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    Sorry to bother ya'll, but after a hiatus of around 6-8 months I decide to jump back into this game. I tried to boot up and got an error message that told me to reinstall the client, and I did so.

    Now my issue is that when I go to click the "Start Game" button, it seems to not register, or the orange button turns gray. I've done a bit of research and some people are saying that the servers are down? But if I remember correctly there's normally an announcement or such that pops up whenever servers are under maintenance.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you and God Bless

    Howdy howdy,

    Been looking for a clan for a bit, so time to put out another advert (of sorts)

    Name: VolitationVS, but feel free to call me Volit (pronounced Voe-lit)

    Gender: Male

    Region: Eastern USA

    Age: 17 going on 18

    Current KDA: 0.97, currently grinding on getting this up. Issues with lag spikes tend to get me killed :/

    Past Games: Rainbow Six: Siege, Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty 4 through Black Ops 3, and Paladins.

    Playstyle: I tend to play a more reserved playstyle, so I lean towards being a scoper, but I can be aggressive when the time comes.

    Comment below if you're interested in inviting me to a clan.

    Sorry I was unclear in my question, lemme try again :P

    Is there any team member, be it from the production or moderation team, that is part of the Wiple devs? Is there crossover at all? Like for example is Reeds part of the Wiple team.

    I don't mean any disrespect, just wondering. If you want me to clarify anything just ask :)

    The CM team is mainly in charge of communication and player relations.

    This means that we take care of Facebook, Twitter, news, the forum, Reddit, Discord.... Everything that might be connected to the Community and to communication.

    So you basically are the PR team, I assumed as much. I wanted to make sure that there wasn't anything ya'll were hiding from us.

    I have another question:

    How many (if any) people on the "Ironsight Team" are part of the Wiple team? If we were to have a few, or one, that is part of the dev team, I personally feel that our input would have a larger voice. I'm not trying to say that you don't do enough, I'll tell you right now that you all are probably the best PR team for a game that I've seen in a while.

    EndangeredOXX Just watched basically 70% of all your videos and I just want to say keep up the good work. You have potential on making a good name for yourself in this community. Good luck in the future, and I'll keep watching.

    Aadi888 tell me how to rank up my account faster :(

    There's gonna be more cosmetics that will be added into the game, but I'm kinda against having an EXO-suit cosmetic. Not that it'll kill the game, but I feel it doesn't really fit into the artstyle.

    I really do hope they allow us to customize the reticles and such, but as I see this being a quality of life change it's gonna take a wee bit of time for it to get into the game. I see a 85% chance of this being implemented.

    By magazine upgrades I assume you mean something like extended mags? I would love to see a few more, one being quick mags, in the style of BO1, where it speeds up for one reload, then takes the normal amount of time for every other reload.

    I think a standard female character has been confirmed, it's just not a super high priority for the devs, quality of life isn't a huge thing in a beta (outside of netcode, but I digress)

    I can be empathetic to this problem after playing Siege ever since Black Ice. The reticles for all the sights were massive, and it was inconceivably hard to actually line up medium-far distance shots, and this was changed and it's been better ever since.

    However, we need to keep in mind that this is a purely quality of life change, and not at the top of the devs' priority. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the idea of being able to customize the color, shape, and size of our reticles, maybe with a progression system that Call of Duty has with their red dot, ACOG, and such. I, for one, would love to see the sight for the ACOG on the clear and red dot sight, cause I love the 4 dash style of sight.

    Howdy howdy, so I've been wondering what exactly the power of the Community Managers and such is and how often they actually talk to the developers?

    I'm not making this thread to witch hunt them, moreso so we can have some more information on the process so we could possibly have more empathy for these public figures.

    I'd also like to know how much influence these figureheads have with the developers, and how they can actually impact the game. Just a few questions and if any of us underlings have a question for the mods leave it below in the comments.

    (Arlight64 is not allowed here, because he adds nothing to discussions :P)


    16) he means an RE4 style laser sight. Basically, it will create a small, visible dot on whatever it aims at. It will help finding the exact centre of your crosshair.

    I don't know if this is needed, but could be a neat, small addition.

    So basically make the laser sight have a dot when it "hits" a wall. I feel as though it's completely unnecessary, but it could be a nice little polishing thing. However I don't think even Call of Duty titles have this in them.

    But the thing is, you don't have to spend a cent on this game. Therefore no loss. Belgium isn't exactly a moral authority, and isn't comparable to the rest of the world.

    Belgium has a problem with strikes, their prisons have some of the worst conditions I've seen in a first world country.

    Along with that video games are addicting, should we ban them? Because as you said: "...most gamers are rly young."

    It was immaturity and a lack of parental supervision on you and your parent's part (respectfully) that caused you to spend what I assume is a decent amount of money. I suppose it was in a large scale game such as CS:GO or TF2, where the items you unbox is actually worth something. (Take it from me, 3+ years in the trading scene in both games)

    Don't support it if you don't want to. But don't use anecdotal evidence as fact, because I have no idea if you're making it up or not.

    Alright lemme go point by point as best as I can. (Really getting sick of you, if you don't like the game, don't play.)

    1) By up I assume buff. The EMP Launcher is great if you're scared of having Hellbirds tear through your team. It's meant as a LAW style launcher, one and done. Keep it the way it is. If the devs are going to implement an extra charge, then the reload has to be a decent amount of time to balance it.

    2) Escort Drone does not need a nerf. I personally find it only good as a warning when I play sniper. It's quite weak without a player supporting it, due to it's small health pool and extremely slow fire rate. I believe that the Hellbird needs a rework, not a nerf. Make it something like the chopper gunner in BO1.

    3) Gold weapons are supposed to be hard to obtain. What's the point to grind for a long period of time to obtain a Gold DSR or Gold MP7 (in my case) when every common Joe has a gold weapon. It's basically gold weapons in the various CoD titles.

    4) What? Could you get a few screenshots of this? Most of the time when there's something like this it's because of aesthetic reasons. Skins can be ugly if every inch is covered in a design.

    5)We get plenty of skins, and they are of good quality

    6) We already earn plenty of gold through just playing matches. The lootboxes we earn are a nice little bonus. Not needed.

    7) I like this idea but here's the problem. They're cheap, so to make them permanent would just be like ~4.2k gold. Also the frag and flash are objectively the best Lethal and Tactical in the game.

    9) How about no? Secondaries are supposed to be a back-up plan when you're behind cover and there's no time to reload. If you want a faster switch speed use the perk (which is in the most flexable perk slot by the way.)

    10) This was the problem with having the AR57. A 1.8, hell even a 1.5, is a game changer in a 1v1 firefight. This game will not benefit from a 1 shot headshot mechanic due to the speed and the spray and pray mentality. If you look at games that do have this mechanic they're generally slower paced (Rainbow Six: Siege, I think Black Squad also has this mechanic).

    11) This just sounds awkward. We already have plenty of scopes for our rifle players.

    12) A few more achievements will be nice, I do admit. What do you mean by rebalance the old ones? You do earn various badges and emblems though achievements.

    13) Refer back to #9 to see my answer

    14) No, this game is a free to play game. The boxes they have are a way to keep financing the game. Let's not have them give away too much money.

    15) So like a trading mechanic? I don't see this ever being implemented, due to the nature of the game. This isn't CS:GO my fren.

    16) What does this even mean?

    17) They already get kicked though

    18) Most of these items don't need improving. The PP2000 is a solid little rushing gun, you just need to have decent aim, and extended mags helps a bit. PPBizon is a good weapon, it's like a P90 but with less recoil. Crossbow is a meme. You mean Semi-Auto Snipers right? They're strong, but they're a but more niche compared to the Bolts, this is prevelant in all games with Semi Snipers. Semi-ARs are strong, just takes a while to get used to.

    What the frick are you talking about when you say Jump Hack?

    In response that the crates are "gambling"


    gerund or present participle: gambling

    1. play games of chance for money; bet. "she was fond of gambling on cards and horses"

    To actually have gambling there has to be some monetary reward. Without the ability to trade the items we get out of the crates there's no reason to call it gambling. Yes you're putting a bit of money on the line in hopes of getting a skin. But again I restate that there's no gain, or loss to buying crates in a legal sense. We all know what we can get, and we can also use context clues to figure out the various rarities based just upon from opening crates in the past, along with looking at the designs in the "View Contents" section. Honestly, use your brains.

    Any questions?

    Its not a fake mag. There's no mag there to begin with.

    That is supposed to be a for an empty mag, meant to store spent bullets casings. without it, The casings just falls to the ground.

    This gun exists in real life too.

    Is it? I thought it would have just ejected the spent casings off to the side. AR57 and P90 firing systems are like the G11 (Space Kraut Magic) to me.

    Then instead of complaining try to come up with some potential solutions. It's the easiest way to make money, and for a game of this size, potentially the only way that's cost effective.

    Welp, sorry for the hiatus; got a bunch of irl stuff I had to take care of. Let's get into it

    Volit's Thoughts

    I'm going to be going over most (if not all) the newest implementations introduced earlier this week.

    Operation: Spring Cleaning

    Should have been called Hay Fever. I like this and the various stages, I'm only on the 150 kills due to not a lot of time to grind TDM. The rewards don't feel too small for what you're grind for. (150 kills for a shiny (literally) new toy?) The emblem and the banner both have very appealing designs, I give this section the Volitation Seal of Approval. Still need to grind out for that emblem.

    Fancy Shmacy Emotes

    I personally don't care about emotes all that much (Come In and Take a Breather are the only ones I need) But I would like to see a bunch of new emotes released in one big push. I would also like to see more unique emotes that aren't kinda campy. It's fine so it gets the VSA.

    What is this I see? A New Perk that makes the game Icy

    For those that somehow don't know the new perk is as follows:

    Quick Recovery

    -3rd Slot Perk

    -20% reduction in time to begin to regen health

    -20% faster health regen

    This perk can easily become a giant, but has a competing slot with Blast Defense, which will always be prevelant in gamemodes like Secure Point. QR will be more prevelant in TDM and S&D in order to get in to firefights more often. However if feel like 20% might not be enough, but more testing will be needed. This section gets the VSA.


    Get into a slump for a week that drops your KDA to 0.0001? Hit that reset button. VSA, next section.

    Skins, Wonderful Skins

    As a person who has been in the trading scene in both TF2 and CS:GO I have this special appreciation for skins. Most of the new firearm skins are simplistic and if they were more obtainable (being able to get other than opening boxes, just lemme buy them with Chips or something :( ) This section gets the VSA.


    New Features, New Me

    None of the new features are objectively bad, but there's a few things that won't change much gameplay wise. The biggest thing that might change is the change of PpM, dropping from 450 to 300. This will see a decrease in scorestreak usage, and will also help balance by making Hellbirds and Zeus streaks harder to obtain. I like this change a lot. Also it's a nice round number.

    Allied Tags: I'm not sure about this change. I like to be able to see where my teammates are when they're in front of me without having to look at the mini-map. If they could possibly do a border thing like Rainbow Six: Siege has that would be very nice. Or make it an option for the tags to toggle as you ADS.

    Waiting Room Time: I honestly have no idea why they increased the time. 40 seconds is more than enough time to select a loadout, if you know what you're doing. But more time means more time on my phone so I guess it works out in a weird way?

    Weapon Inspection: YES! YES! YES! YES!

    Balance Changes

    This part honestly surprised me, I knew that they were gonna nerf the AR57, but I expected them to have more than a single nerf for it. I'll go into this later on.

    I do appreciate the buffs to the semi-automatic rifles, especially the M39, as the recoil just felt like it was too much for what they were supposed to be. Although I'm not sure about buffing the CF-X50 to have more than 5 rounds in the magazine.

    Now onto the AR57, I feel as though the nerf wasn't enough. The main reason why it's so prevelant in this current meta is that it's basically an AR with SMG movement speed and firerate, with a massive magazine that promotes the spray and pray mentality. I've personally had to move away from AR57 because trying to switch from it to my DSR class was ruining my DSR playstyle (bit more reserved, safer picks). So what I recommend is to choose one of the following: Decrease the fire rate, or decrease the range.

    Any questions? Leave a comment below :)

    more scamboxes... No money for you, aeria

    I'mmm baaaack

    I wouldn't call them scamboxes, it's currently the only way that they are able to finance this game. Loot boxes are a menace in games that you're already dropped 40$-60$ on. But in a free to play model it's a good way to make a bit of income. a third of the boxes are obtainable through free in-game currencies. It's not a scam because there's a disclaimer whenever you click on a box, and it lists everything you can get.

    I'd love to buy a few of the community crates but at the moment I'm in a rough spot financially.

    I just want more character customization options. If you really think about it, there are only about 4 different kinds of armor, with the rest being re-skins. I also think smaller items should cost less, because gloves shouldn't cost the same as a vest, shirt, or pant item. It's such a minor cosmetic change that charging 8000 for it seems absurd.

    Gloves should cost more as it's the only cosmetic item (other than fire arm camos) that actually shows up on your screen. I personally have the purple gloves from out of the box and it's easily my favorite cosmetic.

    Honestly really happy that they're taking some of the feedback that many of us in the community have talked about.

    Really happy to see that they're looking at certain weapons and nerfing said weapons. AR-57 has been a problem and I'm excited to see how they nerf it. (Please be a damage reduction/fire rate reduction)

    That weapon skin seems of decent quality, and I love that badge that we can potentially earn. Gonna have to earn that as soon as I can.

    Can any of the mods leak anymore information to us?

    Does the game's character model currently have more than one region for the chest multiplier? I'm all for the change, but it may require larger more time intensive changes than what's being alluded to.

    I'm all for the handling around the snipers to change. The raise time and the "instant" accuracy as soon as the key for scoping in is pressed would otherwise punish bad positioning and reaction time.

    It might? I know the Thermal Sight seems to have different sections, but under the personal weapon stats there seems to be only one. It is kinda confusing.

    Maybe keep the instant accuracy but make it into a sweet spot mechanic (Like you have to click in a certain amount of frames to have perfect accuracy), helps promote skill, timing, and reflexes. Also gives snipers a chance to turn on a person and damage them.

    We could possibly go the route of TF2 and make the longer a scoper is ADSing the more damage it does, while having the shoulders and up always be an OHKO.

    I'll try to go point by point as best as I can.

    1) DSR is less of a run and gunner compared to the Blaser, along with having a slower rechamber time. (It has gottem me killed a few times)

    2) A CSGO style sniper wouldn't work in this game, far too fast paced. Pretty sure that's been brought up before

    3) I really disagree with this idea, because what's to prevent an entire team to run all Heavy? A movement debuff would be implemented, but then we see a surge in SMG usage, which is a problem in many CoD titles. (The SMGs, not the armor) I also feel like it would be unfair for people who don't decide to run Heavy, but instead run Medium and/or Light. The lighter the armor the quicker one would lose in a firefight. Again I can see this working with a slower game, however.

    4) I like the idea of increasing the rechamber time on the Blaser, but the DSR's rechamber time is far slower. Increasing the ADS time is probably the best solution that doesn't completely cripple the weapon type.

    5) DMRs needed to be buffed in damage, and allowing the fire rate to be higher without having to unlock the Hair Trigger. A long range Detecting Sight would have the same problem that the Target Finder had in BO2. For the sights there's already a 4x sight that's available to all AR and DMRs, but the sway is far too high to be used. I would like to see said sway to be reduced greatly so the attachment is actually usable.

    Howdy, most of you kinda know who I am so let's jump in.

    Bolt action snipers, fun to play with, terrible to play against. The main issue is with the netcode and as that's a fix that takes forever let's brainstorm ways to nerf bolt actions.

    I'm personally a scope player with the DSR, mainly because the Blaser needs to be nerfed asap. The DSR is in a much better place than the Blaser due to the longer time it takes to rechamber a round. So the main issue is the Blaser. Blaser is extremely strong in it's ability to rechamber along with the speed it allows you to move at. This promotes the idea of rush sniping which in general is a determent to the current meta, it's also the main offender when it comes to "shotgun sniping".

    What does one do to nerf a rifle?

    Easy, change the modifiers. Make the Blaser only OHKO from the shoulders up, increase the debuff to speed when a scope is active. Especially in the Blaser's case we should increase the time in between shots and create a debuff while moving to promote positioning and help the snipers value the worth of picks.

    Any other ideas? This thread isn't to complain, please have a nice discussion about potential nerfs.

    So what i can gather from this is you want competitive to be a combo of CS:GO and CoD. Here's my thoughts on the matter

    CS:GO is not a twitch shooter. CS is a slower more technical game compared to Call of Duty and Ironsight. To introduce boosts and such would be odd for a game of this category. Instead I would love to see a change that's similar to CS:GO.

    I would live to have grenades to bounce and roll like the 'Nades in CS:GO. Along with having the flashes effect be negated by looking away, which adds a bit of skill in identifying the tactical coming at you and making the decision to run or look away. Having the 'nades have a bit more bounce to them may introduce the skill of finding spawn 'nades (I've personally already discovered a few on Cloud 9). But we need to find a way to prevent the grenade meta prevalent in CoD4 so we're not forced to run Blast Protection at all times.

    Instead of outright banning drones I would love to see a pick-ban system that's used in TF2 but for non-whitelisted weapons. I would love to see what strategies that people can come up with. It would also introduce an element that the current competitive community seems to be scared to explore. Each team could get 3 bans each. It would go as follows:

    - Team 1 bans Hellbird

    - Team 2 bans Jammer Drone

    - Team 1 bans Recon Drone

    - Team 2 bans Zeus and Striker Drone

    - Team 1 bans Stalker

    This introduces the ability to make new strategies by using the unbanned drones. The one problem I can see is that most teams wouldn't ban the UAV and the Counter-UAV, but the benefit of that is the Counter-UAV is a hard counter to the UAV so that's worth it. (Not sure if it's clear but both teams cannot use the banned drones, whether it be banned by them or the opposing team.)

    I'm all for restricting the use of scopes in Ironsight. However I believe allowing two scopes would be a bit more fair, as it feels there's many more angles that need to be watched. Also restricting other weapons seems to be a way to cause a stagnant meta, which is unhealthy. I can see the meta becoming the following 2-2-1 split. 2 Scopes, 2 SMG, 1 Rifle. The rifle player would most likely become the support player, who I can see running various support utilitys such as Betties, C4, Claymores, EMP Launcher along with the mentioned lethals and Flashes with the perk "Magazine Pouches". The SMG players would play in a bit more of an aggressive position with the Snipers playing a bit passively on the bombsites. The rifle player would help reinforce the bomb site and most likely play as an "anchor".

    Sorry for the wall of text :/

    Because bolt action snipers need to "rack" a new round before firing again? Play smart, it seems like many people don't realize that a sniper can be flanked, along with them being vulnerable to things like flashes due to them not being able to spray around them.

    Along with that one shot kills (especially with snipers) have been prevalent in many arcade shooters in the past decade, so unless you're coming from a place with no background in these elements, you should be perfectly aware of said mechanics.

    If I'm correct even in the Call of Duty franchise the Sniper Rifles were never this out balanced. I presume this the case because of how the netcode is but cancer at the moment. I am hoping they get balanced when it comes to close range engagements because I find it hard to believe that the entire community that runs sniper rifles have God like reflexes and God like Aim. In my experience: Even if you get the drop on someone using a blaser or dsr-1 they some how do a reversal and say nah b**** you're dead. You can be 3 hits in and out of nowhere you get the beautiful overlay that shows you who killed you and with what. Along with his fantastic perks and attachments :)

    I think the main difference is the slow fire rate in the CoD games. I personally use the DSR because it feels more fair compared to the Blaser. And yeah all scope players are basically gods ;)

    In all honesty I'm all for a small nerf in movement speed and accuracy with the snipers. A person should not be able to rush mid and get a pick over a SMG player. Make snipers slower than ARs but faster than LMGs imo


    As of the last update my connection to the servers seems to have gotten worse. I used to consistently get 5 bars and now I bounce between 1 and 2 bars. It's mayhem when I'm trying to play the one gamemode that is most enjoyable to me, and it's the gamemode that punishes you the most (S&D).

    So my question is what I can do to help improve my connection with the game server. I also dislike how one person with bad ping will drag down the rest of the server because of latency.

    Been thinking about getting a Gray cancer ribbon in honor of my mom, dunno how to draw well at all. Wondering if you can go in and explain what you want to the artist.

    Welcome to why taunts in all games that have them are generally banned. *cough* TF2 *cough*

    These are a bit better because they're not cancel-able, but no noise like most taunts in TF2

    Sorry if my post came across as aggressive, it was more to continue the discussion on the quality of the skins. I'm aware of the creation events (I addressed this in my post). Again sorry if I came across as peeved.

    200$ in Dirty Bomb? I mean that does qualify you as a whale

    I was looking at the two examples not in the views of Ironsight but in general, I realize how much those character models cost. (But I mean sexy girls are worth it no?) I feel that this game is still a bit early on to get the real cool skins (I do like the Fire Monkey skins a lot, not enough to drop cash on them) Maybe if they provide us with a program we can create some truely cool skins that people may find worth in.

    Let's look at CS:GO as an example. Many skins are community made, but Ironsight doesn't have anything to help support creators the way that Valve does through the Steam Workshop. I am aware I am comparing a multi-million dollar business to a small game development studio but they could do something like this. I also feel as though they want to do something along these lines, and they've got a start through the Dog Tag competition.

    Another thing that we can do that I rememer being proposed is splitting the lootboxes up into 2: Cosmetics and Weapons + Attachments. This would help people that despise pulling cosmetics out of the free lootboxes that we receive (like me) and help others play "Fashionsight"

    Any thoughts?

    It's suppressor not silencer :cursing:

    As a sniper player I want something that's a bit more skill oriented, so I propose the M40A3, from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare fame.

    An idea that I have for it is to make it OHKO after hitting in the shoulders and up, and doing around 92 damage everywhere else. This would introduce two elements of skill: aim and positioning. If you don't OHKO with a headshot then you need to follow up with a few pistol shots to not kill yourself.

    An Assault Rifle that I'd personally like to see is the L85 (I have a thing for bullpup rifles)

    An SMG that I'd like to see is an SMG-11 or SMG-15 with extended mags. I feel that having a small pistol like gun could be a lot of fun along with playing around the strengths of maps like Mart and Cloud 9.

    Finally a shotgun that I think we can all agree on is a double barrel shotgun, but with an attachment option to cut off the barrels to give a movement boost.

    The game is F2P along with being in a beta, there's still many things that need to be worked out. To complain about cosmetics is to be completely unaware how games like this try to make money. There's two different strategies that seem to be most popular:

    Little Bits - These games play on the aspect that people will be spending a small amount of money frequently (think spending 2$ every week or biweekly). This is more dependent on most of the community spending a little bit frequently.

    Whaling - This is what Ironsight does, it holds out for the big cats who will drop 20$ minimum on the game for the various cosmetic items (think of the sexy girl skins and how much they cost). All the cosmetics are good quality, and all can combo to make a decent loadout. All the flashy skins with the bright colors are bought with chips or can be opened out of the loot boxes.

    Honestly be thankful that this game isn't P2W, cause a game of this quality could easily become a P2P game.

    Really getting sick of arlight64, I was really hopeful that he dropped off the map.

    C'mon dude, this game is in beta. It's gonna have some issues. It's also a really early beta at that. Instead of making these posts that work to do nothing other than complain and troll, create a legitimate post outlining all your concerns and ideas for solutions. I've done this myself on my thread about the Ar57, and the response was good. I recommend doing that or leaving this community, because (as I see it), you're not entirely welcome here.