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    Yeah, that happens when you get Desynced. Happens quite a lot in Ironsight's servers. One workaround is by using quick melee (E) when you are at literal hugging distance from the enemy. Your character will automatically aim at the enemy and will guarantee the knife kill, even if the enemy tries to spray you down, the knife kill should still register as long as you see your character automatically aiming at the enemy with the knife.

    Also, try not to knife while running at an enemy, because the server might still think you are not close enough and not register the knife kill, even if in your end, you see that you are (everything is pretty much server-sided in ironsight).

    Completely disagree about the hipfire. I feel it works well in close quarters, as it should, and the advantage moves to ADS at a sensible distance.

    Nerfing hipfire would make the game slower, less skillful, and less fun.

    Tbh, many people has stated the opposite thing before, saying hipfiring is less skillful and less fun.

    Both hipfire and ADS is situational. You don't hipfire on long ranges and ADS in CQB, which you already know.

    Honestly though, it depends on how players like to play, and thus, I think it would be wrong to say nerfing hipfire makes game less skillful and less fun.

    I don't think hipfiring is "broken" and, hence, it does not deserve a nerf, but I will say hipfire is more advantageous to use than ADS for factors not relating to hipfire itself, but due to other completely different factors that indirectly affects it, like Map design (high prop density in most maps), SP bullet attachments severely affecting long range battles rendering ADS useless, sight crosshair design defeating it's actual purpose, Jumping, proning mechanics (not talking about dropshooting), Map dynamics, netcode etc.

    Fixing these will, I believe, ultimately fix the hipfire-ADS relationship in the game while not touching hipfire and ADS themselves.

    ANOTHER THING: I see most players playing the game in high FOV since Ironsight is a fast paced twitch shooter, which makes everything look further away. This may look like they get a long range shot by hipfiring.

    Me explaining all my above reasons will require a thread tho. (a reply won't cut it)

    This is really disappointing, and those chips shouldn't even be in the box. It's only 30 chips, which is likely to have > 50% chance of getting considering the droprates of most boxes. with that you can only get another lootbox(with an even worser droprate), or some dumb charm slot.

    Now, I have an even more reason to not to spend any money on these "scamboxes" $45 is 3670tk in my country. I'm not spending that much on digital stuff that doesn't even look that good for the price and lets not forget that you very likely spent $45 on 30 chips.

    My money is better spent on a CSGO key for $2.45 and get a guaranteed weapon skin than $45 for a chance to get a weapon skin in ironsight

    Hell, even mobile games like standoff 2 has better skins and microtransaction handling than this and while some of them look similar to CSGO skins, the ones are not are still far better.

    Brightening up the map sounds nice to me, because one of the main problems of removing name tags was target identification, since you don't know if that dude far away (or through glass) is an enemy or not. I'm glad for this change.

    Question: will there be a 3rd round of PTS access?

    Turn on V sync. Sometimes, particle effects like explosions and bullet traces can cause excessive screen tearing when in high amounts like in firefights, which can limit your performance.

    Are you sure that each of the K2C patterns is fully deterministic?

    Last time I checked, it was. Atm I can't check it now cause of university (I'm in dorm) so I can't tell if wiple changed it later on. But there must be a deterministic pattern. If there wasn't, then it does not explain the P90's recoil always going up and to the right.

    Thank u kayne, very cool. But theres no recoil patterns in this game, everything is random like u stated, U can't take "recoil patterns" into one of the reasons when u immedietly say next sentence sa58 has more "randomness". Scars recoil is easier to manage cuz it shoots slower, doesnt mean someone who can hit his shots with sa58, can't outgun/outaim/outdmg a SCAR. From what I remember sa58 also has higher headshot dmg : ) Both guns even eachother out. If u can't play one of them, its you, not the gun. That's the point of this discussion. Gun isn't inconsistent, it's you who is.

    *what i meant by recoil randomness i meant, it either goes in right or left direction each time u start shooting. U can't call it a pattern since patterns can be learnt.
    **Can't learn something that is random, since learning patterns mean u can tell where your shots will go and how u need to move your mouse to hit all your shots in "same" spot.
    ***All u can do is be ready to counter either left or right ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ which u can get used to, but not learn it

    My wording of calling "randomness" a "pattern" was wrong, I'm sorry. English was not my first language.

    My post was mainly to discuss the SA58 having more randomness in its recoil than the SCAR-H and what "might" make the gun feel inconsistent, and not to "learn" any pattern. I was emphasizing the word "might" because it may or may not be inconsistent, depending on the player. (Yes, I should have mentioned this as well).

    Also, saying that there is no recoil pattern (one that you mean) would be wrong, I think. because there actually is multiple "patterns" in 2 guns I know of. (unless if wiple changed it, for which I'm sorry).

    The K2C has 3 different recoil patterns. Two goes to the right, one goes to the left. Which one you will get however will be random so it doesn't look like there are any patterns. This is extremely difficult to compensate since you don't know which one you'll get. The pattern changes if you use a muzzle brake, I think, although I rarely use the muzzle brake.

    The P90 has a static recoil pattern, with only minor fluctuations (which I believe is in it's pattern set [due to a lack of a better word thats what I'm calling it] )

    It will always go up and to the right.

    I believe other guns have a pattern set they follow, but I didn't test it at that time since I was too lazy to do this for all guns

    I have a topic to discuss about the AK12.

    While it's completely inferior to the AK47, I would like to test its accuracy and recoil recovery rate. In my end, I think the AK12 recovers faster than the AK12, but I'm not sure if thats just me, so I would like someone to test it as well, if it isn't too much to ask.

    The reason for this is only to check whether it's a better gun to use in a burst-fire manner than in automatic compared to its counterparts (I'm leaning on "no" but still worth a test)

    How is it inconsistent? It's almost the same as the Scar. Literally the only diffrence is that the SA has more ROF whilst having 2dmg points lower.

    There is also another difference: Recoil pattern.

    While number wise, SA has a better recoil stats than SCAR, however, in practical scenarios, thats really not the case.

    SA58 recoil pattern has more horizontal randomness than the SCAR, whereas the SCAR has less horizontal randomness, but more vertical climb.

    Compensating vertical climb is easier than horizontal randomness, so in the end, SCAR's recoil become easier to manage, and the SA58 "might" feel inconsistent. However, that's not the only thing thats different:

    Both the SCAR - H and the SA58 has a chest multiplier of 0.9 while the scar h deals slightly more damage, this can make a difference if your shots are a head - torso combo.

    In this aspect, the SCAR retains it's 3 shot ability, but the SA58 becomes a 4 shot in a head to torso combo shots.

    (note: I'm coloring words cuz simply to highlight, and it looks cool too.)

    Map design, I would like to add, also plays a vital role in balancing weapons. Most maps have a rather unnecessary high prop count, giving the feel that there is an SMG meta (even if the weapon itself is balanced) because most of the confrontations would be close quarters.

    Some maps, like Titan, has a decent prop count to size ratio, and you can even dominate the map with a CFX50 or the AK12. I would say that Titan is a "balanced" map. There's no too many open areas, and no too many CQ areas. Either that, or I'm being biased about it.

    Oceanfront has a different issue. Its balanced at first, but when the ship comes in, the balance starts to shift. It becomes CQB geared. However, as the crane removes containers, it becomes more or less balanced again.

    Almost all the maps in Ironsight are "dynamic". While this is fun, it might catch players off guard about what kind of play should they adopt in that certain maps. Since you can't change the dynamics, you can change prop counts. Increasing it would make the map CQB dominant, decreasing it would make it LRB dominant.

    Whenever a weapon is in its niche of any dynamic map, it'll do great. So what I'm suggesting is to change the prop counts of certain maps that every weapon has a niche in it.

    It will take you 4 hours of total gameplay to unlock a skinned gun (40k GP) assuming you are earning 300 to 500 GP per match excluding the achivements and dailies, that is if I recall my calculations correctly from another thread "Skins and microtransactions are overpriced" . So even with repair costs, getting all of the guns shouldn't take too long. There isn't much grinding compared to other F2P games I know.

    As for grenades, although it does not seem too big of an issue, I would like them to be permanent as well.

    The server is located in Europe, so North/South American and Asian to Oceanian players had to join a server that is very far from them, so high ping is expected.

    I'm more interested on the "Anti camp" measure, which more likely is to help us distinguish who is the enemy and who is not by improving the lighting and textures.

    Battlenonsense did a netcode analysis and concluded the same results as a you did, sqroot ,but thats only the movement delay.

    Weapon firing delay is however very low, as a result, it further worsens the problem of getting shot through walls, because your bullets update faster than player movement

    I personally think that by simply amping up the movement update rate could solve most of the common problems with the netcode.

    Wew, haven't seen a 1024x768 screenshot in quite a while. Are you really running the game at 40fps? My condolensces.

    I can assure you I don't get 40 fps xD (ever since I upgraded to say the least). I turned up the quality of the shaders which really botched my fps (hence the resolution). Usually I get 60 capped.

    Try making a game with the scope of ironsight, with only 20 people instead of 100 - 200 like in other companies and while under budget.

    Also, do you want a fixed netcode, or more content? You can only pick one and not both because you are under budget. Which would you pick?

    Technically speaking, there has been content. Metaphorically speaking, the game hasn't changed.

    I am not really surprised by this anymore though. A 20 man dev team (apparently) on budget feels too small for a game like ironsight. :-\

    I have a gold cf-x50. Why did I grind a weapon that people say its the worst SR in comparism to the others? I don't know, I just like it.

    As for a gold weapon, you could just get the gold K2C first like me :S. But it's your choice. The Gold MG3 is also a good one also

    I mean like science, u use hypothesis and trial and error to test experiments due to unknown results. But if the results are already known, theres no need to test much.

    Yeah but if the results are bad, further changing and testing is required. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I generally get an offer if I start using a weapon that I rarely used. You could try that and see if that works.

    I keep getting dsr offers

    I keep getting cfx50 offers (yes, I main a cfx50) which only changes when I use a different weapon. So yeah.

    I'm not quite understanding what you mean here, but I think you mean that you are being killed by seemingly no one. That can be due to a the netcode where a player is seemingly invisible. This is client-sided, meaning that other players can see the player normally, but it is just you who glitched. To fix it, you could rejoin the match (i.e. leave and then immediately press play).

    since it destroys the reaper in around 4 shots.

    That doesn't seem true. I've tanked it with all 6 shots and it only got down half health.

    how can i kill metal reaper?

    im new to to the game..


    Ideally, if you see the metal reaper, run like hell :S

    If you are bent on taking it down, take a fast firing weapon and use soft point bullet to disorientate the user with the flinch (for what ever the reason, the metal reaper can get "flinched", which make no sense.) this only happens on drones that requires player operation.

    Buff SMGs that the first 7 bullets fired are near accurate (say 70%, but it may vary), but after that, have them be CFX50 hipfire inaccurate such that continuous spray at anything but close range is a liability. To regain the original accuracy, release mouse1 for ,lets say, 0.7 seconds (this will also vary between SMGs).

    This might make SMGs overtake the sniper in CQB, but the snipers will now have an edge over the SMGs in long ranges, as it should be. If the sniper can still get the SMG player in CQB, it will be a difference in skill.

    Snipers were already nerfed where now they ads slower and effect of the straight pull attachment was halved. Nerfing any more would be impractical.

    The only way I can think of to achieve that is to make them wildly inaccurate while unscoped and increase the length of the scoping action to prevent quick scoping.

    Tbh this would not be a good idea. The pace of the game promotes quickscoping at many instances and in some cases, it is the only option.

    The reason why I say this is due to pure map design. There are too many props in most maps giving a lot of corner battles. When a sniper comes to the corner, quickscoping is the better option. Besides, if they can quickscope, they are pretty skilled to deserve that kill.

    A better option would be to buff all other weapons, specially those that needs buffing, like the AK12.