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    It feels like if lower ping players have a disadvantage agents higher ping players, i was high ranked cs go player (now i only care sc2) i know my reaction time and reflexes but in this game feels like i playing 1 sec behind than some people.

    This only matters if players have 1000 hp, highest dps does not equal time to kill. In real scenario only matter is how many bullets need to kill, and those bullets are how fast hit the target. Example the Ak does 33 dmg, the Famas 27, booth need 4 bullets to kill but the Famas are faster. In real use chart needs to ranking the weapons how much time need to kill the target. Some weapons only need 3 bullets to drop but what if other weapon fire 4 bullets faster? This calculations would be good, after that we can decide what we want to use, considering dmg drop off, recoil etc.