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    only thing i can see that makes it p2w are the bullets

    all other things can be get in game with gold coins , but not sure if they keep the bullets on gold coins or premium coins

    on other side , the second thing that "could" make p2w is the mods , as you can buy a level 30 mod for premium coins even when you are level 1

    but no big trouble , you can also get it when your weapon is level 30 so it get balanced again

    so if htey keep it this way like it is now , then its realy a F2P method , and not a P2W game ^^

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    You gotta realize though it was CBT so not that many people were playing

    There are plenty of players , all day long there are players online

    in the morning a little less than in the evening :D

    but still , it still means that there is no auto balance system in it

    if i compare it to other games , they got a system in it that the team switches when it is unbalanced

    don't know what game it was anymore , but they got a system that even the team get switched if they are to powerfull ( based on kills ) after 2 min

    for example

    you play 3 vs 3 where there are 3 players of rank corporal in same team and 3 players of rank rookie

    mainly is that unfair as rookie's are not as skilled ( there are exceptions xD ) so the game rebalance the team after a few min so the team strength is back optimal ( same K/D for both teams )

    that also means if the player base is not equal that the weakest team got a extra member xD

    i would love to see that system implemented :D

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    your cpu graphics

    Intel® HD Graphics 3000…r-6M-Cache-up-to-3_10-GHz

    your Graphic Chip set ( AMD )

    7400 M

    lets explain how laptops/notebooks works

    as i guess you didn't buy that cpu for your custom made pc ?

    laptop primary video card is ALWAYS cpu

    and it get used ALL the time

    you got laptops with a "Shared" (1) video card and Laptops with a "Dedicated" (2) Video card

    difference between the 2 is the following

    (1) use always your CPU and shares the memory of your Laptop ( RAM ) so it boost your video performance shared with the CPU video card (basicly SLI ? )

    (2) Use his own RAM ( GDDR ) and his own processor unit, just like a dedicated Card and does NOT share the GPU with the CPU

    based on that information , if you got a shared video card, then the video card is always activated and you can not make it explicit for that certain game

    if you got a dedicated video card , then it also should activate as soon a game or a higher demanding program starts ( mostly triggered by direct X )

    even if you start youtube it could use the dedicated card instead the cpu card in some cases

    Laptops are always tricky with there 'Graphic' Cards

    especially if you got Intel and AMD ( ATI ) mixed

    so you could try the following program to see if you can get decent frames

    3dMark ( )

    sky diver should run smoothly ( 45+ frames )

    firestrike should have around 20 - 30 frames

    if those are both around 3 - 10 frames, then your graphic card does NOT get used at all

    then the tricky part start to figure out why it does not work

    to debug that part do the following…PU-on-a-Windows-computer-

    if that does not work , then i guess it can not be fixed unless you download Beta Drivers

    ps: thats why i switched to nvidia xD but thats personal )

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    My screenshot is taken at start of game. He won on end of game ... and he was still alone

    So yes it does happen and it is not fun

    Even less fun if your team get even a extra member when he stays solo

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    Except for the gold and exp boost do I not find anything that is p2w

    Ofxourse you can use the chips to buy the mods you need to unlock. But spend some time and you also unlock it

    That’s what I like at this moment. It are only cosmetic items so at this moment is there nothing p2w ( cosmically doesn’t change your skills does it? )

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    I love controllers

    I play a lot of shooters with controller ( battlefield , cod , borderlands , fallout , over watch , war thunder , far cry )

    But yes they all have auto aim for controller

    They seems slower but they are kinda easier then keyboard and mouse specially if you got multi buttons ( a to jump. b to duck x to reload. Press to knife. Triggers to fire and to grenade. O well you figure it out )

    But it depends on how well it got implanted and optimized if it works or not

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    What are your frames ?

    As if you get more then 3 frames then it’s a no brainer but the. You are using your dedicated card ... cpu cards are good to watch Youtube but as soon you start a game your dedicated card takes over no Mather what you do

    Feel free to test it with 3dmark xd

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    If the rewards is like the founder packs then it seems ok

    I know they need to make money. But it seems people prefer customizations or cosmetics rather then that one extra legend gun that can do more damage

    So if they stick to cosmetics then the game can be great. Then it all depends on skills instead of who paid the most ( talking about ammo in this case )

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    i also got it a couple of times , it happens the most if you join a already running game ( quick join ? )

    so it is not that rare to have this happen

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    well, the point of a party is to be with your friends

    mostly you prefer to play with your friends , not Against them

    in this case the game does not take into account if you are in the same party or not , it just put you in a team

    see screenshot ( green is team mate )

    so it would be nice to have a option to select same or other team

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    stop complaining and learn to play!

    we never complain, just informing about good and wrong

    true, the maps are to small to snipe optimal

    but there are a few sniper spots

    the only current thing i also do not like are the scoping time

    but that is just me :D

    i still do not feel that snipers are overpowered

    i sometimes find even the LMG overpowered , until i get killed by a mp5 a couple times ( same way around also happends xD )

    and sometimes snipers are indeed overpowered , unless i kill them a couple times

    it all depends on skills

    but yea , like in most games you got some campers around ( those who do know what i mean )

    staying in a corner and firing at will to every one who get past there

    and repeat this step over and over and then wonder where all the fun is gone to ^^

    so for the overpower part , what part is exactly overpowered that can not be countered ?

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    Well. I can say sniping isnt easy ( my aiming probably )

    I played a other game yesterday and that game seems easy compared to iron sight

    So if you think sniper is broken then I can thell it isn’t

    Play over watch then this game and you see the difference

    I feel that headshots are broken

    Also if you want a sniper fix then they need to add ballistics to it ( shoot delay hit like war Thunder ) so you need to AIM before the target and when On target iT missed based on bullet speed xd

    Buts that’s it for what I want to say

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    well basicly https does not mutch

    lets explain what https is to start with :D

    its a encryption , so your data can not be intercepted when traveling the net

    this mostly count for plain text , not for encrypted text

    so example

    username -> plain text -> non SSL = username -> username

    username -> plain text -> SSL = username -> aqwzsxedc

    so if some one is getting a data package , it can easy read what you send

    that's the part what SSL prevents

    so for a forum with out sensitive information it is not needed , of course it is preferred especially at the login page

    but the forum is separated from the game , own login/username so it is kinda safe to use

    probably they want to make a SSO ( single Sign on ) for the forum later on , that runs over SSL

    and because it is closed beta , they just leave it like it is now ( they could get free SSL certificates from letsencrypt )

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    nope it doesnt ( tested it 7 times )

    i was even making a video , but then i coulnd find a single match anymore

    also when i got into a room , the countdown started and then it just stops as above

    and no , it is not only me , a lot more people are getting this problem ( custom game does work , but normal play not )

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    you should see a login page first , when you start the launcher , as soon you see that page you can press login and then press start

    if that page does not show up , then open internet explorer first and see if the internet is working there

    meaning , disable TOR and other proxy services as those do not work ....

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    i didn't know you could move and snipe at the same time xD (unless your scope is bouncing ? )

    the scope got already a delay , so it already takes more time then in most games to scope

    and moving when you start to scope does not really work well

    it is like SIGACT says

    if you are used to sniping , then there is no difference if there is a penalty or not , as it does not get used

    i do fairly well with snipers in other games ( i think it was op7 ) where i love the SVD

    i use a multi shot method to kill a lot of people , but in this game it just does not work ( i cant hit xD )

    i think i did the same in A.V.A and S.K.I.L.L

    There was only 1 game where i prefer a sniper for long range and when i get closer or the other is camping with sniper that i use my SMG because of moving speed ( map is called Docks but i don't know the game )

    so if i compare this game , i see a lot of people not scoping for killing with guns , but i am so used to the use of ironsight that i use it all the time ( even close range )

    This game is different from the other games in that way

    it takes time to scope , time to aim and time to shoot

    so i guess who is most lucky or faster will win this fight

    this also has to do with the headshots , i barely get any headshots as it seems that it take more then a single hit to get a headshot xD

    only thing i do prefer to change with the snipers is the aiming method

    i am used to snipe right before the target ( especially moving targets) but in this game it seems if the trigger is pressed the hit is calculated

    when in other games there is a delay between firing and hitting ( depending on distance and movement speed )

    so quickshot works the best in most games but not in this game (blaster scope is fast enough , DSV scope is a bit to slow for that , at least for my own testing)

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    well in some cases i use the SCAR-H and get killed with the MP5

    in other cases i use the AR57 and i kill the AK47 shooters

    and at current moment the PKP gives me the most kills at range (my main weapon was first AR57 )

    so in that case the range doesn't seems to make sense at all for me :(

    even with fall off damage , then a SCAR-H should definitely win from a MP5 at range ( 70 vs 35 range )

    but it could also be my own view on it :D

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    i dont think that those stats are implented yet

    same as range ... i can hit long distance with my sniper and with my mp5

    exept the range difference of 60 do they hit the same target easy

    so at this point range seems useless for me

    same as other stats on the weapons that seems to have no effect

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    and what exactly you try to say ?

    SDV -> sniper and assult rifle ( fast fire )

    PGS -> Sniper and ... assult rifle

    CSxxx ( forgot the name) -> guess what ... same

    and i forgot about the blaster94 -> sniper with a assult scope ( hit target ) mixed with fast reload and -> yes it can be used as assult rifle :D

    secondary as shotgun and quickswap .... i use it all the time for my sniper build and it works perfect

    so what exactly are you trying to say with this post ?

    if you say that sniper is op .. snipers only got 15 bullets so max 15 kills

    and hitting with a sniper is not always that easy

    i play now for a couple of days , and i still dit not figure out my best weapon i like to have

    sometimes i get a lot of kills with sniper (blaster94) , other times with LMG (75 rounds ,no idea of name), other times with SMG (mp5 and ASX160 ) and sometimes just with the K2C and the AK2 and AK47

    other times i get killed a lot with the same weapons ... i get even killed with a handgun ( i also killed a few )

    if you feel that that part is cheating , then you need to learn to play

    i got it on other games that they call me a cheater because i only knife and make headshots all the time ( dont know the game name anymore , think it was s.k.i.l.l or op7 or so)

    same in this game , knifing is fun if i can get close enough and if you are my victim and get killed a lot by me with knifing then i am a cheater ?


    please explain why he is cheating and in what way he is cheating :D

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    It's a hit on shot from snipers and pretty much every weapon besides the crossbow and throwing weapons.

    Thank you

    that probably explain why i keep missing those moving shots , as i am used to aim a little before target ( predict movement ) instead of on target

    probably a old habit from other games ( like battlefield ) that works with bullet speed ( shoot , distance , hit )

    i also get confused with the smoke it leave behind , it does look like that there is a kind of bullet speed in the game , but it could just be graphical xD

    the sniper works the same like in every game. You point the gun in a direction you think your enemy will move to and hit the mouse when he's in the scope.

    i can give you 10+ different games ( fps shooters and AAA games ) that all use different systems to snipe or shoot

    few examples "borderlands2, COD, Sniper Elite, Battlefield, SoF, WolfTeam, Gunz, Black Phantom, Farcry, GTA, Counterstrike, Team Fortress ..." no idea how many games i played xD

    it goes mainly about when to shoot , so hitting a target when it is right in the middle of the cross , or just before/after the middle ( based on bullet speed )

    in most games i do fairly well with sniping ( couple headshots ) and i can fairly hit moving targets

    but in this game is that not the case , i even miss moving people from close range :S

    so i lack the skills to snipe, or my aiming is not like it need to be for this game ^^

    got same problem with the guns as i scope a lot (and do the same as with sniper , predicting movement)

    Thank you

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    hey all

    i wonder how i need to aim with a sniper on a moving target

    does the game hit on shoot or does it have some delay on it ?

    probably just me , but i can barely hit a moving target

    from the games i play i mostly need to adjust my aim a little to hit the target , but in this case it seems i keep missing

    any help is welcome

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    how many headshots do i need to make to get a headshot kill ??

    i fired 4 shots from close ( with K2C gun ) directly to the head before he moved , and i still dit not get a headshot kill ....

    so my question, is it normal that way ? in almost all games i play you are dead with a single headshot hit

    some exeptions are if you wear helmet ( first shot is to helmet ) or with really low weapon damage ( hs -> multiply of 3X in some games )

    anyway how you look at it , 4 shots in the head and no headshot kill is kinda lame ...

    so is this normal for this game that headshots basicly does not count ?

    same for melee , it is kinda strange that i get killed first before he get killed by melee

    it takes about 2 seconds for the animation and then he get killed , in meantime i am already shot dead before my melee even hit him

    basicly the kill animation takes longer then the melee execution ... count for both melee weapons

    also movement , is it supposed to be the same speed if you move with knife or with out knife ?

    as for me , there seems to be no differend ( also quick melee does instand kill , when normal melee does not ... )

    and for the guns , they all feel the same for me

    if i use the K2C or i use the AX160 or even the MP5 , they hit from same distance and i get killed a lot by smg's from a distance

    so does the range do anything on the guns ? or is it just for the show ?

    and for the gameplay , shooting and crawling at the same time seems to make the character invincible for a split second , i shoot the guy he goes to crawl and i am dead when he still got 50% life left .. makes no sense to be honnest

    hopely this feedback can help to improve the game , i play it now for 7 days ( only level 22 )

    comments are welcome :D

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