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    Waiting for 1 minute, okay.

    Waiting for 5 minutes.. Hmpff..

    Waiting for 9 minutes? Come on, this game is dead.

    When are you guys going to promote this game?

    It's so easy to do, yet i see this no where.

    I've tried to search a match in the last couple of hours and only played 3 so far!

    Aim better ! people complain abou this ofen about hit reg but i have rec when i played and slowed it down , lots of bullets i think i hit i missed. som hit reg error the game has. but i can fell that in other fps games i play also. prefirning around corners i do evry time. u can see enemy on minimap very ez and hear when people reload walk etc.. i think their are hackers in the game but not many. i rarly see one in my games !

    i don't know what rock you and Sqroot live under but it's an abundant problem, the first game I loaded into tonight had a guy just standing stationary shooting through walls.

    The games f*cking terrible and it needs to be forcefully removed from the internet at this point. The hit reg alone is awful and you add in all the nuances of cheating, shitty connections and ghost markers and the games a dud.

    Fully agreed.

    Yea, thanks for the reply's guys, but still i really hope this game will get better some day.

    The updates 'n all that stuff is nice, but focus on getting this game on Steam and the overall quality of the game.

    30 bullets to kill enemies, dying through walls, network with lagging issues and people shooting through walls, registration of bullets aren't registering, people are prefiring every corner.

    It's still the same as back in the days and the update didn't fix stuff.

    So, i'm playing this game for a long time now with ups and downs.

    I stopped playing this game for 2 months, came back today to check out all the updates.

    I have played around 10 matches and all of them felt weird, not legit and encountered 2 obvious hackers.

    Are they back again but with more of 'm? I don't know but this isn't fun anymore tbh.

    Just a quick suggestion, you know how you can use F1, F2 and F3 to pick your classes; please can you add F4, F5, F6, etc. if people have purchased more classes. Its only a small touch.

    I'm aware of that, wish i was able to get some more but quite expensive.

    A bit old, but behold the majestic gold ak-12, forget all those mainstream gold weapons and get gold ak-12. It'll drop your enemies pants faster than you drop them. Trust me.



    I dont really like the Ak... i need a good rifle/smg which looks good with GOLD but also a good reload time

    I'm not in favour of votekick for the reason outlined by NightReaper above.

    Also, I've never much been a fan of matchmaking systems in general. For IS in particular, I don't think we currently have a large enough playerbase for it to be workable.

    The rest seem good to me.

    Hmm, i've been playing with quite a lot of AFK people lately.. A report option would be really fine though due the amount of hackers lately.

    - Votekick option

    - RANKED matchmaking


    - Dogtags

    - More maps (sunny / beach / forest...)

    - More weapons

    - More challenges

    - More customization (character)

    - When in lobby, be able to click on player names to see their info etc..

    - Better daily crates (more credits or those blue coins)

    - New daily crates

    - Bring Ironsight to Steam..

    Got more? Share them here.

    What's up ya'll, my name is Rob Wolf B, known as WolfsEyeHD in Ironsight.

    I'm a 22 year old male who lives in the Netherlands and is working for some game companies as a moderator/administrator/manager.

    More information is findable on:

    Currently looking for some active Ironsight players who'd like to teamup, play together and have fun in VC's.

    My English is pretty good i'd say and my main language ofcourse is Dutch.

    Hello everyone WolfsEyeHD here!

    I was wondering, what weapon will look very good with GOLD on it.

    Share here your thoughts/opinions about it.

    I currently have over 300k money and i like gold :)

    I saw some of you guys playing but to be fair, you guys are pretty bad ;-; =$

    I disagree with point 6, to slow? Really? It's quite fast if you ask me.

    Exactly what PataconVE said. The "paywalls" don't actually effect your gameplay whatsoever so doesn't even matter AND you can get everything in the game with grinding anyway. The free to play model in this game is amazing and they could have easily have just made 0 free chip gain and forced everyone to purchase chips for their desired skins/characters.

    Grinding for months to achieve a single thing.

    I heard warface is pay to win according to the steam reviews. :/

    Or the grinding just too high?

    Yea, i stopped playing Warface when i had around 55+ hours into it. Game was pretty dope and good at the beginning but it starts to get very boring when reaching level 20-ish, the grinding is hard and the community is pretty toxic.

    For a game like this? Emp launchers and skins can wait, but netcode can not!

    i want the game to be good i truly do i even spent money but after the bullshyt ive seen its almost a year with not one single update to fix any bugs i cant evne play with a 1k pc ffs cause the game has optimization issues with ryzen...

    I totally understand and agree, had some problems at the beginning as well but after some fixes i did myself i was able to play.

    Since beginning till now, nothing has changed exept the maps 'n stuff.

    That's a very accurate explanation of everything i had in my mind.

    RobWolfB Yes, really. Maybe you don't like it but there wasnt any f2p fps game which has bigger playerbase than CA. You can even sum warface, ironsight and black squad and still there are less players than on ca in good old days. (not talking about BR)

    Bang! Zombie mods was so good, that people were giving money just to get equipment for this modes. There were plenty of players playing that. OFC the zombie (NPC) mode was bit laggy, but still, there were less laggs than in ironsight and warface in PVP rofl

    Aadi888 Dont get me wrong. It can be reapers, aliens etc, . Just no npcs with rifles...

    True true and true. I'm an old CA player hehe, don't worry i know what you're trying to say.

    It's just, Ironsight has just so much potential but they aren't really using it.