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    To be honest ... all the things you mentioned like the Launcher, Payment System, Banners, Database, Steam are already there, most of it since (almost ;-)) day one! Do you have to code a new launcher or shop system for adding a new map or a new weapon? Surely not.

    Fun fakt: We already had an update cycle of about 2-3 months for new stuff from Wiple. Was no magic back then. And yes, adding weapons /new skins /new maps IS almost a copy & paste job. We've seen that a thousand times for Events like Halloween, Xmas, Valentines, when games all around the world add new stuff like pumpkin helmets and weapons with Christmas tree lights ... no need for testing this for half a year. A new weapon? Add the 3D-model, animation, skin, sound and its database values ... done.

    I made that myself for much more complex stuff like adding whole new custom Airplanes to a Flight Simulator game.

    Unless Aeria is asking Wiple to make some really, really deep changes to how the game appears and works, all the statements for the huge delay are fairy tales ...

    It's impressive all that's happening in the Asia version...

    I gave up all hopes that we will see any other updates for the EU/NA version. Our version dates back from Nov. 2019 Asia! They are 4-5 BIG updates ahead! (Weapons, Maps, Shooting Range, Clan-Matches, Battle-Royal Mode!).

    Next update we should see was released back in Dez. 2019 in Asia and contains VSS as new weapon, one new Map and a new female Charakter ... pretty much Copy & Paste update and they (Aeria) tell us, it needs much testing and therefore the huge delay. Holy sh**, how long will the "delay" be for the more complex updates after this one? I say: Nonsense. Let's face the bitter truth, EU/NA is on a dead-end street.

    As a veteran Ironsight player, i have hoarded a pretty good amount of rare and epic skin and collection weapons. Now, i'm a player who doesn't like to stick to just two or three favourite weapons, i like to rotate through my inventory just for variety.

    I've already unlocked all 5 loadout-slots available, but for me, it's still not enough! If possible, i would really appreciate it if the developers could add some additional loadout-slots ... let's say to a total of 8 to 10?

    Has or had ... as we talk about a post-nerf weapon now. Played it as main weapon for the past few days and can't say that it feels OP in any way. Can you provide some actual values for comparision of the multipliers?

    AUG, Ak-47, M4 and co. still do well against the Type 89...

    No need to nerf the Type89. Statswise, it fits somewhere between the K3 and the AUG, which is fine IMHO.

    At the moment, everybody is playing it, it's a new weapon. Pretty logical that you think it's OP when you get constantly killed with it at the moment.

    Not sure about it, but i believe to remember that i've seen the Howa with better stats in YT videos from the asian version. Possible, that we already got the nerfed variant from the start?

    Btw, with the P90 in its current form, we have a weapon that surely deserves a nerf more than any other gun out there ...

    EDIT: Found the video. Asia version of the Type 89 had indeed better stats first.

    • DMG 30
    • Range 58
    • Recoil Control 77

    Our (already nerfed) stats are 29/55/73


    Game publishers, especially for the F2P part, are tending to the lazy side when it comes to hunting down cheaters.

    In most cases, you have to show proof in form of pictures or video and to go through a ticket system that makes your tax declarations look like Kindergarten.

    In fact, you spend alot more time and work into a report with video-proof than the cheater with creating a new account. That's not the way it should be.

    I made some reports in the past, when i played my first f2p games, but i will never waste my time again that way, just to make the work for the publishers and devs. That's not my job.

    I've seen so many good games go downhill when cheaters flooded the servers. Time will tell if the publisher/devs of IS will do better than most of the f2p competitors ...

    Just want to share my experience with FPS-Drops and how i solved it (at least the biggest drops).

    My PC:

    Ryzen 5 2600X

    16 GB RAM DDR4 3200

    Radeon R9 390 ---> changed to Radeon RX 5700

    With my old R9 390, i had no huge FPS drops and the game was running around 120 fps average at FullHD (with a range from 90 - 160 and more fps, depending on Map). I limited the FPS to 120 in the settings to just make them not going up or down too much.

    When i changed my graphics to RX 5700 (with a clean deinstallation of the old driver and new installation of the latest card drivers), i suddenly had very big FPS drops and an overall bad performance in the game.

    Of course, i was wondering how this could be possible with a better graphic card! Was searching for the problem and found it in the power plan profile for Windows.

    When the Ryzen came out, the standard Win10 power plan caused the CPU to go into power savings (performance throttled to 10%) and not waking it up back to full performance when needed.

    AMD implemented their own power plan into their Chipset-Driver to avoid this (power plan called "Balanced for Ryzen"). This power plan is setting the lowest CPU performance to 90%.

    In my case, with the deinstallation of the card driver, the Ryzen power plan disappeared too, so i re-installed the Chipset driver.

    Ryzen power plan was back again and the performance in Ironsight was way better again. It looks, like the game is still sensible to this specific problem.

    Would recommend to set the power plan to high performance or at least change the CPU power saving options in the standard "Balanced" plan when you're playing Ironsight ... regardless of the used CPU, Intel or AMD.

    I honestly don't see a downside to the Magnum rounds being a hard 2X headshot multiplier. OTHER THAN the inevitable complaints of the people getting shot and killed by them. Point being though in that case is simply they should jsut learn to doge bullets or shoot faster. Not our problem if we are faster.

    If you want to use your mighty headshot-skill, then Black Squad might be a better choice for you. Make a Macro for your Gaming-Mouse and spend One-Tap-AK-47-Headshots to all those loosers that are not fast enough to dodge your shots.

    To be honest, i'm pretty happy that Ironsight isn't that much of an Headshot festival like many other games i've played so far. I had a rate of 30-40% Headshots in most games, pretty average, i know, but i had my standing.

    But ALL these games had BIG problems with Macro- / Cheat-users, pushing their HS rate to 80-100%. Not that much fun to get constantly Oneshotted and i don't want to see IronSight going this way.

    Don't think we need more "Skill" in this game ... just my 2 cents

    Is it the same bug that causes the resets or duplications of the Achievements?

    The patchnotes of one of the last updates reported the issue as solved, but sadly, it still happens to me and other players.

    Playing the weapons to Mastery V over and over again isn't fantastic, but at least, you get the rewards again too. Loosing the harder to get Achievements like "Team MVP IV/V" and other stuff from the Map/Mode/Action or Drone Achievements can be really annoying.

    Hope to see a fix soon.

    Braggel my apologies, I was giving a reply to OhEmGee regarding the topic of data transfers. The official reply you quoted is definitely valid and up to date.

    Thanks for your reply, but i'm still confused.

    @OhEmGe wrote, that the Mods communicated the info that Aeria data will be transferred to Steam.

    Your Helix reply was, that "we didn't mention anything about data transfer once reaching Steam".

    In this context, your reply was kinda concerning, but thanks for your clarification Monsieur  ;)

    But it does not mention if you can link your steam account with your current account. ONLY that you'll keep your stuff on the current account. So he isn't really wrong.

    Read again.

    Tatsu asked if we have to restart from scratch if we want to play "there" (=Steam).

    Flloyd said, we will keep all the stuff, so there must be the possibility to move your data or to link your current Account to your Steam Account.

    But hey, not the first time that they're announcing stuff and then have to cancel it when they run into their usual "technical issues".

    Perhaps, Helix can share his knowledge about their new plans about existing Accounts and Steam?

    Would be VERY interesting to know, if we wasted our money or not?

    I want to note that we didn't mention anything about data transfer once reaching steam. What we kept repeating is that ironsight will reach steam like Asia already has. Just wanted to clarify the misunderstanding ^^

    That's WRONG!

    Here is an official statement:

    Do we know if whenever the game will be rolled out on Steam, will we be able to transfer our data from the aeria launcher to there/ will it use the same login details and servers? or will we have to basically restart from scratch if we wanna play it there?

    The reason why I ask its because I wouldnt mind putting money into this, but if it wont be possible to carry over your progression, i will hold off with it.

    Rest assured! We don't plan to wipe the data or even to start a new 'server' from scratch. Therefore you'll keep whatever weapons/skins/items/rewards you are currently gathering!

    What the_Director said still stands: our version will grow as well, and we are working with Wiple Games to reduce those differences between versions.

    However, you must understand it is also normal to see some content on one version before the others. Why? It's rather simple, we might all be publishing the same game, but we might not have the same plans, or Roadmap, as you wish. All of this resulting in different versions of the same game, but with content differences from one to another.

    You could simply slap a huge "Ironsight is not on Aeria/Gamigo Top priority list, so no resources/money to make these things go faster"-sticker across it.

    The EU/NA/SA version has no customized content, no difference to the other versions. IMHO, you only have to make the localisation/translation and host it on your servers.

    So what's your big "plan", your "roadmap" here? Annoying your players by holding back the content that other publishers offer since months?

    Well, as surprising as it may sound, it's also important for us! So important that, well, we prefer to take our time. Steam will bring lots of new users to the game, and for this reason, we want to be sure the game is ready and that those new Mercenaries enjoy a smooth gaming experience from day one.

    We are almost good to go, but (you saw this one coming), there are still many wrinkles yet to be ironed out (pun intended), and this takes time.

    Nice to see that you take so much care of your future Steam-customers to give them a smooth gaming experience from day one.

    Sounds funny to your loyal long term Open Beta players ... jeeez, for your own sake, i hope you'll give your veteran players a HUGE "Thank-you!"-gift for their support and their long and stony journey through the Open-Beta phase ...


    Upcoming "Tower-Patch" .... interesting.

    A vote with the new Map already added .... hm hm hmmm

    Poll stays for "a little over 1 week" ... well well well.

    Scenario 1: Poll is useless right from the start, as none of the NA/SA/EU players has seen the Tower Map ... and neither will within a week. :evil:

    Scenario 2: Nobby Nobbs missed to tell us, that the Patch is right in front of our door, so we can make our vote after we had the chance to play the new map. :/

    Scenario 3: My Dear Captain oh Captain Noobles is an inveterate optimist ;)

    In the rare moments when i had to go AFK in a running match (like answering a phone call or opening the door for the postman), i got kicked out of the match pretty soon and without any ban.

    But i guess avoiding this automatic kick by using a Macro can be a reason for such a ban ...

    Also, to avoid further disappointment, if we are going to be months behind Asia forevermore you should probably make that clear now.

    ... and Russia, just to say. They got the patch more than 4 weeks ago, too.

    Short: We are still here, we are working really really hard, we hear you, we love you! Ok, we have NOTHING to show, but it will be AWESOME when it's done .... blubb

    Jeez, I've even heard political speeches with more concrete informations than this HQ report!

    I'm afraid, you'r way too optimistic in terms of bug patches and netcode improvements. 8o

    We just have to look at the Asia / Russia Version and we know what's comming next. They got their patch some weeks ago.

    so its comming today ?

    Read more carefully!

    "Needs final clarification" = 1-2 weeks

    "Translation" = 1 week

    "Posting" = 1 week because the the website admin is overstretched with shop updates twice a week ;)

    I'm south-west Germany and my ping is usually less than 20. I also tried U.S. Server and had a ping around 100-120 max.

    Funny enough, due to the netcode / lag compensation, i often have situations where i think, that ppl with a ping between 30-80 seem to have the advantage on their side .... :/8o

    Nerfing the damage ---> more bullets/hits needed for a kill ---> Expanded Mag would be a "must-have" instead of a "nice-to-have" option. Bad idea.

    @juliastorm: Disagree! Leave the MP5 as it is. No need for an Expanded Mag.

    Who said to use smg at medium distances

    I don't get what's your point here. We were talking about Expanded Mags and, in your case, about damage nerf; distances were never mentioned.

    Apart from that, i would define SMGs as weapons for short-to-medium range.

    Again: No need to touch the Mp5 ... it's good as it is.

    Interesting ... but ... well ... i don't like it at all. Nice to have for a tactical shooter like the Rainbow Six series, but for a game like Ironsight, it bears the risk to change the character of game too much.

    Can be kinda game breaking if you have game lobbies with grouped players in a team, using the shield in a very tactical way against random players.

    Oooooh! You are wearing such a cute TGang/T0kzik fan bib! Please tell, where can i buy it?! :love:

    Eng pls, and stop making/using different accounts, we all know you are the same person : "we the people live free or die" LOL get a life pls, and don't let me be rude then stop "talking to me".

    Oh noooo, that hurts so much! I always thought, i'm using a perfect Oxford English! ;(

    "We all know you are the same person" !?!? That's interesting. Just for curiosity : How many voices are talking in your head, hmmm? :/

    Stop crying pls, is evidently that you swear to god for this guy's skills. Yesterday, in his stream, you litterally got humiliated by him live, almost 15-2 during only one single match, then bro, gitgud or unistall or anyway just stop crying.

    Oooooh! You are wearing such a cute TGang/T0kzik fan bib! Please tell, where can i buy it?! :love:

    How can you say its a scam if ppl are stupid enought to buy ?

    The problem is: there is NO information available how good or bad your chances are. So you can't call ppl "stupid" when they have to spend some money first just to find out, it wasn't worth to do so.

    1. if it would be to ez to get skins the game would 100% die bcs nobody needs to buy stuff

    And it will die even faster when the ppl start to feel scammed by lootboxes which give them dups and chips most of the time.

    2. servers need to be paid so its simple marketing

    That's right. And saying "thank you" (aka nice loot'n'stuff) to your paying customers from time to time can help alot to keep them supporting you.

    3. if you say random needs to be this and this than tell me why i cant play lotto 5 times and win a million ?!

    Over here, they have to tell my that my chance for winning is 1:140 000 000. With this in mind, i pretty much KNOW that winning my millions after 5 times will be unlikely.

    For the rest of the posting: like others before, i just mentioned a progressive lootbox system as a suggestion as it addresses one of the issues: you will get something like a "winrate" to make your decision.


    At their current state, the boxes are nothing more than pure scam. The description for the boxes aren't really helpful, no word about the dropchances of the top tier stuff ... but i think, they don't have a glue how to calculate the droprates themselfes. The possibility to get duplicates out of the boxes over and over again is making it impossible to tell.

    So far, i can remember only one f2p game that had some kind of "fair" lootbox system for some time. S.K.I.L.L SF2 had a progressive system ... you bought "capsules" to get a specific skin weapon and they counted the amount of capsules you already opened with the guaranty to get it in capsule Nr. 100 (which was around 40-50 EUR).

    With some luck, you got the weapon in capsule Nr. 10, 30, 50 ... if not, you knew it wouldn't cost you more than the 40-50 EUR to get the weapon which is still more than enough for a bunch of virtual pixels ...

    Sadly, they got greedy again and they removed the system after some time.

    Just don't know if he is playing the same game as me. AK-12 was one of the few weapons that got a small buff with the last patch (desperately needed!) , AK-47 still one of the strongest AR in the game... but yeah, SMG with hipfire is easy going here, that's right.

    Snipers are slightly overpowered in the hands of "i-have-a-crosshair-on-my-monitor" players as they can easily quickscope out of movement and the still crappy lag-compensation/netcode still favours players with bad pings.

    Nothing worse than a yellow-bar sniper. Eats up my bullets like a sponge and seems to have all the time of the world to scope on me an kill me one-shot ...

    Complaining about the PSG-1? c'mon ... on the EU server, i'm pretty much the ONLY player who is using this gun ... i like it, but it's defo not OP ... ^^

    Hello, just wanted to drop a comment to say that I'm reading and it's a topic we've been looking at and will have improvements in future.

    Please keep sharing your ideas, comments and suggestions.

    Nice to hear that you'll have a look into it. On the other side, i tend to say "sorry, too late". I'm playing since closed tech beta and as a "collector", i always enjoyed the hunt for special items and skins as long as it felt kinda fair.

    Sadly, this changed and got worse and worse. The number of items in the superior box e.g. went up with every update, the dropchance for tier orange stuff is near zero now.

    But even that was still "ok" for me, it's no surprise that a box with hundreds of items in it will not give its best stuff away easily.

    At least, it where the AP boxes which gave me the feeling that i got ripped off as a customer, who easily spend some hundred bucks into this game last year. They made themselfs no favour in getting greedy with the lootboxed and loosing the confidence of loyal customers like me ...

    These "Desyncs" seem to be very picky ... they chose to give their "advantage" almost always to my opponent ....

    Yes, there are ping, lag and desync issues ... but there are also suspicious players, way too consistent in their performance in each and every map, mode and situation.

    Some low-levels (in raising numbers these days), some high-levels.

    I'm not the badest player and i'm playing this kind o' stuff since the early 90s ... enough time to learn to differentiate between good players, lucky situations and the near-to-99%-not-legit-stuff.

    Point 1: Fully agree. Going into prone should have a more "stationary" characteristic and you should not be able to shoot at all (or at least not very accurate) while in the animation.

    At the moment, it's mostly used in a rather abusive way just to exploit the "unclear" status of the hitbox while beeing in the animation.

    Point 2: No problem with "crouching" in it's current form, but like 2nd.Amendment , i would like to see a noticeable nerf of weapon accuracy while jumping around.

    I know, some will say, it adds "skill" and "fun" to the rather fast gameplay of IS .... but i say: bunnyhoppin' simply looks idiotic in this kind of "nearly-realistic" shooter.

    There is a new thread from the staff, addressing the much criticised raised repair cost issue and they offer a code for some GP compensation :thumbup:

    Thumbs up for this. :thumbup:

    As a veteran player, the change didn't affect me that much as i already have most weapons and stuff i wanted, but for new players (which you need and want to get addicted to the game) the change was too much.

    Good to see that you heard the community.:thumbup:

    Increasing repair costs in that way: Bad idea!

    You have to invest real money for getting some cool & fancy weapons / skins/ emotes? No problem, as long as the system is fair. Lootboxes with very very very low dropates or lot of doubles /useless stuff aren't, btw.

    You have to invest real money for basics like repairing weapons, buying grenades and bullets or for just buying a "standard" weapon because you have to grind like crazy otherwise? NO WAY!

    Making this experience as a new player in the game? I would hit the de-install button immediately for sure (which i did with Warface, when their new publisher had the same BAD IDEA)