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    some people are accused of being hackers because other people dont know some basics of the game like you listed, thats why i asked to the topic to be fixed. But anyway, l dont care that much.

    doesnt change the fact the ai is fully retard. They will fix it in 2020 with the netcode issue and will release the game in 2021 (maybe a steam version in 2022). Enjoy the way it is now or leave.

    that is a matter of opinion. I dont think it will fail and I have the same experience as you about closed beta during ijji times and now this closed beta too.

    1) graphics are friendly to medium even low specs, that would bring even more players to the game.

    2) the closed beta was really decent imo. Even with smg the bullets where ok.

    3) i agree that bs has better graphics, but i think customization is a more interesting subject and resourse to make a profitable game.

    But again, that is just my opinion

    How about ava dog tag? Free, nice netcode and bigger playerbase during closed beta than Iron sight.

    In my opinion this game will have the same destiny that gits had.

    What about you go to the ava dog tags forum

    I will post there if i have any issue with the game.

    Here was just another example of a very nice way to start a beta stage (even for a f2p game).

    My point is i dont think the devs will have enough time and financial support to keep working on this game judging by what I have seen until now.

    This market is aggressive and wont forgive any mistake (from the publisher and developers). Dirty Bomb is another example.

    I hope that Iron sight wont be another failure, but they must do something to keep the playerbase.

    Just my opinion.

    They need to stop drawing in all these naive people with promise after promise. "We are working on it" and "Charlie said so" Should be trademarked. Ironsight never was and never will be big. All these issues was supposed to have been fixed along time ago. With Fixes comes even more bugs, and even more ways for aeria/gamigo to earn money. How embarrasing it must be for CMs and Mods to always answer the same sentence. "Its being worked on" With no results. Even tho they keep banning me for no apparent reasons other than saying the truth, i cant help but to feel bad for them.

    i have been around since feb FEB honestly tell me 5 things that have changed that improve the game what some awful over priced skins lol nothing has changed besides a game mode nobody likes and a ui change sick

    i agree. The playerbase wont come back after the new games come out. It is really sad, but its the truth

    Tell me about the glitch with the chrome msbs where the attached sight keep flying from the weapon. They dont even refund the credits used tu buy a bugged weapon.

    This kind of things make me understand why the game was a failure in Asian server.

    Let them fix the game. It won't take more than two years to be fixed. Keep buying those scamboxes to support the game. I know every game published by aeria games turn into a p2w game, but maybe this time will be different. I didnt notice any improvement until now, but lets believe their word because we cant take the game from them.

    Low player base is not a problem - it is the effect of a problem. I found this game purely by luck by reading some comments somewhere in the abyss.

    This game is simply not known to the wider gaming community. And this can be a good thing, otherwise all of the moaners from the forum would spread negative feedback before this game even takes off.

    lets be honest the game should not have ben released not even for BETA in its current state the game is broken at its MOST IMPORTANT PART ( netcode )... and looking how long it takes for them to do anything with it.. im not sure that the game will ever be fixed....

    im just playing Blacksquad and waiting for BF5 ..... and visiting this site Once a month to see if its fixed or not.... the only reason i still remember that this game exist is because i have the launcher on my desktop....

    its a Shame... this game is a Freaking Gold mine.... everything is there GREAT maps GREAT Graphics GREAT Animations GREAT costumazation... even the cash shop is fine too and thats rare for a F2P fps.....
    but ALL worth NOTHING if the netcode is broken...

    I wonder if this game will make it until december. People are not supporting it and the game needs a lot of improvement even for a beta state.

    What happened to ava? What IS ava?

    Ava online, aeria was its publisher for a while. They milked players and didnt listen they community, so after the servers were empty they dropped it tô another publisher.

    Even now, in a beta state, i can see the same pattern and im worried because of the potencial this game has.

    the fact is people rejected this system and we won't support the game until aeria staff change it. So if you want feedback from the community do as we said: sell skins and not boxes. Even those that bought any of them won't keep buying AP after they get only craap stuff.

    Jesus Christ we know what you did with ava, dont make the same mistake.

    it is not the only way. And if they want money to finance the game, wont get mine and neither from other smart players until they change this system of random boxes.

    Some people keep talking about "the company needs money tô keep the game". We all know it. In fact thats why we are against lootboxes, because people won't spend money to gamble, even those that want to support the game wont do because the feeling of scam.

    Aeria's would make way more money without scamboxes.

    we all agree that the game is free and needs a way to keep itself, the main issue is that the skins aren't expensive only, they are part of a lootbox. You will have to pay and be lucky to get. So many people won't spend money because of this "gamble" part.

    You can see the content of each box directly in the shop. The items listed are always here, everything is just matter of luck.

    Yes, i can see the content. I just want to know if we will have other boxes with New weapons after each update or maybe a rotation on those three weapons that we have now.

    hi! Just a simple question: is there any rotation on those itens on Lucky boxes? Because now we have only famas, m4 and an-94.