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    Attacking is pretty easy: You get points for capturing and an extra 200 when you complete the first point, capturing is like twice as fast as un-capturing (maybe it works like in Secure Point but every match I've played the capping happened quickly and un-capping was hella slow.) and there's more freedom to flank and cut off the defenders.

    The second point is harder to take since the defenders spawn right behind it but it's still easy to win if they slack a bit.

    It would be basically perfect if the capturing speed was reduced or the defenders win if the timer run out.

    I get like 40 on average which is actually about the same as when I play on Airport or Island. It goes to 30 when I stand on the tracks, I think because I can see all the way to the other end. Probably would improve if I turned off HDR but yeah, it's playable.

    New map and drone are pretty fun. I'm getting much better fps than I expected.

    Have gunshots and stuff gotten louder? Or were sounds like footsteps and the menu sounds lowered? :/ And everything is really quiet unless you're close to a fight or in a fight yourself.

    Also I can hear every hit marker when I shoot drones with an automatic gun now, which is nice.

    I have noticed by watching streamers that are insanely good quick-scopers, that snipers gain the accuracy of being scoped in almost immediately after starting the "scoping" animation and can fire perfectly accurate shots without even being able to see through the scope. I am not even talking about in point-blank situations, as I have personally seen a player that could hit people across the middle of Ironwork before the scope even makes it halfway up to his face. Scope accuracy should not come into play until you are fully scoped in, because it simply doesn't make sense to have it any other way. Why should your shot go perfectly where your scope is aimed when you haven't even looked through your scope yet?

    This, tbh fam

    I think they should make the accuracy kick in after like half a second or something as well. Let's all be "hardscopers"


    I wonder if they've gotten the message yet

    • Reduce the jump height
    • Bigger maps

    Personally, I feel the sprint speed is fine but people hold down shift way too much. I think that reducing it will make traversing maps (especially bigger ones) a pain and disengaging enemies even more difficult since people will be able to track you better than they do already.

    As for jump height, people will still imitate rabbits to try and throw off your aim regardless of how high so I don't think reducing that will make much of a difference.

    Big maps for comfy long range sniping when??

    • More customization options as well as a female custom character

    Also this, tbh

    I think with the melee if you're not close enough when you start the attack, it does the regular swipe animation and then it connects as you get into range, dealing only half the damage. At least that's what happens to me