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    As an Asian player with 270ms ping, and with 160hrs into the game, I agree with most of your points. Right now I just play this game once a week or so, unlike everyday like I used to before the patch.

    Right now I only need an Asian server. I can tolerate a lack of content, but really a server for Asian/Oceania players would be a miracle right now.

    But oOk, so Misfire , are you saying this desyncs, as you like to call, is normal in Ironsight ?

    I'm not Misfire, but yes. Desyncs (Desynchronizations) is extremely common in ironsight.

    Adding to the fact that the game updates player movement 25 times per second (which is very bad for a game like ironsight), this can make every player see you before you see them.









































    Thats what it looks like. I have removed tags under the [Banner] and [Input] headings as those are not relevant in this matter. You'll notice that there is quite a lot of "off"s. But "off" simply means it's lowest possible value, and therefore it doesn't actually turn it off. vege_quality=off is a line that previously removed plants, however, recent updates has fixed it and now it only lowers quality. Currently, I'm on a better build, so I don't have to do this anymore, but I kept the ini file from my old laptop.

    Here's a screenshot from what it looked like from my old laptop (the skin is white, but thats only because my laptop is too slow to load skins immediately x) )

    NOTE: Updates may have changed how each line now works. Therefore, I highly recommend to test this on a new account instead of your main one (in case EAC is triggered by this) When I tested , EAC did not see this as a bannable act, but it's better to play safe by testing on a new account.

    Here's the link to the ini file (ironsight_local_ini).…8NORxGr1s1F7OlDo6M0FI76qb

    I always thought the Ultimax was underpowered among the LMGs. Nearly every weapon category has that one weapon that is considerably weak. In AR's it's the AN94 (decent weapon at range though), in Snipers, it's the CF-X50, SMGs, some say it's either the Vector or the PDR-C (I rarely use either, so...).

    For these kinds of weapon, I think they ask for a different playstyles than their counterparts. Prior the update, I used the Ultimax to camp a hallway or lock down a chokepoint. Instead of holding mouse one, I would spam it. Worked well, better than the MG3, whose high firerate would throw the reticle off.

    I haven't used it in this update (been playing ironsight a lot less since the repair cost changes) , so idk how it works now. But it is definitely one of the most underpowered guns in the game.

    I certainly do hope that either GP rewards are increased, repair costs are decreased or item prices are decreased such that gaining GP does not become a burden anymore.

    One thing everyone should know, is that one of the main reasons why a player grinds so hard in a videogame, is purely because of rewards. If the rewards are lackluster, or is hindered in any way, players simply won't grind anymore, and will move on.

    Rewards should defiantly be worth of the grind.

    Scopes are for ranged combat, utilising single or burst fire.

    This is an area I strongly believe Ironsight currently lacks in. Players frequently report that they can hipfire decently at ranged combat. Either that, or everyone is the game is playing at 90 degree FOV.

    Tbh, I keep thinking map design, like how likely you are going to confront someone at which range, plays a bigger role on whether a player will hipfire or ADS. What do you guys think?

    i mean in reallife you also can jump and duck multible times or ?

    I wouldn't put real life stuff in a videogame, and even in real life, you can't jump or duck multiple times like in Ironsight simply because your leg will start hurting due to the burden of carrying an LMG around. Same goes to a real life soldier. The soldier never immediately couch shot/ dropshot when they see an enemy. They are trained to stick and work together as a team, and therefore, avoids every situation where one might crouch/dropshoot in ironsight.

    Real life gun-gun, soldier-soldier battle are VERY slower than what movies and videogame portray. because the 2 sides in question actually does NOT want to kill each other at all.

    asian server is needed and some way to russians to play with us again

    How is Asian server related to Russia being able to play with us again?

    As long as Russia does not give Aeria games the right to publish games in their country, Russian players can never really play with us.

    The only other workaround is for Russian players to use VPN, which is unrecommended due to legal reasons.


    I used to play on an intel n3050 1.6Ghz processor. Intel HD graphics

    Hitting 28fps. Luxury!

    If you want, you can go to the ironsight_local.ini file and set all quality items to "off". This will make the game run on the absolute lowest possible settings, as well as being able to set your resolution to 800x600. This will botch all graphical quality (perfect!). However, DO NOT set TextureQuality = "off", for this in my end, caused more drops in FPS. set it to "low" instead. If you see blank fields in your in-game advanced video options, then you have done it correctly.

    You should hit 40fps, with 30 being average. Also, turn on V sync. This can help eliminating frame stutters on extreme particle effect situations (like gun smoke when shooting). V sync gave me best results :)

    Since last update, im killed alot after i kill the player.. or simply killed by a ghost.. nobody around, no red body for showing who killed me, or no name of who killed me. Its very annoying.

    Similar problem. However, I'm facing little to no trade kills, just the usual through wall kills that Ironsight always had due to it's movement update being at 25Hz

    As for the Ghosts kill, I get that a lot. The kill feed also does not say anything about who it was. When I look down at kill info, I see "tf_callsign_my" and "tf_callsign_foe" as well as "tf_wname". these seems to be wiple Variable Names, that were not assigned a value. So I'm guessing the "Ghost" player is just someone who has failed to load in our end. This problem was prevalent to me after the UDP change tho.

    so far there are no plans for an asian server yet. The current focus is on improving the game before extending the game on more servers. Once more news arrive, we will let you know

    With all due respect, Helix, I understand that improving the game is a top priority, however, after the recent changes to the connections on how Ironsight handles hit registrations, as an Asian player, I'm getting more unregistered shots. 1 out of 3 bullets are unregistered. While the upside is that trade kills is mostly gone now for me, I would much appreciate that, at least, some plans are now underway for a server for Oceania and Asian players, like where will it be (personally suggesting on Indonesian region for ping convenience for both Asian and Oceanian players).

    Again, this is not to pressure. I definitely see Ironsight has improved from what it was before, and I absolutely want to see an improved experience for all players.

    (like no sound or random reload noises and not being able to use items)

    I thought they added some ghosts in the maps when I started hearing random reload noises and then look around to see no one. Freaked me out the first few times.

    Also, I'm not sure about you, but everything seems a lot... shiny? Sometimes, it's kinda blinding, also, I have seen random flickering in lights when I move around. Might be a graphical bug. I also think they increased HUD scaling. Texts are kinda bigger now.

    Also this:


    They increased the line thickness of scopes like the Long Eye scope, making it's center more defined, which I like. Much easier to aim now.

    And seemingly enough, no one like the repair costs changes. I did a match with the DSR1 and got 472GP reward, but the repair costs turned out to be 403GP. So, I only earned 69 GP which is really disheartening. This hurts any incentive to play a match now :( . They either need to lower the repair costs, or increase the match rewards.

    A thing about the battle pass, There is no rewards after Tire 20 (Root BlaserR93) in the BASIC category, which is kinda bad, since as you said, players are unlikely to grind something so much for so little gain.

    Honestly, the repair costs changes is the biggest thing players are hating this update. Everyone much prefer repair costs to be reverted back to the way it was.


    High-Ping Limit: Users whose average ping is above 400ms will be disconnected from the game rooms.
    Trade Kills: More restrictive measures on server-side have been applied to avoid users being able to still kill with their last shots after they have died. This measure is not applicable to projectile-based weapons such as crossbows or grenade launchers.

    Now this would be a good time for a server(s) for the Asian and Oceanian players (maybe in the Indonesian region?). Because a significant portion of the playerbase are these players (Not to mention some of your partners). Plans for this would be very appreciated now.

    Ping restriction was added, but the value of 400 before you get removed from the game is laughable ... the usual hardcore redpingers are still there and the 3-4 bar players are still laughing at players with very good ping.

    Doubt it. As a person playing from Asia, I get around 272 ping max. Now I just get more unregistered shots on automatic weapons, meaning to me, players are now even stronger bullet sponges.

    I honestly think NOW would be a really good time to add a server on the Singapore/Indonesian region, that way, Asian and Oceanian players can play together with low enough pings since I think higher pings are now what causing unregistered shots...

    Oh my. There's another big change: Buffering has been added. This buffes semi-autos a lot.

    EDIT: The hit confirmation thing is probably on my end, I am laggy as hell. I think I'll wait until tomorrow to properly play.

    You are not the only one facing this. While trade kills are almost non existent now, there are more unregistered shots in my end too (playing from Asia).

    One thing I would like to say. I think the overall goal of this global FR nerf might be to force players to ADS over hipfire, because with recoil improvements in some guns and fire rate decrease makes it easier to handle recoil. Including that, HS multiplier of some guns were increased give some players an incentive to aim at the head. Moreover, the increase in crosshair size might have been to make it harder to aim while hipfiring.

    I do appreciate the buffering on semis. They needed this.

    With this patch, all weapons have been tweaked. Find below the new modifications:

    • Slight delay to shooting or sprinting after a jump over an obstacle.
    • EMP effect enhancement: After being hit by an EMP effect you are unable to call in drones for a few seconds.
    • Cross Hair Size increased for ARs, SMGs and LMGs.
    • Headshot damaged increased and abdominal damaged reduced for: G36C, MSBS 556B, M4 ACC-M, AN94, and Ultimax 100.
    • Minimal Damage Upgraded for ARX160, M4 ACC-M, AUG A3, AK47, G36C, TAR-21, MSBS 556B.
    • Throwing weapon speed increased by 20% (except Throwing and Explosive Knives).
    • "Nimble Hands" skill effect decreased from x3 to x2 animation speed.


    • Range increased from 53 to 58
    • Recoil control increased from 52 to 54
    • Rate of Fire decreased from 63 to 60


    • Recoil control decreased from 70 to 67
    • Rate of Fire decreased from 70 to 65


    • Range decreased from 55 to 51
    • Rate of Fire decreased from 72 to 67


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 51 to 41


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 74 to 69

    FAMAS G2

    • Rate of Fire decreased from 87 to 80


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 80 to 75

    MSBS 556B

    • Range decreased from 60 to 57
    • Recoil control decreased from 72 to 65
    • Rate of Fire decreased from 74 to 69

    M4 ACC-M

    • Range decreased from 48 to 46
    • Rate of Fire decreased from 76 to 72


    • Range increased from 43 to 47
    • Recoil control increased from 57 to 63
    • Rate of Fire decreased from 74 to 69

    AUG A3

    • Recoil control decreased from 69 to 64
    • Rate of Fire decreased from 67 to 62


    • Range decreased from 58 to 53
    • Rate of Fire decreased from 69 to 64

    SA58 OSW

    • Range decreased from 53 to 50
    • Rate of Fire decreased from 67 to 59


    • Range increased from 46 to 53
    • Rate of Fire decreased from 61 to 56

    M39 EMR

    • Rate of Fire decreased from 53 to 49


    • Range decreased from 58 to 57
    • Recoil control increased from 86 to 90
    • Rate of Fire decreased from 67 to 62


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 91 to 85


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 93 to 86


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 91 to 85

    P90 TR

    • Rate of Fire decreased from 100 to 92


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 83 to 77

    MP5 A5

    • Rate of Fire decreased from 87 to 80


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 108 to 100

    LWRC 45

    • Rate of Fire decreased from 72 to 67


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 84 to 78


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 89 to 82


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 21 to 20


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 23 to 21


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 25 to 23


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 81 to 75

    Ultimax 100

    • Rate of Fire decreased from 67 to 62


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 94 to 87


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 69 to 64


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 56 to 52


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 74 to 69


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 44 to 41

    Desert Eagle

    • Rate of Fire decreased from 33 to 31


    • Effective range decreased from 200m to 20m
    • Rate of Fire decreased from 28 to 26


    • Effective range decreased from 200m to 20m
    • Rate of Fire decreased from 74 to 69

    M320 GLM

    • Rate of Fire decreased from 7 to 6

    Combat Crossbow

    • Rate of Fire decreased from 7 to 6


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 83 to 77


    • Rate of Fire decreased from 15 to 14

    OhEmGee They actually nerfed all weapons in terms of fire rate.

    As a person who mostly uses the CFX50 and K2C, i can attest that this did not effect them much (CFX50 was a very slow gun the begin with)

    Rate of fire of SMGs have dropped considerably however.

    I would much prefer SP bullets to be removed entirely, and have the bullet attachment slot replaced with a 3rd attachment (as stated in one of my previous post)

    Back when ranked mode was available, SP bullets were usable in the game. I didn't like the direction it went with it, so I didn't play much of it. I really hope that ranked mode has some restrictions like "Neil Wild only" (judging how many people complained about the female player model) and "No detecting sight" etc, like it was in some player-run Esports games.

    Tbh, ADS is janky with the existance of sp bullet attachments. If they are removed, I can say that the game does not promote hipfiring over ADS at mid to long range. (assuming the person ADSing is not using SP bullets).

    > Health around all weapon users should be the same. Ironsight is not a class based shooter to support this.

    > Remove SP bullets. Give snipers flinch when zoomed in, but NOT when he/she is ADSing with his/her secondary weapon.

    > Add permanent effect of AP bullets on all guns, and remove the attachment slot for bullets.

    > with the bullet attachment slot now gone, put a 3rd attachment slot in its stead.

    > Add a new "Bipod" attachment, which can act as the third attachment for some snipers (BlaserR93, CFX50, DSR1) and all LMGs. This will remove weapon sway when zoomed in, but will make proning slower, as you character will take additional time to deploy the bipod for use. (kinda like the bipod mechanic in insurgency).

    > Fix the damm netcode

    there is no random pattern

    it shots the same


    P90 has a static recoil pattern. (always going up and to the right)

    Weapons have a recoil set that they follow, the one you will get is however is random, and therefore, each time you shoot the gun, the recoil feels different. This makes the recoil somewhat deterministic, but not fully.


    I don't mean to attack the sniper head on. ?(

    The converyer wall is only 6 ingame meters apart. throw a nade at the middle, and the sniper has to risk heading out, while you can safely be at cover behind one of the two pillars, a spot many players don't expect players to be.

    alternatively, you could throw a flashbang and rush in yourself (flashes need like 3.5 - 4.5 meters to be effective), and then rush it in yourself, or have a teammate rush in with you. If I may add, flashes also disables hearing until it vision starts clearing in.

    I personally would not suggest yolo-ing it with an AR57 simply because of the sniper quickscoping himself/herself out of that attack.

    also, what "glass spot" do you mean?


    Don't run around where sniper lurks.

    If you ever engaged on Dust2 mid in Counter Strike, you'd know what I'm taking about. No one ever goes through Dust2 mid doors in the starting of the match, because it's guarded by the Tspawn AWPer (3 -4 of them, in fact, if you played DM in the map's unlimited version).

    Similarly, in Ironsight, avoid running in open spaces, and instead only use open spaces for view (what I normally do). Ironsight maps are small, and have rather high prop counts, which can be abused af.

    Take "Airport". The conveyer wall is a common sniper spot, however, there are 6 different angles to attack it form. 3 from airplane crash, and 2 form either spawn (depending on where you spawn). The sniper can't do all 6 at once, giving you an advantage of options of engagement. Personally, I use the 3 points for airplane, as those are best guarded with cover.

    Other maps follow similar trends, and it didn't take me too long to find some.