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    Nerfing the damage ---> more bullets/hits needed for a kill ---> Expanded Mag would be a "must-have" instead of a "nice-to-have" option. Bad idea.

    @juliastorm: Disagree! Leave the MP5 as it is. No need for an Expanded Mag.

    Who said to use smg at medium distances

    I don't get what's your point here. We were talking about Expanded Mags and, in your case, about damage nerf; distances were never mentioned.

    Apart from that, i would define SMGs as weapons for short-to-medium range.

    Again: No need to touch the Mp5 ... it's good as it is.

    Interesting ... but ... well ... i don't like it at all. Nice to have for a tactical shooter like the Rainbow Six series, but for a game like Ironsight, it bears the risk to change the character of game too much.

    Can be kinda game breaking if you have game lobbies with grouped players in a team, using the shield in a very tactical way against random players.

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    Eng pls, and stop making/using different accounts, we all know you are the same person : "we the people live free or die" LOL get a life pls, and don't let me be rude then stop "talking to me".

    Oh noooo, that hurts so much! I always thought, i'm using a perfect Oxford English! ;(

    "We all know you are the same person" !?!? That's interesting. Just for curiosity : How many voices are talking in your head, hmmm? :/

    Stop crying pls, is evidently that you swear to god for this guy's skills. Yesterday, in his stream, you litterally got humiliated by him live, almost 15-2 during only one single match, then bro, gitgud or unistall or anyway just stop crying.

    Oooooh! You are wearing such a cute TGang/T0kzik fan bib! Please tell, where can i buy it?! :love:

    How can you say its a scam if ppl are stupid enought to buy ?

    The problem is: there is NO information available how good or bad your chances are. So you can't call ppl "stupid" when they have to spend some money first just to find out, it wasn't worth to do so.

    1. if it would be to ez to get skins the game would 100% die bcs nobody needs to buy stuff

    And it will die even faster when the ppl start to feel scammed by lootboxes which give them dups and chips most of the time.

    2. servers need to be paid so its simple marketing

    That's right. And saying "thank you" (aka nice loot'n'stuff) to your paying customers from time to time can help alot to keep them supporting you.

    3. if you say random needs to be this and this than tell me why i cant play lotto 5 times and win a million ?!

    Over here, they have to tell my that my chance for winning is 1:140 000 000. With this in mind, i pretty much KNOW that winning my millions after 5 times will be unlikely.

    For the rest of the posting: like others before, i just mentioned a progressive lootbox system as a suggestion as it addresses one of the issues: you will get something like a "winrate" to make your decision.


    At their current state, the boxes are nothing more than pure scam. The description for the boxes aren't really helpful, no word about the dropchances of the top tier stuff ... but i think, they don't have a glue how to calculate the droprates themselfes. The possibility to get duplicates out of the boxes over and over again is making it impossible to tell.

    So far, i can remember only one f2p game that had some kind of "fair" lootbox system for some time. S.K.I.L.L SF2 had a progressive system ... you bought "capsules" to get a specific skin weapon and they counted the amount of capsules you already opened with the guaranty to get it in capsule Nr. 100 (which was around 40-50 EUR).

    With some luck, you got the weapon in capsule Nr. 10, 30, 50 ... if not, you knew it wouldn't cost you more than the 40-50 EUR to get the weapon which is still more than enough for a bunch of virtual pixels ...

    Sadly, they got greedy again and they removed the system after some time.

    Just don't know if he is playing the same game as me. AK-12 was one of the few weapons that got a small buff with the last patch (desperately needed!) , AK-47 still one of the strongest AR in the game... but yeah, SMG with hipfire is easy going here, that's right.

    Snipers are slightly overpowered in the hands of "i-have-a-crosshair-on-my-monitor" players as they can easily quickscope out of movement and the still crappy lag-compensation/netcode still favours players with bad pings.

    Nothing worse than a yellow-bar sniper. Eats up my bullets like a sponge and seems to have all the time of the world to scope on me an kill me one-shot ...

    Complaining about the PSG-1? c'mon ... on the EU server, i'm pretty much the ONLY player who is using this gun ... i like it, but it's defo not OP ... ^^

    Hello, just wanted to drop a comment to say that I'm reading and it's a topic we've been looking at and will have improvements in future.

    Please keep sharing your ideas, comments and suggestions.

    Nice to hear that you'll have a look into it. On the other side, i tend to say "sorry, too late". I'm playing since closed tech beta and as a "collector", i always enjoyed the hunt for special items and skins as long as it felt kinda fair.

    Sadly, this changed and got worse and worse. The number of items in the superior box e.g. went up with every update, the dropchance for tier orange stuff is near zero now.

    But even that was still "ok" for me, it's no surprise that a box with hundreds of items in it will not give its best stuff away easily.

    At least, it where the AP boxes which gave me the feeling that i got ripped off as a customer, who easily spend some hundred bucks into this game last year. They made themselfs no favour in getting greedy with the lootboxed and loosing the confidence of loyal customers like me ...

    These "Desyncs" seem to be very picky ... they chose to give their "advantage" almost always to my opponent ....

    Yes, there are ping, lag and desync issues ... but there are also suspicious players, way too consistent in their performance in each and every map, mode and situation.

    Some low-levels (in raising numbers these days), some high-levels.

    I'm not the badest player and i'm playing this kind o' stuff since the early 90s ... enough time to learn to differentiate between good players, lucky situations and the near-to-99%-not-legit-stuff.

    Point 1: Fully agree. Going into prone should have a more "stationary" characteristic and you should not be able to shoot at all (or at least not very accurate) while in the animation.

    At the moment, it's mostly used in a rather abusive way just to exploit the "unclear" status of the hitbox while beeing in the animation.

    Point 2: No problem with "crouching" in it's current form, but like 2nd.Amendment , i would like to see a noticeable nerf of weapon accuracy while jumping around.

    I know, some will say, it adds "skill" and "fun" to the rather fast gameplay of IS .... but i say: bunnyhoppin' simply looks idiotic in this kind of "nearly-realistic" shooter.

    There is a new thread from the staff, addressing the much criticised raised repair cost issue and they offer a code for some GP compensation :thumbup:

    Thumbs up for this. :thumbup:

    As a veteran player, the change didn't affect me that much as i already have most weapons and stuff i wanted, but for new players (which you need and want to get addicted to the game) the change was too much.

    Good to see that you heard the community.:thumbup:

    Increasing repair costs in that way: Bad idea!

    You have to invest real money for getting some cool & fancy weapons / skins/ emotes? No problem, as long as the system is fair. Lootboxes with very very very low dropates or lot of doubles /useless stuff aren't, btw.

    You have to invest real money for basics like repairing weapons, buying grenades and bullets or for just buying a "standard" weapon because you have to grind like crazy otherwise? NO WAY!

    Making this experience as a new player in the game? I would hit the de-install button immediately for sure (which i did with Warface, when their new publisher had the same BAD IDEA)


    Ping restriction was added, but the value of 400 before you get removed from the game is laughable ... the usual hardcore redpingers are still there and the 3-4 bar players are still laughing at players with very good ping.

    Doubt it. As a person playing from Asia, I get around 272 ping max. Now I just get more unregistered shots on automatic weapons, meaning to me, players are now even stronger bullet sponges.

    I honestly think NOW would be a really good time to add a server on the Singapore/Indonesian region, that way, Asian and Oceanian players can play together with low enough pings since I think higher pings are now what causing unregistered shots...

    I usually get a ping around 15-30 and my experience is, that players with higher pings seem to have an advantage in their "time to react". Often enough, i start to fire first but the opponent is soaking up my bullets like a sponge, then turning into my direction an killing me with a short burst.

    It feels like there is some kind of "ideal" ping value, where the sync between movement/hit register/lag compensation is near perfect, but it's hard to tell, where this ping range starts or where it ends. Looks, like your 272 ping is already out of this range ;)

    But it's also possible that an expert for this stuff will tell my statement pure voodoo and i'm only a lousy player ^^ who knows ....

    Played some rounds yesterday. The overhaul of the maps looks very crisp. I like it.

    For the weapon balance (nerf?) i can say, it doesn't feel that much different. Barely noticeable, because they adjusted the weapon stats all across the board. P90 spray'n'pray still effective, snipers can still run around like Rambo and oneshot you ... so far, nothing really changed in the gameplay.

    Ping restriction was added, but the value of 400 before you get removed from the game is laughable ... the usual hardcore redpingers are still there and the 3-4 bar players are still laughing at players with very good ping.

    Let's see, how the game feels in a few days, when the servers don't have to handle all the downloads anymore.

    On a side note: EU server was flooded with fresh accounts, but most of them definitely not "new" to the game. Test accounts for checking out if their "adjustments" to their main accounts are still undetected? I don't know ...

    But to stay in Topic ... the guy on the FB teaser is standing in a building ... broken glass ... a ruin ... and he has/wears a skull face .... my guess is a "ZOMBIE ESCAPE MODE" .... *yawn*

    females hitboxes are the same as any other. Also, you're hoping too much for another netcode update.

    Well, i think he means "visible Hitbox".

    You usually aim at what you can see. Female skins are smaller and therefore slightly harder to aim at.

    The Hitbox might have the same size, but you have to "guess" where it starts and where it ends when the visible skin is smaller than the hitbox itself.

    But that's not on top of my personal list of issues for this game ...

    A change of the way to strong lag compensation which favours players with bad pings over players with good connection comes to mind ... or a nerf of the annoying Drop shot mechanics ...

    In another thread, i've read that you don't store chatlogs (was about reporting insulting chats), so i guessed, that you probably don't utilize that much logfiles for other stuff too.

    At this very moment i knew, the correct delivery of the PTS rewards with all their log prereqs like "reach lvl 20" and "play x rounds at day z" would be a pure miracle. 8o :)

    Sorry if my first post sounded mean ... forgot to use some smileys ;)

    PTS-Rewards ... i should have place a bet on this, it would've been a safe win ... was my first thought: they promise rewards and don't have a clue how to get the data out of their log files.

    Hey 2k players that works, GitS before nexon decided to softlock everyone out of their weapons and operators, assuming people didn't unlock everything beforehand, GitS had only about 1k players active daily. So if Ironsight gets 2k that's already an improvement in comparison. Besides the netcode will actually make quite a bit of difference, from what I've played in the PTS it is quite the improvement though I was only able to see the "improvements" the first few days of the PTS, since the servers weren't completely swamped with EU players yet.

    Well ....but you know that the PTS was located in Europe, don't you? ;)


    Some good rounds, some bad rounds ... still no clue how it will feel when released on the regular region server, when players will have similar ping.

    Overall, it felt slightly better than fist PTS session.

    That´s one reason why Intel CPU´s are still ahead. Better optimized for gaming.

    Anyways i guess you already done this but i´ll mention it anyways:

    Did you set your energy settings to max performance or is it still on balanced? (System ->Hardware and Sound ->advanced energy settings)

    Any cpu intensive programs running in the background?

    Sorry, first part about Intel being better optimized for gaming isn't true.

    Intel CPU show better single core performance and lazy game developers still prefer to optimize their code for Intel as they are still seen as standard from the times when they where the monopolist.

    AMD had the first GHz CPU and they had the first true multicore CPUs, you can say they've been more innovative in some important aspects.

    Given the fact that multicore CPUs are available for quite some time now, it's a shame that games still don't make much use of it.

    Second part of your post is a very good point. AMD Chipset drivers are adding a "Ryzen balanced power plan" which should be used to avoid the performance issues with the standard Windows power saving plan which has core parking disabled for Intel CPU but not for AMD.

    Latest Win10 build should have solved it, but to be sure, use Ryzen power plan or High performance profile to avoid performance problems.

    Perhaps it works for your IronSight issues.

    Very inconsistent play experience on PTS for me.

    Some matches, i hardly get anything killed, starting with 1:9 kills/deaths. pushing it barely to a 0.8 or 1.0 KD after some really hard work ... Next round, i'm on top again with 26:4 kills at the end of the match.

    Some weapons feel weird, some players do also ;-)

    In bad rounds, you start shooting at your opponents first, but they don't care ... bullet-sponge ... and when they're shooting back, i'm dead in a second ... very annoying, and some of them even don't seem to have bad pings.

    Short summary of the rest ... Female Skins, Hipfire, P-90, Bunnyhoppin' ... my personal limbo. <X:evil:

    Hello there,

    There are some known issues with AMD Ryzen CPUs. The developers are already aware of it but sadly there is no ETA for a fix since the team is currently prioritizing the new netcode.

    Thanks for jumping in with your reply ... but this leaves me kinda puzzled like Potestas before.

    Do the developers already know exactly what the issues are? If so, would it be possible to share some details with the affected Ryzen users?

    So far, i have no problems with IronsIght on my Ryzen system and the question is: can you avoid the issues by using a specific combination of hardware and settings?

    Edit: made a match on PTS and watched my FPS the whole round on Map Airport ... there was a range from 100 fps up to 214 fps ... in average around 160 to 180. A wide spread but nothing nearly the reported drops below 60 fps like Potestas is suffering on his Ryzen CPU

    Funny, I recently upgraded my pc specs too.

    Had an first gen. Intel i5 too and switched to an AMD.

    My new specs:

    AMD Ryzen 2600X

    Gigabyte B450 Aorus

    AMD R9 390 (8Gb VRAM)

    16 GB RAM (GSkill FlareX 3200 Mhz)

    Win 10

    So, everything new, except the graphics card and i don't have any problem with IronSight.

    I heard about the performance problems of some Ryzen users and feared, it would happen to me too, but i was happy to see, that my fps are higher now (as they should be with faster CPU/RAM).

    Using "high" gfx settings (with some settings on "ultra") in IronSight and i usually see my fps at 120-140+ (moving up and down a bit as i don't use VSYNC). Intel i5 was somewhere around 100-120 fps max.

    Maybe it's not the Ryzen that causes your (and others) problems in the first place?

    Nice video ... especially for the comparison of the weapon recoil when you shoot at the wall and the virtually non-existing recoil when you're in match with the weapons. Impressive, even more as you don't shoot in short bursts but mostly full auto all the time.

    Are you implying that he's cheating because he's controlling the recoil?

    If you aren't: The comparison at the start is obviously to showcase how difficult it is to control the recoil, not how strong the recoil is in practice.

    EDIT: Looks like OhEmGee was faster than me ;)

    I responded to OhEmGee first, as he was faster than you ... ;)

    But i would add for you, that there was no hackusation in my reply to the video, although his recoil handling for all this different weapons is absolutely perfect (at least for a noob like me ;)) .He managed to shoot straight on like a laser from the first to the last bullet in full auto. As i said: Impressive.

    Perhaps, he is that skilled --- perhaps, he can recommend some supportive hardware to us, like a specific gamer mouse? Who knows. I'm always open to learn new things ... ;)

    I assumed that while in game he actively manages his recoil with mouse movements, whereas for the purpose of showing how much recoil actually needs to be managed, he did not.

    It is pretty obvious that the wall shooting was made to show the weapon characteristics "as is" ... and i'm aware of the possibility to control the recoil with countering mouse movements.

    But i was impressed (and surprised) by the perfection of doing this in full auto with every weapon, in every situation and all the time.

    Nice video ... especially for the comparison of the weapon recoil when you shoot at the wall and the virtually non-existing recoil when you're in match with the weapons. Impressive, even more as you don't shoot in short bursts but mostly full auto all the time.

    Regarding the lootboxes in their current state: they don't feel "satisfactory" anymore. I'm playing this game since tech-beta and from my memory, the droprate from the crates was better at the beginning.

    Since then, especially the 4,800 GP boxes and the 12-Chip boxes have been inflated with more and more skins and items (like the TNT-skins recently), so the dropchance for a specific item went down. With the increasing amount of additional 30-Chip boxes and AP-boxes, it's getting quite confusing to choose the right box for a specific skin/weapon/item you might want to have.

    I'm a kind of "collector" and as long as the game is fun for me, i'm willing to spend money for special skins and weapons ... and i will stop to do so, when

    A: cheaters start to flood the game or

    B: the publisher starts to get greedy with droprates near zero for the desirable skins and items in their boxes, high repair costs and similar stuff ...

    and while writing this, i'm already one step beyond that point due to the low droprates from the boxes. At the moment, you don't get that much in return for the money you spend.

    Of course, you can jump in almost every FPS ... it's just the question how much benefit you get out of it.

    As part of normal movement to get over obstacles, no problem. To jump over gaps, to take a look behind an obstacle to spot an enemy ...OK.

    As part of that kind of "kill mechanics" that you can jump around like a bunny to avoid getting hit AND still be able to shoot accurate yourself? No way!

    Just imagine the look of two or three players hopping around each other, trying to get their kill and tell me you'll find yourself saying that this was an impressive kind of fight ...


    Braggel : "Looking ridiculous" is not a good argument to remove something in an arcade FPS. This is not a military sim.

    Well, no word from me about removing the possibility to jump, i just said it should burn your stamina and your gun should spray like hell.

    At least it's a shooter, not a jump'n'run.

    Would not make the game slower but less annoying when half of the team is hoppin' all day long instead of running ...