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    Wait guys, you want to tell me that you didnt encounter players who fly in the air?

    On Dam its funny as hell, player flying over water far far away. And takes damage when you shoot him. Happens regulary.

    My ping is 23 - 40

    You all know that less than 1% of the players visits the forum, much less post. We would end up with less than 200 votes and that doesn't prove anything.

    We have less than 200 active posters here.

    And it needs to be made by CMs, not by a players. They know if something is doable or not.

    Any kind of initiative done by us leads nowhere, like fb petitions and such.

    I haven't seen it in other games, but you can try it and be the first one out there :-)

    Why don't make a compilation of forum remarks and realistic wishes and put in a game for a vote. We have CMs, they read our posts. They can sense the heart beat of a community.

    And I don't talk about forum vote, you can make one more tab on the achievements and dedicate this to a vote. Ok, we all want a netcode rework and stable game, but I am talking about some things that can be changed with just some messing around with numbers. The things that could be achieved with minimum coding and testing. That way you could know if the changes you are planning will be liked or hated. Every 1000th user is on the forums, make them engage from the game itself. I know it's hard to satisfy everyone, but this way you could have hard facts. People would vote and they will feel included. Ofc, give 30gp to ones who voted.

    Not only the people would feel included, but you will not face backlash of the community for experimenting with some new things.

    For example:

    We nerfed AR57, was it enough?

    1. yes

    2. no

    3. why nerf at all?

    I read this thing that I wrote, and thinking to myself, this is stupid. No way they could implement this, but who knows. Maybe you can, and that could change the game for the better. I know some forum members will call me stupid and give me a thousand reasons why this is bad, but I am looking forward to the discussion. Worst thing would be that nobody gives a f**k.

    As I mention in some posts before, things like top ranking players in game, well thought achievements, fastest death of a day, biggest camper of the day, maybe community votes and such, can make this game unique. Not just some F2P COD clone.

    Think about that, its worth a shot.

    Yeah, in fast paced games like this, target recognition is crucial. I doubt they will rework it, but they should. Really a game breaking thing. There is lots of FPSs out there that doesn't have a problem like this, you see the player and instantly know if he (or she) is a friend or foe.

    I don't know how you could play without minimap. Its like rear view mirror, you just glance at it, not stare at it and fix makeup.

    You can bring them back, but not before you solve the problem of a blue tag hanging over enemy head.

    Personally don't have a problem with the new system, I have a mini map to see where the team mates are.

    I would like to mention some not so essential things.

    1. Achievements. I have yet to see achievements this ugly. Lots of times I have to stare from 10cm to see what they actually represent. I come from Warface, they took it to next level compared to this. It is not essential, nor game breaking, but guys come on. Do a rework. It will be worth it.

    2. Level badges. Same thing. Mf-ing ugly. Put some effort in it. If you like, I could make all 100 levels in one afternoon. Contact me If you are interested.

    3. Achievements again. Where are the triple kills, quads, pentas? 100 highlights, first bloods, aces on S&D, kills while flashed... Possibilities are endless. This could make a game a little bit more interesting.

    4. Now some suggestions, again not gameplay related. You could put quads and pentas of the day for people to vote on (preferably from UI itself). Give some rewards. Make some lists of the day. For example, top KD, most kills, most aces, top accuracy, biggest camper (distance traveled / time in game) and so on. Rewards ofc.

    I know its not easy to implement this in the UI, but think of the possibilities and fun factor. This could set you apart from all the other F2P FPS games out there.

    These things are not connected to netcode problems, bugs and such, but they are worth it. Lots of people getting bored fast with this great game, I think those kind of things would make them want to get back to it again and again.

    Tell me what you think about this.

    I'm not new to f2p fps, and this seems to be the rule. At first people on forums say how they like the game and point to the things that would be great if they could be fixed. Lots of positive things along some negative. Than the situation shifts. People keep opening threads that point on same bugs over and over again. 50% positive, 50% negative. Same things that annoy people keep getting put under the carpet. And finally, all the threads get negative, and stay that way.

    Guys, don't fall in that trap. Do something about it. You spent years developing this game, it would be shame that it fades in obscurity.

    I like this game and after the ironwork patch decided to put some money in game. I spent 10$ if remember correctly.

    You have two of the one time only bundles that cost 1ap and give you boost, emote, weapon and some loot box.

    After that I was stuck with gambling.

    What can 10$ give you?

    Not much.

    Opened few of the different boxes. Got some weapons that you can buy for gp and fire monkey DSR that I dont even use (not a camping player).

    Will I spend again?

    I dont think so.

    Lots of snipers defend this cancerous mechanic by saying "yeah, but if you miss, you are dead". I understand this, but main problem is that everything is in the hands of a sniper. So, no amount of skill of an AR player is enough to kill a sniper. He needs to miss in order to get killed. Do you see whats wrong there?

    Its ok when you are playing against bots. Real live people dont like this mechanic.

    So sniper has the ability to accurately aim even when taking shots and moving, and then, only if he misses he can be taken down. Its wrong on so many levels.

    I dont like to play sniper in fps games, and I am not skilled with it. But in this game, when I play sniper, I easily get 2.0 kd. This is broken, I dont have skill to achieve this, but somehow I can do it with no extra effort. Imagine what the player with some basic sniping skill can do.

    I dont play games to be cannon fodder for sniper "gods".

    I am a right hander, but I think that would be nice addition to the game. One of my friends who plays Ironsight was drawn to Black Squad bcs of this option only.

    It should not be that hard to implement.

    What I like about this game is that all the guns are usefull and fun to play with. I like to change them from game to game.

    Main problem is that when I change the gun, I must put all the attachnents again.

    It would be best that when I switch the gun, all the attachments that I used last on it would be there. It feels like a too much work the way things are now.

    Always with snipers and "if they miss the shot" argument. But when I shoot him 4 times with ar, dont miss single one and he still kills me and jump away merrily. So no matter how skilled you are, sniper always wins. At least give the 4x damage to the head of the sniper user.

    I play this game for a month, and yesterday I encountered first hacker. He played with semi auto sniper, and had about 65 kills in tdm. In the end, on highligts he made 4 headshots in a row with no scope... He even joked about it in chat.

    One thing that frustrates me, is the blue callsign of the team mate in distance, that shows over enemy that is in front of you. You see a blue callsign, and you think its your team mate.

    Lots of ways to correct this.

    For example, friendly callsign switches color to green, or vanishes etc.

    Please do something about it.