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    I criticized the game for not moving fast enough for fixing netcode and balance issues, and I still feel that those are valid concerns that are imperative to the life of the game.

    However, adding a large scale 10v10 map is just chaotic fun, and not in the same way that the cramped 5v5 TDMs were. Battle lines can actually be established and spawns aren't changing every 30 seconds. You gotta give props to the devs for introducing something that adds a completely new dimension to the game when they could've just put in another random map without a new mode. It gives me hope that we'll finally be getting more big content updates that will add to the variety of the game. Good stuff bois

    The game had a lot of potential, and really filled a niche (PC cod-style game, with potential for competitive play and casual tdm romps that was also f2p), but I (like many others) just see way too many issues to enjoy this game and not enough being done to fix it. I've put money into this game since I felt that it was a good game with a lot of potential, but I just don't see it going anywhere anymore

    The netcode is way too frustrating, content updates are too far and few between, and balancing issues are way too prevalent. On top of that, you have other issues such as an already toxic community full of profanity shouting kiddies and a lackluster competitive mode, not to mention gameplay that can get stale very quickly without continual content updates

    It's an open beta. Okay. But an open beta means that a game is open to any and all criticism since it's now a game that is open to the public. The game has been out for more than 2 months and in its current state its still almost unplayable with its netcode issues.

    It is infuriating to get sniped by someone by a window before you even get a chance to see them. It is so frustrating to have some AR57 hopper jump around a corner before you even see them gun you down in half a second.

    I know I'm just some random who is quitting, but I know that this sentiment is shared by a lot of players who are already considering dropping this game. I hope that the devs take this advice to heart and really make some drastic changes.

    problem with snipers summarized in one scenario:

    I closed the gap between myself and a sniper and was a couple feet away from him, ready to spray him down with an SMG. he then proceeds to one shot me with ease

    bolt actions should not be pseudo shotguns at close range, they should require a ton of luck + skill to use at close range, and force snipers to play conservatively/tactically. at this point right now, snipers can have as much rushing potential as any gun at almost any range

    sadly, I'm not too optimistic about the game getting big right now

    this is the game's prime hype train time (before bo4, and when lots of streamers play it), but they aren't moving fast enough to improve netcode, promote the game on steam, and add content

    I'm sure they're trying their hardest with the team and resources they have, but if this pace keeps up, I'm not sure we will see much of an increase in playerbase

    so the servers are doing bad because summit1g did a stream of the game. Can't change loadouts, takes ages to login, repair doesn't work, and can't purchase weapons. At one point, I couldn't move or aim properly

    There was about 15k viewers on that stream. Being extremely liberal with the conversion rate, lets assume that 5k players decided to start playing the game because of the stream. The servers can't handle 5k more players? Why even have people like LevelCap or prominent youtubers advertise the game when it can't even support a large playerbase?

    I know the response is: "it's a beta" or "it's f2p", but there were a ton of new players from summit's stream who said "so I can't change my loadout because it's f2p?" and immediately wrote the game off as a dud. If this is the case, how can this game even survive a launch on steam?

    Just because you aren't having issues doesn't mean nobody else is having issues

    The complaining is happening because there hasn't been enough being done about the problems and it's getting frustrating. Pretty soon people will start leaving the game unless they fix them fast. I've seen numerous people quit because they finally got fed up with being killed behind walls/kill trades etc.

    Though I agree that just complaining isn't really that beneficial unless it comes with actual constructive criticism that the devs can use for insight

    Aside from the issue that killtrades arise from lag and not bullet travel, it's unacceptable that a competitive FPS has killtrading. It makes gunfights arbitrary based off connection speed and defeats any type of gun balancing. The dominant guns in this game are spray machines that are able to connect as many shots as possible before being killed.

    In a game genre where things like aim and twitch reaction times are the deciding factor of who wins a gunfight, a huge variable like lag + kill trading completely defeats any consistency that the game has.


    The Scar-H's main benefit is that it can do a 3 hit kill, the balancing factor is that it has slow ROF.

    The FAMAS can do a 4 hit kill, with significantly higher rate of fire.

    Scenario: Scar-H faces a FAMAS in a gunfight. If there wasn't kill trading, the SCAR-H should be able to shut down the FAMAS user if he/she accurately places their shots on target before the FAMAS user kills them.

    But because of kill trading, a situation like this occurs: SCAR-H user accurately shoots FAMAS user 3 times; FAMAS user misses some shots, but is able to connect that final killing shot after dying thanks to lag. Both players die, even though player 1 placed his shots more accurately on target with a more powerful weapon and technically outplayed player 2

    My point isn't to say that there is anything wrong with the balancing of the FAMAS and SCAR. On the contrary, this game is actually quite well balanced for most weapons (well, maybe except for the AR57). The problem is that you have BS moments like this happening all the time, where skill has almost no control over who wins a gunfight.

    Why do kill trades even exist? I understand it's a byproduct of lag, but is there really no way to compensate for this like every other game has done?

    Open betas in F2P games are almost akin to a release (there are some games that stay in open beta for years). Regardless of whether it is an OB or not, the first impression that the community has about a game happens right around this crucial time period (prominent gamers on YT and streamers generate buzz for the game, people get interested and try it out).

    The first impression that seems to be the consensus: a game with a lot of potential BUT a game that is lacking content and a shoddy netcode. If these issues aren't fixed quickly, then this impression will be what sticks in the minds of most consumers. Is that fair? Perhaps not, it is clearly stated to be an open beta after all. However, that is the reality of how consumers will perceive this game. First impressions are everything.

    Just look at No Man's Sky, it launched with lackluster content and an impression that it wasn't very good. Over the year, the devs added a ton of content and fixes, but the stigma from its launch still remained regardless of how much changed.

    Or a positive f2p example to follow: Black Squad. The game is consistently pulling 10k+ concurrent players and is doing well. Launched on steam from the get-go and had a (relatively) solid netcode from the beginning. I went back to look at the game's patch notes from its early access/beta stages. The game literally had huge content updates almost every month right after its CBT and balance/UI patches almost every week. Events changed up every week and new skins were added constantly. Complaints were addressed quickly, and most people stuck around because of it

    I understand that game development is complicated and time consuming. I won't even try to pretend that I understand how it works. However, if you guys need to go into stealth mode and make people wait 2+ months for any substantial updates in an open beta, then you risk that initial impression being further cemented in the minds of consumers.

    just my two cents. I enjoy this game and want it to succeed but things need to be done to keep your playerbase hooked.

    This doenst look like lag.
    it does look more like he's shooting through the wall. he does have a scout drone up and is probably aware that OwNLY_HFA is behind that corner. As he does have armor pen rounds active, he can shoot througt that wall, if Iam not mistaken.

    no that is definitely lag. the guy peeked out a couple seconds prior to seeing the guy, but I assume that on the guy's screen, he was still peeking and was able to shoot him. therefore he died behind the wall.

    Look at the positioning of the enemy and where he is shooting. he is clearly shooting at the doorway and is looking at the doorway

    I don't think the game is dying, and obviously it's in a beta, but I agree that people will not stick around unless some major fixes are made.

    how is that sketchy? all korean f2p games do this so that they don't expend all their assets and resources at once and so that they can build hype.

    Doesn't stop it from being's lazy, stupid, and most of all, disingenuous. It's developed : release it. Build "hype" like a good company with good workers does and keep working on content regardless of what you're releasing.

    Path of Exile : 3 month temp-leagues based around a single premise that may have taken 3 - 12 months of development , while also developing content in the forward for future releases for the YEARS down the is something stupid gangbusters on player population and popularity in the ARPG genre for a F2P game run by a cosmetic-only shop. Builds hype by DOING THINGS not by being scummy.

    At the end of the day, it's a f2p game and withholding content is their choice, and it isn't anything out of the ordinary. Have you ever played AVA, Crossfire, Combat Arms, or any other Korean FPS? They all do this and withheld a ton of content.

    Look at it from their perspective, if they released all the Korean content at once, then they'd have to work on their own original content. That would mean longer periods before they update any new content, probably months. Then people would complain that updates are taking too long. Makes much more sense to just keep some already-completed content in reserve, doesn't it?

    Aside from adding content like weapons and maps, I think it's important for this game to add some type of mode that breaks up the normal flow of gameplay. After playing this game for a while, I want to do something to break up the typical combat that happens. I think there are two things that can be done:

    1. Some type of novelty game mode: something that isn't your typical run and gun gameplay. Other fps examples would include things like infected modes, last man standing, knife only, or other creative stuff, like the ghost assault mode from Ghost in the Shell First Assault (rip).

    I'm not saying that Ironsight should copy one of these specific modes, but something in the same vein where the gameplay is different from the core gameplay could do a lot of break up the monotony of playing too much and add some variety

    2. Co-op PVE game mode

    Another option is to do some type of co-op PVE mode similar to prison break/death valley from Alliance of Valiant Arms, if anyone is familiar with that game. Plus, ironsight already has the assets and AI for sentinels and metal reapers to make some cool PVE scenarios.

    For a successful PVE mode, I think requires a couple things:

    • High difficulty that requires coordinated team gameplay
    • Rewards that are actually worth getting

    just some ideas, obviously aside from getting the netcode/servers on track and new PVP content

    yes, unless it is approved for official use as a third-party program, which it is. that's why OBS or recording software is not against the rules

    The mods already stated that its allowed: Can I use reshade without being banned?

    simple wishlist: I know that the devs are working mostly on stabilizing the servers and bugs, but here are some quality of life/misc things that I think would benefit the game that aren't too big of changes. Again, these aren't a high priority or anything that drastically affects balance/gameplay, just things that I think could be added. apologies if some of these have been mentioned already

    1. Show a weapon's level on the HUD. leveling up your weapon is an achievement, and people should know what level your gun is on killcam/spectate/pickup
    2. Show what attachment a weapon has (eg: P90 TR + Precision Barrel)
    3. ability to change loadout a few seconds after spawning
    4. scorestreaks should carry over from loadout to loadout
    5. make the lobby chat a bit bigger or at least expandable
    6. make the font sizes adjustable
    7. make a "repair all" button that repairs everything in your inventory, not just weapons in a loadout
    8. show experience bar somewhere on the main menu
    9. save preset scorestreak loadouts so you can change from tactical to offensive easily and not have to reselect every scorestreak
    10. reduce the amount of back-and-forth menu transitions (for example: allow us to select 2 attachments for our guns without needing to enter attachment 1> exit> enter attachment 2> exit or selecting each scorestreak and needing a transition screen for each one)
    11. when temporary items expire, change to whatever default item is available for that slot (example: when sticky grenades expire, automatically replace it back to frags)
    12. have simple attachment descriptions that actually tell you what it does "lasersight: increase hipfire accuracy", or "modified rifiling: increases mid range damage dropoff"
    13. make it so that custom games do not degrade your weapon repairs. custom games don't gain you any exp or GP, so it doesn't make sense to need to pay repair costs


    • Show what attachments are available for each weapon before you buy them
    • show gun's corresponding achievement in the inventory menu
    • show what firing mode weapons have in the menu (semi, 2 round burst, etc)

    that's all for now. i'll probably add more as I think of them. thanks!

    I recently found this vid on youtube with a working sweetfx preset made to adjust the graphical settings on ironsight. Don't know if anyone posted it here on the forums, but here it is:

    Ended up tweaking the settings and got the game to look a lot better. feel free to give it a try

    my bad, I meant only AR that has 30 rounds that can use expanded mags

    I've heard that the ak12 is super outclassed by the ak47, but I had no idea that the ak12 is the only assault rifle that can use expanded mags. is the gun worth it just to get 40 rounds in an AR or nah?

    its extremely inconsistent, sometimes you'll get 1hitko's and melt people, other times you'll get hitmarkers for days

    in that respect, I think it makes an okay situational secondary. not OP or underpowered. I'd keep it the way it is

    So, it's no secret that hipfiring at the moment is extremely effective for most encounters compared to aiming down the sights. This can probably be attributed to the fact that a majority of the battles that happen are close quarters combat due to the size of the maps.

    Some have proposed rebalancing the hipfire to be more inaccurate, but IMO it may be too drastic of a change for the gameplay and may cause other unintended balancing issues. I don't necessarily think that the problem is hipfire is too strong, but rather, ADS is too detrimental for one's mobility compare to someone who decides to bunny hop or strafe while hipfiring.

    A potential solution to the issue is to increase the base walking speed of ADS by at least 25-50%. Even with the double time perk, you're sitting ducks for however long you decide to aim. Increasing the ADS walking speed will give people who ADS in mid range encounters the upper hand since they're able to be more accurate without being a completely stationary target.