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    Snipers should be forced out of ADS to cycle the bolt. Additionally, there should be a ton of "sway" when you jump. I'm not sure if it's already the case but the snipers should only have ADS accuracy once they are fully ADS.

    IDK why but I just don't like sniping in this game yet I love it in Warface.

    In the wake of the recent repair cost fiasco, it has been made very clear that players are not happy with a reduction to their earnings and a spike in costs. Not only is it clear the current state of the system is due to change due to the backlash, it is highly unlikely that the system will be reverted to its original state.

    The point of the repair system is to promote the use of timed weapons in the game as opposed to just saving up and buying all the guns.

    A moderate increase in the cost (100% max) could be understood. 500%, as it is now, is far too much.

    Additionally, increasing the prices of the guns wouldn't be a bad idea. With less than 80 hours invested, I had unlocked every gun in the game. Increasing the cost per weapon to 30K or 40K would slow the ascent to the "I don't know what to do with all this freaking cash!" point and also create incentive for renting weapons before buying without a demoralizing grind.

    That's just my two cents.

    Ping restriction was added, but the value of 400 before you get removed from the game is laughable ... the usual hardcore redpingers are still there and the 3-4 bar players are still laughing at players with very good ping.

    I find this change to be mildly annoying. I usually get 110-120 ping but it occasionally spikes to 1000+. I used to freeze during such occurrences. Now I get kicked.

    After a match of tdm that lasted 8 minutes. I got 32 kills and 13 deaths. Never used this aug skin, it was fully repaired.

    with GP BOOST I got 600 gp, while it took me only 400 gp to repair a weapon FROM A SINGLE MATCH

    I used to only pay about 80 GP in repairs per TDM match. Looks like a 5X cost increase.

    I had completely abandoned this game until the update and only returned to see if it was worth getting back into. Apparently not.

    On the nimble hands thing: They nerfed the nimble hands perk because they increased the base throwing speed of grenades by 25% so this just balances it out.

    I also want a statement from the manager on why all the weapons got nerfed. IMO, I only felt that the AK-12, Ultimax and Px4Storm were weak, everything else was pretty fair.

    The reduction in rate of fire and adding a delay to shots after sprinting make me believe that they want to slow down the pace of the game and turn it into a more tactical shooter. I personally like the run-and-gun style of gameplay myself though.

    The "delay" is a bug that inhibits firing while sprinting. They acknowledged it in the patch notes.

    As for the RoF nerf, my first impression was that they decreased the RoF of the ARs to make the SMGs more viable. However, seeing as the SMGs also got nerfed, that doesn't appear to be the case.

    I totally agree. Being someone who has everything unlocked already, the change does not have a significant impact on me as repairing weapons is the only thing I really need GP for anymore. New players, on the other will suffer greatly. Increasing the repair cost is one thing. Decreasing income is another. Both together is unacceptable.

    Warface's repair system costs drove me through the roof but at least they had tiers that justified some of them at least.

    This increase just feels gratuitous at best.

    The netcode is horrible. Every single game there is someone glitching, teleporting, shooting trough walls, suddenly appearing from nowhere, looking like he's pointing in another direction but really shooting towards me, walking in the air or shooting through corners. Also many times rounds have shut down, or started but ended immediately. I can't play this game when it's this bad.

    The problem is that there is far more latency for the stuff you see on your screen compared to hit registry (if that makes any sense). Essentially your game gets told when you get hit before it gets told how.

    I totally agree this is a big problem and probably the first time it has driven me to stop playing the game due to an issue.

    Hello there,

    Do you see a certain pattern where this issue occurs, on which servers are you guys playing and what are your Call-Signs?

    Server: NA

    Callsign: SpartanMish

    For me it only seems to happen at the start of a game. It is definitely a server issue as the chat is filled with players commenting about it. It has occurred disproportionately during Resource Takeover for me, though I believe it to be unconnected to the issue.

    That's about as much as I can say.

    just tried a game and same, counted down then started kicking players with "failed to connect to game server" message, auto sent me to same game and everyone stuck at spawn with no countdowns.

    Exact same thing with me.

    Are you sure that each of the K2C patterns is fully deterministic?

    Last time I checked, it was. Atm I can't check it now cause of university (I'm in dorm) so I can't tell if wiple changed it later on. But there must be a deterministic pattern. If there wasn't, then it does not explain the P90's recoil always going up and to the right.

    The recoil patterns are definitely not fully deterministic but they are to a certain extent. Each gun seems to have seems to have specific directions in which it will recoil.

    RoF is not the only factor between the SA58 and SCAR recoil-wise. There are two types of recoil: Vertical (V-recoil) and Horizontal (H-recoil).

    V-recoil is easier to counteract as it is consistent and can be countered by "pulling down."

    H-recoil is very random a inconsistent due to the gun recoiling in two different directions, left and right. This causes it to be difficult to compensate for, especially at longer ranges.

    The SCAR has a good deal of V-recoil but almost no H-recoil while the SA58 has a fair amount of V-recoil and heavy H-recoil.

    Also the headshot multiplier for the SA58 and SCAR is identical, meaning the SA58 does less headshot damage. In fact, all the multipliers are identical for the two guns.

    The SA58 is a weird gun that doesn't really fit any niche in the game. It's damage and range are those of a longer range AR like the SCAR or AUG but the recoil somewhat traps it in close-mid range. However, the mag capacity keeps it from really shining there. Of course it is an OK gun (all except for the AK12* are), however, the SCAR and AK, it's closest counterparts, are both better in their respective applications. Thus, the only reason to use it is if you like FAL's.

    From both playing Ironsight and browsing the forums I have come to notice there are some pretty significant issues with the ability to go prone. I believe I have found a solution.

    Mostly the problems with prone tend to involve players who hide in corners with LMGs and shred anyone who comes close. Many players have become frustrated with this.

    Plenty of FPS titles include prone. Why is it an issue in Ironsight?

    The prevailing issue with Ironsight's prone, is really quite simple. In most games, turning in prone is significantly slower than while crouching or standing as you essentially have to crawl to turn your body. In Ironsight, you can magically spin about as if on a wheel.

    The fix for this would simply be to cause players to have to crawl in order to rotate their bodies, preventing them from doing a 180 in a fraction of a second while lying down..

    There is no use wasting your time discussing weapon balancing. You're all wasting your time. The developers and publishers aren't interested in putting much effort into this game, they aren't even capable of that much effort. You're actually here brainstorming and doing more work than they ever did on this game. They will never balance weapons, this here is a feature-complete and officially launched game, cleverly hiding behind the Open Beta tag, because the they can make excuses about it for everything someone points out.

    They already "rebalanced" weapons once and it did absolutely nothing, I bet they even this half-assed job only so they can trick people into thinking they are doing something. But in reality they are completely incapable of doing anything positive for this game, they just release skins, lootboxes and other cosmetics and act like this is OK when the game is in fact dead.

    Then delete your account and move on.

    its fine as it is, dont get me wrong, i'd love my favourite gun get buffed but u can do a lot with those 20 bullets, just hit your shots 4Head. If u could have 30 of them scar/sa58 would be way overpowered lol.

    Honestly, the same could be said for any AR. I rarely need more than 10 shots to get a kill on a full-health player at close-medium range (read: any range an AR is usable in). With the SA58, it is hard to deal with more than one player without needing to reload.

    30 wouldn't necessarily be OP, it would just make the gun more accessible to less skilled players and consequently become more prevalent in matches.

    25 rounds would be pretty reasonable, maybe with the removal of the "Expanded Magazine" attachment.

    The SCAR doesn't need a bigger mag because it doesn't eat its ammo so fast, has less horizontal recoil and usually kills in fewer shots as a result.


    If i can get simillar KD with SA58 as the other "presumably" better guns, i dont think the gun needs any buffs, its fine as it is.

    AK12 I agree, could use bit more dmg, but theres a reason it has extended mag as a 30bullet weapon.
    AUG is the meta gun in the comp scene, or at least when comp scene was active. It has good range and doesnt really need higher rof, would make it even better while its a top gun anyway lmao.

    Also some people are forgetting why guns like SA or SCAR have lower mag capacity than others. It's cause they do higher dmg big bois. Just use an extended

    Thing with the SA58 especially is that 20 is WAY to little even despite the damage which isn't even that good compared to the AK47 since the chest hitbox shrinkage (in the cruise update I think). The base capacity should be 25 with the extended mag bringing it to 30.

    I spent 4 days in the server and leveled up to 20 but got nothing in my account? or are the boxes rewarded at a later time?

    As said in the news, yes, rewards will be sent at a later point. Stay tuned.

    When can we expect the netcode update? Is it just a matter of ironing out the kinks before it goes live? Are there other issues being addressed? Can we expect any content to drop in conjunction with the fixes?

    Despite being in western Canada, I have noticed that hits are much more consistent, weird sudden death kills are far less frequent and kill-trading, while far less frequent is still there. There are still problems, yes, but this is a big improvement nevertheless.

    Vote kick is good in games like Insurgency where players are generally decent people and where the matches are longer and the same players remain in one lobby until they leave.

    In Ironsight, matches only last 10 minutes and players are frequently shuffled. Players are also often pretty toxic in this game and prone to abusing such a system.

    Never mind. I haven't used the SA58 for quite a while but I loaded up with it again and directly compared it to the TAR-21. Absolutely no difference. Where did I get the outrageous notion from? Bad graphics settings. Apparently, the culprit here was trying to run the game at higher settings than is ideal for my spud of a PC. I turned off some of the video settings a little while back which solved a lot of frame rate/micro-stuttering issues. Consequently, it also eliminated this little discrepancy.

    Boy, do I feel stupid.

    Sorry for wasting your time with my conspiracy theories lol

    Yes I agree however, I do believe we need at least one more bolt action sniper. The DSR is slower than the Blaser and feels a bit more clunky if you get me. I think the DSR should get a buff in damage I get way too many hit markers with it or add a Semi auto like barret 50 cal.

    I think it shouldn't get a damage buff, they should just fix the way that damage is dealt to players. When you hit the arm of a player in front of the body of the player, you'll get a tag. That shouldn't be the case, just for consistency's sake. I think if that is fixed, the damage of the DSR will be fine.

    They should eliminate the stomach hitbox. All it really does is make things overly complicated and make the stats feel inaccurate to the casual players.

    (official image)


    As for the SA58 being the strongest gun "on paper", keep in mind that PotestasNecis' spreadsheet abstracts a lot of important details that also matter "on paper" other than recoil, for instance the DPS on upper and lower torso/legs/arms, only mentioning the damage multipliers, or other relevant things like the hipfire spray.

    The SA58 has super inconsistent TTK if you hit anything but the upper torso, bumping you up to four shots required to kill (MASSIVELY increasing the TTK) if you hit the lower torso only once. This is especially devestating because of the low magsize.

    (The chest hitbox is subdivided into upper and lower torso!)

    I understand that. Because they also increased the hitbox size for the stomach and decreased the chest box the SA58 basically is just a 4-shot gun with a really small magazine.

    They feel heavier because of the run speed and the time it takes to ADS. There's nothing else. There's no acceleration or deacceleration or whatever, everything moves instantly according to your mouse movements. At this point I think that you're imagining things.

    Pretty sure there's a difference and that ADS time/run speed are not connected.

    For the TAR-21, the headshot multiplier would explain why no one likes it.

    As of recently, I have unlocked every single last weapon in the game. While there are a fair number of weapons, the game is in dire need of some fresh boomsticks.

    EDIT: Similar to how we have seen high-tier skins with alternate reloads, skins that are different variants of various weapons (SAI GRY AR15 replacing M4 for example) would have no effect on game-play but give more weapon variety.

    Here are my suggestions:

    Sniper Rifles:

    Currently the only two bolt-action guns are the DSR-1 and Blaser R93.

    - M40/A1/2/3/5 - A totally new gun with a larger mag capacity but a slower rate of fire compared to DSR-1.

    - AWM/AWP/L96 - reskin of M40

    - McMillan Tac50 - one shot no matter what but with slowest ROF of bolt-action rifles

    - Barrett M82/M107

    - Remington R11 - if we need another semi-auto, this is it

    Assault Rifles

    - Remington ACR - slightly below average RoF but with greater accuracy and range and a faster reload

    - SAI GRY AR15 - reskin of M4

    - CETME-L - high RoF

    - G3A3 - Slower RoF, higher damage, stronger recoil compared to SCAR

    - G11 - 2100 RPM burst firing w/ 60 round mag (slow reload)

    - SG551 - reskin of SG553

    - C7A2 - Canadian M16

    - L85A2

    - AK5/FNC

    - QBZ97

    - FN FAL 50.00 - Reskin of SA58, maybe with Rhodesian paint

    - Daewoo K2 - Reskin of K2C


    - L1A1 SLR - M39 EMR with a different recoil pattern (more horizontal, less vertical)

    - G3A3z

    - G28 - HK417 reskin

    - Beretta BM59 - M39 EMR reskin

    - Kel-Tec RFB

    - ArmaLite AR10


    - FN Minimi - Reskin for MK46

    - RPK

    - RPD

    - M240B

    - L2A1

    - M60

    - MG4

    - MG36

    - G11 - 450RPM full auto w/ 60 rd mag


    - F1 SMG

    - Sterling

    - MAC-10

    - AK74U

    - AK9

    - MPX

    - AAC Honey Badger

    - CAA micro Roni

    - Uzi/mini/pro



    - Kel-Tec KSG

    - DP12

    - Remington 870

    - Mossberg 500/590

    - Some break-action double barrel


    - Colt M1911/A1

    - FN Five SeveN - 20 round mag

    - FNX

    - HK USP

    - HK VP9

    - Walther PPQ/P99

    - Steyr M9A1

    - Beretta M9/92/93R (93R has 3-rd burst)

    - G17/G18C (G18 full auto w/ 36 rd mag vs 17 of G17)

    - Sig P226 - TAC OPS reskin

    - Browning Hi Power

    - Makarov

    - Stetchkin APS - Full auto

    - Triple Action Thunder - .50 BMG single shot pistol - insta-kill at close range

    - Mateba Autorevolver

    - Chiappa Rhino 60DS

    - MP-412 REX

    - FMG-9 - Reskin of KARD


    - M3 Carl-Gustav (HE)

    - RPG-72

    - XM25 - airburst bullpup grenade launcher

    - some kind of remote guided missile


    If you compare SMG to LMG you might notice one "feels" heavier than the other. It's really subtle and I don't think optics are a factor as it's mostly noticeable when out of ADS (hipfire). Regardless, it's pretty much negligible.

    I have seen your spreadsheet and refer to it frequently. It is pretty awesome!

    On paper, the SA58 is definitely the best AR. However, recoil (especially regarding the horizontal/vertical difference) is a factor that cannot really be accounted for. The SA58 has a significant horizontal recoil which makes it harder to land shots, especially at range. Overall it's pretty average, disregarding mag capacity.

    Since I posted this I have unlocked every weapon in game and played with other weapons a lot more (especially the TAR21, SCAR and MG3) . I definitely agree the SMGs lack distinction. The only one that stands out is the AR57 because everyone either loves or hates it.

    Also, viewing statistics, the number of times I hit the chest in a match is usually 51% and the chest hitbox size hasn't affected that.

    The TAR-21's lack of popularity befuddles me.

    By turn speed I mean basically the sensitivity tied to weight. The LMGs, for example, feel heavier when looking around, accelerating/decelerating as you look around. It has nothing to do with mouse sensitivity or mouse accel.

    I still have no clue what you mean.

    Momentum of the gun?

    Responsiveness to the movement of the mouse?

    idk it's difficult to explain

    That's what I think of it. My fat dog could use this gun and do good with it, and he has CCD. What is everyone else's opinion on the AR-57?

    AR-57 is a gun that is easy to use, making unskilled players look skilled. It's easy enough to stomp them with the MP9 and a little skill, though.

    Very simple solution to SMG issue. Reduce accuracy and range for SMGs. (maybe even have them do 0 damage at long range...)

    Overall, I like the accurate hip-fire in the game. It sets it apart from games like Warface, one of the reasons I play the game. However, I feel this should be more of a strength for ARs. The SMGs should have hip-fire accuracy more like the LMGs.

    Haven't played much with MSBS but yeah.

    • An ROF increase might help the Ak12. A possible alternative is to increase the range, making it a viable long range gun.
    • A 30/90 SA58 might be a bit too strong, 25/75 might be ok.
    • What's "turn speed"? Not sure what you mean here.
    • Making the M39 or the HK417 automatic would make them overpowered. This game does not have buffering, i.e. when tapping the gun, you need to hit at a rate that is close to the RPM to reach the maximum fire rate. If you exceed it, the gun will fire more slowly. With auto-fire, this mechanic would cease to exist, making the semi-autos way more viable. I don't think this is a good idea. That being said: The HK417 recoil is too random to be consistently controlled with the hair trigger, making it very annoying to use. This could be fixed. For the M39, the damage is fairly inconsistent, which is often the deciding factor in fights. This could also be fixed.
    • I think the AUG is fine as it is. It has its spot as the only long-range AR that you can easily auto-fire and still control, as opposed to the AK47. As a result of this, multiple good players exclusively use the AUG on long range maps.

    By turn speed I mean basically the sensitivity tied to weight. The LMGs, for example, feel heavier when looking around, accelerating/decelerating as you look around. It has nothing to do with mouse sensitivity or mouse accel.

    As someone who has put 65 hours into the game, I have noticed there are a number of guns which require some balancing changes. I'm not going to go into the snipers as everyone knows they are a mess. I also don't care about the LMGs and SMGs.

    ARs requiring buff:

    AK-12: This gun is essentially just a weaker version of the AK-47 with basically no advantages other than a slightly faster reload.

    - A ROF increase should fix this gun

    SA58 OSW: This one used to be okay. However, since the chest hit-box size decrease, it has become pretty much worthless. As the gun I have spent nearly all my play time using, I have a pretty good feeling for what changes could be made.

    Essential Changes:

    - Mag size increase. The SA58, when compared to the AK-47, only has an advantage in its ability to 3-shot to the chest. This advantage is basically negated by the smaller chest hitbox. However, it also only carries a 2/3 of the AK's ammo making it rather difficult to finish off more than one enemy. The final damage after range falloff is quite good but the horizontal recoil even with a muzzle brake makes it hard to take advantage of. Because it has so much horizontal recoil and obstructive irons, an optic and muzzle brake are essential, leaving no room for an extended mag anyway. Upping the base capacity to 25/75 (or 30/90 for realism as no 25 round FAL mags exist) would make this gun much more playable.

    M39 & HK417: Making these guns automatic (not having to click for every shot) would make it easier for some people to use and make them more accessible to more players while not actually changing stats.

    AUG A3: This one is okay but could use a slight ROF increase to make it more useful against the likes of the AK-47 or M4 ACC-M.  At the original time of writing this post, I had not seen or heard much about the AUG. Since then, it has become quite clear to me that it is actually a very good AR.

    Then what is the point to have so many different scopes/optics , they all have good sides and bad sides , you decide with one of them suits you better , you want a detecting sight that have i guess a larger dot (im not good with names , so i cant realy say what dot does it have ) to make it smaller , that will be overpower dont you think? I did'nt quite said this properly but you got the point.

    Minimap pings? Realy? Anyway there is a sight that marks the target you woonded if i remember well or im not wrong like i said im not good with names.

    By mini-map pings I mean showing up periodically rather than just always being highlighted.

    The monitoring sight highlights the target you are aiming at, but only while the reticle is on it. What I mean by change the size is make the reticle/dot lines/dot thinner or thicker depending on preference, as to better suit a user's preferences.

    It's a well known fact that the detection sight is a good sight. Some would say it is too good.

    A couple of suggestions I have heard in terms of balancing this sight with the other involve limiting the range it picks up enemies and the markers pulsing like the radar pings on the mini-map.

    Another suggestion I have to improve the all optics is to allow the dots to be resized.


    I have been using the SA58 a lot since I first got this game. I have tried a number of attachment combos and I am curious what other FN FAL users prefer. I personally lean toward the Clear Sight (because the iron-sights are too obstructive) and the expanded magazine to compensate for its meager capacity.