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    You actually can just go in and tell him what you want, he’ll draw some examples and you can create it together. But custom things are always a bit more expensive

    Find an artist that will have you pay for the tattoo itself, not hourly. Make sure you set up an appointment and have the guy/girl come up with a design with you. They draw up a stencil to put on you before you get it done, and if you don't like the spot or the tattoo you can tell them somewhere else or something else.

    Also if you get a tattoo it's always courtesy to tip, 10-15%.

    I hope you get what you want! Let us know what you decide on!

    Hello there!

    It’s indeed possible to obtain more than just 100 or 150 GP. However, as mentioned before it’s all based on luck. And I think it shouldn’t be that big of a deal for boxes you can get every few minutes. ;)

    Yeah every 20, but only 3 times a day. :P

    Gamble -

    1. to play at any game of chance for money or other stakes

    You aren't playing a game of chance for money or other stakes. You are playing a game of chance to win something in a game. You can't trade these items, so they aren't worth real money. They are just in the game, as a gesture of supporting the developer, and getting a gun skin. Technically.

    That is my opinion.

    Many kill streaks are not included in the movie due to the change of frames.

    I had a lot of quadrokills, which I didn't use due to editing

    thanks guys! very well.

    Respect! Watching it again I can really appreciate all the hard work and dedication that you've put into this video! Very good job!

    hi Bichenko,

    this is known to everyone who is playing ironsight and is definitely not liked. This will fixed upon installing at a later point.

    For you to have a nice icon, delete the current desktop icon you have now and then go into your game directory. Search for the file named launcher.exe > right click > create a link > move the link to the desktop

    Thank you both! :D <3

    The mp9 in csgo is actually the highest damaging smg, with a 93 damage on the head

    Also, i know that they don't exist, but that should not stop the developers from being creative. :)

    The mp9 does 61 damage for a headshot, and 15 in a body shot..

    I mean it is very well put together and all, it's just that the kills don't seem that great. Seems like you played a game of TDM and edited it. I see the search clips, but you should maybe put clips together from competitive or from scrimming competitive teams.

    Good video, but it seems like the enemy didn't have a clue on what to do.

    I'm not a big fan of tatooes but after seeing all the clear details, didn't the stitches hurt? And then also in color xD

    The stitches? XD The tattoo machine is pretty much like this, but on the end of it has very tiny needles, so for my artist, he uses one needle to do linework and the outlines, then he uses another needle, that has 4-5 needles on it to shade and stuff. But when it's done you just wash it, put lotion and healing stuff on it and you are good to go.

    It took like 4 and a half hours for this side of my arm, it hurts a LOT lol. But in my opinion, was worth it to me :P


    SlickSticksTV Thanks mate! That's what i've been waiting for <3 As you seen, i`m not a pro in photoshop, or should i say, not a pro in designing, i am a really good learner tho, i just need practice.
    I will check that video, and i hope i`ll surprise you with something way better next time xD
    (sadly, not much content to go through, but i`ll figure something out)

    Cheers ^.^

    No problem man! I'm looking forward to it! A lot of Photoshop is just dragging and dropping, then correcting it to make it look perfect! I recommend you download some GFX packs too, they come with CCs, backgrounds, smoke, lighting, and so much more!

    Hey man! Looking good!

    The only advice I really have it to finish it all up with a CC. CC stands for color correction, and can really help whatever you create stand out! This is a YouTube video on a free 2018 pack, which I personally use, you should check it out!

    How many people have tattoos? What do you have?

    I have a half sleeve, mostly neo-traditional.

    I only have a good picture of my tiger and skull, but on the opposite side I have a wolf and some roses. What about you guys?


    I think they will maybe tease it or give us some updates on what's going to happen for the next patch/update. I think the beta is making sure the game is fair and balanced, and most of all, fun!

    The community is really showing it's support and feedback to this game. I believe the developers will gather all this information and combine it to make the best for the game to come. I do believe the developers will take in consideration for most of the ideas and criticism we have about the game based on the replys and activity on the forums and social media. This community is growing very rapidly and it's not going to stop when it releases, and we show our support in playing the game, purchasing maybe some skins, and giving our thoughts about the games current state.

    No problem, and aww so close 🤣😋

    Let me know of you beat it! You got this! I personally think it's fun to beat you're highscore for doing it faster and faster. It's, oddly therapeutic.

    Might work actually. Right now the time taken for the next shot of a bolt action sniper, which i will be calling 'bolt back time' is too short, specially for the Blaser. If thats the case, we could decrease the damage of the Blaser and make it a 2 hit kill on the chest. Since thats too hard of a nerf, we could decrease its bolt back time, so that it fires faster. The DSR could have a slightly longer bolt back time, but still be a one hit kill. Increasing the scoping time makes sense. Im not sure about the semi auto snipers though, mainly because i haven't used them yet.

    That is a good idea. Although I would much rather have the DSR and the Blazer be in the same category of being one shot weapons. Maybe people pick the Blazer because it has a faster bolt back time, like how you say. Maybe people pick the DSR for having more ammo in the clip.

    Im not sure how much ammo is in the DSR, but I believe the ammo for the Blazer is 5? (I could be completely wrong), but maybe we can implement those two being the go to snipers, and perhaps each one has a drawback and each one is better in certain situations, while implementing the nerfs for the time it takes to scope in.

    I believe we should fix our problems one by one, instead of trying to buff the Assault Rifles to nerf the Sniper Rifles. We should concentrate on all of the problems individually, and going back on what I said before, the developers are probably calculating the best solution for the game. It's doing pretty well for being 3 months in beta.

    I've once got 600 from the daily free coins. I normally get what everyone else gets, just 100 to 150. I think we should maybe update the stuff we get. All though we do get a reward bonus for signing in for each day. Still, I believe when I run out of achievements, there won't be any real easy way to get gold unless I buy it. I'm all about supporting the developers by buying something in the game, but if I do, I'm going to buy one of the founders editions. Maybe get some more bang for you're buck. Still couldn't believe I got 600 out of the daily ones.

    I had a heart attack that day.

    I had won the lottery. (Ingame, I cri)

    I know a lot of people in the common chat and in the Official Ironsight Discord. A lot of them are very nice, offering advice to people asking for it in chat, and helping each other out in the support tab in the Discord. This community is made up of a bunch of kind hearted people and a few trolls here and there doesn't deminish this games reputation.

    +1 to the community!

    I play on a low spec laptop (I'm one of those 30 to 20 frame rate bois). This might be part of the problem. But the sentinels do not vibrate in resource takeover though.

    Low specs ftw :)

    Hmm, I'm not sure, I believe it's probably just a mission glitch, in the training and the Mission: EMP. But it very well could be of the specs from you're laptop. I don't believe it is game changing. But I'm not sure.

    In my video im currently working on, I do recommend using the Escort Drone. It is very useful when trying to kill the sentinels that spawn so frequently. You might want to run the perks, Fast Reload, Marathon, and Drone Helper (I believe that's what it's called).

    The reloading perk helps when you need to kill those pesky crawlers, and clear waves of sentinels. The marathon perk helps you get to the EMP faster, so you don't run out of time, and the Drone Helper helps by reducing the amount needed to put the Escort Drone up by 100 points. If you do have the AR57 unlocked, I find it suitable, although the K2C and the MP5 you get at the start of the game works just as well.

    More explanation is coming in my video, including the best routes to take and how to do it in the fastest time. :)


    I see where you are coming from, I do agree with you actually. I know how tedious sniping can be, from both sides of the story. I believe in the next major patch the developers will take all of our ideas and collectively with decide what's best for the community. The AWP in Counter Strike can be extremely deadly, and can wipe a whole team if used correctly. The downside of the gun, is it costing so much.

    We need a downside to sniping, which seems there really isn't any downsides, aside from getting a hitmarker or possibly not being to capitalize on pushes or trade kills. Perhaps we can nerf how fast you can scope in and maybe in addition, we could decrease the time before the next shot. What do you think?

    The developers in the end (in my opinion) will pull together all of our ideas and decide what is best for the community. This game is still in beta and is doing pretty dang well in my opinion. For just releasing February 2nd (I do believe.)

    Ok, i'll try to kill every sentinel i see instead of defending, because they seem to go after me than the EMP.

    Side Question: Every Bot i see in the game, like Sarah from the tutorial and the sentinels from 'Mission: EMP' would vibrate violently from left to right when they crouch. Is that normal, since this game is in beta?

    Yeah I believe to end the mission you have to finish the wave of sentinels before it finishes. The fastest time you can get is 2:30, so it's pretty fast if you focus on killing all of them (so that the EMP can launch and at the end kill all of them), just kill the ones you see, and when 30 of them show up in the end, the EMP will go off

    Also for the vibrating question, I'm not sure about that one. This game is in beta, so problems are going to happen. Haven't seen it though, but I'm 100% sure it's just an AI glitch. A lot of glitches in multiplayer are when people have very low ping (their connection), so they appear to phase through objects and go through walls, but they are just lagging for us.

    The AR57 isn't even that bad, just need it down to 40 bullets and it will be fine.

    The bolt action snipers should be a consistent 1 shot from chest and above, just decrease the time it takes to scope in. It's genuinely not that hard, people are over exaggerating what really shouldn't be.

    Guys be patient, obviously they know what the current situation is, and they are trying to fix it. You are obviously not going to lose it, because they are trying to fix it for us. We just need to be patient and let them handle it, and we will get it..

    I put the tritium battery in. The EMP booted up, and the operator told me to defend. I was defending the EMP from sentinels. There was one plane explosion and more kept coming. I kept on defending and they didn't even stop coming. Eventually the timer went down and it said Mission Failed.

    Hmm, genuinely man it seems like you just took too long. When the plane explodes you should be in the range of 3:04 to 2:30. Then you defend a wave of 5 drones after the explosion and you kill the Elite drone and the mission is over.

    I am in the process of making a video on how to clear it the easiest and the fastest. I'll keep you updated when that goes live, in the meantime, try to run "Fast Reload, Marathon, and the third, Drone" perks. It doesn't really matter on you're killstreaks, you just need to make sure you have an escort drone. Pretty helpful against drones.

    Also be careful when fighting the crawlers, they can one shot you, while the other drones take a lot longer to kill you.

    Hope I helped, let me know if you need anything more! :)

    you start the mission by killing drones and then go up few stairs. Then you'll find emp bombs on the ground that can be used to put into the machine on the other side of the map. Then, you just have to destroy all remaining drones

    And it still says mission failed. I did what you said a long time ago, but it still says mission failed.

    Hmm, not sure. What exact part did you get stuck on?

    For some reason the explosion from the cockpit of the plane, or to the entrance, it waits till like 3:05ish to explode, I have to wait 10 or so seconds after I killed all of the drones. That is the only thing from stopping me from a 2:20 time, or fewer.

    Making a video on it though :D