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    I have been off Ironsight for a while as I bought CoD MW.

    So far I can tell you...

    1. If you have ping 50ms in Ironsight, you will have 80 to 90 ms im CoD MW. And even it should be 0,05ms difference, it is actually about half a second of advantage.

    Never blame Ironsight netcode again.

    Read comments...

    2. You hate drones in Ironsight? Dont even try CoD MW Multiplayer, killstreaks and spawn kills prevail the winners.

    3. You dislike campers? 99% of them camp in Cod MW.

    Ironsight is lighting years ahead CoD MW multiplayer game and servers, and its free.

    Luckily there is fun Co-op mode in Cod MW, other than that game is trash that can't be bigger.

    How many do you have?

    Few people.

    Sasorix98 and me are main players.

    Situation is different here than in other clans, we don't support swearing, acting best, self proud, ignorance etc. so we will always be few nice people. ;)

    1. Parties in ranked should be removed.

    2. Cheaters removed from the game.

    3. Spectators (including moderators) allowed.

    Ranked with parties make no any sense, and also having report by ticket system for cheaters in a game like this always ends in a desync defence or "it was no wallhack he get lucky", so to report player i should get in same team and record 5h video to prove that one always goes directly to enemy, sprints all over and stops exactly waiting behind a wall, and for each cheaters do a 5h video.

    First of all, whoever is behind this game does not care for cheaters at all, EAC is there to stop cheat escalation from kids, grown up use bypass and cheat via simple d3d code, to proceed, they care for money, have no any intention of stoping any cheat ( they lie you there is no cheat, some people on community that cheat are repeating like parrots that no one cheat, and they mute or ban people that talk about it to hold fake reputation about this game, which is already very low, as lies have short legs, but parrots pretend friendly to some important people on community, so other players are not believed), I have sent 1h evidence in clips of one player, he still playing it, so even if they remove parties, we still get nothing without at least spectators if they do not want to change this silly anticheat that do only one thing and it is hanging in computers processes for no reason.

    Btw, I was 16th, we lost match where I had 17 kills and I lost 30 points, ended up 38th, so also this make sense what gaka wrote.

    Long ago I said they will lose players because of this, soon you can shut the game down, at this time half of a day time in SnD its like 3 vs 3, I see where this leads.

    June 2018 - Ironsight was a game with netcode problem and 1 server problem monthly.

    June 2019 - Ironsight is a game with netcode problem, worse netcode problem than ebfore, server problems every single day, 4-5 random crashes to desktop each day, glowing "update" that drops FPS, anticheat does not exist, freezing players at start of the match, random server error while in the middle of the match, glitches everywhere across the maps.

    1 year developing - Unlocked stuff from original Asian version, and many times restarted server. In another words, it does not exist.


    I have seen few people on Reddit saying that Ironsight is banned in their country.

    If this is the case, where do we read all the countries blocked?

    I thought to re-check if anything is better in this game, but not to lose my time on download if my country is blocked.

    I just remembered this game after long time and came to check if anything moved to good.

    Thank you for clarifying that there are still cheaters that open topics of type "There are no hackers in Ironsight".

    I know your purpose goes the way...

    If I write more topics about "There are no hackers in Ironsight" on community, I will be able to hack more, and they won't try to fix it, I am still glad you do this because you inform me too.



    Hi, after some time being off this forum, but I was active daily on discord channel.

    First to explain this...

    I am 30y. old, I have experience in many games, mostly FPS games, and I know well what is netcode, and what is a guy waitting me to come behind corner (wallhacker), or the guy that turns 180* and shoots me in head with sniper (aimboter).

    Here is my story...

    I downloaded this game few months ago, and at first sight it look fenomenal.

    As I liked CoD 4 very much, this game was looking even better, and first month I really enjoyed and I did not met single cheat inside the game.

    As the time progress, the game became more known and more people starts joinning, what caused eyes of the aimbot/wallhack and other cheats creators to benefit on this game by selling such scripts and bypassing EAC.

    Again, meanwhile, even a week ago it was still balanced, but now, any ranked match I joined I have seen few cheaters, tonight everything but non-cheaters in ranked...

    I was recording, sending videos via tickets and nothing happened, moderators on discord channel will tell you to get good, CMs will blame Netcode, you will see once you update that netcode...hope than you will realize that netcode is 5% problem and 95% are cheaters.

    Anyway, it is a great game, a game that anyone can spend some money on skins and stuff to look cool and play it... I just like it, but from the problem described above I am right now uninstalling the game.

    I will gladly come back ( maybe when I get good ), I will even buy this game if sometimes becomes non-free game, but with problem of cheaters, sorry but no.

    So, farewell, and have a good time who stay. :)

    I made a new clan its called "Jaguars".

    So anyone who wanna join us in game needs to be a good player. (This means to play smart, I do not care for your KD.)

    And, anyone who want to join the clan needs to contact me in a game.

    This game have no cheater cause no One site made cheats for ironsight, search it on Google if u dont belive me. U are just a bad player, no offense😘


    Please don’t accuse other people of hacking in public - Solaria


    Nice excuse, probably of an cheater player.

    There are many private cheats.

    And you and people like you won't bring good to game developers nor game itself.

    It is 100:1 of people which will say that people hack in game, just they won't bother coming here and saying about that, they just uninstall the game.

    So 100 people are fools, and 1 is smart.

    So from 101 players, good luck having 1 staying on server for developers if they dont take this seriously.

    People will leave.

    Count me in very soon too.

    I uploaded video of cheaters, i spectated them doing suicide on my team, sent on ticket, and same people still play the game.

    I am just waitting some similar new game to release and hasta luego.

    What? When I trolled in ranked? I never troll, except if I am teamed with some annoying, low class people that abuse every other for not having a kill, or having less kills in a team, than i won't delibarately play as I can, other than that I always give my best.

    KD means nothing.

    I learn game on ranked, and my KD is 0.85, while others play TDM where its easy to have a good KD because players are not that skilled.

    In TDMs every player has better KD than me, and I end first or second almost always.

    Bronze means you're good player.


    1:00 How do you explain this? (No UAV)

    3:06 Prefire Wall (Yes UAV, still prefire directly)

    3:21 Tracking Wall (All clear whats he doing)

    3:50 Prefire Wall (Yes UAV, still prefire directly)

    6:01 Tracking Wall (All clear whats he doing)

    6:19 Tracking Wall (All clear whats he doing)0

    Hi, I have recorded wallhack of an player that ruins all search and destroy games, and many people report him without any luck.

    This time I recorded him how he watches trought walls, and prefire before jumping out of corners, and also there is time when he stares at wall tracking the enemy.

    :) Time to remove those from the game.