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    I will now close this thread as the discussions are deviating too much from the original piece of news. Please note that we recommend Ironsight players to play on the game version published in their region. I would also like to point out that while we are aware that certain players manage to connect to our version even from countries for which we do not hold the license, Aeria Games/gamigo cannot support players attempting to connect to our version of the game from these countries.

    Hey guys.

    I am writing to you all to inform you that I will no longer be a Community Manager on Ironsight as of today. Before anything else, I want to emphasize that I am not leaving Aeria but I am moving to a new position (ergo not a CM anymore) on another game (still unsure which). So this isn't me being kicked out of the team or me abandoning you for a younger and prettier mother. It's simply me going for new challenges 8).

    I will no longer be a point of contact with players as I have been for the past 3 years and to be honest, I couldn't have asked for a better game in Aeria/gamigo to finish this journey! I know it hasn't always been easy (and to some extent still isn't), but it is by far the most exciting project I have been a part of so far! I can assure you that the team is working hard to always bring Ironsight to new heights and I am more than confident that I am leaving the team and the game in very capable hands ;).

    I want to take some time to thank the rest of the CM team that have been my partners in crime since we started this odyssey in Closed Beta:

    Flloyd: my eternal french compatriot, my catto to my doggo, my bad cop to my good cop....In short, the perfect accomplice who helped me bring balance to our Iron shenanigans!

    Splashy: not the hero we deserved but the one we needed. The Silent helping hand that can bust out any task like he's not even breaking a sweat!

    Bodhisattva: the rookie mercenary! The latest addition to the team that managed to catch up in no time! Also a surprising gold mine of oldies game knowledge!

    I am glad I can count you guys as amazing co-workers, and even greater friends ^^.

    I also want to thank the rest of the Ironsight Team that made working on Ironsight even more enjoyable! I'm talking about Reeds, Worgoroth, Charly, Womp, and of course, The_Director. Hands down the best team I had to work with as a CM. You guys are beasts and forces to be reckoned with. I love all of you crazy rascals 8o

    Of course, I can't leave without mentioning our Moderators and Partners who continuously assisted us in our daily routine. Thanks for the support, dealing with our shenanigans and for putting up with our (sometimes) demanding requests. I will miss every single one of you and I can only hope to get people around me nearly as awesome as you bunch :*.

    And last but not least, I want to thank you all who played Ironsight so far! You were by far the best community I had the opportunity to interact and play with! I know many of you guys have high expectations for this game and I can assure you that the team is going to deliver! The game still has a bright future and with your help, we'll be sure to reach it :love:.

    Enough rambling, take care of the game, keep shooting the pew pews and stay awesome!

    Chopper out!

    All the winners are rewarded! You will find the content of your bounty box in your storage ingame!

    Look out on our Twitter page for the announcement of our Raffle winner!

    Congratulations to our winners!



    HQ is deploying High Value Targets on the field. Your mission is to locate them and assist them in completing their objectives. Find them and follow the instructions given before other agents reach them.

    We are kicking off our weekly ingame event! Every week, a Moderator will play some Ironsight with the community! They will open Custom match rooms on EU, NA and SA servers and give you specific rules to complete. Meeting the Mods requirements will give you a prize. Not only that, but access to the rooms might also be locked with a hidden password that will be given to those who solve a puzzle, answer a question correctly or the quickest to perform a specific task!

    This is your chance to show our team what you got, chill in a fun custom game with the team and perhaps get some prizes on top!

    So keep an eye out on our Discord where we will announce the start of each weekly hunt and give you the instructions.


    The event will start every Saturday between 5PM and 6PM CEST. (between 7AM and 8AM PST)


    All winners will get a Bounty Box containing:

    • 3 Days GP & EXP Boost
    • 3 Supply Boxes
    • 1 Angry Monkey Box


    . The Prize will be the same for each winner meeting the requirements.

    . You can only win 1 prize per weekly hunt.

    . Access to the game room may require a specific task to be done.

    . The Moderators decision is final and will determine who accesses the room and gets the prize.

    . We will announce the instructions to access the Mod Hunt room on our Discord Server

    Happy hunting!

    Your Moderation Team.

    Hello everyone!
    First of all this is a well-written thread with constructive criticism and feedback so props to bdm  :)
    I'll try my best to answer and address as many points as i can in here to the best of my ability and knowledge. So here we go:

    Lobby settings:

    We already suggested most of these as they are intricately linked to our goal of developing a healthy and appropriate competitive scene. We do have confirmation that Wiple Games already is working on passwords for custom matches so keep an eye out in a future update. We also want the spectator mode but i haven't heard any confirmation yet on any potential progress for that feature. The host kick and start in custom games are the only ones that we might need to push.

    Ingame changes:

    We already know that the ranked matches are being worked on and we're expecting a fix for the ranked matchmaking acting up but with no precise date sadly. For map reworks it would need to be looked at case by case. We already reported map glitches that we expect to be fixed soon enough as well. Ingame communication probably is the one that is unclear as incorporating that features proves to have many cons (moderation issues, harassment, verbal abuse, etc....). The ingame chat could definitely get a rework as well but no estimation yet on that rework.

    Weapon changes:

    Weapon, balancing is more delicate as it obviously affect the gameplay directly. We know that the devs are already working on balancing and will try to address the community's feedback as much as possible. I don't have any details yet but will share as much as we can once it is ready.

    I do personally agree that certain aspects should be focused on, namely the overall hipfire accuracy that doesn't always feel right, the surprising accuracy and range of certain SMGs, the Sniper's ADS that could need a longer delay before firing again, and others. Again these are my personal takes on the subject but all of it needs to be carefully studied and tested as it can drastically change the competitive and even regular Ironsight scene.

    Map rework:

    If i understand correctly from your suggestions, you basically want to remove the map interactions and hazards in a competitive game.

    While i understand the need to rely on skill only in a competitive game, removing these would also take away the unique factor from these maps but also from the game itself, or in short what makes Ironsight unique on that aspect. I can't promise that these would be taken in consideration but in the meantime, an alternative would be to rely on other maps for tournaments and competitive games that are lighter in interactions and hazards like Mart for example.

    Ingame communication:

    The word filter needs to be updated as it is currently not always working as intended. We've reported it already and will notify the players once it is on our version. for the ingame voice chat please refer to my previous answer above.

    We agree with that suggestion and have reported it. Once it is applied we'll let you know.

    Once again, thanks for the detailed post. More on that as soon as we learn more.


    In today's maintenance we addressed the Beta Dog Tag title issue. Those who indeed played during the CBT and/or Tech Beta test should have received it in their storage now. It will remain there for 30 days until you redeem it.

    As mentioned in the video and in the past by our team. The Netcode necessary changes are a topic both Aeria/gamigo and the developers at Wiple Games are aware of. Please remember that this will require a great amount of developing time to be improved and there is currently no estimation as to when it will reach the intended status. Stay tuned!

    Our next content update will come soon. We tried to apply it during last week's patch maitenance but due to an unforseen issue we couldn't apply it correctly. Once that issue is fixed, we'll have another patch maintenance and apply new content to Ironsight.

    Please stay patient until then :) Trust me it will be worth it.

    Hello everyone!

    We are really impressed with the initiative and the organization we've seen so far. After reviewing this tournament with the team, we have decided to sponsor some small reward for this tournament as follows:

    1st place: 50 CHIPS (for each team member)
    2nd place: 25 CHIPS (for each team member)
    3rd place: 10 CHIPS (for each team member)

    Note: if you are a reserve player from the top 3 teams and haven't played in any of the game from this tournament, you will receive a 5 CHIPS reward instead. If on the other hand you played at least 1 of the tournament's match, you will get the same reward as your fellow team members.

    We wish all participants and the tourney organizers good luck!



    Hello Mercenaries,

    Charly reporting in!

    It’s time to update our Mercenaries deployed around the world with the latest news from the Headquarters. The raging conflicts for the last resources on earth are getting more intense and you should be up-to-date.


    First things first, what’s the goal? Where do we want to bring Ironsight?


    (starting hard, eh?)

    Ironsight is an amazing Free to Play FPS and we will keep it this way. I have seen feedback like the comments here or here bringing up the fact we are Aeria Games and we will make it Pay to Win.

    Back in the middle of 2016, we merged with Gamigo AG. Since then, the company goals, ideas and values have changed drastically. We now aim to provide interesting, challenging and long-lived games and this is what we will do with Ironsight.

    That being said, I can personally promise you one thing:

    I have spent a few thousand hours playing FPS games and I usually stop playing them when fair play is endangered. I am currently playing Ironsight, I love the game and would like to keep it this way. As long as I am in charge of Ironsight, we won’t pass that barrier.

    Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean we won’t monetize the game. In the end we are a business and it is an F2P game, but we will do it as it should be done - without harming the fair play.

    m4-US.png monkey_smg.png redpixel_ar.png

    Community focus

    A game has to evolve with its users. You have all been providing a lot of feedback since day one (like this, this, this, this, this or that) which we truly appreciate. The game will be changing and improving based in your feedback, so keep going!

    You can reach out to us via any of our channels. Our Community Managers are doing an amazing job processing your feedback.

    Based on the feedback provided so far, I would like to drop some of the things we will be working on this year (outside of our content updates, bug fixes and improvements):

    • Spectator mode
    • Custom matches (Password, different modes…)
    • Ranking system (seasons, rewards…)
    • Sound system (Headshots…)
    • ‘Netcode’


    (Thanks battle(non)sense for the review!)

    We also love to support any kind of action coming from the community. For example, we will be releasing a content creator partnership program with exclusive perks soon.

    Here is a leak from HQ:


    Competition is the way to go. Currently, there aren’t a lot of free FPS games capable of creating a competitive environment and we will aim to do just that. We will be focusing on tournaments, seasons, different types of competitive modes…

    It’s a long term objective but who knows, we might even be able to hit eSports with huge prize pools!


    With all that said, where do we stand at the moment?

    Technical issues

    Since the opening of the OBT (01/02/2018, ~30 working days) we have been facing technical issues with our servers. Those have been many and varied, we are aware of it and we are always working hard to get these issues resolved. I am confident enough to say we will achieve a stable environment soon.

    Translated into numbers, we have recorded the following:

    What can been seen from outside

    • 90+ hours of issues for us, the users
    • 10+ maintenances (Up to 3 per week)

    What can’t been seen from outside

    • 15+ different server patches developed
    • Many server side changes
    • 100’s of hours of QA
    • 15+ issues solved outside of working hours
    • 300+ bugs reported by the community
    • Countless overtime hours spent monitoring or improving the game

    The effort and the amount of work from the whole team here and at Wiple Games (our partners and developers) is priceless. As Ironsight’s Product Owner and as a player, I have only one thing to say: Thank you!

    Content updates

    We plan to provide a content update every month. So far this has not been the case due to the above points as we are currently focusing all our technical efforts there.

    Once we get out of the Beta phase, you can expect we will be delivering new content on a regular basis.

    Here you have some more leaks from the HQ:

    New drone: Storm Shield


    New map: Ironwork


    Supporting new regions and languages


    We are currently exploring our options for supporting more regions with Wiple Games, even involving external publishers if needed. In one way or another, our goal is to provide world-wide support. For the moment, there is nothing official we can share. We will update you as soon as we have a final decision there.

    In terms of game localization, we are currently working on the Turkish, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese languages which are going to be released in the coming months.

    If you have any questions or if you would like to provide some feedback, feel free to drop us a message on this forum post and we will be answering as many questions as we can.

    - Charly, signing off.

    I already received some bug/exploits on this mission. We'll review them. I'll talk with the rest of the team and clarify this point. Once we've reached a decision, we'll update this event topic. In the meantime, I suggest you try to get the "cleanest" runs possible, or in short, without bug/exploits.

    Propesterous. I don't have that good of a body.

    Joke aside, i know it's fun and all and personally i'm ok with players teasing me a bit. But please don't take this as an opportunity to do the same to other players.




    we have lost contact with our squad on an abandoned Airport. This team was tasked to set up an EMP weapon to get rid of all the sentinel threats roaming around. Your mission is simple: find our field team and support them in activating the EMP Device to secure the area. Problem is, our Intel indicate Rogue AI movement towards that same location so you will have to act quick before it's too late. Good luck!

    How to participate:

    How well will you fair in our PVE mission? That is the question we want to figure out. The rules for this event are simple: Record yourself finishing the EMP Mission in-game as fast as possible. The fastest entries will be our winners. In the event of ties among the fastest participants, we might reevaluate the prizes accordingly.

    Event dates:

    The event will run until April 1st, 11:59PM (CET)


    We will reward the 3 best times accordingly:

    1st Place = 15 Supply boxes + OCI Cyborg Helmet 7 days + a forum badge
    2nd Place = 10 Supply boxes + OCI Cyborg Helmet 7 days + a forum badge
    3rd Place = 5 Supply boxes + OCI Cyborg Helmet 7 days + a forum badge

    All participants will receive a Booster EXP and a Booster GP 1 day .


    • Only 1 submission by participant.
    • Send us the recording of the entire EMP mission starting from the moment you launch it on the lobby until the result screen.
    • You have to have a VISUAL ASSET (Video). Please provide us your submission as an upload on a video hosting website.
    • You must post the video link to your entry in this thread to participate.
    • We reserve the right to disqualify any video that may breach the rules of the contest or our ToS!
    • No exceptions for participation outside of the set time frame will be given. Sorry!
    • You have to participate with the account you wish to receive the rewards.
    • Every submission to this contest can and will be used by Aeria Games and/or gamigo for promotional purposes.
    • The winning videos will be the fastest entries. In case of ties, the Ironsight Team reserves the right to review and change the prizes accordingly.

    Show us your speed-run skills and reach for the top!

    Your Ironsight Team

    What players fail to realize is that even though on paper it sound easy and obvious that "more servers = more players = more money", the reality is actually more complex.

    On the dev side alone, that's more localisation work needed and therefore more work for them. On the publisher side, it's more operating costs for the additional servers, more expenses to get the team and resources that can take care of that new player community (moderation, website changes, PR, communication,...).

    In short adding more servers for new regions is an evident source of satisfied players that can play with good conditions but it requires time and resources to set up, that both parties involved don't necessarily have at the beginning of newly launched game.

    Not to mention that before ANY of the points mentioned above, ultimately, the devs are the ones deciding who publishes the game for their game. So before we can add servers for any additional regions, we must come to an agreement with the devs at Wiple Games.

    So to answer the original question, yes we are considering it as a publisher but due to all the uncertainty mentioned in my answer, we do not know if or when a specific region will be supported by Aeria/gamigo.

    Therefore please remain patient and wait until further notice on that subject :)

    VII - Settings


    1. Video

    Click on it to change your video settings such as the language displayed, screen resolution, FPS display, and more.

    2. Audio

    Click on it to change your audio configuration.

    3. Controls

    Click on it to change your keybindings.

    4. Mouse

    Click on it to change your Mouse settings.

    VI - Account


    1. Level

    Displays your current level, your experience bar for the ongoing level and your rank (or in this case placements left) in ranked mode.

    2. Player Tag

    Displays your current Player tag. Click on it to customize and modify your Player tag.

    3. Missions Records

    Displays a preview of some statistics on your account. Click on it to open the Mission Records details.

    4. Weapon Records

    Displays a preview of some weapon statistics on your account. Click on it to open the Weapon Records details.

    5. Drone Records

    Displays a preview of some drones statistics on your account. Click on it to open the Drones Records details.

    6. Achievements

    Displays a preview of some ongoing achievements on your account. Click on it to open the achievements details.

    V - Shop


    1. Promotions

    Features Ironsight news and/or promotions.

    2. Showcase

    Displays the latest or hottest deals on the in-game shop. Clicking on one of them will redirect you to that offer for you to check the details and content.

    3. The CHIPS store

    Shop section using in-game currencies only. Click on it to see all the offers and items in that categorie.

    4. The AP store

    Shop section using AP currency only. you can buy CHIPS, boosts or packs.

    5. Extra Supplies

    Offers free boxes to win GP and CHIPs. You can open a GP Funding Box every 20 minutes with the limit of 3 a day and open a CHIP Funding Box every 48 hours.

    IV - Storage


    1. Filter

    Click one of the tabs to choose which filter to apply. Each will display only that selected type of items in your storage: all, weapons only, boxes only, character only, currencies only or other.

    2. Origin

    Select in the drop-down menu which origin for the items you want to filter your storage: all, purchased, gifts (from other players) and rewards (daily logins, daily contracts, achievements, etc...).

    3. Receive all

    Click the "Receive all" button to automatically collect all the currencies currently in your Storage (GP and CHIPS). It claim/collect items or packs. Currencies packs won't be activated.

    4. Items list

    The list of objects you currently have in your storage and depending on the filtered chosen. Be careful, they have deadlines (seen on the top center of said item)!

    5. Origin

    How you received the item (gift, purchase or reward).

    6. Deadline

    Claim this item before the deadline or the item will be lost.

    7. Item

    Item name.

    8. Date

    The date you received the item.

    III - Collections


    1. Show skin list

    Displays the weapon and attachment skin list available from the collection system (pink and purple rarity).

    2. Weapon details

    Shows the skin which you can rotate by 45 degree on each side, the skin name and the description.

    3. Required items

    Displays the required items to get the skin. When you have an item it displays "COMPLETE".

    II - Loadout & Drones

    1. Loadout / Drone Menu

    Select if you want to modify your character loadout or your drone choices.

    2. Loadout slots

    Select the Loadout slot you want to use or modify.

    3. Character preview

    See how the character would look like in one team or the other (NAF and EDEN symbols at the bottom of the screen will change the appearance).

    4. The Equipment Section

    This section displays your choice of weapons and equipment for the currently selected loadout. You first have the primary weapon you want to use. Right below it, you can find 4 slots for 2 weapon attachments, 1 charm and 1 special bullet type.

    You then have further loadout options: a secondary weapon, a melee weapon, a lethal equipment and a tactical one.

    Note: To equip a charm in your weapon you need to purchase the emplacement for 30 CHIPs or with a Charm Slot Ticket.

    5. Extend

    Some weapons are temporary. When the weapon reaches the time limit you need to purchase it again or extend the duration. If you start a game with an expired weapons or bullet equipped, these will not be effective and you will have the default M4 Training weapon equipped on that specific loadout. Expired items will appear as such on your loadout screen.

    6. Character

    Displays the selected character for the currently selected loadout.

    Neil Wild is the only customization character and you will be able to customize him by selecting the different options displayed (Backpack, Shoulder Pats etc.)

    For non-custom characters, the fields are crossed out/unavailable.

    9. Skills

    Displays the skills currently equipped on this loadout. Each slot has it's own list of skills.

    10. Emotes

    Choose the 3 emotes you want to assign to the loadout slot you are on. Dancing, greetings, taunting and many others. The emotes can be used during the match or at the end of the game during the Winners Ceremony. You can change the keybindings for each emote in your settings.


    1. Drone Menu

    Drone Loadout.jpg

    2. Drone kind

    Displays the Drone Type you chose for the currently selected loadout.


    1. Tactical Drone

    Mainly used to support your teammates, detect, track or sabotage enemies.

    2. Offensive Drone

    Mainly used to inflict considerable amounts of damage to the opposing team.

    Choose up to 3 drones that can join you in the fight. The 3 drones on top of the list are the ones you currently have equipped.


    1. Points required

    Each drone has a cooldown before you can use it. The cooldown slowly depletes while playing. Scoring points reduce your cooldown even further. This amount of point is the original cooldown you will start with on the according drone.

    2. Drone Description

    Describes the drone function once used/deployed.

    3. Use

    To equip a drone on the current drone slot, click the "Use" button.

    Note: You cannot equip a drone already equipped on another slot.

    4. Video Demonstration

    Short Video demonstration of the drone and its effect(s). To listen to the audio, hover the mouse over the video.


    • Loadout.jpg

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    I - Home (lobby)


    1. Menu bar

    Switch between tabs : Home, Loadout, Collections, Storage, Shop, Clan, Account, Ranking, Settings.

    2. Announcements

    Features Ironsight news.

    3. Events

    Features Ironsight events.

    4. Daily contracts

    Every day you are entitled to 3 contracts randomly selected from a predefined list. The first will always be a required amount of wins (on any mode), the second a number of kills using a specific weapon type and the last a win in a certain game mode. To see the full display click on it.

    Note: Daily contracts are randomly generated for each players. They are therefore not necessarily the same for each player.

    5. Achievements

    A quick summary of achievements displaying the most advanced in progress. Click on it to display the full interface.

    6. Chat

    Chat quickly through the Common, Group, Clan and Whisper channels. The System channel is the area where you receive system notifications. Choose the tab that you want to display. Use the "Tab" key to switch from Common, Party and Clan.

    Note: you can have other interaction options by right-clicking on a name in the chat: Whisper, Invite to party, Add Friend, Invite to Clan, View info and Block.

    7. NAF or EDEN

    Select the faction for which you want to visualize your character.

    8. Boosts

    Active boosts are displayed here.

    9. Calendar

    Get rewards for each day you attend by connecting to the game. Keep track of your progress and see what rewards will come next. This calendar resets once ALL rewards have been claimed.

    Note: Claimed rewards are noted as "Complete" and can be found in your storage where you can redeem them.

    10. Messenger

    Manage messages, friends and blocks.

    Note: Though you can see your friends and blocked players at all time, you can only search or invite players that are currently connected to the same server as you are.

    11. Player tag

    Your tag with your level, your name and your clan (if you are in one). If you see a blue star over your name, that means you currently are the leader of your party.

    12. Party members

    Your group can contain up to 5 players. Their names are listed left of your name. The current group leader also displays a blue star.

    13. Play

    Click the Play button to start a game from a selection of modes. If you are in a Party, only the Party Leader can click on Play and start a game.

    14. Currencies

    Displays your Gold Points, CHIPS and AP balance.

    15. Charge

    Click on the Charge button to purchase AP currency (redirecting you to



    Today we are going to do something a little different. A good soldier is a trained, competent and prepared one! It's all well and good to know how to fight, but today we will stay at HQ and review the basics. I'm tired of having to answers the same questions over and over so listen carefully and take note of everything I am going to teach you today!

    This topic will serve as a first guide through the different menus, buttons, and UI functionalities of Ironsight.

    Click one of these to jump straight to the section of your choice:

    I - Home

    II - Loadout

    III - Collections

    IV - Storage

    V - Shop

    VI - Account

    VII - Settings

    Please note that the "Clan" and "Ranking" menus will be part of separate guides.

    Thank you for your time and should you have more question, please don't hesitate to contact a moderator or a community manager.

    Your Ironsight Team

    Although i don't see the harm in that, i strongly advise NOT to do this. Please be mindful that modifying any of the files in the Ironsight folder is not supported by Aeria and therefore is not recommended to do as it could result in a suspension/ban from Easyanticheat if you are detected as tempering with the in-game files.