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    Heyooo :P

    I'm pretty sure they already replied to this, there should be more maps added in OBT and full game release... however, for Closed Beta this is pretty much this^^


    Hey there,

    So, on Discord, forum, during livestream and in-game people keep asking the same questions over and over again so to make you guys know most of the stuff that were answered already, I've thought of making this Mega Thread of FAQ. :) Hope you guys read it and find this useful.

    I took these from already made posts, conversations between players and CMs / PMs on the official Ironsight discord and I've rewatched the Livestream, so yeah, all answers here were already given by the staff... when you read "We" or "I", it's because that's how they answered... not me 8o (Still, poked a CM to check if everything is fine so I don't get in trouble :D)

    NOTE: There are no answers to technical issues you may have, these are just general questions people have been making about the game itself and also CBT / OBT and that have been answered already.

    Either way, lets go:

    You can also read these:

    Founders Package FAQ

    System Requirements

    How to Report Bugs and Text issues from Closed Beta!

    Did I forgot other important ones and that they answered already? If so, please reply to the thread! :D


    I don't agree at all! People who would like to get better with sniper and start practicing would be pretty much owned if it would only kill with 2 or 3 shots.. like, we would hit once and get pretty much rushed by them without mercy so yeah... some weapons it might make sense to only kill with 2 or 3 shots (semis) but snipers like DSR and others should stay as it is... 1 shot kill on body and head.

    What do you mean? You typed a name but that wasn't the name that was given to your account?

    There's a "Call sign change" item if you bought any pack but yeah... if you didn't I don't think you can change your in-game name as of now.

    Totally agree with this part, for example yesterday I bought PSG and I immediately hated it... I mean, the weapon looked kinda decent but as soon as I played it once I started to see how it really is and how much I didn't like it so yeah... would be pretty cool if we had that "test room" or something to try out the new guns :P

    Yep, would be easier if you could actually send us some screenshots... during battle and on the inventory / loadout storages outside of the match

    North America, I'd like to play against some of you EU lol see if your as good as you're trying to say you are.

    Do it then! Fight us, me and Arietty have been pretty dominant on Team Deathmatch but we accept any challenge, any mode, any place, any time... you name it mwahaha :evil:

    Heyo megahits

    The clan system will fully come when the game officially releases but we should know more about it even on OBT I think, they mentioned the clan system during yesterday's livestream that you can rewatch here or later on when it gets uploaded to Youtube.

    As for the crosshair size, shape and color it might come in the future aswell, but I'm pretty sure there will be more customization options and that kind of stuff when the game fully releases, either way it's just a question of time^^

    So far I like it alot and one thing I really love is that I instantly get in the game!! There's literally no slow map loading like there are on most of the FPS games I played so far... it's like, it's all connected and as soon as the countdown to start is over, I instantly get in-game :thumbup:<3

    I very very rarely have a game where i dont have the chopper gunner on the map, i actually almost did it 2 times in a demolition match yesterday, you just cant have that, Im proposing giving the competitive players a new gamemode, nobody has to play it and the other gamemodes would stay the same with killstreaks ect..

    We just want our own little spot may be it a server, or gamemode so we can take the game serious and play without having to hide in buildings due to chopper gunners flying in the air mid round.

    Hopefully that makes it more clear ;D

    It does indeed, thanks for clearing out xD

    I like most of the stuff I've read here BUT Kill streaks are acquired too easily? Either I'm a hugeeee noob or I don't know xD There are even sometimes I don't even get the last one but I see what you mean, maybe for you competitive players it feels easy to get them so fast but you also have to understand there are also non-pro players but if there's like a room customization settings then yeah I'm down to it! But if it's to change like everyone, I would actually prefer those to be same as they are now.

    Everything else, sure! I totally support^^

    Heiliger I think he fixed it, since he replied back to this thread saying this:

    Ah, man... This game has potential, but it kinda sucks. I bought the best assault rifle in every game - HK 417. It turns out in this game, only in this game, it is called a "semi-sniper" and it has 20 bullets single shot mode. Who the F does that?? And Secure the pointe or whatever matches end in 1 minute. I spend more time waiting than playing. TDM is kinda ok I guess.

    So yeah, if he bought it then yeah... he can play already xD Either way, as Sev said this is still CBT so this is definitely not the final product... just keep on giving them the max feedback you guys can and I'm sure they will suggest it to the developers! :)

    Hey there, I'm not sure I understood your suggestion.

    Could you provide us more info about what you would to see differently in-game?

    Pretty sure he meant like, when you are sprinting and press left click it like instantly shoots without any delay making it feel the guy suddenly pops out and even if he's running he can like instantly shoot and kill him

    Windows is up to date .
    re-install and :

    Hey there, a friend of mine had a similar issue and it's about Windows update if I recall correctly and this is how we ended up fixing it:

    1. Press Windows Key + R at the same time to open run dialogue box and after that type inetcpl.cpl on it and press Enter;
    2. Click on the Connections tab and then click on LAN Settings;
    3. Search for the Automatically detect settings box and mark it;
    4. After that, try to unmark the Proxy server box.

    If you already had all of this done, try to use the troubleshooter of Windows:

    1. Go into Control Panel;
    2. Search for the troubleshooter option and there should be a System and Security option there, click where it says Fix problems with Windows Updates;
    3. Wait until it checks everything regarding Windows Update and try now.

    Hope this helps, if it doesn't work please reply back! :)

    As for the original poster MisakiMori , can you please tell us more details or post more screenshots like Flloyd said?



    I do like and agree with some of your feedback but I would also add the partying system there.

    Don't know if you tried to play in a party but the most of the matches make you go against your own party buddy but yeah, rather then that I do like some of your feedback^^ As for the price of the weapons, don't forget this is not the final product and that may also be changed when full release comes out and OBT data wasn't even revealed yet so lets chill a bit on CBT first :D

    Heyo Kweezle,

    Several people reported this already and I'm pretty sure the feedback was already sent to the developers about this, it might be and might not be intended... but it's definitely a bit weird I do agree on that as like on 90% of the games I was with Unico for example, we were against each other and on like 10% of the games we were actually together but yeah... We know the feeling :c

    I'm pretty sure most of the people are on Discord and knew about it, they did a news post about it too xD But see you there hehe^^

    Think there are a lot of ways but yeah, just like Heil mentioned, to CBT will be hard foryou to get thaaaat many chips ahah but yeah, I find it actually pretty easy and fast by simply finishing achievements and stuff :P (It's never bad to get even more and more so hopefully, there will be even more ways when the game full releases :saint:)

    2) Scoreboard - This is a simple competitive cod like shooter. You MUST show players deaths (K/D Ratio) on the scoreboard. It feels like i am playing TF2 or Overwatch without it. People like competing on the scoreboards and right now it just feels wrong.

    The only point I disagree with you is this, I feel like just as most of the others mentioned already... we should play for the objective and NOT for the score, I do feel like Team Deathmatch could have it but if it can only be implemented on all, I would prefer not to have it there... kills sure but deaths mehh