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    wt*? I was in this and i'm not anymore? what happened?

    edit: rigged

    sensing a lot of RACISM here just because i'm australian

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    In audacity, you can record sounds and see how loud they are.

    I'm pretty sure you can also record your ingame audio directly to audacity.

    I don't think you want to adjust the volume of the sounds, you want to adjust the levels, which can be done on many different audio software things.
    For example I use Realtek audio, which lets me adjust the levels.

    Listen to the recorded game audio in audacity, and change the levels to see which makes the important sounds loud, and the unimportant sounds quiet.

    This will however, probably not give you any major advantage and will most likey just result in your audio being fucked.

    h*ck yea. Tons of opportunity for these screens as well, like clicking on the clan takes you to the clan page, etc.

    There are complaints about the SMGs, specifically the AR57

    - Body shots should ALWAYS be a kill, whether it is scoped in or a no scope.

    When I first read this I was like no, but I couldn't justify any reason apart from realism which is a stupid reason, so I figure that maybe this could be a good addition. However one of the problems with sniper rifles is that they are too overpowered, this would surely make them more powerful.

    - So many scope attachments but only 3 that are used

    I don't think this is really a problem. Who cares if there's a ton of useless junk, you arnt forced to use it and it being in game doesn't do anything except make the attachments list slightly longer.

    - Reloading is sooooooooo slow

    Its slow on every gun, thats why the reload perk is pretty well used. However on sniping, people usually find faster quick switching or scoping to be better than reload time. Again this would also be buffing the snipers, which people already think are op.

    As for the secondaries, I don't really use them or care about them, but I can say that sights/attachments for them would be great (as the ironsights suck) and I think 1 rocket for the EMP launcher is fair, as drones are super easy to take out already. UAVs will go down in 1 clip usually, and hell birds you do 1 emp launcher and then 1 clip and they are usually gone as well. Shooting them is super effective, try it, its not like COD where its worthless to try and shoot them.

    People keep saying that cosmetics are expensive. I'm no expert on real money payments ingame but I hope aeria games is, and has priced them in such a way that it generates the most money for them. They don't need to be easily accessable, but they do need to bring in a lot of money. On the plus side, if the guns were super cheap, it would be likely that aeria games was just trying to sell everything ASAP which would mean that they were planning to stop development, so these expensive items to me mean that the game is staying around for at least a while longer.

    I think you run the same amount of time for all guns, its just the speed that is adjusted, and the speed adjustment to me seemed normal (small guns make me go fast). You sure you don't have the sprinting/running perks on?

    As for hipfire being more accurate than aiming down sights, its not. Aiming down sights is more accurate, but the problem is that at close ranges, it actually helps to have some spread and not have a slow turn speed, which is why they excel in short ranges.

    Headshots are not instant kills on most guns. I think I remember they were 2x or 1.5x the normal damage, but idk the actual numbers. But hs are not supposed to be instant on all guns. There are a lot of SMGs and ARs (as possibly LMGs??? havent used any wouldn't know) that aren't 1shot hs.

    as for the ttk for rapid-fire guns and SRs, it already pretty much is like that.

    Knives are an instant kill if you get them from the back, otherwise they are not.

    They want to do kill cams but as you may have seen, the replay tool (seen at the end of every game) can be a bit fucked. Also, having kill cams means that you have to upload your clients data to the server, which is similar to the report bug that was so bad they disabled reporting all together.

    More loadouts is needed for sure

    As for profanity, I couldn't agree with you more. Just have it default set to the client to block all nasty words, and it can be disabled. Because otherwise you have people getting around by adding numbers and symbols, in which case everyone can see it.

    If you had a clientside setting, then all swear words get blocked for those that dont wish to see it, but are still there for people over the age of 12.

    If you dont have clientside setting, then people get around the filter and everyone sees it. Don't try and fight against some of the most used words online, its a losing battle.

    "This message contains censored words: cr4p" are you kidding me ironsight forums?

    Everything else I either agree with you, or don't have an opinion. Good suggestions.

    Is it okay if I use the NAF and EDEN logos? I'm not sure what the exact policies are regarding copyright, but I thought it was okay if it was your own game and already started on it? If it's not okay, I can delete my project.

    itl be fine. They own the logo, they own the knife and they will own any design you give them

    But on the other side, this means I'm going to receive damage from you even after I already killed you or after I took cover behind a wall. That's not the way it's supposed to work. If someone has a high ping, it should not ruin the gaming experience for everyone but just for him.

    I know what it's like to play on 150+ ping because I used to in the past but that's not a good point for keeping TCP.

    If a package is lost, TCP will make sure you receive it, that means someone can kill you seconds after you killed him. That's why TCP can't be the way to go for FPS games and no one except Wiple games would even think about using it.

    But on both our screens we both played perfectly, and we both won the fight. Why should I be punished if I played as well as you. The high ping player is still disadvantaged over the low ping, its just that disadvantage is not as major as it would be on UDP. I'm fine with UDP, but what I'm not fine with is UDP and being forced to play 200 ping. If we had aus servers then I don't care what we have, as like I said the difference means nothing, but until we don't have to say #OCEplease id really prefer sticking with TCP.

    Bascially all im trying to say is

    its not TCP thats the problem, its the people playing from far away.
    please no UDP before AUS servers.

    My ping is always changing in range 40-120

    That's why the game is appearing as everyone lagging. They arn't lagging its you. Your net shouldn't be changing that much. Do this and tell us if you get any packet loss.

    Yes ofc, but switching to UDP is the first step for a decent netcode. A good netcode is not possible on TCP because we're talking of a real time application.

    TCP isn't evil for real time application, and I think it could work if there were enough regions and they don't allow players above a certain ping.

    UDP is more common and more widely used, but as pings get lower and lower, it means bascially nothing different, just a slightly different way to play.
    And tbh I enjoy being able to actually play a game on 200+ ping for once, where even if I'm dead before Ive seen the person, I at least have a chance of getting a kill.

    Do you really have to be negative in every single way?

    I didn't think I was that negative. I went through your points and told you why I don't like them, and on some of them I even tried to help you.

    I don't hate you, but I think the changes you propose for the game are bad.

    If you take offense then soz, but its not like I went out attacking you personally for no reason.

    You still encounter players flying everywhere on low ping

    but on high ping, you see basically everyone flying around.

    Source: have a friend who somehow spikes to 1-3k ping every now and then

    LAL 120 ping and you don't think that's causing problems?

    Also what do you mean by 40-120. Thats a pretty big difference for ping. Do you get loss? because if so, then that's also causing problems.

    The first post answered it, and then it was answered again.

    There will be no stat reset on the launch of the game, and you will have to pay if you want your stats reset.

    >My question is ... Will you reset or stats at the end of OBT or we"ll have to pay for it ?


    If you want an official answer then why even make a thread? Go message someone official, or better yet, use google and see that this question has been answered multiple times before, with moderators and CM's confirming that there will be no reset.
    Moderator confirming: Account Reset?

    Same moderator confirming:…question_about_open_beta/

    claims of CM confirming on discord:…nd_date_on_the_open_beta/

    From the discord: (helix and Solaria are Moderators)

    [3:35 AM] CJP: Monsieur 🍵 will stats and progress reset?

    [3:35 AM] Helix: no wipe planned

    [3:35 AM] Solaria 🍵: ^

    [4:15 AM] Bill: Hi, I'm new. Are all stats going to reset after full release? I.e., weapons are gonna lock again?

    [4:15 AM] Helix: no, they won't

    [4:15 AM] Wurms: sweet

    [4:15 AM] Helix: we will try to avoid a wipe

    1. Unneeded. Hipfiring is a fine way to aim and it sounds like you are forcing yourself to ads every fight. Just hipfire at anything close and aim for everything else. The perk is not useless, with it being quite common among snipers. Decreasing the hipfire time would make snipers more powerful, and the snipers being too strong is considered an issue by a lot of players.

    2. The gamemodes dont really have bases, so fixed spawns don't really make sense. Fixed spawns would just lead to more nasty spawnfragging anyway. Also, you can predict spawns pretty easily in this game.

    3. Use the blaser or DSR. If you are using those, then dont shoot their feet.

    4. Why should cosmetics be cheaper? That means aeria games gets less money which means the development of ironsight is going to be slower or possibly stop at one point. Cosmetics should be whatever price generates the most money for aeria games, because cosmetics don't effect the actual gameplay at all, keeps the game not pay to win, and keeps the games development running.

    5. Skins are cosmetic, see point 4.

    6. 20k is easy to get. Within a few hours usually. Do the daily quests and do achievements and you will have 20k in no time.

    7. I don't understand what adding diversity to attachemnt stats means. If you want to buff the underpowered/underused attachments then I don't see a problem with that. There already is a different slot of bullet type?

    8. Upload a vid and possibly stop using *censored word beginning with s* guns. 3-6 shots is usually how long it takes for someone to die. Ping doesnt factor into this at all on your end, however it may look like the dude only shot you once because of ping. There is some spreadsheet floating around that tells you the expected ttk for all guns.

    9. You shouldn't be relying on the pistol. Its a backup for when you run out of ammo or miss your shot while sniping.

    whats so important about the stats that you think everyone should be reset?
    or should I say, which of your stats are so embarrassing that you want a free reset.

    The reasons you listed for stats being bad, arn't reasons at all. Its not like the steam release is going to be a patch that fixes everything at once. Those issues you mentioned will slowly be fixed over time, so you will have a lot of time to adapt to the fixed gameplay.

    The game changes slightly every update, do you want stat resets every update? because that means that newer players will not get an advantage over you, but I think you can understand why stat resets every update are stupid. There's always going to be a time where stats were easier to get, but over time that will mean less and less.

    There's no reason at all to reset stats for everyone. The issues you posted do not effect stats that much. Just buy a stat reset yourself (or beg for one) if your kda is 0.25 and you think thats unfair.

    If I'm correct, steam also hosts servers, social media and forums( steam community ). So, that makes steam a publisher, right?

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Steam is a gaming platform by valve. Valve is a developer/publisher, but Steam is a gaming platform.

    When the game goes to steam, it basically means that the game will just be directly accessable via steam.

    Areia games will still bascially do everything. There will be automatic forums for the game, but I'm sure this one will still exist.

    You will still probably need an aeria games account to play the game as well.
    bascially all that changes is that you can download and launch the game via steam.…/?publisher=Aeria%20Games is a list of all games on steam, that have aeria games as their publisher.

    How do you do that transition (In this case Pink to Light Blue on the blade). I wanted to do a transition like that with my knife (above this post). But it was my first time using GIMP and I couldn't figure out how. Could you, or anyone, tell me how?

    Its called a gradient and heres how its done in gimp.

    Its "overlay"ed over the knife as well, which means basically that the colors go onto the knife instead of the colors staying above the knife (you can see the scratches on the knife in the gradient area because of this, without the "overlay" blending (I don't actually use overlay, but I use something close to that) it would just be a solid color and not look realistic. Heres how to change blending http://www.paintshopprotutoria…tml/blend_modes_gimp.html

    Dont convert AP to CHIPS directly, use cases or packs.

    If you buy chips directly, then 500 AP gives you 50 Chips

    But, if you buy the starter pack, 500AP gets you 50 chips, plus xp/coin boosters, emotes, a primary weapon unlock, etc.

    Theres also some cases that do the same, where the worst possible scenario is you get as many chips as you chould have brought directly, but the best possible case is you get a real expensive gun, or more chips.

    Ive only been playing for a few days and already got 15 guns, which is more than ill probably need. It only takes a few hours to get 20k and at one point I had 80k. The guns arnt expensive if you know how to manage money. Just do all the daily challenges, and keep doing the closest achievement and you will get 20k easy.

    Maybe something like another popular fps does where the names dont appear unless they are in direct los, but there is a little arrow above their heads that you can see through walls.