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    Nanni? You have not watched inuyasha, detective konan or black-butler? I recommend you to watch them.

    Also, Watch "Stiens Gate" Thats my favorite.

    Thats easy to fix.

    right-click the icon. select 'properties'

    select 'change icon' on the shortcut tab

    you will find a range of icons to choose from. But for ironsight click 'browse'

    then, navigate your way to the folder you kept your ironsight setup files. and select that .exe file

    You will get something like this: following the order:iconfix.JPG

    Tell me if it works! Hope it helps!

    I feel alone...

    192Mb intel(R) HD graphics :S

    CPU: Intel dual-core N3050 1.6GHz, Turbo: 2.16GHz

    OS: Windows 10 pro

    video memory: 1GB

    Mouse: Havit HV-MS675 (not even a gaming mouse)

    Device: ASUS x453sa backup laptop

    headphone: (Meh...)

    VERY alone

    lol. i get that a lot, but it isn't really as easy as it sounds, you know.

    As a low spec gamer, I will run any game that has released on my laptop. I will mess around with this game until i get 60fps. I did the same for csgo (from 17 fps to 150fps by severely butchering map texture quality XD).

    Also I already have a gaming pc. but this game is in beta, and i always test new games out on my laptop. On the full release, i will play it there.

    Really? that doesn't seem right. If i remember correctly, mp9 does 93 damage on on the head of unarmored opponents. I might look at the patch-notes and see if they changed anything.

    The mp9 in csgo is actually the highest damaging smg, with a 93 damage on the head

    Also, i know that they don't exist, but that should not stop the developers from being creative. :)

    Adding more sway away while moving work on its own, as pressing 'shift' eliminates most of it. There can be a blurred scope effect when they move, which will make it harder to aim while moving.

    Hmm... To be honest with you, I'm not really sure what attachments would be given to a sniper. A laser sight would be pointless. And the options are limited. But we could have Bipod and Stock attachments. There is a bipod on the DSR, but its unusable. We should have a usable bipods for snipers rifles, because thats something people would like as they can prone and not suffer from the annoying aim wander. Stock attachments would help in managing the recoil.

    But I have another idea: why not customization attachments? They will not help the player, but will add a bit more individuality and unique-ness. They will not take up a useful attachment slot. Also another reason is that I would love to see a Pikachu riding on my scope XD.

    Well that was just my opinion. DSR could be slower but deadlier, Blaser could be faster but weaker. Ammo-wise selection is a nice idea. But as you said, lets take it one at a time. I'm pretty sure the developers know this issue. Can't wait for the next Patch!:)

    Might work actually. Right now the time taken for the next shot of a bolt action sniper, which i will be calling 'bolt back time' is too short, specially for the Blaser. If thats the case, we could decrease the damage of the Blaser and make it a 2 hit kill on the chest. Since thats too hard of a nerf, we could decrease its bolt back time, so that it fires faster. The DSR could have a slightly longer bolt back time, but still be a one hit kill. Increasing the scoping time makes sense. Im not sure about the semi auto snipers though, mainly because i haven't used them yet.

    I play on a low spec laptop (I'm one of those 30 to 20 frame rate bois). This might be part of the problem. But the sentinels do not vibrate in resource takeover though.

    The AR57 isn't even that bad, just need it down to 40 bullets and it will be fine.

    The bolt action snipers should be a consistent 1 shot from chest and above, just decrease the time it takes to scope in. It's genuinely not that hard, people are over exaggerating what really shouldn't be.

    That nerf on ar57 might work. But I believe that snipers need this nerf: Movement Inaccuracy when ADS. There is no movement inaccuracy with the snipers when scoped in. this should be changed such that the player needs to be standing still to fire a perfectly accurate shot when scoped in.

    Why is this needed? Because I went through 8 matches against multiple teams going ALL SNIPERS, and we lose by about 40 to 100 in TDM. im NOT KIDDING.

    Is THIS Ironsight? Just a bunch of players running around with snipers, spamming 'A' and 'D' and scoring kills. Everyone is abusing it now. At the very least, blur out the scope when the player in moving so that they cant tell what they are aiming at unless they are still. A game like Ironsight should focus on teamplay tactics, not abusing OP weapons

    Ok, i'll try to kill every sentinel i see instead of defending, because they seem to go after me than the EMP.

    Side Question: Every Bot i see in the game, like Sarah from the tutorial and the sentinels from 'Mission: EMP' would vibrate violently from left to right when they crouch. Is that normal, since this game is in beta?

    I put the tritium battery in. The EMP booted up, and the operator told me to defend. I was defending the EMP from sentinels. There was one plane explosion and more kept coming. I kept on defending and they didn't even stop coming. Eventually the timer went down and it said Mission Failed.

    EDIT: on my first run at it, there was no sentinels spawning at all. In the second run, they appeared but at one point, they would stop coming. (And of course i still failed the mission because the timer would go down).

    I'm pretty sure this is a glitch. But how do I pass this mission.

    you start the mission by killing drones and then go up few stairs. Then you'll find emp bombs on the ground that can be used to put into the machine on the other side of the map. Then, you just have to destroy all remaining drones

    And it still says mission failed. I did what you said a long time ago, but it still says mission failed.

    Yes the target recognition is indeed an issue. For example, a NAF Hawk player blends in perfectly with the sand enviroment in the Outpost map. I have also noticed that players would sometimes phase right through the walls when the turn and run away from one

    I cant even pass this mission. It says defend the EMP and im defending but the timer would go down and i fail. It does not tell me anything else im supposed to do.

    Why dont you prefire every time you turn a corner? That way you can get a kill 90% of the time. XD

    On a serious note, i use feather feet and walk when i turn a corner. You could try that.

    I totally agree with you.

    I'm ok with the radar, but the players should be penalized with high recoil and accuracy loss for spraying around and jumpshooting.

    No one does team-play in the game. They always go solo. This is wrong. Ironsight is in beta, but I'm pretty sure it wants to emphasize on team-play.

    Sniper rifles are OP. They one-shot you even on the legs. personally, I think there should be a damage multiplier on each body part. shooting on the legs should do half the damage, whereas the on the head its x4 . In addition the player should be penalized with significant accuracy for moving with ANY weapon, including snipers when scoped in.

    Target recognition is an issue. It is not fair that the enemy can see you, and you can't when they are camouflaged with the background. The better player should win, not the one who is abusing map design. This will also fix your camping issue as you can see them better.