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    regardless it should be made to be earned

    Angry that SoftBullets is right so doesn't reply with an argument. Smooth.

    There would be no point in SCOREstreaks or KILLstreams ("13" is kills, unless you're going to now argue that they should make them into levels of double kills or something that promotes hacking...) if you and your saltness had its way. And then you'd be playing Black Squid or whatever other super generic F2P FPS is currently sitting around waiting to get shut down...

    Where did i say any of that?

    If someone does 13 kills and has loads of assists then he earned the metal reaper...


    if they go 13-25 they have earned the reaper by assists and supporting their team.

    constant uav has always been in any cod game and you can work against it by shooting it down, its easy

    your lack of gamesense shouldnt be rewarded

    As a comp player i am really happy about all your rules.

    But right now with the rush meta and every team just rushing everywhere because of the really extreme peekers advanteage those things shouldnt be forbidden. they are the only way to counter people who only know how to rush and spray

    Can we just ignore arlight from now on? all he does is complain and whine with no real points.

    Some people just need to learn that the developers dont owe anything to the players.

    Maintenances take time. especially when theres so much to be changed.

    They probably started to stage or cutover the servers yesterday night and that is really hard and time consuming

    Hey im Nobsi also known as Nobsi the small and i started playing Ironsight after all the free advertisement flooded my youtube section. Really enjoy the game even though the competitive nature doesnt go through really.

    Before Ironsight i played loads of counterstrike and guildwars.

    Im always chasing my new fix in terms of comp playing and maybe ill even stick to ironsight.

    Im a IT/Techsupport guy in real life who also likes photography (heavily amateur style tho [check my insta benjamin_antl]) and i enjoy hookah smoking a lot.

    Hey Ffloyd.

    The filter isnt triggering me. I just wanted to point out that it is filtering to the absolute extremes.

    Conne is a french insult. but the filter is just censoring anything even if within another word.

    It is working as intended, and that intention is the wrong thing i wanted to point out.

    I understand that the devs have way more important things to work on and i appreciate them working on it.

    Just make sure that if you get to change anything you dont make a wordfilter that sees a string of letters and if that string of letters is anywhere, stars it.

    I really like this game but please tell me why you censor so many words and why you censor so bad.

    The word Connection has nothing to do with swearing but the Conne part is censored.

    Why dont you use a wordfilter like warframe uses and you let people opt-out of the filtering.

    Removing swears does nothing for the game or comunity it just gets people to think about them more and find out ways how to offend the most people with the least resistance.

    Censoring swears is not only bad but censoring swears in other words is also a major downgrade.

    And German swears arent affected at all.

    But english and i suppose french is.

    Your decision on filtering words is questionable and does nothing.

    Quickscoping is a skill not many people can pull off well.

    Why should a sniper only work certain ranges? if someone is really good and can shoot a guy up close range after scoping in why not say "that players is good" but instead go and blame snipers for being too strong.

    Why does everyone think that nerfing snipers to the ground is the way to go instead of buffing the AR's

    A sniper has to kill in one shot because he has absolutely no rate of fire and only one chance.

    When a sniper misses you, thats your chance to kill him. When he kills you, then you obviously were in the wrong place to begin with.

    Snipers and ARs should actually be buffed.

    And the aimpunch should be lowered.

    Too many battles are won by people shooting at the legs of someone and in turn fucking up his aim even though he did the right thing and aim for the head or upper chest.

    Its not hard. if one person cant record a hacker then the 99 others who will play against them will. everyone has a smartphone and screenshots are also in the game.

    Grenades for the whole map?

    such ways of hacking havent been possible for a long time as the explosion radius isnt clientside.

    and shooting through walls? i guess its just another person that doesnt understand that 200ms of movement delays and a way too heavy lag compensation means you will die behind walls very often

    An ironsight cheat exists for multiple months now. Your ironsight cheat engine is now the second cheat.

    Cheaters are in the game. but easy anticheat and player reports are getting them banned real quick

    The guy you call a cheater here is not cheating in any way.

    And the disconnect afk thing only happens when the server unexpectedly dies.

    All the issues you claim are from 2015 are only in the game since the open beta started.

    Well, RIP.

    Thanks for all the work you have put in. I really appreciate it and i had lots of fun up until the issues began.

    But please let someone with MOSS knowledge review the Logs next Tournament.

    For the players sake.

    Theres nothing worse than staying up until 5 o'clock just to find out one would have won the whole thing.

    yo what is the point in a speedrun contest if the whole instance is highly scripted. i tried many times to go above 2:16 and its impossible as the first wall doesnt open before 3:09 sometimes 3:04 even.

    "So what you initially begin shooting at the target, the shots register in the server. But if they start moving, that update doesn't reflect on your client, so on your screen you're landing shots and getting hit markers, but the server isn't registering it. "

    no they always register. thats what the good updaterate on shots and hits does. otherwise you couldnt get killed behind walls.

    The 50/50 issue is that you can hit the upper body all the time and you still might get hitmarkers every second shot or so.

    they should just buff the damage multipliers.

    2 time on headshots. 1.5 on upper body. 1 on everything lower than that.

    I still dont unterstand why they have seperate multipliers for the arms. that way you get punished as a sniper for reacting quick.

    and since the bodies lag behind the pushers advantage is just way too high. you can just rush on defend and nobody has a chance

    I may be in the minority but i also think they should buff the damage. so often do i get 5 hitmarkers and the enemy has just lost 50% of his hp. long range battles are impossible without a sniper.

    Most of the Maps BARELY work in team deatchmatch. you can spawn and somebody just sprays you down.

    Demolition should also get a rework first. Open area demolitions arent a real good idea with the amount of killstreaks. 1 attack chopper and you win 90% of the time