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    Im playing TABG right now , it was released as a aprils fool joke and is a silly battle royall parody game , it was free the first 100 hours and now it,s 4.99 usd to maintain sever cost. They where not suppose to patch the game because they realeased it as a fun joke for free at first .The game however got over 3 milion downloads in 2 days and has been patched 4 times in 3 days, one of the patch was netcode related and did a whole lot of difference fps and lagvise ,and one was increasing servers so that au now have their own servers. So now eu,us and au dont play on the same servers.

    That is what i call fast work and even more impressive since Landscape is a small gaming company.

    I think this game has had 2 patches since i installed it 3 or so month ago, and none has done anything to improve servers or netcode.


    I would see the problem if friendly fire was existing in this game, In fact i prefer having no minimap and friendly fire ON when i play BF 4, so i always try playing on hardcore servers. In bf4 you dont see your teammates name if they are to far away (only class). you see your teammates class so that you can run up to a amo class player if you need amo and to a medic if you need helth, so there is a purpose with that system and you can not mistake teammates for enemys. You can even spot enemys and then they will have a red marker above their head and will show up on the minimap (only big toggle map if you play hardcore).

    What makes you know in hardcore is that friends have name (if in same room or not to far away) or their class above their head, enemys have nothing or a red triangle if they have been spooted. This could actually be implemented in Ironsight too, but they could keep the minimap , not that i think it helps so mutch because the scale is way to big (they should steal that from bf too :-) ), Or they could make teamates and enemys looking more different.

    This gameplay is not hardcore

    And this is hardcore , no minimap and friendly fire ON

    I dont see the problem, this game does not have friendly fire, so whats the problem? I got killed plenty of times before when i was playing the game (waiting for netcode patch) because i sometimes thougt enemys to be teamates ,because some teamates name tag was showing above an enemys head, when my teammate actually was in another room or place of the map. If you want names, just so you can prefire at corners where steps are coming from, its really not devs fault and should not be concidered as a game breaker imo.


    I think Ttk in this game is great, im used to bf4 and it feels about the same(when it works). Problem is like we all know , the netcode, because you will recive many bullets (super bullets) at a time it feels like you die really fast , exept for the snipers that only requires 1 shoot to upper body for a kill.

    I have not played the game in like 3 weeks and will not return untill the netcode and OP SR are sorted out.

    If you like long ttk you should play doom 4 online, im doing that at the moment and its really fun but i would like the ttk to be faster with the regular riffles.

    ur not supposed to be slowed when u take damages

    But that is what happens, when you get hit by bullets the movement of your character slows down. I hate this mecanic because you have a very little chance att getting away if you start to recive damage. Basiclly this means that who ever hits first is going to win in moust cases, and chance to run around a corner for cover is next to zero if you recive just one bullet before you try going for cover and the long position/lag compensation makes it even worse.

    Played custom games for two hours last night and it works really good. So it does not seem to be a one time thing. I even streamed too my Youtube chanel with no problems at all 😉

    I think custom games are hosted by one of the connected clients?

    If thats the case then its all good, as long as they have good and fast conection and if its not working good you can always go to another custom game. Im still having only good game experienses since i started playing on custom max 10 player servers.

    Nice to see a montage without just a sniper scoop. I find sniper montages to be extreeeemly booring to watch so this was a bit refreshing.

    Regarding ping and netcode ,its a really problem in this game ,as of now you never know if its skills or netcode doing the job for the player uploading the content.

    Last night i was playing for about 2 hours and it was the usual desynced mess when i was getting like 14 kills 10 death ,20k 18d, 22k 22 d and so on, not very good scores. The last game i joined a custom server 10 player TDM server, and jesus it was like night and day compairing how the game run smoth as butter compaired to the desynced mess on non custom server, i ended up getting 56 kills and 6 deatch with an AR similar to tar 21 ,i cant remember the name of the AR since i got it yesterday but its no OP AR like famas or AR57. I recorded the last 2 min since it was running so great and if this was not a one time thing i will start streming my games and make use of all the cores and threads of my cpu :-)

    Anyway , do the custom games run on the same servers as non custom?

    If so, the only explination i got is that the low player count make the game run so mutch better, or that i was lucky and all players had low ping. Im going to stick to custom and max 10 player games from now on ,but the only problem i got is that custom games dont give point,s or rewards . Why is that?

    I do have XMP in my bios, I recall seeing it when doing some tweaking to my fans awhile ago. I suppose I can give it a go on the RAM, and maybe an extra 200-300MHz on the CPU won't hurt, since on load its peak is usually around 50c when playing demanding games like Far Cry 5 and Siege, it will probably be fine. Hopefully they can fix this as I said before, but since it's a free game and mostly low end hardware is used, I wouldn't hold out hope unfortunately.

    Yeah it wont hurt to try. Google your ram and put OC after and with a bit of luck you findba forum that can help you with v settings needed for specifik speed. Otherwise even if you just use xmp you will moust probably have to bump up the volt a bit. Say its 1.35 v @ 2800Mhz , i would try 3000 or even 3200 and bump up v to 1.39 v. Then run memtest to see if its stable. If stable you can try lover the volt until you get a no boot. I have my ram @ 1.390 v and its ratet 1.35 with no OC. Dont push over 1.45v.

    Good luck.

    Yes servers can give really bad drops everytime they give you lag.

    Im actually suprised that they are programing a game and engine in 2018 that is so bad at using multicores/ threads. I can check my cpu usage to if you like and post it on youtube. I have a Ryzen 1600x (6 cores and 12 treads) OC to 3875Mhz on all cores.

    I can understand if you dont like the idea of OC but as long as you dont apply more then safe voltage (max 1.45v ram) and temperatures are in the safe area you will be fine. What you can do is to check in your bios to see if your ram has a XMP setting. They usually do, so lets say your ram is set to 2800 but your XMP alows you to try 3200Mhz, if it works its a pretty good jump.

    Games also responds well to low CL and subtimings on ram. So you can gain pretty mutch in any game if you tune your rams CL and subtimings.

    I do hope they fix at least the server and netcode issues in this game.

    Have a nice day!

    Happens to me too from time to time, when grenade expire or i change to new riffle and have to equip grenade again, it looks like its equiped but i can not use them.

    What you have to do ,is to equip the grenade again and really wait until it changes back to the page where you can see all the equipment. If you press the back arow or press play before that it can result in grenades not working.

    I think its a server problem.

    I think it comes down to two things in this game.

    Inconsistent/lag servers , that usually drops frames like crazy.

    The game engine and how the game is programed, is bad at making use of multicores, usually only one core is doing moust of the work and when it cant keep up ,the high end gpu is not getting feeded fast enough and you get drops.

    Lower end gpu,s will not suffer from bad multicore use but will have the server problem.

    I did a test with my 1080Ti and GPU utilization is really low .

    So the better gpu you have the less its going to be utelized and you will have bigg fps drops.

    Its just a sad fact in this game in its current state.

    What you can do when a game Engine and game is bad at utelize multicore is:

    OC your cpu.
    OC and use as low latencies on your ram as possible.
    Have game on ssd disk.
    Im going to assume you have latest drivers since your rig works good on other games.

    Why do i start so many games in the middle of a match , when you ( developers) know that its giving me even more delay and desync that i already have in this game when starting in the begining of a match?????

    Yeah, it's the car and the barrel. But anyway nice documentation of the common lag death feeling in this game ;)

    Yeah , i have been watching the car scene a couple of times and it looks like it explodes. At least i took the other guy with me haha.

    Thank you!

    yall are hanging way too heavily on the tcp. do you even understand the difference?

    the problem isnt tcp the problem is the lag compensation.

    Yes, the difference was explained in Battlenonsenses other video, the one abot ironsight. Its not a god protocol to use in a online game, thats why others dont use it.

    Fraps should not use more then 5-10 fps when recording. Anyway ,why dont you use nvidia shadowplay to build your case? It,s the best recording software fps wise, usually no more the 2-3 fps.

    The very Short recording that you show us do not say anything more then that you are getting 52 fps when you standing still ,no other players are present and you not doing anything. If i stand close to a wall i gett 280+ fps, so i call BS on your entire post.

    Show me real gameplay ,one entire match and with your specs just before game starts then you will see that you like all others have huge fps drops.

    I did a video with my 1080Ti showing this. And i have looked att other 1080Ti videos with the same result.

    The main problem is servers (lag on servers gives fps drops), the game engines low multicore usage ( game hammers 1 core while the rest is doing very little work) , low multicore usage always gives low GPU usage and that one of the reasons the fps drops so badly.

    You can see in my video that i can have up to 100 fps drops.

    What i think happend since they tried the patch is that servers got lagier and that is why i and others see less fps now.

    Have a good day sir!

    I have never personally encountered this issue but if its a common thing then it should be handles A$AP.

    i will record and post here if it happens again. I always have shadowplay running so i can record/save the last 30 sec while playing.

    I believe maybe you commited suicide by firing at the car and the barrel. It's not the player who killed you, but the explosions.

    Ok, but one of the time i am outside, did you see both times i died? I was starting to think that ricocheting bullets was a thing in ironsight 😁.

    Oh ,ok i watched one more time and i think you might be right. Outside the barrel explode and the car might was the cause of the other death.

    Thanks for pointing it out to me.

    if it were due to tcp I doubt that it would do this kind of magic :/ we hope to surprise you with improvements soon

    I hope so to, if you get this game to run good i think you have a game that will be really popular once released on steam . I did not give PUBG this mutch time as im giving Ironsight. PUBG i stopped playing after 4-5 weeks because it ran so poorly ( and stil does ) and i know they can never solve those issues because of the game engine and so on. I have bigger hope for Ironsight :-)

    I never noticed the suicide one. It may be related to the server during a bad period. Where do you reside?

    You have all the errors due to bad servers. It's time to put the normal server, and not use Google servers

    I Think so too. Or maybe its the TPC protocol doing al the magic haha.

    I never noticed the suicide one. It may be related to the server during a bad period. Where do you reside?

    Its happend about 10 times since i started playing the game , i only had this game for 6 weeks or so. I live In Sweden and use 100Mb fiber connection (no wifi).

    I made a video about netcode and when i was done i started to wonder if others also had this weird bug or netcode magic? happend to them.

    When im in a firefight, i die, and the game says that i comited suicide?

    It,s in the video twice but it has happend many other times.

    I dont have any sound the first 5-10 minuts when im starting my game session, its like it has to download something from the servers the first game, after that sound works moust of the time for the 2 houers that i usully game. My fps has also decreased to about 20 less. I have the same nvidia drivers as before. Game also feels even more desynced now.

    Make a few servers for snipers only, so they can run araound quickscoping and 1 shot kill to chest, but i gues they would not like to be on the other side of the gun of sutch an OP weapon. One of the best thing about bf 4 was the servers with max 2 sniper player restriction. And snipers is way better balanced in that game, no 1 shot kill other then headshot work if you to close or to far away.

    I cant tell any differece, you got some numbers to back that up?

    Try it out for yourself. Shoot from the hip and watch the bullets go all over the place. Then shoot with your sights up and the bullets will cluster around the point of aim or be perfectly accurate (don't remember which it is for this game).

    It might make a difference on longer ranges, but hipfire is crazy accurate in this game and it does not matter if gun has a crazy hig rof or not.

    I agree, and that is another thing that is messed up in this game. You have one shot kill to body with sniper at any range ,but aiming down sight does not give weapons less bullet spread aka better accuracy. Its like skills dosent matter or very little in this game. Just run and gun and hope netcode is on your side...

    But aiming down sights does increase accuracy. That's kind of the point...

    I cant tell any differece, you got some numbers to back that up?

    but aiming down sight does not give weapons less bullet spread aka better acuracy. Its like skills dosent matter or very little in this game.

    Yes this is def an issue for me as well. ADS should improve your accuracy. does not have to be by much but it should. Taking the time to ADS should mean something.

    Yeah, as it is now you actually just losing time and getting punished by ads, for me its a build in mechanic in my brain to always ads if im not really close, since in bf and many other games i played it actually improve accuracy. This game is made so every one is going to have a super fast learning curve, because learning gun mechanics and to ads means so little, thats why i think they made snipers so easy to use and OP to.

    There's no point using optics in this game beside the detector sight or thermal sight. Anything else is just a wasted slot.

    I agree, and that is another thing that is messed up in this game. You have one shot kill to body with sniper at any range ,but aiming down sight does not give weapons less bullet spread aka better accuracy. Its like skills dosent matter or very little in this game. Just run and gun and hope netcode is on your side...

    I would mutch rather just buy the game ,but before i put up any money devs would have to improve on the servers and netcode side of things first. Its a great game but as it is now you almoust playing against the netcode as mutch as the enemys haha.

    Honestly, ive had quite a bit of fun with this gun, specially since i just got supressor on it, and have a nice viper scope ;p

    Yes its a fun riffle to use because its a tappfiring wepon, but like i said T2K is way to long, 2 fire burst and with same recoil would make it useful, Or a damage of 51 and singel fire would also work .In this state you loose way to often to any other gun.

    Like i said earlier, numbers can be altered to better fit smal maps, the one thing i think its the moust important, is to remove the 1 shot to body kill at close range, lets say that it requires 2 shots to kill from 10-15 meters or closer.

    As it is now it dosent matter if i start shoting first, there is not enough time to kill before sniper hits you with 1 bullet to body or head and in those situations a sniper riffle should not have the advantage,it allready has the long range advantage, or is sniper supose to have it all?

    They did this in BF for a reason, to kill a sniper you will want to come up close, where you know that you have a better chance because it now requires 2 shots to kill you if they dont do a headshot. Snipers in BF will almoust always pull up their side arm in close combat because they know that they have a better chance then trying to headshot a moving target with the riffle. And that is how its supposed to be using a sniper riffle. Despite this, there is plenty of deadly snipers in BF.