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    So here we go!

    Anti-cheat. XIGNCODE is by far one of the worsts anti-cheats ever made, same as the AhnLab HackShield. Actually the one that works out very well is BattlEye, it does not keep the game completely out of hacking hands but at least much, much more than XIGNCODE. BattlEye team also bullfights with hacking websites.

    Parties. If you want to find a game in party with colleagues/friends is because you all want to be on the same team. Right now it puts the whole party on the same game, but not on the same team. I don't know if it's a bug of if it's intended to be like that, but anyhow, parties should be placed at the same team.

    Hit registration. Kinda weird and random sometimes. I don't know if it's because of the actual server issues (like micro-cuts, drops, etc.) or it's intended to be like that.

    Server issues. As mentioned at the above point, it kinda drops or there are micro-cuts. It cannot be in any way my Internet connection as I'm from Spain, got 300Mbits D/U and having 5-ping bars on each game. There are also players that cannot even see the lobby background, which seems to be server-sided.

    UI. Kinda laggy sometimes. Maybe it's because of the same thing as the hit registration (server issues). Who knows. Sometimes you have to press like 5 times to equip/wear something. It's truly annoying.

    All the item descriptions should have something similar to the weapon attachments, like "+X damage resistance" or "+X movement speed" if the items really grant these buffs, as I'm not aware if depending on the armor you wear, your resistance is harder/weaker or you move faster/slower. However, if the items are only cosmetics forget about this point.

    For the rest this is an amazing game! Hope to see it in competitions very soon. :)

    What I mean is, you have X weapon with X bullets of usage (there is a counter at your Inventory). However, you can "refill" the bullets through your Inventory by using GP, or buy the weapon for permanent duration. However, I think this is only for some kind of "skinned" weapons, as I haven't seen normal weapons with this feature at the KR version.

    My actual one is:

    CPU: AMD FX Series FX-8350 4.0Ghz 8X Black Edition

    COOLER: Enermax ETS-T40 Black Twister

    RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR3 1600 PC3-12800 8GB 4x4GB CL9

    GRAPHICS: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 780 Ti OC Windforce 3GB GDDR5


    STORAGE: Samsung 850 Evo SSD Series 500GB SATA3

    PSUPPLY: Aerocool KCAS 800W 80 Plus Bronze

    BOX: BitFenix Shadow

    FAN: 4 x Corsair Air Series AF120 120x120mm LED Azul

    KEYBOARD: MechanicalEagle Z-77

    MOUSE: Sharkoon FireGlider Láser

    MPAD: SteelSeries QcK+


    However, within the next two weeks I'll be upgrading a little bit. :P

    I forgot to mention there are also weapons based on bullets usage. Yeah, for example, you can get an AK-12 with 30,000 bullets of usage, and you can refill the bullet amount by using GP (which depending on how many you use, it's cheaper than buying the weapon temporarily or permanently [a new way of marketing for people who has aim?]) or directly buy the weapon for permanent duration. What I still don't know is what happens if you run out of bullets.

    Hello guys, it's been a while. :P

    There is also another game mode which I also played, pretty similar to Team Deathmatch, on where both teams have to kill groups of robots (including the big one similar to the famous ED-209 from RoboCop) and take some kind of chips from their "dead" bodies, increasing the team points by getting them. Some kind of game mode similar to Kill Confirmed from Call of Duty sagas.

    Have a nice day folks!

    It also took me some time to get new threads or new messages appear as bold text on thread's title, so yeah, I agree on a easier way to difference what are new threads/new messages and what are not. Also, when you write a message, it also appears to you as new message, which is kinda weird.

    We have to recognize Wellbia's XIGNCODE nowadays is so easy to bypass. Even a child with programming basics can do that. As Dre4M said, in AVA was kinda hard to get rid of some hackers, and same as him, I also had to report few many different times a single guy with many different proofs to get him banned. I understand the company has a politic and a how-to do things as every game publisher, of course, but having a good anti-cheat system would avoid all of this bad stuff.

    I am, along with Lujan (AKA Neko) and XPLICIT, the same founder of the Black Squad's Spanish community. We have an about page and a footer message clarifying we are a community/fan site, and all logos, images and trademarks are property of their real owners. I am aware about all that stuff. :)

    But most important; zero ads. I have a straight thinking about this matter, and I am a big hater of the Internet advertising. I don't want to make money with any of my communities. Just want to offer a solution for all the Spanish people (including the Latin American) who do not speak or understand English. That's my concept.

    Same as with the Black Squad's one, our featured service will be the free TeamSpeak channels, as we have a 512-slots server located in Europe.

    Depends on how many spanish people are playing this game!

    I am Spanish, from Spain. :P

    But Spanish covers both Spain (Europe) and all the whole Latin American people, which is 10 times bigger than just Spain.

    I am planning to release a Spanish community (fan site) but Gamigo made me things kinda hard as already took some Spanish domains such like: or :)

    Really thought I answered previously to that question. :( My bad.

    Yeah, as grimes the god said, all weapons are able to buy for 1/7/30 days and permanent duration. Obviously the permanents are kinda expensive in my opinion, but that Korean publisher is used to make it that way in all the games it has. At the Korean Black Squad there is a similar situation with the Shop.

    Chips. Yeah, for those who have played Black Squad it's pretty similar to the Gold and Medal situation. On Ironsight you can buy items with GP and also with Chips. With Gold you can basically buy characters, cosmetics and weapons, while with the Chips you can open crates (AKA Random Boxes) and also buy some cool characters (much better than the ones you can buy with Gold) and do not forget about the clan creation, which also requires Chips (not Gold).

    I'm really sorry Miz, really thought I answered that question before. Run out of my mind. :P

    Since Gamigo said November, probably most of the online magazines set 1st November as default date because their calendar modules require an exact date to establish. Who knows.

    Just do not forget the official information will be around here and only around here.

    From what I've seen, that is only an announcement, with the same information we have at the official website of the game so. Nothing special so far. :)

    Let's just wait for more news!

    So far BattlEye is doing a great job on Black Squad, however, as Chopper said, they are still evaluating possibilities, so we might get a surprise! Who knows.

    Hello! :)

    I don't think it will have self hosted/dedicated servers. From what I've seen at the Korean version, it has a matchmaking system (on where you can select the modes you want to match on) and also the typical custom room creation.


    Hello! :)

    The Korean version has Wellbia's XIGNCODE3, however, Korean version of Black Squad also has the same anti-cheat and in our version we have BattlEye, which in my opinion is doing an excellent job.


    Hello Tokyo2020! Welcome to the Ironsight official forums. :)

    There is no information regarding the Steam platform, and I barely doubt Closed Beta will be through it. Most likely a self client. Still more than a month to go, so stay tuned to here! :P

    Have a nice weekend.

    Do skins give any buffs to weapons or are they just like csgo skins? And are weapons permanent or are they 15/30 day versions?

    It's just a skin with a different aim down sight (or iron sight) and (more cool) reload animation, no changes at the stats. :) I will use the K2C as example, since I recently won a skinned version for 7 days. I have to say it remembers me a lot to BO2's Peacemaker.

    Standard stats:

    Skinned stats:

    Video comparison: Click here (so it won't get embed)

    However, as previously discussed, our version could be different, but let's hope not for this case! :rolleyes:

    Hello everyone!

    First of all I would like to clarify this video is from the Korean version of Ironsight, which can be completely different from the version we are about to have under Gamigo's service at November 2017. Secondly, apologize for my English as it might not be that good since I'm Spanish. :saint: At the video I tried to show off almost everything, so guess I am not missing a thing. However, please, if you wanna know/see/watch some specific thing/part from the game, whatever it is... just ask/request! And I will do my best to provide what you want.

    Feel free to comment, discuss and say what's your opinion about Ironsight! It's still more than a month away so. :rolleyes:

    Cheers! 8)

    Hey! Thanks for your answer.

    I was thinking about making a video showing up the Shop, Items, etc... basic things and how do they work (eg: you need to use weapons in order to level them up and unlock accessories, etc). How would that be for you guys? If it's OK, I will start working on it right tomorrow. :P


    Hellooo! :saint:

    I have read the Forum Rules but I didn't see anything related to other Ironsight versions such as the KR which I actually play to get ready for this one.

    Are we allowed to post them with the intention of showing up the game? Besides, is Creative Corner the proper forum for that?

    Cheers! :thumbup:

    I've been waiting for this game since the beginning when Wiple Games released promonotional images for this game.

    You are not the only one. Good times are coming I guess. ^^

    Hello everyone,

    I'm so, so excited to see Ironsight is coming to EU/NA continents! =O

    My name's Lizorg, also known as Jaft88 and/or Annihilist. I'm a 29yo player coming from many other FPS titles.

    I will be truly active over here, trying to help and make good colleagues!

    Cheers! :thumbup: