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    I've been testing it for a few hours too and my thoughts are quite the same...

    If there is a difference with live server, it's not a huge one.

    Well, 9 out of 10 matches or so it was always the ones with the worst connection who were leading the game on both sides...

    If you add the fact that half of the time I was killed through walls, through the ground or out of nowhere with a relative 20/25 ping

    from those with that bad connection,

    I still hope for a brighter future, but not that much anymore I'm afraid.


    Oh yes, I take it you don't like the avatar....what in the world will we do now ?

    It was not a matter of like or dislike but more something like....

    "Woah if that guy find it appropriate to do so here What might he do next ?" rofl

    Hahaha Silver only I"m afraid :P and No i'm not u/NyxBro...

    I'm playing more Coop with friends than anything "competitive"...

    Good way of chilling out ... Killing some Zergs...

    The first post answered it, and then it was answered again.

    There will be no stat reset on the launch of the game, and you will have to pay if you want your stats reset.

    By non official members.... yes...

    If you want an official answer then why even make a thread? Go message someone official, or better yet, use google and see that this question has been answered multiple times before, with moderators and CM's confirming that there will be no reset.
    Moderator confirming: Account Reset?

    Same moderator confirming:…question_about_open_beta/

    claims of CM confirming on discord:…nd_date_on_the_open_beta/

    So... to have an answer to an easy question instead of making it simple and going on the "official" forum...

    I have to search on google / reddit / discord for an answer ?

    Is this forum so freaking useless ?


    And when Monsieur said ...

    "Between CBT, Stress Test, Tech Beta and OBT all data was wiped. There are no planned wipes in the future! Unexpected issues can always occur but I highly doubt that there will be one more wipe. ;)"

    All i see is a "maybe"...

    And again i only asked for "stats reset" NOT "wipe" (as starting all over from scratch....)

    But thanx for your links... now i may have what look like an answer...

    As to why these forum exist if it's not for seeking news... or is it a platform for Discord/reddit links ?
    Topic closed.

    Woah... don't know where to start :(

    whats so important about the stats that you think everyone should be reset?

    Where in my posts did i said it was "important", i'm asking a question !!!

    or should I say, which of your stats are so embarrassing that you want a free reset.

    Again X/ I'm not embarassed of anything nor i'm asking a free reset ffs....

    I'm asking if there will be one !!!

    The reasons you listed for stats being bad, arn't reasons at all. Its not like the steam release is going to be a patch that fixes everything at once. Those issues you mentioned will slowly be fixed over time, so you will have a lot of time to adapt to the fixed gameplay

    Fine. It's your opinion. May i have one that differ from you please ?

    There's no reason at all to reset stats for everyone. The issues you posted do not effect stats that much. Just buy a stat reset yourself (or beg for one) if your kda is 0.25 and you think thats unfair.

    Thx for giving your opinion in opposition to mine in such a condescending way.... yes... many thx.


    And as apparently i wasn't clear enough... i only want an easy answer to an easy question as in 1st post.

    My question is ... Will you reset or stats at the end of OBT or we"ll have to pay for it ?

    Yes or No ?

    Please ty.


    Nothing in the game restricts your ability to get good stats that much...

    Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh righhhhhhhhhhhht........... I guess you didn't even took the time to read the above post but whatever...

    May i get an official answer on this ? not a Lincuxe answer pls...

    I guess you can tweak a few things in GameFolder\ini\ironsight_local.ini ... but apart that ?(

    How was the game before update ? running smooth ?

    Can't help you if you don't understand those facts....

    >> Player killing you from outside the map.

    >> Player killing you "through wall" meaning he saw you and kill you before he even appear on your screen.

    >> Global lag whichever the end.

    >> Netcode issues...

    >> ANd even the stats of guns which will change in a good or bad way till official launch....

    All of this is influencing the stats right now....

    The "newer" player stats wont have as much of a meaning compared to more playtime stats.

    The player who will never have to deal with those issues will have more accurate stats.......

    Could we please get a launcher that doesn't require the use of IE?

    It would be great indeed ;)

    btw... No connection

    seems OP had the same problem and solved it.

    Not sure if i should have opened another thread.....

    Same problem, different error message...

    From .... 01.jpg ... to ... 02.jpg

    Tried every 10 mins for an hour and gave up X/


    Then i launch my game in NA servers > Played 10 min.. Working fine (except Ping ofc)

    Then i quit and relaunch on EU and.................... working fine > problem solved .

    (as to what was causing this issue... no idea).

    You have to pay up fam.

    Nothing gets resetted anymore

    I think you don't get my point here.

    In the idea that the game comes out at official launch with few to zero defaults, that means players who would not have played the Beta will get more accurate stats than actual players considering the actual state of the game, with bugs/lags/netcode.

    I would have expected a reset at official launch but well... who knows.

    Was checking update to see what's new and i came across the Paid option of stats reset in the shop .......

    My question is ... Will you reset or stats at the end of OBT or we"ll have to pay for it ? i'm curious :/

    By no means, i've seen 1 month which was running with the blazer sniper and noscoping everyone - there isn't alot of hackers there's just way better players.

    Because the only way of cheating is the way you're describing it.... yeah.... right..... sorry but no :(

    And most of the times, in the current state of the game, when you're killed asking yourself "how the **** he did that ?" , i'm afraid it has nothing to do with "better players", skills / cheats apart it's all about the server being on your side or not... If you sees the enemy 1/2 sec. before he does or the opposite.

    Now, once again, our AntiCheat System works very well

    You just made my day Flloyd.......... again..........Thx for the good laugh :D


    I'm not sure either. Were you in a thread that got removed?

    I don't think so. Closed yes but removed ?... hmm no

    Einmal da drauf klicken und alle User sollten wieder im positiven sein.

    Woltlab bugt da manchmal ein wenig rum.

    Mein Deutsch ist sehr schlecht... entschuldigung....... But i don't get it ?(

    I also have it and with a rather big number.

    I was about to post other pictures of high negative numbers of other users. Thx for sparing me that ;)

    I think it's a bug then. Because I have no idea how to get -1000 -1500 or -2000 pts...

    I saw this afew minutes ago and was wondering if it was a bug or some kind of punishment for any forum rules i may have broken ?

    Because if so... i have no clue which one ?(.


    Are you planning to release any roadmap for the game telling us step by step what will come next till official launch ?

    as for the cheaters in iron sight I feel not much has been done, a simple search on google shows enough sites selling wall hacks, aim bots and other cheats however whether they work is another thing and my confidence in EAC isn't that great tbh.

    Check the list. Take note the majority has alot of cheaters.

    Then Yes, you're right to have little confidence in EAC...

    I don't see why it should be different for ironsight... but still... i would love to be wrong ;)

    Honestly what did you expect from a CoD-inspired game where the vast majority of players are little children.

    I think you miss my point here. I'm not expecting everyone to be respectfull and so on...

    ( I'm taking note of that everyday in game chat :rolleyes: but then... all i have is to mute them ;) )

    Here i'm more surprised NOT by the fact that this player did what he did BUT by the fact he COULD :/

    I mean having a full control of what is said ingame is impossible and would not even be a good thing... ( Hey freedom of speech )

    But some kind of control on the naming of Battletags and/or Clans shouldn't be so hard ? No ?

    It's not like we can hide them :(

    Anyway, report is done and that's all i can do.