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    Its not just the EU - I am playing NA and keep getting party match making error with friends gotta keep reinviting them to party because it kicks them and takes forever for it to register them joining the team. Just being all weird today and yesterday as I started a 2 days ago this issue wasn't here.

    Whats going on people! Jehan here from - Some of you already know me for those of you that don't we trying to build up a medium sized unit that we can run some custom SnD matches together with a little bit of Realism which will require a small rule set for you to go by on our custom games. Also doing some reg SnD and some ranked SnD. Looking for Mature players pref 21+ but will make some exceptions. English speaking and we do use discord. So feel free to leave a comment here or add me on Discord. Jehan#3374 I will update the post to look a bit better when I have more time! Thanks.