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    Are there any plans on tweaking the S-Mine and the Claymores? Specifically the instant disappearance the moment the player dies. Now I know on the developers side its much easier to tie the S-Mines and the Claymores and pretty much every placeable for that matter to the players character themselves. Hence why the mines magically disappear the moment the placer dies. I personally hate this particular trait due to how I play, fast and loose and since "Ironsight" is primarily a fast paced FPS the mines are basically pointless to use unless your going to be camping and even then its lackluster because the spawnpoints flip every 3 seconds.

    So even though it may cause some chaos in game I would like to see a change to the placeable explosives so they last at LEAST 2 to 3 lives if not till u place another or it gets destroyed.

    Ideally they would stay till someone blows them up but I know that can cause some issues however I suppose there could be a timer attached to them, so after 10 minutes they disappear or however it can be changed.

    So I don't know about the rest of you but I like placing a mine and forgetting about it and moving on.


    Mines should remain planted (or till u plant another) because its very fast game, and spawning is also cancerly annoying which should be fixed too in TDMs. Mine is not granade right? that u can throw in random spot, u have to plant it on effective spot and most likely you will die trying or just plant and die after... and mine is gone.

    Also all tacticals should be purchasable for permanent use, now they are only for rent. Thats why ppl never use them only 1% maybe, just to try them.

    Hey there, I started to play from first alpha wave, but stopped months ago because there was nothing for me interesting.

    I have few questions and would like to know answers cuz I'm kinda still attached on news of this game because I CARE

    1: On Steam, will it have aweful country restrictions and force some countries to play on Russian servers or smth like that because i heard that Russians going to publish this game?
    2: Will our progress be transferred on Steam version?
    3: Will devs add deep weapon customization? (Grips, more scope and laser types/styles, tons of things that exists now) cuz... you know, its 2019 and all we get in updates (once per eternity) are stupid skins..

    First of all, I would like to say that new update is really nice.

    Here are things that needs to be changed in my opinion, as there are lots of things in game that is completely useless.

    Hydra - Needs to be buffed. Rate of fire and lock-on speed must be increased, damage lowered little bit.

    New EMP GL - Gorgon, Hydra and such deployables need whole mag (6 shots) to be destroyed..... it means you are dead, cuz no one's going to watch how you do this for 5 - 6 sec
    New map needs second round with team switch.

    I mean if you guys add secondary weapons in game, they must be useful right? for now if you try to use something else than pistols, you are dead. Every time I try to try some GL, EMP GL, crossbow, and such useless things, I finish game with minimum 10 Kills less.

    Secondary weapons must have good purpose guys... instead of 2 shots of GL, you could add some Thumper but with only ONE nade. but with really good damage, it says that it has max dmg, but we all know that its not. Nade blast near than 1.5 m to target must be guarantee kill.

    As I told you when i just run and gun with my primary weapon and focus only objective and kills, I do better job. When I try to take some secondary, that match is ruined for me.

    so my advice to devs, if there are such things in game - they must be valuable and useful.

    Also make tacticals and throwables permanent to buy too!

    Not sure why you'd ever need a sight for a pistol, you should only really be using that as a quick finisher. The crossbow idea sounds OK though.

    question is - why not? well i'm not going to use scopes on pistols too, but would try some other colimator on crossbow, or laser & silencer combo on 1911 pistol... there must be more customization of weapons... its fps game and its fkin 2018


    played 2-3 hours almost every day for 2 month, after first "update" I stopped and was just visiting game for daily rewards only. bought EVERY single primary and secondary weapon and i have 190K more GP left. also about 430 chips. never spent cent in this game. just complete daily quests, try to do achievements, level up weapons. you will never run out of GB......

    do we have worst net code? - yes

    do we have broken and annyong sniper rifles in game? - yes
    are they feeding comunity with nonsense updates once per eternity? - yes

    is there one of the lowest weapon customizations in games in 2018? - yes

    is this game p2w? - absolutely f***in not!

    actual content - meh, ugly skins and map - yay. OK

    you think you're supporting devs, but I think you're actually against game's success... you are - or not, thats what I see when you're defending them and sayin' that "pile of poo smells good"

    Just wondering if you are going to change or rework some equipment and weapons. I mean there are secondaries that no one uses: Crossbow, GL.... why? cuz they are useless, in 3 month i saw only 1 - 2 ppl using them ONCE. I dont get one thing, if you added them in game, why make it useless and unplayable?

    What about tactical gear? will you make them repairable? same situation here, only 1 - 2 ppl have used that tacticals just for try, I dont think someone will rent them on regular basis... now its nade fest. Make them repairable so game was less boring.

    And this is my opinion what you will read below:

    I think crossbow must be moved in primary weapon slot in sniper weapons section and must be buffed ofc, as now its joke.

    Shotguns must be also have their section as primary. need more shotguns!!!!!!
    * Remington 870
    * Benelli M4
    * Vepr-12
    * and something with two barrels (or sawed off)

    AR50 is still the same. Bolt action sniper rifles are still easy to use as wooden slingshot. But we got bunch of ugly skins... we must be happy right?
    "Skins, skins and... more skins!" - From spring update post. See? they are happy. They think that skins is only thing we care, but they don't know that there are ppl who doesn't give a single **** about ugly weapon skins.

    @arlight64 you don't need the skins to play the game.

    Exactly! i don't need skins, but there is nothing for me, as only things we get in updates are skins. Thats the problem here... 3 month and there is still no auto repair feature added... what can I say more...

    Another useless update with bunch of ugly skins and useless icons..... Is it so hard to add atleast auto repair option??????????? IS IT SO FKIN HARD?!?!?!?!?! Where is atleast new weapon? atleast new map? (I know there is few ready maps in Korean version) or new mode? why dont you add free for all? spawn system is already cancer for team matches... We could enjoy FFA more... (i know there is FFA in custom match where you're losing AP for repair and cant gain it so FK custom games)

    What are your plans of this game? how are you going to hold comunity i dont understand? with useless events and nonsence updates? nope thx

    Why dont you add JUST ONE big feature or change in game per patch? ATLEAST one more attachment option, or smth like that... GRIP for example. its fkin 2018 and game has worst weapon customization i ever seen!!!!!

    And i dont wanna hear its only beta bla bla blah..... you guys not listen to comunity and feedback, its sad. game is disappointment, just an other cheap "MADE IN CHINA" game which focusing adding ugly skins to move forward.

    41 views and 0 answer.... Well I'm with you, would add beard like mine to character, but asians hate beards, they prefer girly characters in all their games. They are not going to make more character customization as they have skins to sell... Wish there was full character creation and only outfit skins... but its not going to happen in my opinion.

    I understand every single aspect about OBT and your hard work, really. As I already mentioned, my every single post addressee is actual game developersm not you, admins and crew behind gamigo. I dont ask devs to bring something huge every week, we suggest and spending time here in forums hoping that something will be actually added, if this update was made 2 month ago, It would be awesome, but this is dropped after 3 month from first OBT launch and we got not a single change or balance that we've asked. Ok lets forget this update, I really want to ask devs (i know i will never get answer from them) how LONG it will take to read and just proceed just anything from our feedback? I can wait 3 more MONTH just for actual content update (not these ugly skins and map, that already exists in Korea version, and I'm pretty sure that next update will be same sht) JUST ONE THING FROM THESE:

    * Deeper weapon customization - its 2018 already, everyone knows that main thing in FPS games are weapons, If they didnt started with deeper customization 2 years ago, NOW its time to make something MORE than 2 attachment and one rental bullet slot.
    * Balace, Just few change that will make players happy

    Plus no one needs free 300 GP from daily chests, you get 500 - 600 per match.... Have almost every weapon in game and 200K +

    SO we dont need to write suggestions as nothing will change!!!!!!!!! as it took 3 month to these bug fixes:

    • Ranking Menu - Fixed the Upper Ranking tab.
    • Ranking Menu - Fixed the search function.
    • Collecting system - Fixed an issue where players were not able to unequip Attachments / Clothes. You can now select the “none” option to unequip the current attachment.
    • Collecting System - Fixed an issue where players could own Primary or Secondary Weapons (Repairable) twice. Duplicated weapons will be sold automatically upon first login after the patch.
    • Clans - Fixed an issue with the French localization causing a game crash when opening the Clans’ Tab.
    • Tutorial Mission (PVE) - Activating the elevator no longer teleports the player.
    • The color of the kill log has been improved.
    • Mouse wheel doesn't change weapons when the scoreboard is displayed.
    • Drones can not be redeployed while proning.
    • Fixed an issue with the HUD of the Metal Reaper in Resource Takeover.
    • Fixed a bug in the tutorial regarding the amount of sentinels killed.
    • Fixed a display bug in the Ranking Menu.
    • Fixed a display bug in tutorial.
    • Fixed a bug with the UI when players get killed in-game.
    • When you re-spawn, the 'invincibility' status will be disabled when you attack or use a drone.

    What about BALANCE? about sniper rebalance, what about repairable tacticals, what about things ppl where ASKING and suggesting for 3 MONTH!!!!!!!!!

    I didnt say that nothing was done, but I say that FEEDBACK thread is useless, as they delivered the things they had already PLANNED, and i'm pretty sure next updates will be the same: 1 character skin, 1 map, few ugly weapon skins and nonsence bug fixes... Just tell me one thing or feature thats been changed or added as players requested and suggested - JUST ONE THING! (not bugfix)

    After 3 month of waiting, after 539 threads and 4K posts in it, What we got in new patch? 1 map, 1 shield robot, and tons of skins...
    I dont think feedback side has some point, its useless as devs deliver content that is already planned for them, I know that attachment rework system is not easy to make in 3 month, but what about SINGLE auto repair feature that ppl where asking? how about useless inventory box that every quest reward goes there and we have to take them from it after "are you sure?" question? What about balance and fixed description of attachments?
    In this 3 month of waiting, your goal was to fix servers too, and after first day we have same problems, black screen, disconnects, offline....

    0 of requested things where added in this new patch content.

    I can tell you which option will balance snipers.

    snipers should have same damage, if its high caliber - bolt action, ofc it must kill with one shot.

    * There must be huge aim shake if someone shooting you when you are scoped

    * Shot must be missed target if its not FULLY zoomed

    * Aim down the sight time must be higher 0.30 or smth

    * It has to zoom out when bolt cocking and its speed must be increased about 0.20

    * Bullet white tracers must be removed

    * Scope flashing when aim down the sight must be removed and author idea of this feature must be tortured with led flashlights day and night for 7 days

    I think thats it.

    PLEASE make shutguns playable, make it primary weapon, and buff range (same as smg) but dont panic as not all shells will hit the target. Also if target will be shot from 2 - 5 m it must be 100% kill.

    Now shotguns are just nothing but execution of target that has 1 hp and your primary weapon needs reload...

    "Make shotguns primary !" ++++++++++++++++++++++++ YES!

    "M320: 2 extra grenades and and bit more splash damage range" - Extra ganades - NO! it will be nade fest, more damage - Yes, as it never kills the target unless he has 2 hp, even if nade exploded at his feet.

    Please, understand that AeriaGames / Gamigo is just the publisher of the game, this kind of in-game mechanics need to be reviewed by the developers and made by them directly.


    Yes I understand, so adressats of every single suggestion in my posts are they - actual developers of this game. I cant post these on Korea server forums, thats why i'm writing here, so you could pass these to them :)

    Damage of sniper rifles must remain the same! but must be nerfed in other way, quickscope - you must miss your shot if weapon is not fully scoped, scoping time also needs to be increased. also when you are using scope when someone shoots you first it must be huge impact on aim and must shake a lot. Now u shoot 20 bullets at him and he still can kill you with clear one shot....

    Considering that the entire point of Quick Scoping is to QUICKLY SCOPE onto a target...I don't think it would be fair to nerf Quick Scoping because landing the hit takes a lot of luck or a lot of skill...there's no mechanic that says "Quick Scoping gets you kills because it does." or anything along those lines...the same argument could be made about camping or people who Drop Shot...remind you that Drop Shotting literally alters your hit box which most people see as an unfair tactic

    So how can bolt action snipers be nerfed? can you tell me? damage reduction will be huge mistake! DSR has 800 to 1500 effective range it must kill target in this game with 1 shot (chest/head) if it will not kill, it will be shittiest game ever! when u use quick scope your weapon is not fully straight line right? it needs time to make aim straight to target - from \ to | So when u quickscope and weapon barrell changes degree for 1sm it must be MISSED SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scoping time must be increased minimum of 0.30 sec and must be fully scoped to land aimed shot. well thats my opinion, and i hope devs are clever.

    I already suggested it few times, but replies from game crew is the same - "devs are working on server stability first" and its already 2 month since OBT and also game is i thihk 1 year in development and its fkin' 2018 ! every FPS must have deeper weapon customization. now we just dont have anything, just few useless attachments. So dunno, just wait for their update. TBH i'm pretty sure next update will be few maps (copy-paste from Korea servers) and nothing more...

    Damage of sniper rifles must remain the same! but must be nerfed in other way, quickscope - you must miss your shot if weapon is not fully scoped, scoping time also needs to be increased. also when you are using scope when someone shoots you first it must be huge impact on aim and must shake a lot. Now u shoot 20 bullets at him and he still can kill you with clear one shot....

    I think bullet types must be in attachment slot for free (or atleast repairable), and there must be detailed explanation what each bullet type does.