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    I see, a local issue from russia. Sadly, it will most likely not be possible to change the servers but for the mean time it doesn't work you could try to use a vpn client to get around this issue, even though that's not something I recommend

    Yes, I know about VPN, but the ping will be even worse. The Russians will not play through the game and will leave the game.

    We in Russia have their own forum on the game, and the players write that the game does not work in Russia.

    where does it not start? Can it be shown with a screenshot? If yes, can you share it? Basing on the information you gave, it is not enough for us to help you

    Problems with the game yesterday were observed in Russia because of the "smart" people from Roskomnadzor, who blocked the Telegrams. Also, problems arose with other games using amazon and google servers.

    Launcher does not answer.

    I'll try through vpn.

    In Russia, blocked Google services.

    I never noticed the suicide one. It may be related to the server during a bad period. Where do you reside?

    You have all the errors due to bad servers. It's time to put the normal server, and not use Google servers

    And what's in it secret? I'm not sure what the game ping is shown correctly. In many games this information is open, and people can check the ping directly to the server, via the command line. Too many secrets you have in the game, you do not even know when the update or do not say, with this attitude people will leave the game.

    Why can not people give the server address for ping checking.


    IP address?

    The game connects to a different IP address each time

    This is why the game uses a new ip address? The server must have an address to verify the ping. This game is some kind of special? All network games have a server address. That it would be possible to check ping.

    In any online game, you can check the ping to the server, via the command line.

    I understand that even the moderators do not know when there will be an update in the game. Very slow work the developers. In a competitive environment, you will lose players.

    I've only came across one or 2 people in about 30 matches who are 'very suspect' but nothing over the top. I think the anti hack system is pretty good unless I have been very lucky lol

    Well, I would not say that anti-cheating EasyAntiCheat is good

    It was necessary at once in the game to make a test room, for a weapon test. Why did not do it is not clear.

    It's who said that, in many games there is a fast zoom. This game is dynamic.

    This game is unbalanced.

    You have no chance against a quick scope. Except you quick scope at the same time and you kill each other.

    The sniper only has 1 shot to hit.

    This is with what happiness should remove sniper rifles? I'm not bad at playing a sniper.

    A sniper needs to make a fast zoom.

    no. a sniper shouldn't be able to zoom that fast.

    It's who said that, in many games there is a fast zoom. This game is dynamic.

    I dont know why is everyone upset about the game issues... On my pc,everything is working fine and nice. Ping is 20ms,no ghosts trough the walls,no broken highlights,snipers seems fine... No bugged decals. I dont know. :/8)8):/

    Because you have 20 pings, play on the American server and compare.

    Uninstall/Install probably won't do anything.

    The game runs very bad since the patch was tried to be applied. I am playing this game since the release and until now, I always had a smooth/good play, with no lags and no other issues.

    Since the "half day maintenance" happened, the game just runs very poorly with lags, people coming out from the walls shooting, people going into walls when I shoot them, and many other "strange" to say the least, things are happening.

    So the server is running worst than before the patch attempt...

    Yes there was not any patch. Everything remains as it was.

    It was not a regular maintenance

    It was a patch maintenance

    In the end something went wrong and it got postponed tho?(

    Yeah I read the post about it yesterday but after all this maintenance, nothing has fixed for me and most of the time it got even worse so I feel like it's time for me to stop playing the open beta. I'm really sick & tired of getting my hopes up before a maintenance and then immediately going down after I play match with 350+ ping and random freeze with thousand or more ping.

    Bro, I would not advise you to play with ping 350. From where do you play?

    I play with a ping of 40-70 but players with ping 20 shoot at me through the walls.

    So,when someone reports you,your game crashes... "Disconnected for being afk".... Really not good :(

    If the fight is without AFK movement then the game is turned off.

    Why are Russian players insulted on the forum without evidence and called hackers?I, too, can blame the English, German players and call them hackers but I do not. By the fact that there is no evidence.

    I'm not blaming anyone. I'm just trying to understand his issue. Because he mentioned potential hackers but also some technical issues.

    We are open for any kind of players ;)

    I'm glad that you are open to all. But that man accuses us without proof. I am 38 years old and not when I did not use cheats in games. Though I'm Russian.


    Could you please provide us a screenshot?

    Why are Russian players insulted on the forum without evidence and called hackers? I, too, can blame the English, German players and call them hackers but I do not. By the fact that there is no evidence.

    If you do not want to be played by the Russians, close the game for us.

    everytime I try to log in I get the number 28 on my progress bar on the launcher screen and it acts like its loading but nothing. I'm growing tired of not being able to login I appreciate the fact this is a free game and the effort that is going in to keeping it running but it seems everytime I get 5 mins to play the servers are down or I cant login or afk disconnect or Russian hackers . I love this game/gameplay but u can enjoy it if you cant play:(:(:(

    How did you decide that Russian hackers? Maybe they're from England.