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    Send them an e-mail or upload it on YouTube.

    Nice video and well explained.

    What program you using for editing your videos?

    Keep up the good work and thanks for showing this.

    I couldn't find / play this map so far, so we'll see how it goes.

    Can't wait for more maps.

    YoungBlood and RobWolfB, I've been playing this game everyday for over 1.5 years, 600+ hours and rarely ever see hackers. Maybe 1 or 2 fishy players but you guys make it sound like people hack in this game everyday. Yes there are hackers but there are very very few of them. Maybe the players that beat you are actually just better than you? Have you ever thought of that?

    YoungBlood and RobWolfB, I've been playing this game everyday for over 1.5 years, 600+ hours and rarely ever see hackers. Maybe 1 or 2 fishy players but you guys make it sound like people hack in this game everyday. Yes there are hackers but there are very very few of them. Maybe the players that beat you are actually just better than you? Have you ever thought of that?

    yes, there are hakers everyday...the old players are making new accounts and buy cheats...and they act like PRO....but when you play everyday...and you know the gameplay and you can observe people how are they acting during the know who is cheating. I didnt say is a cheater in every match....I said there are a lot of cheaters lately...comparing with the period when I started to play. And especial ...old players with high rank...they cheat more then others...because when they buy things in game, know they can buy a simple cheat who can ruin your day...they want to show to the others that they ar better and good fact they are just normal ppl with helping programs in their computer. sorry its a fact...and the ppl behind this game they should improve the anticheat....updates...more weapons...maps etc....if not..this will be a dead game soon

    Totally agreed with this, you understand me.

    About the suggestions, a lot of people suggested things and still haven't been implemented in many months.

    In my eyes the developers aren't listening or even reading these kind of things and don't tell me they are busy as it's a known thing for many months.

    Due the problem of no spectator option or special feature against cheaters in-game it would be hard to record them as it's annoying to use a recording program every single time and by reporting them, meaning sending a ticket or whatever... How you suppose to ban them? You need 100% proof by video and others?

    Isn't there a way to check his status like k/d, headshot ratio etc,... I mean come on, it's 2020 already.

    Well, I started to play few minutes ago, and the game is full with new accounts....but with cheats....they know where you are on the map....they know exact position where to shoot...and can die from 1 bullet....I struggled to shoot but obviously they have more stoping power...they will kill you matter where you are on the map....

    I am thinking to leave this game....Sorry...the game have good grafic...but its full of buggs....and starting to be full of cheaters....

    if company, don't improve this...changing the anticheat...implement a kick out during the game for people who are cheating....with abnormal 30 kills in 3-4 minutes....but they call themselves..."PRO"...only kids who stole some cards to pay for the cheats....anyway....If you dont improve this will die like others games ( Ghost in the Shell )

    Please think and do something !

    There is EAC, it is doing something against cheaters. New accounts are always common, especially after the CIS closure and our Steam release.
    If you REALLY see a hacker then report them with video evidence to

    I have only seen 1 recently who got f'd over within 1 day. The latest before this incident was in December. I get also accused for wall hacking on a daily base.

    Only 1? That's funny. I encounter them on a daily basis, max 4 a day.

    I'm not making proof as i just leave the match or ignore it.

    But still the Anti Cheat System doesn't really do it's work, even player over level 100 are doing it.

    Capture the flag.. A lot of times i'm playing this and encounter a bug where CTF is turned to a long TDM which isn't really annoying for me but for others it is.

    Not forget to mention, spawnkillers. Ahh, we love spawnkillers don't we? You die > wait 5 seconds > you spawn and move 2m > you die again due spawnkillers(campers and over and over....

    The map is not made for this and something should fixed about this problem.

    You spawn > You die > wait 5 seconds > you die in 2 seconds.. over and over again.

    Do something about these sh!tty spawnkillers/campers! Have something like an invicible wall or something.

    In most cases, it would be handy to start recording by a key combination and then report it. You won't have to record whole games until you spot something

    This doesn't make any sense.

    Have a good report system and anti cheat system. Anti cheat doesn't really do it's job as i've encountered 4 hackers today and days before this day.

    Not forget to mention, the netcode (bullet and body registration sucks), game is out for 2/3 years so when will this get fixed?

    Why not have a report system that checks the status of someone, like player stats. Amount of kills, headshot etcetera, k/d.... all that stuff or like an overwatch that CSGO has. The game is slowly dying, we all know that and the reason for that is the netcode problem, no ranked/clanwars/duels, no new maps/weapons and customization, the crappy anti cheat system, no vote kick option, fix against dropshotters.. and the list goes on and on. The developers have to listen to the community once, listen and watch greatly suggestions that improve the game and yet, the game hasn't changed since release.

    Saw a couple of really obvious ones lately... I.e. flying around the map or HS/even stabbing everyone through buildings, without moving from the spawn point.

    Unfortunately, I don't record either - and raising a support ticket to report doesn't sound too encouraging.

    Hopefully this won't become a widespread issue, ruining an otherwise promising game.

    Same over here, even players over level 100 are doing it.

    2* years
    And yet they didn't fixed the old season rewards.

    No, 3 years. There are videos and others that are 3 years old and the development still isn't the way the community wants....

    So much potential developers.. please use it.

    It has been suggested in the beginning of the release, weeks and months after and now it has been 3 years and hardly any development about communication.

    Dogtags should have been implemented as challenges in the release or a few months after.

    Still no progress in that and only those who buy things for real money get or by participating in seasons or whatever.

    I call this kinda lame and lazy.

    Please add challenges to get dogtags or whatever.

    It's been 3 years!

    Hello RobWolfB,

    have you reached to a community manager directly about it?

    I can assume that most ticket got delayed back then due to the festivities but it shouldn't be an issue anymore.

    Still no reply after more then 3 weeks.

    Around 2/3 weeks ago i made a thread about if it was possible to change account on Steam.

    They told me to write a ticket and a few days later i got a e-mail.

    I send them another e-mail and still no reply.

    Please be a little more active and give clear instructions and details as you are losing quite some players if you keep behaving like this.

    This is happening a lot of times and i hear and see a lot of people complaining about it.

    When will i receive a message as another week has passed.

    Hello everyone,

    I already made a ticket about my issue which is the following.

    Back in the days i used to play a lot of Ironsight on my main account and my younger brother wanted an account as well so we shared the second account.

    Because my younger brother doesn't want to play this game anymore i was like lets play Ironsight on Steam and login on my main account.

    For some reason it logged me in on my second account and i don't want that as i want to play on my main account that already had a big progress.

    Isn't it a good feature to have a login/logout option on the Steam version?

    My Steam is

    And my second account name on Ironsight is WolfsEye.

    I kinda forgot my main account's name and i think it's RobWolfB and back in the days it used to be WolfsEyeHD.

    I was in a clan named GamingUntilEnd.