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    But they are all translated right here

    Voice lines are english

    and I have heard of them releasing some maps during the "CBT" that are not currently in the "OBT"

    I would love for the community to really latch on to this issue and make the devs (not community managers, moderators, PR etc) actually speak about this.

    14 maps in the Korean version

    8 in the US.

    I would love an actual, consumer friendly, explanation on why there are fully functional maps not being currently deployed in the US version of the game.

    Don't use open beta as an excuse. It is laughable if you really think this game is open beta. A fully released game in Korea but for some reason when its in the US its open beta when you can't visually see any difference in the two versions of the game (except one game has cut content while the other has all fourteen maps)

    If you aren't a part of the company; you should pick the side of the consumer and ask for these maps to be released much faster than they are (one map announced in the HQ report? where are the other three? no ETA either?)

    Honestly even attempting to put the "open beta" shield on this game was shady enough but cutting already finished content? thats a Y I K E S from me, dawg.