully you care about copyright etc ^^

    At all the life-regeneration could be a little bit faster for me.
    A other & usefull option would be that they could add:

    1. A Perk where you get some extra life back if you killed an enemy!
    2. A Support Killstreak where you get a little Heal-Syringe (or something like this) where you can get some life back after you used it.
    The injection time of the "Heal-Syringe Killstreak" should be around 1,5/2 second that it's fair for everyone and gives you 40/50% of your HP bar as life back.
    It should "cost" around 500 Points :saint:

    This Killstreak would be great for the future comp. Scene aswell or any kind of Seach & Destroy games, because you could regenerate your life faster and make the cards open again before waiting 5-6 second before you're full life again in close terrain :saint:

    would be great if we could get some opinions and some feedback on this ideas :P :)

    Have a great day,
    Leon 'Kirito' N. :saint:

    Lil' question...
    What about when you scope with a weapon? Normally you/your enemy don't hear your footsteps when you do this. So you're like sneaking a bit.
    What is if the enemy has the "Long Ears" Perk. Does he can still hear you because it counters too?

    Long ears only makes footsteps loud if they do not have feather step on. If they have feather step you still will not be able to hear them.

    I know but if you stay scoped with a weapon you don't hear any movement sounds by yourself when you move :D

    The recovering speed from closed beta was much better. In the end its easy mathematic. The one will win who has more HP. It is really boring waiting/camping after every fight because you have only 10% or 50% life. Playing aggressive with low life would be retarded so you have to recover every time if you have the time. In this fast paced shooter game it could be faster again so you can join the fight earlier again. I think the slow recovery system doesn't fit very well to the fast paced action at the moment. Please increase it again, thanks.

    At all I think that this one is a good idea. I would really enjoy it if they add a killstreak or a perk where you can regenerate life a bit faster after a kill or something like that. :saint:

    But I'm not really sure if the life regen was different in the CBT tho :/
    I thought that it was all the time the same :P

    There is a skill called "feather steps" that enable you to walk silently (except when running ofc) so i don't see the need for that mechanic.

    Fun fact: "feather steps" can be countered by the "long ears" skill :D

    Lil' question...
    What about when you scope with a weapon? Normally you/your enemy don't hear your footsteps when you do this. So you're like sneaking a bit.
    What is if the enemy has the "Long Ears" Perk. Does he can still hear you because it counters too?

    At all I disagree this idea. Nades are ingredients of the game like any other weapon, perk, killstreak or whatever...
    Ofc if you play this Gamemode you can equip your blast resistance perk that you don't get that much blast damage.

    Just be clever and try to test things out. Don't lay on the ground and hide between the dead bodys of your teammates where're a easy frag for nades.
    Try to move around, outplay the enemys and stay in motion that you can run away if you see a nade right next to you :saint:


    there are already 17 (+1 Tutorial Map) Map Files in the Ironsight Folder [Ironsight > data]
    I think that you can see there some several maps that are playable in the future :saint:


    You can also see some teasers/videos on the Social Media sites of Ironsight EU/NA and Korea.
    Ironsight is already 1 year out in Korea so they have more Maps and different skins that we don't have here in the western versions so far.

    I hope I could help you somehow :saint:

    Have a great day,
    Leon 'Kirito' N.

    Can the you guys make it so that your weapon progression still goes up after battle even without having to click onto the weapon progression screen

    because I play like 5 matches and forget to click onto the screen after each match thus losing any progression on my weapons

    Yeah at all you level your weapons automatically for normal games and missions. You don't get any XP or GC when you play custom matches.
    But yeah, you don't need to look on the "Weapon Progress Screen" :saint:

    I honestly havnt had a real problem with people doing this....The game has its own mechanics and you simply need to work around it and get used to it.


    Great point & idea :D


    in Closed Beta players complained about that party-members are almost never in a party together...
    Now players complaint that party-members are in a team together?

    Where is the logic behind this? :|:sleeping::/

    If you're in a party and join into the "Map Selection Lobby" you're in a team together.
    If you join with a party in middle of a game you're splitted up for sure.

    I know that this is sometimes really painfull, even for me, when I see that a 5 man party is playing against 2 other lonely guys in the enemy team but this is how it is.
    The system automatically put the new-joined players in the enemy team to make it balanced till it's 5 vs 5 for example.
    After this the system split it up again for the new-joined players if you know what I mean :saint:

    So yeah I think that the system is okay right now how it is.

    Have a great day,
    Leon 'Kirito' N. :saint:

    The thing is that some classes like the SMGs are supposed to to dropshots, because you can't win a gunfight somenemys or a group of enemys.
    It's like a little tactical play and you can counter it aswell pretty easy if you know how to...

    SMGs are so weak imo these days that you really can't win the most gunfights without droopshoting or other stuff... Even jumping is pretty annoying and nasty but nobody, really nobody is complaining about jump-shoting in Ironsight...

    or maybe..if you are going to do the drop shooting thing, you're crosshair will become larger or your accuracy will be off...:/:/

    Would be an idea but if you're proned it should be really accurate again >-<

    That's actually a good argument that you can't life in a paradise with not spending money on the repair system and just keep it to buy new cosmetics or new weapons.
    At all I don't have a big problem with the repairing system ingame, because you need to spend your money anyway on something that you don't would like to... just like in real life xD
    When players play enough and a lot, they would get the money together and actually have some GC left for repairing the weapons after a game.

    EVERYONE: If a game takes longer you get more GC & XP. Everyone of the Winner/Looser Team get the same amount after a game (if you don't have an GC-Booster or XP-Booster).

    It has its pro's and cons I definitely would love a global voice chat in this game, just add the ability to mute it is all.

    Yeah let us see then what gonna happen in the future :P
    Devs need to develope this aswell and that gonna take some time. But yeah, maybe we gonna see it in the future :saint: