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    I'm not even really sure if what you suggested isn't already in the game - does the accuracy not get worse when hipfiring for a bit? I never realized this.

    Yes it does get worse, but it follows a ln(x) curve. I'm suggesting an ex curve instead, and there will be a cap, of course, on the maximum inaccuracy it can reach.

    Why not simply tweak hipfire, both buffing and nerfing?

    Basically, make the inaccuracy increase exponentially, such that the accuracy on the first few shots are better than before, but then makes continuous fire more of a liability than before.

    This would reward the player for hip firing in CQC with an SMG, but not so much at mid-range, where ARs are likely to start dominating the SMGs in terms of practical TTK. (accuracy of SMGs becomes too unreliable to maintain their "textbook TTK" value).

    With the laser sight attachment, this "effective accuracy range" will be increased instead of increasing the base accuracy.

    Also, I have been running experiments with the guns and noticing something really weird:

    > First of all, why does the P90 have a static recoil pattern? Its only the P90 has this and it makes it possible to fully compensate it's recoil

    > Secondly, it looks the hipfire is following a pattern. There are some instances where some guns gets near-perfect accuracy once every 2 shots in some guns. In others, its once every 3 or 4 shots. not really sure if this is RNG luck, or something intentional.

    Personal suggestions:

    >Bring back the old scope.

    >Remove SP bullets. Permanently implement AP bullet effects on all guns to fix the crappy penetration mechanic. (removing the bullet attachment slot along as well).

    >With the bullet attachment slot now gone, implement a 3rd attachment slot in its stead.

    The visibility is pretty bad compared to the other maps. It's too littered with objects, textures and distinct colors for how big (and comparatively complex) the map is.

    Agreed. The map is pretty complex on its own and adding too many props just makes it even more complex. No one takes complexity of this scale positively.

    In most cases, I find myself hitting a prop while trying run for cover (I play far back). There's just too many unnecessary props that makes holding angles in Snd very weird.

    The middle section is garbage. There are three very distinct angles you need to check when running into it from the side, and because of the way spawns work, you need to check every single one, making it a gamble every time. The inpenetratable glass adds to the issue. Right now I find myself just always avoiding entering it from the sides.

    Also Agreed. The three lane structure of this map that wiple (and most game devs) tried to pull off here increased the map pressure in one area because on how the side lanes connect to the middle. It all converges to the center, making it almost impossible to hold it, and it is right next to a bombsite as well.

    Just relocate the doors where one is closer to northern entrance and the other closer to the southern one, or have the northern entrance come in through the side This reduces the angles to hold to 2. Much easier.

    Netcode fix won't happen this year sadly because apparently the fix for the "i killed you across the map standing still" bug was unsafe. They did, however, mention the third HQ report coming up along with (probably) the December/Christmas update. I would like to see how hey re-establish full communication with the community with this "HQ report 3" again.

    EDIT: I think they just gave the Christmas update now.

    Look, if you think they provide "massive" advantage, use them. They're cheap, the reward from 2/3 matches is enough to buy them.

    That's not the case. I can use them, but its not competitive.

    Look, with SP bullets, winning confrontations becomes dependent upon who is running and gunning and fires first. It no longer matters if you aim better than the other player, as long that player is using SP bullets and is jumping around like a frog, you won't win the fight unless if he's that bad.

    SP bullets promotes run&gun and discourages other playstyle forms. If the devs want to game to be competitive like they planned, they need encourage all playstyles, not just run and gun.

    currently, long range playstyles, particularly passives ones, are discouraged by this bullet attachment due to the kickback affecting their aim at longer ranges. Some guns in ironsight almost demands passive playstyles like the DMRs, AN94, CFX50 and PSG1. These "slow weapons" need some ranged battles to truly excel. The map design in ironsight is already bad enough for them, and SP bullets makes them obsolete. This is why you don't see these weapons being used much.

    I personally agree to have the bullet attachments removed from the game and replace it with a 3rd attachment slot. For sniper rifles, we could have AP bullets as a 3rd attachment (because SR currently have only 2 attachments worth applying.). But SP bullets need to be completely removed from the game.

    That A-site reminds me of de_aztec.

    I'd like to say something:

    > The drone that hides you from Hellbirds, blade drones, observer drone, spy drone and metal reapers is the "Jammer Drone". It looks like a spy drone. The UAV Jammer does not seem to work against them.

    > Soft point bullets affects drones that players have control of. I noticed this when I was using a metal reaper and turns out my view jolted violently when some dude with an AR57 was using soft point bullets opened fire at me. I could not even hit the guy with my view going everywhere. I have experienced similar things with the hellbird and observer drone.

    > Personally, if the enemy calls a hellbird, I tank it with 2 mags of my SVD or CFX50 (usually works) . Better yet to use an LMG instead.

    > Suggestion of changes: why not give a weakpoint on these king of drones? Like as if it will take only 2 shots from a DSR1 to take it down if you hit its 2 propeller motors?

    This is not necessarily a problem with the P90 and AR57, because as cristanomtd said, they suck at long ranges.

    The problem comes with the map design. Almost all maps are 70% CQB and there are little areas for longer ranged combat, and those areas are already occupied by snipers. Maps are also heavily littered with unnecessary props, making it a perfect place for SMGs

    Since changing map design is not an option as it is too extensive, one might tweak the guns. Personally, I would like a tweak on how hipfire works in the game instead of nerfing it, or how movement accuracy and recoil is handled. Right now, P90 recoil is drastically reduced if you walk left. This needs to be fixed.

    As for the AK12, yeah it desperately needs a buff. Currently it is an inferior AK47 is all stats. Maybe just reduce its recoil to that similar to the K2C?

    Apparently, the designer team (one responsible for creating skins) are able to make skins faster than the team responsible for increasing the performance of the game (Skins are easier to make than programming the game) . As a result, the skins are implemented first.

    I am not sure, but I think the team that is supposed increase performance of the game is also the ones responsible for fixing bugs. if thats the case, then it means that they actually are working on it, but has to fix bugs as well. Maybe thats why its taking time? Again, I'm not sure.

    Maryjohana Only the HK and M39 DMRs of the assault rifles can oneshot on the head. (but the range at which they can do this is limited.)

    Same applies for semi automatic sniper rifles. The BlaserR93 can oneshot at chest and head and the DSR1 can oneshot at stomach, chest and head.

    2) melee only oneshots when you right click. If you left click it does 50 damage instead. If you press "E", you need to be very close to the enemy to initiate the right click attack automatically. If there is some distance when you press "E", it does a left click attack instead (which does 50 damage).

    3) Attachments like mod rifling and precision barrel are actually very effective. You can try watching Gnomedalf's videos on youtube, where he does a more detailed explanation about all of them.

    Remember that the UDP change is only the first step of incoming netcode changes to eliminate those issues ^^

    Certainly. But one thing I do fear, is that players will be teleporting through walls instead of phasing through them (happened quite a lot when the game was on UDP before) . So the movement update rate needs to be amped up to minimize this.

    However, increasing the update rate has one problem: It will degrade the game's performance now that the client has to upload a lot more data than before. So the devs also need to make the game perform better (there are ways to do this). Judging how small the dev team is, this is going to take a while

    But what exactly is in the priority list? I'm pretty sure everyone would like to see it. From every update I see, skins are given a higher priority than increasing performance.

    Its ironic really. The devs clearly stated that they wanted to get the game run on as much low end PCs as possible. On every update, game performance gets progressively worse.

    And let's not forget the ryzen users.

    Umm... "Hitmarker is all I get"? Are you aiming at the legs or something? I play on a s***ty intel n3050 and while the framerates is terrible, its not unplayable. Most of my deaths were due to skill difference. Not because of players playing on better PCs.

    But if you think you can play ironsight in 9fps, you're not doing it right, mate. Its like playing Crysis on an office PC.

    I feel your movement doesn't ping back or update fast enough because of situations where you have clearly ran away and reach cover and said enemy still kills you though the walls/buildings! Switching to UDP will fix this issue.

    No, it won't.

    UDP is a protocol. A protocol is a set of rules on how the communication between the client (you) and the server will work. It simply ignores packets that are lost/outdated. Ironsight's servers have a sluggish movement update rate. Therefore, if a player who is seeing you outside of cover, whereas in your end you are behind cover, you will still take damage because the server did not update your position to your enemy in time. Hence, UDP does not see the enemy's packet an "outdated" packet, because on the enemy's side, it is not outdated.

    What UDP will do, is that it will significantly reduce trade killing, and "enlarged hitboxes", but to fix the issue of getting shot through cover, the server needs to increase its movement update rate.

    Then why not (in secure point, ofc) that a normal kill counts 50 points, whereas a killing an enemy player off the point counts 120. At the same time, increase the points gained per second to 15 points instead of 10. Alongside this, kill an enemy player whos was attacking one of you teammates who was 5m in vicinity from the point will reward 85 points instead of 50.

    Is it really that hard to avoid the hellbird's fire? Can you really not resist going out to the open?

    If it is to take a point or getting resources, then use the Jammer drone (NOT THE UAV JAMMER). The jammer drone hides you from the Hellbird and Metal reaper's vision. It does not need much points either. This drone also hides you from UAV, Spy-Drone as well as Blade-drone

    In my experience in playing the game, Its just super easy to avoid it. At times the hellbird has to fire at very odd angles, making it easier for you to hide, especially in Dam map, where the crane gets in its way. If the hellbird is spamming the point or something, use the jammer drone and shoot it behind cover. The hellbird player can't see where you are and will waste time trying to find you.(harder to see players while you are up in the air, even harder if you use the Jammer.).

    Bonus fact: Soft point bullets affects drones as well. Go figure.