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    Look, when snipers move they need to have sway, blur, and punishment. It feels like you barely have to stop moving when using the sniper to hit accurate shots, and that's really bad.

    Flash-bangs are useless. Flash-bangs need to work like Counter-strike to where anyone looking at the flash will be blind with distance having an impact. For example if i'm 5 feet away staring at the flash i'll be full white but if i'm 30 feet away looking at the flash i'm not really blind at all. That'll make the game way more competitive and add a way to not get sniped in small corridors.

    If i'm going to be honest the maps don't feel that good to play. There is so much that goes into it that I could write a page talking about it. Obviously this game takes after CoD and so does the maps and that's where I feel like the maps failed. Larger-slower paced maps with open sky boxes and the basic 3-route entry would be the pinnacle of map-making. People enjoy watching and playing Counter-strike because you have to use your brain in order to take map control and eventually win rounds. You can't do that if you get to the bombsite at the same time the CT side gets to the bombsite which is the case for the map Dam. Just look at CS and why their maps are held at such a high regard and why their Dust-2 Map has been implemented into more F2P games than I can count.

    This game is very smooth and that is something I haven't seen in a F2P in a long time and that's something you need to take advantage of. This is a gem and needs to be maintained as such.