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    Значение "Мобильность" в ТТХ оружия означает скорость бега. Чем выше этот параметр, тем быстрее ты бегаешь с тем или иным оружием. Самый быстрый бег с ПП, самый медленный с пулеметом и болтовкой DSR-1.

    The value of "Mobility" in the TTX of weapons means how fast you run with this or that weapon. The fastest run with a submachine gun, the slowest run with a machine gun and DSR-1 rifle.

    With a similar problem encountered players from Russia. Try changing keyboard layout to EU.

    Проблема в основном у русский игроков. Нужно сменить раскладку клавиатуры с RU на EU и будет тебе счастье. Проверено - работает.

    1. Hello everyone, I ran into the problem of disconnecting from the server. Ping in the game 45-50, but after 2-6 minutes of the match I disconnects from the server.
    2. How can I improve the situation? I'm in Russia, the city of Belgorod. Problems in other games there. Tried to use another
    3. Interent provider, the situation does not vary.
    4. Antivirus is disabled, the firewall is also disabled.
    5. How can you fix the situation or is this problem already known and working on it?