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    I downloaded the alternative version for manual, Everytime I tried to install it, halfway through it would just give me an error saying the files were corrupted. I can play now after downloading it all in one file.

    Yes I have returned to this game, I used to grind the hell out of this, hopefully things are still active here and everything and I can soon hopefully jump back into competing on here and owning you all, Although I seem to be having installation issues right now, don't know if it's a known issue or not.

    Whatever happens if a paid monthly service would be added, always need to determine where the line is between P2W and F2P, paying for more loadout slots is P2W In my opinion. I think more slots should be added anyway, regardless of the subscription.

    So far I have yet to run into any game issues, No lag, No bad matchmaking, No crashes. I have had 1 freeze up with the ranked game mode, but that is currently being fixed from what i saw, It's in beta which mean there will be issues and they will be changes, Just be patient it is a F2P game as well, Don't expect a AAA title game style, This is doing a very good job of putting some AAA FPS games to the test I will say.

    There are some time when I get hit by some ridiculous shots, Other then that, Bunny hop around like a cod4 noob and get that kill, Just need to learn the maps and know which spots have long distances and to stay away from those area's.