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    There's already one PvE mission but you have to play it solo. Why not expand it to a four player team? Add in a boss robot and maybe even multiple objectives instead of just one? My biggest lament about Overwatch is it has some of the most fun co-op missions I've ever played in a PvP game but you can only play them for one month out of the year. If Ironsight had similar types modes but up all year long that would go a long way. Personally, I think any of the maps already in use could easily accommodate fun assault/horde type PvE missions as they are. Just throw a bunch of sentinels at us, maybe some A.I. controlled human characters and let the chaos reign!

    These pve is easy as hell. Second - this is so boring... Where is defense mod :(

    Yep. It has biggest potential thany any other f2p fps ever, but as we can see the team is bit clumsy :D Dont get me wrong (team) but fighting with netcode for 6 months + is to much.

    For me game is boring too. Im playing all the time with same players, same small claustrophobic maps with useless killstreaks. Ranked games dont exist, these are just random playmatches with bit better players.

    Eh :(

    Every fps in last few yers is bad. Nothing to play :D

    RobWolfB Yes, really. Maybe you don't like it but there wasnt any f2p fps game which has bigger playerbase than CA. You can even sum warface, ironsight and black squad and still there are less players than on ca in good old days. (not talking about BR)

    Bang! Zombie mods was so good, that people were giving money just to get equipment for this modes. There were plenty of players playing that. OFC the zombie (NPC) mode was bit laggy, but still, there were less laggs than in ironsight and warface in PVP rofl

    Aadi888 Dont get me wrong. It can be reapers, aliens etc, . Just no npcs with rifles...

    Robots or NPC like in warframe is just worst thing ever. Its quite hard to make good npcs. These in warframe are just bots what do nothing. Difficulty is just giving them aimlock or not. Whats the sense? Oh and they are boring as heck after first complete :(

    Zombie are overused? Oh come one. The only f2p game which has good zombies was combat arms.

    The game is dying, not rising and not stable. At least on eu servers. Youre playing all the time with same people. There are only few "true" clans, the rest are just "clubs" with mass of people, withoun any requirements. Also many ppl just quit the game because network is .... It has worst network ever. Desync as hell.

    Rankeds are same as public. Random people with random ranks. Killstreaks are laggy (time to use) to use (offensive). Most of them are useless, because you are too exposed disproportionately to the benefits.

    There are better fps than this.

    Ironsight team just missed great opportunity to make perfect competetive shooter.

    And the excuse "its beta" is too weak. When you have problems like that, you shouldn't open the servers.

    Wish best to this game. but its dead. Maybe until steam client. Let it be like that..

    Hmm, but now SR are broken as heck. :/ SR should kill with 1 hit in chest or head, but with longer aim time, like in MW4 or black ops 1.

    If SR stay like that, more powerfull AR should 1 hit with headshot.

    Hip firing is also broken :(

    I will try with hk one more time with different distances and tell if i'm wrong or not. That was just my feelings. Sometimes I didn't kill with 1 HS. :)

    But still rate of fire is much slower than before update :( Its unplayable now.

    Hey. I was thinking about PVE when you can play with your freinds chilling out. There was mods in combat arms like zombie "defense" and quarantine.

    As a zombie we can be spawned in the small area like in black ops or combat arms and players have to defend themselves. So many posibilities here... :) LMG would be uiseful as well :D

    Quarantine - like in CA. the % of all players are infected. They are zombies and are trying to infect the other. There is so much fun in this mod. It also opnes posibilities for explosive weapons :)

    It can be changed for aliens or whatever, but zombies are just perfect for it.

    Give us more GOOD PVE and modified PvP.8)

    Hey. When the network will be repaired? There are huge laggs ingame. There are ~1s delay between the players...

    Second question is about DMRs. It should be buffed (as they said) but hk417 is nerfed as heck. RoF of hk417 is about 2x slower... And still there are only 2 additional mags.. Please.. I need same amount hits as scar and I have much lower amount of ammo.

    Can you make more "open maps"? This game is so claustrophobic. Terminall in modern warfare 2 was one of the smaller maps, and here this is one of the biggest. Come one.. There is no open areas in this game.

    And finally. Why can't you change headshot multiplier as in all games? It is so stupid that weapons like dmrs, scar or ak47 don' t kill per headshot in small to medium range... I can understand long range, but mid? :D

    Greetings. Wish the game will change to better :)

    Strange. I did not see "obvious hackers"...

    You cant shoot while sprint rofl...

    Teleports are caused by bad netcode.

    Yes, hip firing is soooo op :/

    And the other. Agree

    Jump should cause much more spread and recoil..

    Meh. You don' t understand me. I have nothing to hardscoping with purpose. But most people don' t know how to play with sniper, and camp on S&D whole game with any objective.. It destroys the gameplay for other team players.

    Higher headshoot multiplier will repair it. Less useless campers = better gameplay. Still - killing sniper on med-high distance is to hard compared to non skill sniper rifles in this game.

    And nah, I am not crying.I play with sniper rifles too :)

    Just my opinion.

    Oh please.. Tell me that sniper rifles need skill in this game. ROFL. Biggest lie I have even heared.

    So at least multiplier x2. Head shoot is useless in this game when you're using high damage weapon. It is much better to aim in chest that in head, cause of horizontal recoil.

    In most game strong AR take one hit in head. It is absolutely normal. Oh wait, but snipers will be harder to play...

    I am sorry, but those who play with SR are most people without any skill. Those people also destroy the teamplay, because they hardscopep to much.


    The subject is headshot multiplier. What the heck is it that headshot deals 1.4 dmg? It is so much unfair for high damage weapons with high recoil and low fire rate...

    AND it is the key to balance sniper rifles... Why 1 headshot from hk417 doesn't kill? So much powerfull weapon but nah. AK47, scar h same. I can undestand that with range you need headshot + chest hit, but man, close range and 2head shots + hit??? It is so ridiculous...

    Pleas make it x3 as should it be...

    To kill sniper. Usually you need 7+ shoots with ar... Imposible to be done to players with at least little skill.

    ar57, sniper rifles, and kinda scar h.

    ar57 - to high damage / ROF

    SCAR H - seriously 3HK with almost the same rof as ak47? Ahh i forgot, scar h is more controlable than ak47 too.

    Sniper rifles - to high accuracy from hip. You can QS too fast, like in special force 2, where sr have 100% accuracy on qs... And the other problem is headshots in game. It is to hard to kill sniper with even AR.. What the hell is it that ehadshot is 1.4 multiplied? You have to put 3-4 bullets in head with ak47 to kill sniper camping behind the window. Seriously? Should be max 2 bullets with stronger ARs like scar, ak familly and 1 bullet with m39 or hk417..

    Headshoot multiplier is broken in this game.

    I wish that this game will survive. I love it. BUT, many people gonna play OBT and make a statement about this game. Most game are closed before "offical start".

    For me "OBT" is just excuse. If you open you servers for testing you should ensure stable connection.. ?(

    Eh. Main problem is that game is lagging and also that there are no raw input in game... So many ppl complain about these 2 things.

    People will discourage before the game quit open beta...

    Take it you your mind please..

    So.. I played a lot on esl MW1/MW2/MW3 and black ops. I am playing for few days SnD in ironsight and my conlusion is...

    If you are good in quickscoping - go for blaster/dsr1

    If not - there are two ways - ar57 / mp7 (ar57 will be probably nerfed because it is so overpowered now...) - smg is my vote - soft bullet, silencer and precision barrel.

    If AR then you can stay with ak12 or go for scarh/ak47/tar21. - same like smg.

    Belive me.. Silencer is "godlike" on SnD, but you can replace it with scope if you can't play without it. Precision barrel is must have. Much less damage drop with distance... But why SMGs? There are only small maps. ROF of smg are overhelming all rifles except famas.

    Oh. I forgot about FAMAS :) It is also a good choice couse of huge rate of fire and low recoil ;)

    About h417 - it's kinda strange weapon. You can easly kill snipers, but non chance with smg and it is quite hard with fast AR but if you can spam mouse button - it is still quite good weapon in close quaters.