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    Here I am again! xD

    Wanted to say that we are doing a good giveaway, and the more ppl join the better :)
    we giving x3 $10 Steam cash codes! you only need to join the server and react to the giveaway :)


    See you there ;)

    if its op then its gonna be used like ar57 which makes the game stale again lol

    We all use the granade dmg reduce, whats wrong with it? you wont be killing ppl at 1 hit, but you will be killing with granades, I feel it fair, coz since everyone use the nade perk, I just dont bother nading ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Hi guys! yesterday we had the IronSight stream, with Chopper, Splashy and Flloyd (CMs) on the screen and Charly, Reeds (PMs), Vanilla and Asterion (MODs) on the chat.

    And we were able to ask a few things to Charly and he pleased us with some info., so I'll put here what I was able to screenshot, anyway, you can rewatch the stream if you want here



    unknown.png (He said later "in 3 months")











    And thats all, ofc there were some more questions answered but this is what I caught, Also, I asked Charly if we could ask him things later on discord or so, and he said " I will create an AMA on reddit at some point, and we will release a public roadmap (a bit vague, but will say a lot)" Dunno if it will really go on reddit or we will use this forum, but there u got :)

    How can you already be crying for something that is not implemented yet bruh xddd

    Jokes away, its probably be OP, the perk to go (unless u need the nade defense for secure the point, coz that's a nade rain) but mate, I pref they add some content AND THEN balance them all, just like how they are doing with this 1st weapon balance wave. they add things, they see the results of the actual balance/disbalance and then they fix it. Not like champions on League of Legends doesnt come OP and then they eat a nerf ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I hope this open the doors to let them add way more perks, the wider tha options to pick, the easier to balance, coz when you choose 1, you are not picking other 4 stats that gives other perks. Imagine if they were 8 perks per slot :D

    Watched the vid, and I recognize that EA did it bad, but arguing to play 40hrs a game to get 2 iconic characters its pretty decent, not something to cry, unless u are a casual that play 1hr daily if so

    back to the thread, if you feel bored of the game, dont play, we are all waiting, log in for rewards, play 4 games to get the dailies and leave, thats what many of us do, if you keep playing and getting angry at the game, even if they fix it later you will be already done with the game, and noone wants that, am I right? :)

    Snipers almost in every game kill at body hits, the thing is that due to the netcode and some others its kinda easy to get fake shots as kills

    just wait until the game gets in a more advanced phase and all weapons get balanced

    if the snipers ends like CS:GO AWPs, Im okay with it


    waaaay better XD

    Edit: we continued discussing about this on my server, and I decided to ask some Japanise natives because we both were sure we were right, so this was the answer:


    Everyday we learn something new :3

    and I didnt want to leave the missinformation like it was, so we learned and you do now :3

    Nanni? You have not watched inuyasha, detective konan or black-butler? I recommend you to watch them.

    Also, Watch "Stiens Gate" Thats my favorite.

    didnt like inuyasha, detective konan dropped, and watched Steins Gate, currently watchign steins gate zero.

    I've heard of Kuroshitsuji but noone ever recommended it to me /shrug


    I guess you trying to say "souka", it may sound similar, but if you write it like that "sokka" is the sound of Soccer (ソッカ), meanwhile "souka" (そうか) means "is that so?"

    This is one of the common errors of weebs, use romaji in a wrong way to expresate japanese words, I dont know japanese, but I try to not using it wrong by studying a bit c:

    This is why I said Helix is too kind, you clearly came with no more intentions than spam and rant.

    "This has been discussed a lot, check these threads xx xx xx, closing thread"

    you needed no more than that

    its 4 months of open beta already ,me and most of community ios tired of waiting on things which should be done b4 open beta came out. this game was already in full version on korean server so why the ... we cant play ranked match with friends. dont even re couse im tired of ...lickers like you


    the reason is that the game is really different than the one from korea and also the circumstances. That's why all unforseen issues started to occur in the first place and needed a lot more time to get fixed. Hence, a lot of things had to be delayed but you can be sure that there are things that the developers are working on

    doing some research doesnt make me a licker, just not an ignorant kid like you. Helix reply has been said many, many, times.

    >4 months of beta oh my god how is this possible, its real? are they even working? wth, and these guys get paid?

    <kid, if you are tired, leave the game and come back when its flawless for you, we are in a beta to test the game and feedback with errors, bugs and some community wishes, we wait and see if devs are working, and they are working in this game, so your rant doesnt help anyone.

    this will be possible in the future. We're still waiting for a confirmation from the developers. We'll keep you updated of all news.

    U are too kind Helix @.@

    Ppl ask in other games why devs or CM doesnt reply or not pay attention to the players, but then when we have all the info about whats going on and devs priorities and some other, there's always ppl that doesnt even care about reading some patch updates or official announcements but they spam "game is bad fix this >:C"

    this thread has been talked many times, what about Search button? .-.

    Hai domo! o/

    I'm Yain and I'm an anime fan :3

    And I'm here to discuss, debate, guide and self-promote! I'm pretty sure by watching like 30-40% of the Discord avatars in the Ironsight official server that some of you enjoy this japasene culture, anime, manga and others, so I wanted to have a talk with all who wanted to, or have some questions about anime or even those like, "anime sucks" "thats for kids, grow up" "waifus are not real girls" "weeaboo or otaku?" etc, etc. as long as we follow the rules and you are not going "is garbage coz it is" which is so common xD

    Also, for those that are already fans of it, I'd like to leave my discord server invitation link, we are a small community and we enjoy talking about seasonals, classics, waifus and memes :3


    And about myself so you dont think "this kid have watched SAO, Naruto and AOT and he think he's an otaku xd" I'm 26 years old and I've been watching anime for a while, not otaku extreme, but a rasonable amount to have a talk about this industry :3

    This is MyAnimeList (a list of all the anime shows I've seen) if anyone is interested:

    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

    come on, its way too easy to counter them, the thing is that nobody stops 30 secs to destroy it, you can easily destroy it with ur main weapon

    A friend told me about this like 2 days ago, and I was like "wow, so this is how some players has like 1.6 KDA" xD

    Tbh, I dont mind, shouldnt happen? ya, it shouldnt, its important? dont think so

    the part above the head I agree is way too much, they could do something with that.

    Dunno if u have seen this, it sure happens with EMP launcher too, when a sniper is in the floor of DAM map, and he hides from the ground players in the border by crouching, if they swap to secondary weapon, ground players can see half sniper moving around xD

    Wait. So you're telling me I also had to be subscribed to the useles newsletter in order to get the dog tag title? Playing CBT and TBT wasn't enough?

    Its not useless, it gives dog tag tittles