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    In my entire 162hr experience of gaming in Ironsight , I have seen only 2 hackers (one was oneshotting SVD, and the other live-streaming on youtube).

    And no, Ironsight does not have a prevalent hacker problem. Just because one person was having a good day does not mean they are hacking.

    Right now I really think that skins should be the least of priority compared to all the problems this game has and what needs fixing.

    Don't get me wrong. I don't mean that this should be a priority. Apparently (from what I see) the only way the devs get money is by players buying skins. The current system is very inefficient at doing this, especially according to HQ report 2 with majority of players wanting direct purchases. This is a problem that has prevented most of Ironsight's playerbase from buying skins, so I do think it's important to address after the bugs.

    Just found:

    There are now 193 different charms.

    Most of them being country flags.


    Also Downtown map has some changes. It's a lot darker and messier like as if it's about to rain or something. Couldn't play it dues to ping issues (mentioned in their discord).

    In the steam page for the Asian Ironsight client, there is a gif that showcases an assorment of guns. In this gif, is an image of an MSBS similar in design to the Petrio Vector, and an M4 designed like the Artium G36C, and are, I assume, both purple tier guns that according to the steam page are currently only in the asian client.

    That being so, are these guns actually included, and is there any pink/purple tier guns in the Asian client that are not present in the current version? And if so, could you post a couple of screenshots of them?

    Doesn't seem like we have those yet. Here's the list (43 items in total):



    Do you know when the client will leave for EU / NA on Steam? and if the Aeria account can be transfered?

    Nope. We didn't get our progress from Aeria Transferred, but I asked Wiple_Chris and he said they are still discussing with their partners. So it is likely to happen to the future.

    As for the NA / EU client on steam, I'm not sure when. Should be this month if I have to guess.

    I remember i have seen something like shield in some very old video about the game and found it in my YT history.

    From the looks of it, it seems to take over the secondary weapon slot as the person in the shield does not seem to have a secondary to fight back through the shield. And from the looks of it, we could just knife them since they move slower.

    Any clue what the 'shield' thing teased in the HQ report might be?

    Tbh I also think it could be shields, but the part that does not make sense is why make 2 variants of it? No item in Ironsight has different varients (unless if its a skin) of the same item. So I don't think it could be a tactical "drone" shield or a secondary. If one of them is a skin, then I would say that the skin is a dragon fang variant, but I'm only speculating. They also look rather small too.

    The only OTHER thing that has variants are CHARMS. The red one could be a NAF shield charm, and the EDEN one could be the blue-grey shield charm. It matches with their respective color design. If it is just a charm, I'll be furious >:(

    Seems fine except the lootbox change and the fact that they haven't cleared any bugs.

    speaking of bugs, remember the sprint-shoot bug that slows you down when trying to shoot while sprinting?

    Apparently, setting the sprint button to "Press" in the "control" options fixes the bug entirely.

    Also yeah, the lootbox changes are kinda odd. Renting them normally costs 1100 GP for 1 day. Here, you can get the same exact item for 4 times the GP amount. Makes no sense. It also reduces the chances to get other items like guns.

    As per today, the Asian client of Ironsight published by wiple games is now available to download on steam.

    Some of you (well, many) might be curious if there are any difference. And yes, there are (not much though).



    Magnum and EMP bullets are usable now. Magnum bullets have a higher headshot damage. EMP bullets have higher drone damage.

    Magnum bullets - Previously, you needed 3 consecutive hits on the head to take an enemy down in under 4 bullets (using K2C). Now... You still need 3 hits... :S

    HOWEVER, previously, if you hit one bodyshot, it will drop your kill requirement to 4 shots (1bodyshot and 3 headshots) instead of 3 shots. Now, it retains it's 3 shot kill requirement (2 Headshot, 1 bodyshot). Tbh, soft point bullets are better than this.

    EMP bullets: seemingly deals 75% - 100% more damage to drones than before (from what I tested). Semi auto sniper rifles can probably now take down hellbirds on one mag if I'm not mistaken.


    The Asian client has one additional map: Tower. There are a lot of overhead cover with pillars and beams and walkways, as a result, hellbirds and Zeus will have some difficulty getting their shots



    Now, the common crate (4800GP) also drops bullet attachments and nades, both of which are temporary (1Day).


    Our progress from the Aeria client were NOT carried over. However, it is still being discussed between Wiple and Aeria and is likely to happen in the future (I hope).


    there is another skin series. Diagonal skins:



    Same bugs,

    Hey, would like to open a topic about the new modern warfare, which will be released in October ... do you think it will hurt or not let it grow to iron?

    Depends. If ironsight doesn't improve, then it will. But if Activision fks it up again like last time, then it's unlikely to do any damage. Like the BL4 and the Anthem fiasco.

    Ideally it would show up in your friends list.

    There already is something like that. If any of your friends (or clanmates) are waiting in a match lobby, it shows as "waiting" in green. ( in that time, you need to ask them to invite you to join their waiting room )

    but of course, there isn't the ones like "looking to party" or "which are grouped together" which would be a nice addition.

    Warframe is another game with a fair "lootbox" system.

    I have to quote that word, because it isn't actually a lootbox, but close to it. They're called "relics" and you can manipulate the drop chance of a particular item in the relic using reactant ( reactants can only be acquired through fissure missions ). More than just that, if you play with other players in fissure missions to open relics, then you can also select their relic rewards too, and that reward may not even be from the same relic as you have (Both you and the person you selected from get the same reward).

    This means that, if all 4 players equip the same, manipulated relic, they have the highest chance to get the rarest item of the relic, and all 4 of you can select the rarest item (when it drops) from the other player and everyone will get it.

    Also, they tell you the drop chances too, which is nice, at least.

    Literally right now you can receive an extra loadout and 90k gp starting.
    You can literally get whatever you want and multiple guns to test out. There isn't an issue with their monetization at all right now.

    I don't have an issue with the monetization method they have on gameplay affecting items like guns and attachments. Players have an issue on how they are monetizing the skins. Not getting something for what you paid for has become a problem because of how low the drop rates are in lootboxes. Drop rates that are not even disclosed for whatever the reason. (0.1% drop chance is just ridiculously low)

    On HQ report 2 or something, A survey showed majority of the players wanted direct purchases (no lootbox system). and very little if not nothing has been done about it now.

    Also, it's 30000 gp and not 90000 gp starting. Unless if you are saying that they changed the starting GP when a player start a new account?

    Optimizations issues are seemingly because of how the game handles texture gradients in different lightscapes. This wouldn't be the problem if Ironsight was more GPU focused than CPU, but sadly thats not the case. It's possibly why I sometimes see "Flickering lamps" in Mart when my screen moves around (walking, turning etc), but not when I'm standing still. I also think there is something buggy with the particle effects too, but that might just be me.

    I once edited the "Texture_quality" variable to "off" (the lowest possible quality). This however, caused more framerate problems than setting it to "low". Both initializations are an "in-game" impossible state, since the game only allows as low as "average" in the video settings. This is why I think it's because of how the game handles textures on lighting has a problem in it.

    variable exists in the ini folder "ironsight_local.ini" (note: DO NOT TOUCH the "lronsight.ini" folder)

    Yet warframe devs are getting bank from players and players are happily give banks to them 🤔

    Hey, those community Tennogen skins are pretty awesome looking. I'd say they are well worth for the 5.99$ cost.

    But in Ironsight, the AP lootbox cost though...

    I honestly believe that if they take more Community made skins, ranked top 10 by the community, and implement all of the top 10 skins, they could bank a ton of cash...

    What lol. Warframe literally advertises spending plat every time you log in via dailies.
    This game isn't "forcing" anyone to spend money.
    Hell compared to warframe, Ironsight's microtransactions have literally no impact towards gameplay while the other can make speed up grinding by a significant amount.

    False. You buy AP points -> Convert them to Chips -> Convert them to GP -> Then buy EVERYTHING in ironsight by paying. (Buying the skins of sights will unlock the sight entirely, by the way. Also, "Detector Sight" exists)

    In Warframe (looter shooter), you have to get MR (Mastery rank) in every piece of equipment order to be able to use other equipment, and to progress the star chart. This cannot be skipped by buying plat. And no, they don't advertise on spending plant on every login. You wouldn't get the "Zenith" otherwise.

    In Ironsight, every content is made available by either spending time on playing the game, or by paying. In Warframe, every content is made available by spending time on playing the game, but not by paying. The exact opposite of what you said.

    Also, platinum can be 'grinded' in the game too. Even that is not locked away.

    Watched the video, and yeah, that is certainly what might be happening, but Idk whether the servers in Ironsight follow the same mechanism though. Ironsight servers are just weird.

    That being said, it does feel like there is still peeker's advantage in Ironsight, which might be due to other netcode quirkiness, but not due to the reason you explained.

    Perhaps it's the physics engine? Since I play from Asia, I sometimes get a lag spike at the start of the match, and when the players move, they kinda move in a straight line, like gliding. When the come across a object, the are suddenly teleported above it (buildings and such), or are pulled to the nearest outer-corner of the wall. I have a feeling it's due to packet loss as well, but in case of Ironsight, it seems like the game just keeps them moving to their last known velocity it received (I'm taking the direction into account).

    A few updates ago, they said they tweaked the physics engine so that players don't appear to be flying. I think they just kept them grounded and gave it collision so that they slip past the object instead of phasing through it. When this happens battles are very snappy when they peek around the wall. It's like they got pulled by some invisible force and slipped around it.

    yee, Downtown has a lot of hiding spots. I think it'll kinda be like camping on a window and waiting for someone to walk into you...

    "What if there was actually a hide and seek Gamemode in Ironsight?"

    I don't think that it should be free, but the rewards for the "Basic" category do feel really lackluster. There are just some empty spaces that could have been utilized to give an incentive to do it for those who are going to do the Basic category.

    Lackluster rewards to one end of players won't get said players to play more you know... Just fill up those blank spots with like alternating 5000GP and 10 Chips or something. And the person who pays will be getting both rewards from each category, so it's not like the Basic category has something that the Advanced one does not.

    Next on Ironsight

    I'd like to tease a couple things that Wiple shared with us.

    Those bullet symbols look curious. I wonder what they are?

    I really hope it's not more bullet attachments... I really think most players would want that replaced with a universal 3rd attachment slot.

    Either that or thats a secondary fire mode, which would be great addition to gunplay!

    just saw in the steam page (news section):


    Total of 4 Ammo: Armor-Piercing Bullet, Soft-Point Bullet, EMP Bullet

    Magnum Bullet

    So basically the ammo counter teaser is just more bullet attachments... great... Exactly what I feared. X/

    By the looks of it, EMP bullets are pretty self explanatory. Magnum bullets are likely to increase damage, and if thats the case, it will be broken af.

    as much as i know not bad-ping players are in favor of the game ... instead good-ping players ... thats what i saw in a post somewhere in the forum

    It's a peeker - defender problem here.

    Since ping is a measure of how long a packet of data takes to travel from the client to server,

    If a person has a high ping, and if he peeks around a corner to an enemy(low pinger) holding the angle(defending), the high pinger will be able to see him before the low pinger does. In this scenario, the high pinger has an advantage for his position hasn't updated to the low pinger yet

    HOWEVER, if the high pinger is the one holding the angle, then the low pinger have an advantage over the highpinger, simply because the position of the lowpinger hasn't been downloaded by the high pinger yet, and therefore, the low pinger will see the high pinger first.

    in a case of high pingers and low pingers battles, they each other being killed through walls a lot. Both cases. It's not like the high pingers can kill through walls you low pingers can't. To high pingers, they also see low pingers killing them through walls because to the delay stated above.

    One way to negate this problem is by improving the movement update rate, such that there are more samples, and therefore, movement positions are more accurate. The current one of 25Hz is just really bad for a game like Ironsight.

    I understand your concern, but I think it's wrong to just ignore a large part of Ironsight's playerbase.

    I guess you just find it boring to take it slow. Passive players don't, and I can guarantee you that they are quite a lot of them in Ironsight along with the run and gunners like. I find it fun to completely botch an enemy's flank, and to flash an unsuspecting player at an weird angle such that they blindly run into me, as well as holding angles listening footsteps to hear where they are coming from, and pre aim that spot. I guess it's the anticipation that does it for me.

    (and ofc, there's me laughing after watching a plan it fall apart, and retrying till I get it work ^^ )

    The word "tactical" does not mean it has to be slow paced. It just means it's "planned" attacks/defense (SnD like). So I doubt Wiple plans to turn it into ARMA.

    They dont even have a full penetration mechanic so a riot shield if it exists would be broken

    You don't need penetration. Brute force to break that thing entirely, like how you can break the shield drone (or whatever it is called in the game)

    either that, or shoot through the little viewing hole, which shouldn't be that hard.

    didn't try them. It's seem a bit like shlt :x I mean, I don't want to stand up with a shield without possibility of shoot or what.

    It's not stupid. But I don't think shield without handgun could be fun.

    Tbh, I kinda use shields in CSGO as the frying pan b u t t armour in PUBG. Works really well. x)

    I personally see it's use more of a tactical item, like protecting the bomb planter or defuser in SnD.

    however if it actually turns out to be a fking charm, I might as well put it in r/facepalm

    Remember riot shields in counter strike 1.6? Yep, OP af.

    But the ballistic shields in CSGO today are pretty balanced. You can brute force through them, and shoot through the viewing hole, which is actually easier to do than it seems, because to the movement speed debuff.

    So yeah, if it is shields, then I can see them being balanced. And I don't think you can use your pistols with that out, as than will conflict with shotguns and EMP launchers.

    Is your current roadmap for releasing on Steam prior to Q1 2020?

    Apparently the release date on the Ironsight on steam is 0x7E3, according to steam...

    Converting Hex to Decimal gives a value of 2019. So I guess it's to release this year.

    This June actually, for the Asian client, at least.

    Next on Ironsight

    I'd like to tease a couple things that Wiple shared with us.

    Those bullet symbols look curious. I wonder what they are?

    I really hope it's not more bullet attachments... I really think most players would want that replaced with a universal 3rd attachment slot.

    Either that or thats a secondary fire mode, which would be great addition to gunplay!

    Vsync can prevent most drops from happening by preventing screen tear caused by particle effects, map-loading and turning/moving. Honestly, I really recommend to always keep Vsync active.

    Another thing to add. If you die while the bomb is still planted, the bomb will no longer detonate, and that you need to shoot it in order to remove it.

    I would suggest you turn on Vsync and play at a capped 144Hz to prevent the severe 50 FPS drops if you haven't tried already. The game also runs on DX9, which I think is the main culprit for most drops.

    And yes, some maps like outpost has too much particle effects (dust storms) that could be improved upon.