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    Wasn't stream-sniping. I knew they were streamers beforehand and watched their streams long before I played those games.

    So you watched their stream with you killing them, long before you actually played against them, and killing them? Makes sense

    The point I am trying to make is that I know they were streamers long before the match started. During in-game, I didn't stream-snipe at all. I made the screenshots when I was watching the VODs they had.

    Yeah, about the sensitivity part, I figured I play on a relatively high sensitivity, assuming the in-game sensitivity is proportional. I am also pretty comfortable on it. However, if it helps me to strafe, then I will practice low sensitivity before going up.

    So basically l2 strafe+aim?

    I play with 2050 DPI, 6.5 in-game sensitivity, and 1.3 in-game sniper sensitivity. Most of the time I feel comfortable with this? Should I still lower the sensitivity?

    Greetings everyone,

    This is a bit different today. I will post three YouTube videos of three different matches I played today. What I want is some general pointers of how to improve my play and make less mistakes. If you will, I would also appreciate some feedback on what I did well, so I know what to do in the future! FYI I'd prefer the feedback to go onto this forum post rather in the YouTube comments.

    Game 1 (Airport/TDM): It was my first game on, so I joined mid-match. I did really well, as I was focused and the players were also really low-ranked. One thing I know I did wrong was with the Striker Drone. The first time I tried to call it in, I thought I was safe. Once I realized that I wasn't safe, I spammed the escape button to try to cancel the Striker Drone, but my idiotic soldier still decided to keep the iPad in front of his face. Like that's going to help in combat. All jokes aside, I was salty that I died since I didn't know how to cancel it. The second time I tried to call it in was also pretty annoying since someone called one right before me and I had to wait a long time. I probably should have been quicker with my 2nd call-in and shouldn't have waited so long to call my striker drone after my teammate called one in.

    Game 2 (Cloud 9/TDM): This game was really sloppy. I did well at certain moments, but I definitely did worse than the previous game. Probably because the other team had a really good player I found hard to kill :P

    Game 3 (Mart/TDM): I definitely did okay this round, better than the last. In my opinion, I had a strong beginning but I feel like I started to get a bit sloppy near the end before the Hellbird, since I kind of got excited for the Hellbird.

    Perk/Attachment setups: for the SG 553 matches, I used Quick Reload, Double Time, and Health Regeneration. For the P90 TR match, I the same thing except Marathon over Double Time. Attachments were precision+silencer on SG 553 and modified+laser on the P90 TR.

    Some personal stats that may be relevant?:

    • Average KDA: 1.27
    • Win Rate: 52%
    • Level: 40


    PS: You may have seen this on the subreddit, but I want as many people to see this and critique my play as possible.

    Playing against AI's can't be really compared to real matches. Once you start using it in a real match, it will feel much harder

    Fair enough. I'm just using crossbow vs AI to see how it works and warm up so I don't get completely shredded in real matches when I use the crossbow. Not interested in ruining my KD.

    After taking a closer look at the DSR-1, I saw that it has two magazines. There is one behind the grip and one just in front of it. Now since in the reload animation, it always reloads the magazine on the back, what is the purpose of the magazine in front of the grip? Is this to store the bullet shells, similar to the AR-57's mag on the bottom?

    Just look at the crappy penetration mechanic lol

    Besides any objective that doesnt involve in killing will be turned into killing because which team ever gets hellbird and/or reaper first wins round usually

    I mean this is after the netcode is fixed, of course. Also, if you don't understand what I am saying, watch the Star Wars: Battlefront Galactic Conquest example above. Similar to that, except that it is going to be a TDM match for every encounter rather than something that mirror's Battlefield's conqeust mode

    regarding battle royale, battle royale is the last thing ironsight needs.

    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit

    ▶CPU: Intel i5-2500K CPU @ 3.3GHz

    ▶GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6800

    ▶RAM: 8 GB

    ▶Mouse: UtechSmart Venus

    ▶Mousepad: something steelseries

    ▶Keyboard: Logitech K120

    ▶Headphones: Sennheiser HD 598

    I don't know the rest lol

    So recently, I realized that thanks to my potato AMD Radeon HD 6800, I couldn't run Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta. This made me realize that I need a new graphics card. I was wondering what brand I should buy from and what Ironsight is partnered with, since I know Battlefield 4 is partnered with AMD.

    Star wars battlefront is a very different type of game with much larger maps and a lot of AI units.

    I think the type of game mode you're suggesting just couldn't work in a shooter like ironsight that has no AI units and much smaller maps!

    I mean, I am not asking this game-mode to be implemented in the multiplayer, rather, one just plays this game-mode alone with and against a bunch of AI.

    Nope, never :S

    So basically, you choose a faction and each faction has control over specific areas on the planets (multiplayer maps in this case). If you want to capture some new area, you have to move to that area and play on the corresponding map to that area. If you win that match, you gain that area. First to have total control wins. I'd recommend watching this if you are still lost:

    Do you think Wiple Games should add this game mode? Basically, you choose EDEN or NAF, and each faction initially has control over a specific set of maps. Your goal is to fight on the other factions' maps and first to take control of all the maps win. I know the limitations and process would be very testing and buggy but holy hell just imagining it mirroring Starwars BF2 (2005) Galactic Conquest sounds fun. Would anyone else love the idea of this? I'm interested in your thoughts!

    btw, this is not something that would go into multiplayer with multiple people playing, rather, it's meant to be played by one person only.

    EDIT: If you still are lost of what I'm trying to say, basically something sorta like this:

    Let them fix the game. It won't take more than two years to be fixed. Keep buying those scamboxes to support the game. I know every game published by aeria games turn into a p2w game, but maybe this time will be different. I didnt notice any improvement until now, but lets believe their word because we cant take the game from them.

    Agreed. It is by no means perfect but it has potential to become big and I can see it competing with other triple-A games.

    First half of what you said is irrelevant. Second half, the developers clearly want to spawn players away from the enemies, giving them the chance they deserve to not immediately get their head blown. That is why they added spawn protection, and if you die because of it, that's on you for going against the flow of the game.