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    It would be really overpowered. Stealth is quite strong in a game where everyone else is visible on the minimap as soon as they start shooting.

    This isn't meant to be a realistic game. Why do bullets curve out of your gun at impossible angles because your sights aren't lined up? How do your wounds automatically regenerate? Why do you have a crosshair overlayed on your vision? Why can you guide a missile from beyond the grave? How do you pick up weapons without touching them? How do you pull all these drones out of your a**? When you reload, how do all the bullets in your current mag get transferred to your ammo pool such that you keep pulling out full mags instead of cycling through used ones? How can you throw grenades more accurately than you can fire a gun from the hip?

    Realism isn't a very good argument for ignoring balance in a game riddled with unrealistic mechanics that place gameplay first.

    Not ignoring balance, but addressing it. Guess you didn't read well enough. It's all about the degree of realism you want to look at. You regenerate, but you still die when getting shot at. I can't believe you used the cross hair as an argument. It doesn't take that many wits to realize that you do pick up weapons with your hands, it's just not shown because animations weren't made for it. Even the argument about grenades and hip fire seems like discharging rage for not being able to fire correctly in game. ( Yes some people happen to have insane accuracy throwing objects while maybe not being able to have great one with a gun that has recoil and spreadfire.)

    Taking the suggestion out of context and trying to explain it with unrelated examples, exaggerating the degree of the suggestion isn't a very good argument. Might want to read this time and look at the things that could be done to make it balanced, while reflecting the actual purpose of the silencer. Your arguments are as good as me saying: ''This is a game, allow my shotgun to shoot rockets because it's overpowered how I can 1-2 shot someone at close range''.

    The adjustment suggested is just so it reflects the use and behavior, not realism. It just happens a few ignorant people in the post have stuck to the word and it carried on as a snowball effect. Notice how it has been said that to use such an attachment, realistically you'd need a special type of ammo. Did I ask for it ? No. Because it would be useless, the ammo type that needs to be used can be assumed.

    Just to clarify, suppressors are designed to be fired with subsonic ammo that is why the damage/velocity goes down in video games. It's made that way because its “realistically” how they would be used. Should you use standard ammo in a suppressed gun it would still muffle the gas exchange, but it would do nothing to lower the sound of the bullet breaking the sound barrier (thus still showing you on the minimap).

    The posted video features a 1911 which uses is a subsonic round. So yes you could say that suppressors should get a +1 recoil/damage/range on weapons chambered in 45. which yeah, would adding weight to the front of a gun can negatively affect accuracy and weapon handling (draw time/ cone of fire stability). Personally i think these numbers are to small to even add and may unbalance the game to give it only to some guns.

    Game balance aside, I wouldn't put much stock in that youtube video. The guy in it is making a assumption that the way his suppressor/pistol works is how all firearms with suppressors work. Which is just wrong.

    Ok so now you want to take it to a even deeper realistic level. You gotta decide; are numbers too small to even add, or they are relevant enough that they would unbalance game? You are contradicting yourself. Love how you ignore the drawbacks mentioned and how they would make it balanced. No need to be so deeply realistic.

    SO are you saying people are dumb enough that they can't read the stats a weapon attachment gives? That people should assume the stats everything gives because this is a CoD like FPS? Then they should remove the info the game provides, according to your logic. Great if someone can be made better, lets not because we gotta put little effort into it. Just toggling some stats, that would make the attachment more unique, more accurate, still balanced with the drawbacks.

    Nothing about what you said is constructive. You say you don't care about the game but here yo are on forums whining about a weapon attachment.. Anyways no one said about making silencers as effective as they could be, so that subsonic ammo is not needed. You might need to read the Original post again.

    Same, liked that from GITS:FA

    Never made it clear you are on my side. Regardless I'll add it to main post. Thought of it but didn't do it because it seemed it was not worth it considering the kind of community I noticed we have.

    Buffing silencers the way you suggested would ruin the whole balance of the game. EVERYONE and their grandmother would use silencers, rendering every other attachment obsolete in comparison. So to counter this, you'd need to buff the other attachments as well (bad. We don't want attachments to become too strong). It doesn't matter what a silencer does in real life. Weapons in real life have more recoil as well, people don't respawn in real life and in general, war is pretty shitty in real life.

    +1 for unicorn beams, i like that.

    I can't see how it is so hard for you to realize that buffing them is a bad idea from a VIDEOGAME DESIGN perspective. Most great video games don't depict the world realistically, and that is mostly a good thing.

    Why is it so hard for you to understand it can be adjusted in a way it doesn't become more powerful, in fact it could even get nerfed to a point its weaker than what it is now.

    This game is an arcade fast paced shooter way too far away from realism.

    I would suggest you trying to find some more realistic games if you are so concerned about the silencer stats.

    Ok so your solutions is, if someone suggest something about the game to simply send them to other game. Hmmmm. Now I bet if your fave weapon or aspect of the game got nerfed or changed you would jump and whine about it without mentioning that the game is not realistic. Btw way too far from realism is relative and overtly exaggerated as an argument. Next.

    While that may be true for real life, video games need balance. As of now I run suppressors on all of my weapons because I feel they are one of the most powerful attachments, period. I can't tell you how many times there was a suppressed enemy a couple meters behind 3+ players, and he takes everyone out. I have taken a whole group out with a suppressor that had no idea I was right next to them. They truly are almost completely silent :P

    Which is why a certain degree of sound can be added to not make it so OP, while adjusting stats to something that reflects what suppressors do. On top of adding the drawbacks mentioned.

    You said it yourself, '' not necessarily''. In this case it would still be fun, also the drawbacks have been suggested. You might want to read before posting things.

    At this point you are just rambling. Anyone with enough wits can notice what's wrong with your reply. At least your bud Dangerous kept his cool longer than you. Although he was being hypocrite to himself when he said he didn't want to have a one week long discussion with me, yet he keeps going at it.

    I just made an account to state how bad this idea of BUFFING the silencers really is. Since we're now the majority, we win this argument. Case closed.

    Wow what a great achievement, so basically Yagi or dangerous made an alternate account to just try and win an argument on a forum. That's really low. // Let's assume it isn't the case, you just made an account to not read a forum post and just a baseless response. K.

    This is funny, because it isn't even true. This game has sights that display enemies in bright red through scope, or how much ammo you have left in your magazine, or how much health the enemy has left. It has a laser sight that magically tightens your hipfire spread. "Straight pull", that's just some fantasy attachment.

    But yeah dude, silencers are totally unrealistic in this game. :D

    Actually ar-57 has random stats. The gun realistically is still being produced and no statistics has been released (as far as I can find). TTK for this gun is .57 seconds at its full damage potiential (with no damage multiplier) which is really bad. So...

    Also you don’t see shotguns with 100 ammo in a clip (which is possible) because it’s called balancing.

    Missed the point and evaded main argument. GG.

    Having options is always better. Doubt it will get implemented tho simply because it would remove the feature of having a team to chat with for people that didn't select said option. Example 5 team members disable it, I'm left with no team to communicate with, yet I didn't pick to hide chat.

    There are radio commands. Also, it's not like Ironsight is some kind of hardcore competitive game, it's casual and a niche. I would expect this not to be implemented in CS:GO, but in small games it's always better to carefully review player suggestions and try to cater to as many of them as possible, this is what helps F2P games stay afloat. I've seen a few already that crashed - A.V.A, Blacklight Retribution, Ghost in the Shell First Assault, Metro Conflict (1st time) and Metro Conflict The Origin (now).

    They were just being greedy and self-absorbed, that's why people left and they had to shut them down or settle for 200 people population

    Guess we well have to wait and see but I highly doubt it, specially with the community this game has, I made a useful post not long ago and all I see is ignorant trolls bombarding it with baseless arguments. Sadly is they are the majority of the population and they will always have the decision making power.

    This test you guys keep mentioning has shown no evidence and the methodology of the test hasn't been explained in detail. Until that happens, this cant be trusted.

    You guys are also fixated in the idea that the silencer has no drawbacks, completely ignoring he fact this is most likely a bug and will get addressed. There must be a reason why -2 range was added as a stat.

    The info from the video can be added into the game while also balancing it. Just increase the overall stats of the other attachments by 2 or so. That way people would still have to think if the silencer is the choice to go, or another attachment is. If a negative effect needs to be given that makes sense, that would be less mobility and longer time to swap to that weapon, maybe longer time to aim down the sights. There's many work arounds to make this accurate and balanced.

    On top of suggesting a legit idea to make this game more accurate and unique, I suggest the drawbacks it should have, while 2 guys that seem to be buds and are backing each other out fail to see how this can be implemented, why it would be good and how it can be made balanced. So now that you mention it I know for sure who 2 people certainly don't have the bigger e-gen.

    Where is the video proof, how did you even test this when the game doesn't provide numbers in the HP bars. How do you know exactly at which distance you are from your target? How did you measure it?

    We used the monitor sight and measured the size of the health bar.

    Monitor sight? also measured how? Did you divide the actual size of bar down to 0.1 percentages, to be precise ? As in to notice if the bar decreased by 0.2 damage? How to measure in which terrain pixel were the people standing? considering not walking doesn't stop you at the same spot always.

    Having options is always better. Doubt it will get implemented tho simply because it would remove the feature of having a team to chat with for people that didn't select said option. Example 5 team members disable it, I'm left with no team to communicate with, yet I didn't pick to hide chat.

    Your point is understandable, but if some people disable their chat it means it's because they don't want to be disturbed with writing, therefore you have to respect the player's decision. So if you have 5 team members that disable their chat it means they don't want to talk to anyone, same it can be with the chat enabled, if people decide not to use it, and not write anything to anyone it just the same as it would be disabled. I played with friends and in a party even who never write anything the entire match. So you see some people are just distracted by the chat, so they don't use it in game.

    1 - There is plenty of time to chat in the lobby (we are playing a FPS game and a fast paced one too, not bingo on facebook)

    2 - Chat in game is a distraction which leads to loosing focus

    3 - If you want to play in a team and communicate, there is discord/ts for that.

    Yes I agree, that's why I voted for the option, just saying the reason why it's less likely to be added.

    Having options is always better. Doubt it will get implemented tho simply because it would remove the feature of having a team to chat with for people that didn't select said option. Example 5 team members disable it, I'm left with no team to communicate with, yet I didn't pick to hide chat.

    We've just tested the Silencers, they have no affect on minimum range, maximum range, damage, headshot damage or damage drop-off. So basically, they have no drawback.

    Where is the video proof, how did you even test this when the game doesn't provide numbers in the HP bars. How do you know exactly at which distance you are from your target? How did you measure it?

    To begin with this you said '' No, it just means you haven't understood it and most likely you're in denial. :D I'm literally only responding to you to see the next deluded message, devoid of arguments and filled with hastily-made, faulty responses.'' is my line.

    And this you say '' All it takes is a friend to take into a custom match. Though I assume with your childish attitude, it's tough to find friends to begin with.'' is a childish argument. You love describing yourself each time you reply to me.

    You are outnumbered in this post as shown in the previous reply yet you dare speak as if you were on the majority.

    And yes, if people were looking carefully at min map they would die less, that's a undeniable fact. You must be new to the FPS games.

    You keep repeating yourself that the suggested stats are random or make no sense. I bet you still haven't watched the video. It's almost s if your only intention in this post was to troll constantly.. Not reading the main posts and it's contents and then jumping to argue without suggesting good ideas won't help the game grow.

    All the other weapon attachments you used as example basically back up my post. They all do their job in a futuristic FPS, not fantasy one, all while making sense. For example the laser adding hip fire accuracy makes perfect real life sense. If you were to lower your weapon to your hip you would still see the laser marked on the target, thus working as a guide to increase your accuracy, as if reducing weapon spread. To make this realistic what the game does is add said stat. Then again you fail to see that the problem here is that the silencer has simply been given stats contrary to what it does. It's like if I gave a sticky grenade the ability to heal my team mates.

    So bottom line all you know to do is brag about designing stuff in games, which no one really cares about. Jumping on posts , not reading contents and have a close minded opinion based on assumptions and lack of information. Contradict yourself constantly and ignoring the replies in which is shown how you were wrong. Because of people like you is why some communities in some games are toxic and don't really help the game develop.

    You are now assuming no one else from the player base would appreciate that things like this were made to fit real life mechanics, while theres some people that already agreed to the idea. How blind can you be? To not say other words. An argument as mine is to be read by non ignorant people. I can't help it if you fail to see common sense... All you do is assume, I know of players that would be attracted to this game due to it having the Metal reaper, and I know some that would join because the weapons mechanics and their attachments are accurate to real life.

    If something you said made no sense, it made no sense, period. You are only making yourself look bad. The fact that you perceive me as smart without me mentioning it is proof. Now you are on the defensive, and avoiding explaining your previous irrational statements.

    You love exaggerating things in your favor. Ok so adding +1 on a stat on a single attachment kills off the identity of the game. The game would be come useless. What? Are you reading what you type? That desperate are you to try and look good in something you can't due to what you have said?

    The mod agreed to pass it on, someone liked the post, I made the post and someone suggested an alternative but following the idea of the post, and lastly, one mentioned this to be true, that games simply make the attachment look bad just to fit a generic FPS formula. Thats 5 people vs 2. Are you not reading the same post? Every time you reply you prove you just don't read and tall back to try and not look bad.

    The arguments for changing it have been exposed, video proof shown and explained. You continue to fail to understand it. Your loss.

    Anyone can say they have proof of something but not have it. You skipped over the fact that what you said shows that you cant' use common sense to understand what a bug is. Convenient huh?

    And yes the time per match and kills are measured each game, with those you can observe the game is currently fast paced as YOU mentioned and that few people actually play this in a tactical way focusing on map reading. You are the one that has to prove with statistics that this is not the case. I'm still waiting. Show me that the majority of the matches take long and that theres few kills ( less deaths) because players focus on map reading.

    ''Just because they are accurate to the real world, doesn't mean they wouldn't be completely random in-game. Any stat change you put into the game is just an approximation of how the real-life gun works.''

    Not a single item in this game has random stats, its based off the real thing and the model used in countless FPS. I don't see shotguns with 100 bullet clips and I don't see snipers with shotgun accuracy. The only REAL random stat is on the silencers, which is why this topic post exists. You claim any stat change in the game is an approximation to how real life guns work right? Well what the silencer has is not even an approximation its far fro reality, in fact its the opposite. You basically agreed to my post just now.

    All that constant brag about game designing, yet that doesn't mean anything if you cant use common sense and if you are block headed.

    I have already explained it. It would make this game the first one to make such an attachment do what it actually does. Would make it stand out and game would be praised by this.

    By your logic, no one is the target audience. Because the game is succeeding I'm suddenly not the target audience? what? How do you know it won't succeed even more? Crystal ball? Please make more sense next time you try. You mention game design over and over as if the whole game design depended on this single weapon attachment.

    ''What you like isn't what every player likes'' Erm this goes both ways. Some people agreed to my idea. What do you have to say about that?

    No one said anything about fixing. It was stated this would be simply an improvement.

    Ok so any random player can simply ''test'' something and without evidence claim it does X thing. Then slap the name ''Guide'' on it . If the game states it has -2 range and it doesn't reflect it , thats called a bug, and will be fixed eventually. This is still in open beta. If it wasn't intended to reduce range it wouldn't say it in stats. Doesn't take a lot of smarts to understand this.

    You claim '' a lot '' of players use the map to identify enemies. Show me statistics proving this. From plain observation you can simply tell most really don't use it. Only a few a bit over average or pros use it. If what you say is true you would see longer lasting matches due to people being careful by reading map and having way less deaths.

    Ok so you just re-confirmed you haven't watched the video. Then dare call these stats random. Again. Guess some people never learn. If you had any real interest in guns you would have watched the video and realize the stats mentioned have a reason to be and then you'd notice you are wrong.

    By this logic most of the attachments if not all, should be removed. If the realistic and small stats I mentioned have no place in a FPS, then none have. Might as well remove the weapons too. Too close minded are we?

    Actually silencer doesnt change noticeable stats on weapon. FPS just make it look worse to balance out the stealthiness of the user

    And this is why this should be addressed, why would the game make something look bad in exchange for stealth. Something that doesn't necessarily helps in most scenarios and specially in this kind of game in which everyone just rushes in to kill.

    Yes the game takes some elements from CoD, but Ironsight is Ironsight, they have no reason to copy the mistakes other games do, the idea is to improve.

    If what you say is true about their primary goal being to make a fun game, why haven't they added shotguns with sniper range? why haven't they allowed me to run at x5 the current speed? that would make it fun for me. You see, fun is relative. The goal of every company is profit and grow. One way to make that happen is by adding content that most of the player base likes and standing out from the rest. By copying mistakes from other games they aren't standing out and they aren't listening to what players that agree with this like.

    Just saying the Iv'e observed that the people that comment against this are simply not thinking out of the box and are scared of change. Theres many ways to make the silencers reflect what an actual silencer does while still being balanced in game.

    You say they are strong without drawbacks, but they do, they reduce range by 2. By themselves they aren't strong either, not all players look at the map, that is based on player skill. To fully get the most out of the benefit you have to put work into it. A barrel that adds more range, now that would be a strong attachment, just by having it equipped I get an instant benefit without additional effort.

    The perks added wouldn't be random. Seems you haven't watched the video. To comment about a topic you should instruct yourself first.

    So your solution is to make to buff the silencer on top of that it hides your location when fired ?
    The silencer is "fine" as it is, maybe a bit more damage solution but other than that it's fine.

    It's not a solution or anything. It's what needs to be done. The amount of stats that would get altered can hardly be called a buff. If we go by your logic many weapons shouldn't even exist in game. Example: What? snipers on top of doing lots of damage have lots of range too, like in real life? No way, please remove the insane range, this is a game. Why do some attachments get to add positive stats and no negative ones and silencer doesn't? It doesn't show players on map, but if you are nearby you can still listen the weapon go off, like in real life.

    thanks for the feedback. I'll suggest it to the team

    I know this is just a canned response, but actually don't. This is a game. Silencers in CoD are extremely strong and need a drawback.

    This isn't CoD tho. This is Iron Sight. Why get stuck with the same outdated myth and not evolve into something more accurate? It wouldn't make it over powered, on top of that the price to acquire it could be increased. What games have done with silencer stats is as if I gave sniper range to a shotgun, or giving SMG's Sniper damage.

    Please can a FPS game finally get this right? I'm loving this game and I'd love that this game is the one to correct this myth made in video games. Suppressors (Silencers) in weapons don't decrease range, they in fact ADD range. The bullet travels faster. On top of that they actually help with recoil, they reduce it. Another thing is they also increase damage slightly. I know this is a game and balance needs to be done, but only adding +1 damage +1 recoil control and +1 or +2 range would be realistic, accurate and still balanced. I wouldn't mind if the cost increased some. Some drawbacks could be added like: slower aiming, less movement speed, slower swapping. But please get these facts right. Explanation: