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    When i start game it loads fast for 1-3 minutes its a little lag in game but when a go to play on server its fast until loading screen shows up and map.

    No,it first do normal vote for map everything fine then it shows loading screen and map .Loading takes sooo long and after 10-15minutes it appears this error.I m playing with WLAN and no i wasnt in party i was starting game first time after CB.One time it get me into match but i couldnt move{sorry for bad english}then i search for solution online and i found it but now i cannot get into the match.Lobby,weapons everything is normal.Maybe its because my internet has little bit crazy in last two days.

    Today i installed a game and tried to play on Eu servers everything went fine and then i join some server and this pop up

    I dont know what is that but it keeps hapenning always when i try join a some game.I tried switching to NA same problem.Antivirus Expl and same thing happening.

    Can someone help me i m from Serbia and before i didnot have this error.Does someone knows solution????