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    My main dream fixes for this game as of now are

    • Add scope sway and a longer ADS time to sniper rifles, because we have so many MLG tryhards running around with them and treating them like SMGs. Also, a sniper rifle should reward you for sitting back and being precise and skillful, you shouldn't be able to zoom around the map one-shotting everything with it.
    • REDUCE THE SPRINT SPEED, the maps are small enough as is and it makes the game feel like a slaughter house when you get into firefights 2 seconds after spawning. It feels more like Unreal Tournament than it does CoD
    • Reduce the jump height. In CoD, jumping was only ever used to vault obstacles and clear gaps between roofs/platforms. In this game, it feels like everybody bunnyhops around corners and sprays people down. It's a cheese mechanic and it just ruins the flow of the game by making it feel cartoony.
    • Bigger maps. All of the maps feel the same in terms of size and layout, I feel very claustrophobic playing on the maps and the lack of variety really bores me.
    • More customization options for Neil, as well as a female custom character for our female gamers.

    I just want more character customization options. If you really think about it, there are only about 4 different kinds of armor, with the rest being re-skins. I also think smaller items should cost less, because gloves shouldn't cost the same as a vest, shirt, or pant item. It's such a minor cosmetic change that charging 8000 for it seems absurd.

    All of these are changes I would like to see in the game, but I also think sprint speed should be reduced. The maps are small enough as is and the fact that players can bolt to and from like speeding bullets makes the maps seem even smaller. Also, more scope-sway for snipers would be great, and maybe a slower ADS time since there are so many quickscopers in the game and people who run around and treat Sniper Rifles as if they're SMGs.

    1.The game should let us be able to throw on multiple pieces of clothing at once regardless of whether or not we have unlocked them. This will allow players to be able to "preview" item combinations before buying them. To accommodate this, an option to buy everything you currently have previewed on you should be added.

    2.Let us be able to zoom out to inspect our character and freely rotate them. For the love of god, I want to see every possible combination of clothing items, and I can't see that when I'm cut off at the waist when trying on a shirt or helmet.

    3.Female custom character!!!

    4.More clothing options, the promotional poster for a "custom character" teases endless possibilities, but there are only a handful of clothing items with around half of them being the base ColdFlame item but with a different skin. By adding more vests, shirts, pants, helmets etc., we can achieve a deeper level of individuality within the game. People in this day and age love cosmetics, so I'm sure it'll be a good way to earn money. Win-win.