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    Nice video ... especially for the comparison of the weapon recoil when you shoot at the wall and the virtually non-existing recoil when you're in match with the weapons. Impressive, even more as you don't shoot in short bursts but mostly full auto all the time.

    Are you implying that he's cheating because he's controlling the recoil?

    If you aren't: The comparison at the start is obviously to showcase how difficult it is to control the recoil, not how strong the recoil is in practice.

    EDIT: Looks like OhEmGee was faster than me ;)

    I responded to OhEmGee first, as he was faster than you ... ;)

    But i would add for you, that there was no hackusation in my reply to the video, although his recoil handling for all this different weapons is absolutely perfect (at least for a noob like me ;)) .He managed to shoot straight on like a laser from the first to the last bullet in full auto. As i said: Impressive.

    Perhaps, he is that skilled --- perhaps, he can recommend some supportive hardware to us, like a specific gamer mouse? Who knows. I'm always open to learn new things ... ;)

    I assumed that while in game he actively manages his recoil with mouse movements, whereas for the purpose of showing how much recoil actually needs to be managed, he did not.

    It is pretty obvious that the wall shooting was made to show the weapon characteristics "as is" ... and i'm aware of the possibility to control the recoil with countering mouse movements.

    But i was impressed (and surprised) by the perfection of doing this in full auto with every weapon, in every situation and all the time.

    Nice video ... especially for the comparison of the weapon recoil when you shoot at the wall and the virtually non-existing recoil when you're in match with the weapons. Impressive, even more as you don't shoot in short bursts but mostly full auto all the time.

    Regarding the lootboxes in their current state: they don't feel "satisfactory" anymore. I'm playing this game since tech-beta and from my memory, the droprate from the crates was better at the beginning.

    Since then, especially the 4,800 GP boxes and the 12-Chip boxes have been inflated with more and more skins and items (like the TNT-skins recently), so the dropchance for a specific item went down. With the increasing amount of additional 30-Chip boxes and AP-boxes, it's getting quite confusing to choose the right box for a specific skin/weapon/item you might want to have.

    I'm a kind of "collector" and as long as the game is fun for me, i'm willing to spend money for special skins and weapons ... and i will stop to do so, when

    A: cheaters start to flood the game or

    B: the publisher starts to get greedy with droprates near zero for the desirable skins and items in their boxes, high repair costs and similar stuff ...

    and while writing this, i'm already one step beyond that point due to the low droprates from the boxes. At the moment, you don't get that much in return for the money you spend.

    Of course, you can jump in almost every FPS ... it's just the question how much benefit you get out of it.

    As part of normal movement to get over obstacles, no problem. To jump over gaps, to take a look behind an obstacle to spot an enemy ...OK.

    As part of that kind of "kill mechanics" that you can jump around like a bunny to avoid getting hit AND still be able to shoot accurate yourself? No way!

    Just imagine the look of two or three players hopping around each other, trying to get their kill and tell me you'll find yourself saying that this was an impressive kind of fight ...


    Braggel : "Looking ridiculous" is not a good argument to remove something in an arcade FPS. This is not a military sim.

    Well, no word from me about removing the possibility to jump, i just said it should burn your stamina and your gun should spray like hell.

    At least it's a shooter, not a jump'n'run.

    Would not make the game slower but less annoying when half of the team is hoppin' all day long instead of running ...

    Yep, re-releasing formerly korean f2p shooter for EU/NA it pretty common these days.

    S.K.I.L.L./SF2 , BlackSquad and IronSight are three of them comin' to mind at the moment.

    They all have started in Korea some years ago (some of them already shut-down there) and now they try their luck outside the asian market. Nothing wrong with it except the curious habit to sell these games as "Early Access" or "Open-Beta" to us.

    Devs of IronSight are rewriting their netcode, so it's kinda OK to say it's still "Beta" but in most cases, the publisher was the only thing that changed ...


    I played it alot. Was fun, a great game ... but Jeeeez ... ruined it all the way. P2W at its best and in addition flooded with red ping laggers (with and without "switch") and blatant cheaters.

    Just forget it, its DEAD.

    Another f2p shooter with high hopes was BlackSquad. But it's the same over there. Failed in Korea, now on Steam as "Early Access" for more than a year. Devs getting greedy more and more with random-boxes in boxes with keys to open for real money. They're squeezing the last drop out of it before it will go down the drain with laggers and cheaters as well.

    And the list goes on and on ... still waiting for a f2p shooter with devs who really care to keep the cheaters out for longer than the early open-beta-stage ...

    So far, Ironsight did rather well, but more because Cheat-Coders didn't care ... and you still can't tell if it's cheat or just the crappy netcode ...

    But i *still* like it ... and i really would like to see this game movin' to a shiny future ... let's wait and see ...

    Still waits for optimization and netcode fixes

    Keep waiting lol it wont happen

    But it must happen.

    Just don't know if they changed something with the Halloween-update, but here at EU server, i notice so much more latency issues again. It was better before the update ...

    But now ... more red- and yellow-pingers again, and they seem to make it easily up to the top of the list with most kills ...

    I pretty like the way that we can have multiple loadout, but have to pay for it is pretty bad imo.

    My personal highlight of this patch. Additional slots for your favourite weapons is a feature i really missed so badly here and in many other similiar games.

    It's so annoying if you have bunch of nice weapons that you like to play with from time to time and you don't have enough slots to do so.

    thanks for the report. It might be related to the fact that there are no keybinds yet for these loadouts. Does this occur after every match?

    If the question is adressed to me, then YES, the weapons on slot 4 & 5 (i only added these two so far) is starting to count its level from 0 up to its current level after EVERY match so far.

    You can skip/cancel it, but you don't see the progression of your weapon exp then. Just a "cosmetic" thing, as you can see your weapon level and exp at the main loadout/charakter screen.

    What i mean is if you want to change loadouts ingame whatever you have in your 4th and 5th slot you cannot choose.

    At the moment, only slot 1-3 can be switched with quick keys F1-F3 when you're in a running match, that's right.

    If you want to use slot 4+ while in match, you have to hit ESC and choose the option "change loadout" and you will see all your slots like at the start of a new match.

    btw, there's also a bug: at the end of the match, when you get your EXP, the weapons in slot 4 /5 ect. are shown as lvl 0 and they start to count up to their real current level ...

    yes you right but... thay said the game dosent have a pay walls.. and that why i pay them some money cus games dont do that but if you said no pay walls so do it

    but ... there is still no pay wall in this game, never was.

    no pay wall means: you can play all the game-modes and maps and you can use every perk and weapon available without payin' real money. thats it.

    in your case: you can buy and use EVERY weapon with ingame currency, but they ask you for some money if you want them in RED.

    I totally see what you guys mean and I understand, but we (Mods and CMs) cant' be on every single room at every single time to check if someone in there is cheating or not... I totally see your point though and trust me, besides a Mod I'm also a player and not only in this game so I totally understand the frustration and we are not asking you to do "our job" but if you can help out we would sure appreciate it ;)

    It's easier to find those guys with your help than with none but I also see what you mean by the "But it's like a fight against windmills" because they'll try to come back and keep doing this but trust me when I say we take a close look in most of the games we play (some mods play more than others) and we report them directly to the team... it's just impossible to be everywhere at everytime as mentioned.

    Sorry for the wall of the text. :) Hope you understand because we hate cheaters as much as you do :|

    Thanks for your reply. Well, as a player who is playing computer games since the good ol' C64 days, i had this kind of chat more than once.

    I know, most CMs or GMs don't even get payed for their work. Another "questionable" habit of publishers today as they rely on dedicated Fans for this work instead of payed employees.

    So i know, you can't do much more than the normal players, except the fact, that you have a more direct line to the support team.

    In fact, the fight against cheaters can't be won if you have to rely on players submitting their reports and videos as proof. The publisher / developer must be able to find them via data analysis and cheat protection.

    If they don't have the resources and abilities to find suspect players and cheaters by looking into their log-files or databases, then they are out of control of their own game / software ... and then all hope is lost ;)

    Talking about cheaters: atm, you can't really tell if it was the bad netcode or if it was a cheater, who killed you in a strange way.

    Apart from that, it's sadly a comon, but IMHO bad habit from publishers/ game devs today to ask the players for doing THEIR work.

    I made that for a while: recording videos or taking screenshots as proof for cheaters and sending them to the support team. But it's like a fight against windmills and one day, i came to the conclusion: Hey, it's not my job!

    I'm doing the job i'm getting payed for every day for 8-10 hrs. When i'm at home, i want to have fun with my hobby, in this case: playin' computer games.

    So, i'm the player, i'm the customer and i'm NOT responsible for hunting cheaters. Thats YOUR job, as community manager, as game manager, as developer, as publisher or whoever is in charge for this part.

    You want me playin your game? You want me paying for skins and weapons? Make your job to keep the cheaters out and i'm in ;)