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    LOL maybe you guys are right. :| It could have been a temporary thing, the game just got a bit smoother just an hour ago! I would appreciate to know where these servers are located precisely. Considering I live in California, I hope the connections is stable enough in the west. 8) Either way, never stop loving this game dude!<3<3


    Yooooooo! Dude what's with the connections?

    Is this the part of the test where we have to see how well the servers could handle all these players, because my ping is way too HIGH! ?( Is there some way to see which servers we're playing in or is there only one server fixed on a location in NA? Could've sworn I was playing just fine yesterday, guess with all the player traffic there's not much to do about stable connections. ;( I just wanna shoot things in a smooth frame rate! Should I configure my game settings lower than LOW, should I move next door to the developers' studio, could I do anything at all?!?

    Dear Santa,

    Please give these lovely developers the super fancy technical powers they need in order to create the (second) most beautiful, smooth, and radical game of all time!

    P.S. You still owe me that new SwitchTM you over-weight hooligan!!!

    -<3 Ya boi:S


    I'm quite content with the primary weapons we have now and their attachments do seem interesting, but there is one thing that's been on my mind lately: WHAT ABOUT MY SECONDARY WEAPON!?!?!?||

    What I mean is: the secondary weapons don't get that much work put in like the primaries. Sure, we got a nice variety of weapons already from pistols to shotguns and explosives, but they seem to be just samples of the whole dish. There are plenty of other guns that could be featured in the game as a secondary weapon like the USP .45, <3Glock 17<3, short-barrel shotgun, RPG-7, even a bow & arrow! And why just stop with the weapons? Let's go deeper by using attachments. We could modify their sights, give them laser sights, even try switching barrels!

    I want to see that huge display of weapons and feel like I could totally be different in the game! Maybe I want to be sneaky with a silenced pistol or burn the field with an incendiary grenade launcher!:evil: More guns + attachments is what I'm asking for. I hope I'm not sounding selfish here, I just want more tactical weapons is all.:*



    *Mom look at this dude! He did everybody the dirty pew pew! Mom look! Mom! Mommy!*

    Aye quick question, Will you please be my new dad & teach me the ancient art of quick-scoping please?!?!


    I used to main with the MP-5 with a laser light while occasionally switching to PSG1, but ever since I got that new Dragon Fang, I FELL IN LOVE BOIIIIIIIIIIIIII:love::evil::love:!!! I sincerely wish that the game comes back sooner just so I could use that sexy rifle again!;(


    Yeah zombie mode is fun, a gun game mode would be fun as well, even making a crossbow and throwing knife/axe mode would be fun. Knife mode definitely should be added as well.

    I can totally see a whole match of players, just swinging axes and knifes while one player just uses grenades! That would be hilarious!!!:D:D:D

    Maybe the attachments should provide a more significant change than just giving +1 to a random stat. More change please! And when will there be attachments for the secondary weapons too???(

    YO! Here me out for just a minute dudes. I know shooting someone else's face off is entertaining enough, but what if we go a bit bigger here? What if we put in a whole different game mode that requires team work and effective skills. A PvE match that could place a team of players fighting against waves of AI enemies that would consist of evil mercenaries, giant robots, or even ZOMBIES!!!:P

    I played the game for quite a while already and it's pretty good (could use some pistol attachments). But as I keep leveling up my rank, I wondered: couldn't there be anything to challenge me while keeping me entertained? PvP is obviously great and all, but what about teaming up together to fight a common enemy. Think about it, this game already provided a story plot for the teams, NAF & EDEN. Let's go even deeper with some PvE missions. You must have seen how lonely the tutorial mission looks:(. Maybe some solo or multiplayer PvE missions could give more spice to game than it already has!

    It could work like this: each PvE mission would gradually get tougher and the rewards become richer. You could invite your friends or clan members to fight waves of AI enemies or navigate a whole map to reach the ending. Each player could receive a unique bonus reward based on how they played. You have LMG's and Hellbirds, create as much havoc as possible on those soulless AI bots!:evil: I know other games, like Warface and Blacklight, have this kind of concept in their game and they work so well! Just picture it: you, me, those units of murderous enemies just waiting to break all hell, it would be so nice. But that's just an idea I have in mind, so think about: PvE mode!:D


    F2P-FPS games like these do often make the pricing of weapons to be higher than Bob Marley. It's like there's no point to shop for different weapons besides using the default weapons. AND DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE REPAIRABLE WEAPONS! Maybe the rewards should be higher or there should be some PVE missions that could offer a chance at receiving various gifts like attachments & gear. Whatever works man, just don't treat the weapon shop like some Louis Vuitton store at a shopping mall. $$$:S