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    Hello, I am an Asian player, but I am not using the Asian version of the game on Steam. Will you release another version? Will the profile be transferred?

    We Asian players did not get our profile transferred. So I don't think so. There's gonna be another Data wipe.

    The first steps towards pay to win. Nice.

    Oh don't worry, I've tried them and they're completely useless. Its a pay to lose game at this point.

    If they add “overkill” perk then prob its more useable

    Well, you are able to use a Deagle with the shield, which is pinpoint accurate, however, it needs the player to have good aim (You cannot hipfire with it). That's probably another reason why players are not comfortable with it.

    New Primary Weapon: Ballistic Shield - You've seen it in the other versions; what do you think? We're looking forward to seeing you Mercenaries inventing new metas around this weapon.

    If feedback is what you need here:

    As an Asian player, one who has played with the ballistic shield, it is a primary that sucks against groups, but well in 1v1 and in a team. The shield truly shines where the team is coordinating with each other.

    Problem: Ironsight players does not give a s*** about teamwork. Rather, its a battle on who gets the most kills. Not to mention the fact that bhopping does not work with the shield (your legs and stomach are exposed when jumping) . Since you cannot get many kills with a shield, no one likes it.

    The shield is strong, and pretty useful for getting knife kills (you can knife through the shield) as well as to annoy that sniper camping, but considering the type of game ironsight is, and the way the player base wants to play the game, it is in nobody's interest.

    The only time players ever uses the shield is in secure point, but the reason for that is obvious to you.

    As a player who has played the Tower map, I can assure you its not too bad and it seems well balanced on both sides (it isn't possible to spawn camp, unlike C9, Oceanfront and Mart) however, it feels rather small, but then again, all (almost) maps in ironsight are small.

    Hellbirds and Zuses have a very hard time in this map, as there is a lot of overhead cover. A blade drone may still be able to cris-cross through them, but it would need some experience to pull off. (Imagine those dropper maps in Minecraft.)

    The only thing I see when it comes to "HACKS" in this game are Netcode issues, people who have modified their .Ini files which should be and I think IS a bannable offense.

    Modifying the ini files is not, and never was, a ban-able offense. (in case of ironsight)

    "ini" is short for "initialization". For those not into programming, in short, its always a general rule to initialize any variable that you will use in the game. Calling a variable that is not initialized results in the game crashing.

    Ironsight has 2 main ini files to run on: the "ironsight.ini" and the "ironsight_local.ini". The one that runs first is the "ironsight.ini". This file initializes the variables. The "ironsight_local.ini" is the one that calls the variables and overwrites it based on the user preferences. If you change your ingame settings, the "ironsight_local.ini" file will change, but not the "ironsight.ini".

    The ironsight_local.ini is completely free to be altered by the user should the ingame settings not be satisfactory. The main reason it is not recommended to do so is because people often mess up what the variable data type needs and often end up writing an unsupported type, which results the game crashing or triggering EAC (although the anti cheat does not check this file in perticular)

    The ironsight.ini file however, should never be changed, as this is the file that runs first to initialize the variables such that they are usable for the game.

    Not sure why they think using steam would help them on netcode when they still have script the netcode like without it.

    If I had to guess, it was cheaper to do. Otherwise, Wiple would have just stuck to the Aeria client, which if I recall correctly, could not get the rights to publish in Asia, and therefore, could not bring an Asian server as early as Wiple wanted. Steam was probably faster to do, (and therefore less expensive).

    The developers recently posted an Ironsight Roadmap. If any of you are interested what it entails, here's a copy paste:

    Netcode Improvements

    Our aim is to continuously provide server stability and bug patches to resolve the standard netcode and stability improvement.

    We first prepared a TCP -> UDP patch during our service with our partner in North America, Europe and Latin America server, this included the process improvements with packets with delays but unfortunately, we had limitations of experiencing what players were receiving. But now, through the Steam service, we run our own operation and us connecting to servers with similar network environment, allowing us to monitor the situation real-time and to address the situations better.

    We have placed our servers in Korea, Japan and Singapore but since users are connecting from various locations, some of you have trouble connecting to our servers. These users experience high ping and we admit that our server logic to process these situations lacked.

    We are going to address these issues by spreading and placing more servers in different locations, improved matching system based on ping and win/lose rate, increasing the server-client sync frame rate from 30 to 60.

    Matching System Improvements

    We are improving the ping matching. We are improving not by simply separating the regions, but through improved logic considering ping, party status and win/lose rate as well.

    Example: Users with fast ping will likely match together / Users in a party will likely get matched with other users in a party.

    Hack program and how we are dealing with this

    We are aware of hack attempts and use of hack tools in the game. And we intend to prepare a patch to encounter them. We continue to provide stability patch and integrate new tech and solution to defend against these attempts.

    Report System

    We are currently developing a report system for users to report hack users and user using abusive languages. Along with Replay functionality, having both of these features in the game will help us make decisions with misconducts in the future.

    Replay System

    You will be able to play back your recent gameplay and this can be used to analyze the match and many more. This will also allow you to record your play from different angle to create awesome teasers or gameplay video for your blog or youtube channel. Our official teasers are created this way.

    Public Test Server

    We are planning on operating test server to fully test our patch and to avoid un-necessary server downtimes.

    And next, we have upcoming content update information.


    Game Mode

    CTF Mode: CTF stands for Capture the Flag and it says it all. Capturing the flag.


    Melee Mode: This is for close combat.

    Sniper Mode: Compete with others using just sniper rifles.

    PVE Mission: Mission to fight the AI and setup a bomb to destroy the target.

    Ranking Mode: Coming soon.

    Survival Mission: Create a party of 4 and survive waves of AI.

    And there are many more being developed and will share with you once they pass the initial testing.


    We have received many requests of enabling ranking match for clan. Not just ranking match for clan but there are also clan additional features, clan exclusive maps and practice/shooting range will be introduced soon.

    New Weapons

    New weapons are being developed at this moment. AR, DMR, SR and secondary weapons are the ones. We will release them as soon as they pass the balance testing.


    We will be introducing new drones that will keep you safe from throwing and tactical weapons like grenades.

    Female Customizable Character

    Various customizable parts will be introduced along with the character


    New facial for male character


    New level/map











    Sound Renewal

    The weapon sounds will be much more dynamic and realistic.

    Advanced Custom Match


    To support eSports tournaments and friendly matches, we are developing a new custom match featuring new mode options and much more detailed control of the game mode. Options available to restrict drones or certain type of weapons, all the way to modifying the character HP.

    and what i realy want to know ... if your a statquitter/hunter ... pls explain me why your doing it and what you get out of it

    While I myself am don't quit for stats or rage, I do leave a match I join when I see this bulls*** done by the matchmaker (This is an old pic, but this bs happens daily in casual gamemodes now, especially in SnD):

    This is an exploit. If you remember when Ironsight had ranked battles before, you'd know how this would work. A team, all at high levels and / or communicating via discord, are all clanning together so that the matchmaker would put them in the same team, and would spam "join ranked" in the chat, baiting any newly level 10 players. in the end, the rank battle would be five lv100s versus five lv10s. This makes the game very unfair, and also easy rank for the high level players as they just pick on players who are still learning.

    I'd happily accept defeat against a team who beat us in a fairly balanced game. But in extreme, recurring cases like THIS unbalanced match, sorry I'm not going to stick around to this non-sense.

    why your playing a teamgame when you dont care about the team ?!

    What team-game? Almost 90% of ironsight players don't give a **** about teamwork nor the objective. Never find yourself in Resource Takeover match where players would just forget the metal reaper/sentinels and camp on the other-side of the map looking for kills? Or even players who just kill the sentinels for streakpoints and leave the resource lying in the open?

    Almost all of my games have been players playing solo, fighting against their own team for kills. Only when I play with friends or clannmates is when I see some actual teamwork. But with randos, its every man for himself here.

    The video seems outdated. There was a nerf to the ballistic shield where it ADS slower, as well as it's movement speed.

    The shield only works well in a 1v1 situation. In a 1v2, it's unlikely to win, that is, if both players are focusing on the shield. I myself only use the ballistic shield in Snd and Secure point because players are likely to group up there, making it easier to focus. However, if you have backup, your shield works for you as a massive distraction.

    From my experience, players don't like playing the ballistic shield because they cannot get too many kills with it. you will rarely find players using the ballistic shield in TDM and Resource takeover.

    Also it doesn't make you immortal. tactical nades still bypasses the shield due to their nature. And to survive a nade blast, you need to look directly at the nade so that you don't take damage, which would mean turning your back to the enemy.

    Most of the kills you will get from the ballistic shield is not by the shield or the deagle itself, but by the use of nades and your knife, both of which can work against you from the enemy.

    this isn't to say that the shield isn't broken, because it clearly is. Just not overpowerd, but extremely situational. I personally would want a sight attached to the deagle and have the shield a durability meter, where at one point, it will break.

    also what if i sniper and he in close range wth should i do ? if he shileded all time ,

    Throw a grenade so that he has to look away (flash is better). and / or you could get run/jump straight to him and knife. works well unless if he knows how to knife back himself.

    And as for your concern of whether this is not the right time for more content, I get mixed messages of whether Wiple should focus on content or on fixes. It seems that there are equal number of people asking for content and for fixes. And judging Wiple's track record, they can't keep up with both. I personally would have wanted more performance improvement than anything else.

    6. Snipers.

    The time to ADS on the bolt action rifles should be increased slightly.

    Can guarantee this will happen. It has happened in the Asian client (latest balance patch) and hopefully, Aeria will apply it when they update their published game.

    Just learned that the Asian version, along with EAC, also has VAC (Valve anti cheat, provided by valve) because of steam. That's an added layer of protection. Granted it may not be a 100% solution, but its there, and can result in a hardware ID ban.

    If I recall correctly, Valve is constantly improving on VAC, mostly because of their CSGO game. So hopefully when the Aeria client goes to steam, its less likely to be absolutely infested with hackers. (you would have to develop a cheat that will bypass both EAC and VAC.). And yet, you would still risk a hardware id ban.

    Official statement by the devs (Ironsight Asia client) :


    Interesting ... but ... well ... i don't like it at all. Nice to have for a tactical shooter like the Rainbow Six series, but for a game like Ironsight, it bears the risk to change the character of game too much.

    Can be kinda game breaking if you have game lobbies with grouped players in a team, using the shield in a very tactical way against random players.

    I think wiple introduced the shield in mind that players will do teamwork with it, because a shield against a group of enemies doesn't work well at all. But with backup, the shield works very well. Probably why it's viable in SC and SnD, because players actually tend to stick together there. Getting kills with the shield is very difficult. As you can barely get 12 kills with it. Players often want kills over teamwork, a thats why I rarely see a shield being used.

    It's not like the Shield is slow (it had a movement speed buff recently, but still clunky). But Ironsight players are generally not into the tactical (planning) aspect of the game and are more into getting more kills.

    Are we all putting our heads in the sand? Everyone says there are no cheats in this game I have to disagree.

    I don't think there are anyone saying there are no cheats in ironsight, but the magnitude of it is nowhere near as high as most of the games I know.

    I was just in a game where the Killcam showed a player using a clear sight on a SG 533 kill 5 guys continuously using only 10 bullets, there was no reload. The thing was you could see his sight it did not search, he turned and the sight was on a player. The kills were not lined up, they were in 4 different locations. So I ask you what would you think?

    Killcam? Ironsight has no killcam, unless you mean the highlights, and honestly, highlights are extremely bugged (players killing with no weapons, bugged animations, bugged values etc) The no reload thing happened quite a lot with me, even with me being in the highlights, and I assure you I wasn't using any reload hack.

    also, 50 kills in TDM does not seem too suspicious. I've seen youtube clips of youtubers getting over 50 or even 80 (looking at you, nopp). So I think there are players that can certainly reach that kill count in their everyday game.

    Ive seen aimbots/ aim assists in game lol u can tell them by snapshots on head and “mouse acceleration” function in a highlight. When u see the playing spinning around indefinitely then theyre using one. Any other hacks like showing where enemies are is hard to prove.

    While I've definitely seen players "snapping", I've actually never came across a spinbot, nor could say a snapping player is using an aimbot, mostly because of the netcode or the fact that they couldn't do it consistently. I myself would flick at enemies with a DSR1 because thats how I normally play with it.

    In my entire playtime of Ironsight, I've come across 2 cheaters, both were oneshotting SVDs on body shot. And I've been playing from 2017

    Ironsight does not have a huge cheater problem, more like server problems than anything else.

    Honestly, I would much prefer the shield to be a secondary, like, it will deploy automatically when you run out of ammo, and shielding you as you reload. Or have it place-able like a Shield drone to act as portable cover. Currently, I see the shields as underpowerd primaries in TDM and RT, but rather OP in SnD (subjective) and SC.

    The Asian client has the ballistic shield implemented into the game. What does it feel like, you wonder?

    How it works:

    Walking puts the shield up front, taking most of the frontal damage. Emphasis on "most" is because it doesn't block all of them. Your legs are still exposed and, when strafing, so does your shoulders. So you can still get hit with shield on. Sprinting removes the shield, and your character is just running bare. You have a Desert Eagle as your weapon. it behaves exactly like as if it was a secondary weapon. It's not possible to shoot while shielded. Your primary way of killing is with your deagle, but you can also ram the shield on enemies, since you only have 28 bullets in the Deagle, you will run out of ammo. Ramming is like the CSGO front right-click knifing, except you need to press mouse1 to ram it. By the way, you can only fire the deagle if you right-click (ADSing). Pressing left click only will trigger the shield ram. Ramming with the shield is a TERRIBLE idea as enemy players can just knife you through the shield. Note that ADSing will render all except your stomach region exposed.

    How good it is?

    The shield is best used against snipers, which again received an ADS nerf. The shield is moderately effective against SMGs and are worst against ARs and LMGs. ARs pack a bigger punch on the arms and legs and LMGs have a lot of ammo + fire rate. You need to be good with the deagle in order to be most effective with the shield, and because of which, it's best used in mid range. The Ironsight in the shield's desert eagle isn't actually ideal for long range battles, either


    The shield also sort of protects you from grenade blasts, but not the tactical nades nor the firebomb. It also provides 40% damage reduction on explosive barrels only. It's like having another blast protection perk on you.

    Which gamemodes is it most effective in?

    SnD (on a coordinated team) and Secure point. Pretty self explanatory why if you ask me.


    The shield does not work as a frying pan b*** armour in PUBG, just saying...

    Also, you can still have another secondary weapon with you, since the shield's desert eagle counts as a primary.

    The shield cannot take in any attachments. The desert eagle cannot even take a sight.

    My thoughts:

    Its clunky. I do see it being very powerful, but the lack of ammo and its clunky mechanics makes it sort of unenjoyable. And I'm the kind of guy who likes to play it safe.


    It looks like you got sniped from behind and it didnt kill you , at the same time the guy in front hit you a millisecond after. But i dont see the guy infront of you till after you die, outta sync/lagger maybe ?

    This is just a guess tho from what i can see.

    Kinda weird

    He wasn't hit by a sniper from behind. Otherwise, the damage indicator would point an arrow behind him, but there was only a front arrow indicator, meaning he took damage from the guy from the stairs. By the looks of it, the weapon he seemingly was killed by was a M4 ACC, and the health bar decreased is 3 steps, meaning he took 3 bullets to the head, and with the M4 ACC range, it's within the 3 HS kill requirement. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

    And by the looks of it, he slipped off. Standing too close to the edge does that on some props. If you look closely, the box he was standing on had slanted corners, and Wiple probably did not think of smoothening the hitboxes out.

    AN94 is rather passive-ish, and it's firerate makes in unideal for CQB. I would suggest staying at range is possible. With that in mind, I would either use the ACOG or the Rifle Scope. Both works really well.

    small hotfixes to address a minimap bug:

    Here are the list of bug fixes and improvements we are going to apply during our Server Maintenance 07.17(KST).

    * HP bar disappearing from the kill screen when enemy's HP is not 100% is fixed

    * Often minimap from in-game score board disappearing is fixed

    * A bug where EMP bullet effect applying to secondary weapon is fixed

    The first 2 happened often. Glad that now I use the UAV recon properly.

    As for the EMP bullets applying the secondaries, Kinda wish it was kept. would have made EMP launchers better.

    Also, according to them, they added a server in the Japanese region. (didn't they have one though?)

    To those who doesn't know it yet, here's the upcoming duel mode that is apparently a ranked battle.

    New Map/Game Mode: DUEL
    We are proud to introduce our first Ironsight Asia update: ‘DUEL’!! Go head-to-head with other players and compete with no distractions!! And challenge yourself in ranked!!


    • Basic Rules
      Goal: Eliminate an opponent
    • Target Score: 10 points
    • No. of Players: 2
    • Round/Point: Point
    • Respawn: Available
    • Change Side: No
    • Respawn Type: Random Respawn

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The ranked system based on ELO system.

    Macademie Don't think so. They say they will also have DogTags for ranking (competitive), and not just for steam sale.

    There is a different dogtag for the current ranking position you are, from 1 to 200, divided as 1st, 2nd to 10th, 11th to 30th, 31st to 100th, 101st to 200th position.

    They are fine in casual gamemodes. However, competitively, drones are best removed entirely (along with bullet attachments).

    If drones are to stay in competitive then:

    • In offensive form, allow: Blade drone, Crawler and Striker drone, all 1200pts cost. (assuming per kill is 200pts)
    • In tactical form, allow: Jammer drone (NOT UAV jammer), Shield drone and Gorgon system, all 1200pts cost.
    • Assuming 5v5 format:
    • In defender side: 3 players get tactical and 2 players get offensive set
    • In attacking side: 3 players get offensive and 2 players get tactical set.

    So I wasn't going crazy!

    I play the Asian version (live in SEA). I noticed that hipfire accuracy felt kinda worse. But I couldn't tell if it was just me or not.

    So it seems they did nerf hipfire, a change that might happen in the future in NA and EU I guess.

    Much agreed. Bullet attachments really needs to go from ironsight, and have the empty slot instead work as a universal third attachment slot.

    I'm just glad the magnum bullet does not increase the HS damage by a high amount. SP bullets are better than those imo. (From Asia. Used it).

    EMP bullets, though, are pretty strong.

    I'm wondering how the upcoming shields will work. Being able to attack while shielded feels broken af.

    Warframe. Still in a rookie 1000hrs, but currently waiting for September mainline update. One of the best F2P looter shooters out there. Great, non toxic community, and wealth of content with regular updates and hotfixes.

    Good news!

    Asian client just had a hotfix:

    Here are the list of bug fixes and improvements we are going to apply during our Server Maintenance today.

    • Server Stability and performance improvements
    • Netcode improvements
    • Steam billing UI improved and added failed messages
    • Unable to aim while sprinting with dash option 'HOLD' is enabled is fixed
    • Messing up the zoom position when using social action while zooming is fixed
    • Pop up while sending gifts, thumbnail not displaying is fixed
    • Unable to use the item in the inventory sometimes is fixed
    • When timed weapon expires, weapon level displaying as level 1 is fixed
    • GP, EXP boost icon disappearing when changing video or language settings are now fixed
    • When connected, changing the language does not change the loadout string is fixed
    • Clan name converting to ???? is fixed
    • Clan announcement not shown when announcement modified is fixed
    • Positioning multiple languages is corrected and doesn't proceed any exceeding characters
    • In Oceanfront map, a certain point of the map teleports you to somewhere on the map is fixed
    • In Oceanfront map, a character getting stuck at both rear side of the ship is fixed

    They fixed the sprint bug. I'm happy.

    Netcode and server stability improvements I think fixed a bug where the game would disconnect you exactly when TDM kill counter reaches 100, because I haven't found the bug yet even after 5 matches (previously, it would happen in every match and all gamemodes, and mostly to players with a 80ms to 60ms ping). So I assume it's fixed. Curious to know what else was "fixed" with this change.

    Note: Players reporting a black screen was said that it happens if you connect to the game during a server maintaince.

    Yep, happens to me most of the time. No one has an interest on playing the objective. Players only want kills, as they find it more rewarding or "fun" to them...

    Another problem is that players who are going for kills think that the other players will go for the objective, which never really happens because everyone wants kills. :rolleyes:

    The amount of times this happens infuriates me to a point that I almost never play RT. In SP at least some players play the objective because they think they will get more kills by camping the point (indirectly doing the objective). Even then I still find few who are on the other side of the map, while the enemy is on the point.

    The Asian client of Ironsight has it's drop rates for it boxes released on the 24th of june in their discord (just checked). There are currently only 3 boxes present in the game. (Common, Superior and Collection) and the middle column is the English translation:


    Not quite sure what the "EPIC ingredient" is in the collection box though. The other boxes don't have this name.

    Ironsight Asian client now has a South East Asia server, to help players experiencing high ping in the Korean and Japanese server. (That was rather fast to be honest, it's been like only 10 days after requested... unless if it was planned before hand).

    There is an upcoming gamemode that I forgot mention (Description seems buggy...):


    In my entire 162hr experience of gaming in Ironsight , I have seen only 2 hackers (one was oneshotting SVD, and the other live-streaming on youtube).

    And no, Ironsight does not have a prevalent hacker problem. Just because one person was having a good day does not mean they are hacking.