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    So i've been able to play consistently now that i've completely just changed my bugged loadout 2. I put in a different weapon, perk combo, drone streak, anything that pretty much made the loadout completely different so it was no longer bugged.

    All in all, anyone who has been getting a lobby freeze when the countdown timer reaches 1, restart your game and check your loadouts to make sure everything isn't bugged! i.e: if you have an tactical drone category picked, make sure you don't have offensive drones in your slots for some weird reason! Hope this will help out any players in the future and devs as well!

    Playing on NA. I just downloaded the game about 3 days ago and the issue started happening yesterday. Though after some headaches I think I actually found out the bug that's causing the problem.

    I've noticed on occasion that my loadout 2 was bugged. The drone category picked was tactical however on my actual drone picks I had only two offensive drones picked with the first slot having no drones picked at all. So I changed my category to offensive and made sure i had my three offensive drones picked out and was able to get into games.

    So far I've been able to get into two games back to back with no problems after finding that bug. Before I tried for hours to get into games with the aforementioned problem looming over my head. Will keep updated if I find out anything else.

    So i'm able to boot up the game correctly, and search for available rooms. However, once I get into a lobby, and wait for the countdown timer, the timer itself gets down to 1 and I hear that "explosion" sound as if the game is about to load up, but then nothing else happens. My countdown timer is stuck at 1 and I'm just sitting into the lobby unable to load into the game. The people I play with aren't experiencing this issue as they are loaded in and playing as if everything were normal. I'm stuck in the lobby unable to hit the back arrow or anything else on the top tab. Can open up messenger or the calendar or anything else towards the bottom but that's it. I'm able to see players join and leave the lobby/game but unable to leave myself unless I just open up task manager and force close the game. I've tried reinstalling numerous times to no avail. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Anyone know of a fix? Any help would be appreciated.